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I love to eat apples with cheddar cheese. I love pretzels with honey mustard as the dip. Thanks

Pretzels with different kinds of "dip" (ketchup, honey mustard, dressing, cream cheese, etc.).

I love crackers or pretzels with cheese! I also like pretzels with chocolate spread.

My favorite is the honey mustard pretzel pieces. It's that great combination of sweet/salty that I love in the afternoon with a cup of coffee here at work.

My favorite is the Snyder's of Hanover's honey mustard and onion pieces- there is no better snack out there!! :)

I buy these ALL the time. I'll eat them on the way to the gym for a little bit of carb loading or with my lunch. I really appreciate the portion control since each bag only has 100 calories.

I love a heft scoop of Greek-style vanilla yogurt over fruit...any fruit that's in season. Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

I think it is wonderful that Snyder's has taken the extra step to make their pretzels in a peanut free facility so parents are assured their snacks are safe to consume for all children. And they also have a gluten free pretzel too.

Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Nuggets are one of my favorites. Another one is their Whole Wheat Twists.

Pretzels are my favorite snack. They are great with any kind of cheese, with salsa and guacamole, or just about any dip or barbecue sauce. Of course pretzels are wonderful just by themselves.

Snyders pretzels and hummus with some veggies on the side!!

We love pretzels with cream cheese or natural peanut butter! Throw in some apple slices and they call it lunch.

I just had mini pretzels and hummus for my evening snack last night. An excellent treat.

At our house we cut cheese into small squares and use Synder's Snaps to make little cheese and pretzel sandwiches. Kids love it !

Definitely pretzels, hummus, cucumbers and carrots!

Some carrot sticks with hummus always hit the spot.

Pretzels with Laughing Cow Light Cheese.

I like crumbling pretzel sticks into fat free yogurt. Healthy and crunchy! Thank you for the giveaway.

Pretzels have been my very favorite snack forever! I add a little protein by mixing up some PB2 (or any of the lower fat nut butters) and using it as a dip! It's filling and I feel less guilty with this low fat protein snack.

I send pretzels with hummus for an easy heathy snack for my husband

Pretzels are my all time favorite snack!

Excellent snack! pretzels, peanut butter, and apples!!

Apples and cheddar cheese chunks!

Definately pretzels with hummus. Granddaughter has a peanut allergy so this is very near and dear to my heart! Thank you Snyders!

I like a bowl of mini pretzels with salsa or spicy brown mustard

Pretzels and ranch dip or cheese. :)

Love pretzels with different flavors of hummus.

I love to spritz pretzels with a little bit of EVOO and add herbs (the Italian Dressing Seasoning mix packet with a little bit of cayenne pepper is my favorite) and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. Gives it a nice pop and you can make them your own.

One of my favorite things to do with salted pretzels is to crunch them up for pie crusts as well as pie toppings. I also crush them and sprinkle on salads for a bit of crunch! Love them! Love Snyders; I grew up on Snyder's!

I love pretzels, apples and almond butter for an afternoon snack

Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels are my go to snack always

I like carrots or other veggies and hummus.

Pretzels with hummus!

I love to snack on cut up apples and cherries, fruit of any kind, but when it comes to salty, I admit I am a potato chip addict.

I love these mini pretzels two ways ~ the most favorite is mini pretzels as my scoop in yogurt. The second as a special treat baked with an M&M on top for our mini travels.

I like carrots with white bean dip but pretzels would taste good with the dip.

Apples, Apples, Apples!

The bad thing is, they are still using the manufactured canola oil...not a natural oil.. makes my heart, I have to watch everything I eat..

I buy these little bags all the time! So easy to just throw in my purse and then I have a yummy, crunchy snack that keeps me from buying something unhealthy.

Pretzels are great with chocolate spread!

Just love Synders Butter Snap Pretzels. They are my favorite evening snack w/ a glass of buttermilk. I like the fact that they are low in calories. I also use pretzel sticks & butter snaps when making party mix.

Instead of Celery with peanut butter, I spread cream cheese in the Celery sticks.

I love baby carrots with salsa or hummus!

We love them plain, but for a fun treat we melt rolo's on them in the oven. super yummy!

The 100 call pretzel snack packs are my go-to afternoon snack. I am always hungry mid-afternoon, they satisfy my need to eat and I don't over eat before dinner; love the salt and crunch. If I'm extra hungry I'll dip them in no-oil hummus that I make from bulk dried hummus (from my local health food store) and water.

Honestly, Snyder's pretzels have been my "go to" snack here recently. I am on Weight Watchers and one of the small packs is only 1 point! what a great and fulfilling snack, for a small amount of calories!

Living in Lancaster County, PA, I've been snacking on Snyder's pretzels with a slice of reduced-fat cheddar cheese for 40 years now, and still can't get enough of them.

My kids love pretzels! We especially love to make fun crafts with them around the holidays!

I LOVE pretzels! A 100 cal. pack certainly keeps me in line.

I like to take Snyders pretzels, crush them up (with help from my son!) and use them as breading on baked chicken breasts. It's a great meal!

I love baby carrots and yogurt.

I love veggies and hummus. Also like Laughing Cow cheese on crackers or celery.

I love green apples with laughing cow lite swiss better than cheesecake! Yum!

I eat Snyder's almost daily. Along or I'll dip them in Almond butter or humus. They are my go to snack at work.

a quick guacamole with pretzels is my favorite go to snack!

My go-to snack is mini-twists with either hummus or a Laughing Cow cheese wedge!

Adding hummus or almond butter to crunchy veggies is my go to snack. Maybe I'll try it with pretzels :)

Pita chips, carrots, and hummus

I love to eat pretzels or fruit for a healthy snack. I like the portion-controlled bags--otherwise, I can eat an entire big bag.

I like the pretzels and hummus too! But I like to take a mini pretzel (Snyder's do taste the best), put a rolo candy on top and place a pecan 1/2 or other nut you like on top or leave it plain. Put it in a 350 oven on a baking pan for about 2 minutes. Makes a great sweet treat!

I love pretzels! I love their crunch and find that they satisfy my need to chew. My favorite peanut free snack is carrots and salsa!

We use pretzels and sunflower seed butter.

Hanover pretzels are a delicious snack and not too salty.

Goldfish or vanilla wafers

I love veggies with hummus!

I like to eat Snyder's of Hanover pretzels with various types of cheese and hummus.

I like both potato chips and pretzels when the weather is warm cause I don't add salt to my food. I eat the pretzels plain, or bake them with Mrs. Dash. Starting around Thanksgiving I use pretzels in a chex like snack mix through the first few weeks of the new year. While one person here can't have canola oil,I can't have soy or MSG because of my asthma. So I am happy to find a snack I can safely eat. I recently bought natural peanut butter only later to read that there is soy in it! Having a food allergy is the pits as sometimes other people don't want to understand what the fuss is all about

Pretzels dipped in Nutella are yummy! That is wonderful that kids with peanut allergies (and the people who love them) have another option!

I really like a cut up golden delicious apple with a string cheese or pretzels with spicy mustard as a dip!

Apples with peanut butter! Thanks

Snyder's Minis are my favorite! They are tasty and low sodium.

Sometime on grilling day I mix them in a bowl with some potato chips such as Zapps regular flavor which are very low sodium. To top that off add either a small amount of said brand's Spicy Craw Tators, or their VooDoo chips to bump up the flavor with out getting to much sodium.

Love pretzels of any kind and so do our grandkids! Easy to take with you too! Pretzels with an apple, pretzels with anything!

I am all about crunch when it comes to my snacks. Also love salty/sweet combination. Pretzels and grapes is one of my favorites. My Mom swears that munching on an apple or carrots first thing in the morning helps her to wake up because of the chewing!

One of my go-to snacks is pretzel sticks dipped in mustard! Love the nibblers too, but not too easy to dip.

Dip pretzels in hummus mixed w/ Frank's Red Hot (also like cuke slices with this dip; also put hot sauce in Greek yogurt as a dip)!

Sweet side - I like to spray butter pretzels and popcorn then shake some cinnamon sugar on them.

I love giving my kids pretzels with a slice of cheese to add some protein and the combination gives them a healthy snack that holds their energy!

I pack lunches for my husband and grandchildren occasionally. The grandchildren are pickier but they love the pretzel sticks because they think they are easier to eat. I like to pair that with real carrot chips (waffle cut) from produce dept. because again they are easier to eat and the kids love the shape of them! I love them too when I am on the computer and get the munchies, but need to eat healthier while sitting and surfing! Thanks for this opportunity!

I ❤️ Snyder's pretzels!

I do enjoy pretzels. I like the crunch but not the salt so much....I usually pick off the salt

where I can :~)!

My family likes them straight out of the bag! Any flavor. I like pretzels plain or with a little mustard.

I love dipping pretzels in guacamole.

Homemade Corn tortilla chips (made by cutting corn tortillas into wedges) and dipping in a black bean, corn and avocado sals made with a vinegar dressing. Great way to get some grain and protein in a snack.

Pretzels and frozen grapes are the go to snacks in our house!

A great peanut-free snack is sliced apples! But these pretzels would be a great snack to send with my kid to school!

Square Snyder Pretzels with homemade guac! My kids can even make it by themselves...

I portion the big bag of pretzels out into snack size bags of 100 cal portions! They saved the day, just last night! I need a chunchy salty snack!

My kids love it when I make fruit kebabs and yogurt to dip....easy for school lunches too

I melt cheese in the microwave and dip pretzel sticks in . Yummy !

Apples or grapes and cheese stick

I love grapes and baby carrots.

pretzels, strawberries, and grapes!

Pretzels make a great salty crust for margarita pie (in place of graham crackers). I also love the thicker pretzel sticks along with beer dip; Hidden Valley package seasoning, fat free cream cheese, fat free cheddar cheese, green onions, and 1/2 cup (or to taste) of low calorie beer! Add carrot sticks and other vegetables on the plate too.

Pretzels with cream cheese are delicious. Also with queso or any melted cheese but I dont do this very often! A favorite snack if I am not eating pretzels is string cheese and almonds.

baby carrots

I love cheese and grapes!

I like to eat pretzels for a "healthy" snack!

I love the simple things in life and I love pretzels just way the there are . . . delicious and satisfying.

My 2 favorite snacks are whole grain pretzels with cheese and a hard-boiled egg.

I love dipping pretzels in a little spicy mustard.

Crunchy chickpeas with garlic powder!!

My grandkids love to have apple slices, peanut butter and pretzel sticks as a snack. I'm following on Instagram and liked post as dawnmonroe83

Pretzels + cheese sticks are an easy nutritious tasty snack. Portable, too.

I love the large fat free chunky twist pretzels. Their crunch and hint of salt over the top fills my craving for crunchy/salty treats. Pair 1 pretzel with apple slices and string cheese for a complete snack.

Triscuits with cottage cheese. String cheese and pretzels, yonanna (look it up on amazon), it's an awesome dessert, shaved ice, from our $20 snow cone maker, with favorite drink added instead of that snow cone syrup.

Fruit,cheese and pretzels are always a winner with both kids and adults.

Yogurt and fruit would be a snack idea.

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After reading this posting, I went out and bought Snyder's pretzels anfd had coupons for cream cheese so here I go ......

my favorite snack is fresh fruit! any kind, i love them all :)

Pretzels with hummus...yum!

I am a teacher and these will be perfect for keeping in my classroom when the children need a snack!

Perfect for my portion control problem. I love that when the bag's empty, the snack is done.

I love pretzels with peanut butter or Nutella, cheese chunks or with a dip! I usually eat them plain to save on points though!!

Love some greek yogurt. You brought Siggi's brand to my attention. Love it!

Apples. Pretzels. String cheese. Yes please.

I love any kind of fresh fruit and greek yogurt or hummus with veggies!

I love pretzels but must be careful with salt because of my blood pressure. That's why I was pleased to find Snyder's mini pretzels in the half ounce snack pack with only 50 calories and 120 mg sodium (low sodium is </= 130 mg/serving). I also give these little packs to my pregnant patients with morning sickness as an example of "dry carbs" that help settle the stomach.

I love fruit kebobs! Thanks for the chance!

I love pretzels, cheese sticks, a nice greek yogurt and 100 calorie microwave pop corn bags. Pop corn has protein and fiber.

I love pretzels so much that I am going to have a pretzel bar at my wedding reception. We will have soft pretzels, mini pretzels, large pretzel sticks, and pretzel nuggets along with a variety of dips such as honey mustard, cinnamon vanilla creme, chocolate peanut butter swirl, coconut pineapple, key lime pie, mac & cheese, brownie batter, cheesy bacon, cheese cake, smores, snicker doodle fluff, and of course caramel apple. It will be a huge hit and our guests will love it.

My favorite peanut free snack is either fresh fruit or chocolate pudding! Though with chocolate pudding you need to check the back of the box or container to make sure it was made in a peanut free facility.

Greek yogurt and cinnamon as a dip for apples. Pretzels and laughing cow light.

Cheese and crackers.

veggies with hummus

Wheat thins, pretzels, string cheese, fruit, raisins are some of the snacks that we love for back to school.

My kids like cheese and crackers.

I love all kinds of pretzels. Snyder's honey mustard and onion are a favorite of mine.

Carrots chips with spicy hummus

Yogurt, cheese sticks, or grapes would be my ideas.

I love to have some hummus and crackers or vegetables for a snack.

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