A Special Offer For Snack Girl Readers

March 11, 2014   23 Comments

You know how there’s no such thing as a free lunch? I supposed that is true.

Special Offer Snack Girl To The Rescue

Or you could believe Coco Chanel’s advice:

The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.

Snack Girl is giving away some gifts for free, but it will cost you. I realize that makes very little sense but hang with me for a second.

My book, Snack Girl To The Rescue can be ordered before April 15th. I want people to buy it before it goes on sale at bookstores so I am offering some free gifts.

What am I offering? First, I am giving away five recipes that will be sent within 24 hours to your inbox in a PDF. They are “exclusive” recipes that are not in the book or on the website.

Why would you buy my book if you can get my recipes on Snack Girl?

All of the recipes in the book have all been tested by home chefs, edited, and tested again. These are kick butt, healthy, easy and will not fail you. Many have not been published on the site and never will be. Also, I have included Snack Girl favorites so you will have a bound version instead of pieces of paper floating around your kitchen.

In addition to the recipes, I am offering some snacks to be mailed to your house. Full disclosure – it will not look nearly as nice as the photo above. This could be a KIND bar, tin of almonds, and a coupon for a free bag of Cape Cod Chips. We still have snacks to mail out so please sign up soon to get them.

This offer is only valid until April 14th, 2014, and then it ends.

How do you get the recipes and snacks? Simply enter your book order number, e-mail, and snail mail, and we will send your free gifts – see Free Gift Form.

Some of you have already taken advantage of the offer, and I am so grateful that you bought the book. Thank you, dear readers!

Please check out the First Chapter or my first book review Publisher’s Weekly Review.

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Just ordered mine! Thank you for all you do!

I ordered the book, and received the free goodies which are really good! I loved the KIND bar! Thank you Snack Girl for the "extras", I thought that was a really nice thing to do for your readers, I really appreciated it!

Just ordered kindle edition from Amazon as I did not want another book on shelf! Can I participate in your offer?

@Sharlyn - yes, Kindle will work for the offer (as will iBooks, Nook, etc.). Sign up at

Thanks so much for ordering my book!!

I ordered the book and received the gifts! Loved them and thank you for doing this! awesome!

can't wait for the book!!!!!!!!

Ordered mine and received the extra goodies!!! So awesome. Can't wait to get the book!!!

So-o-o didn't need free gifts to get me to pre-order your book - every time one of your emails is in my inbox, it's a free gift. You are all the free gift I need :-)But received the free gifts and thank you.

Just got my goodies, loved the almond tin, good to reload with almonds and put in my purse for snack emergencies!

Just got my free package of goodies - thank you so much - looking forward to the book as well as the extra recipes only we will get :-)

I preordered your book Saturday, the online version. Will I get the perks? Looking forward to your book. Really enjoy your website.

@Michelle -yes, you can get the perks. Be sure to enter your information into this form:

Thanks so much for buying it. I hope you love it!

Well I was disappointed in my snacks. I got two small packages of plain walnuts, nothing else. I see others received KIND bars so why did I get boring walnuts, nothing special there.

@Yvonne -I am sorry you are disappointed. Please send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do -

Thanks for buying the book!!

Ordered mine and one for my mom, a while back when you first announced it. Looking forward to getting it!

Is this offer available to Canadians?

@Linda - yes to Canadians! Love you guys.

I only received the boring walnuts. It was, however, an easy snack for a couple of days. You are afterall Snack Girl. I cannot wait for the book. I love your blog!

Just got the snack pack - great products! Can't wait for the book!

Just like Yvonne , I was disappointed in what I received. Two small packs of walnuts and a bunch of coupons for products that are not available at the Publix in my area. Not very useful. I am , however, looking forward to getting my book and I do appreciate this website.

Sigh. I've looked everywhere. I didn't get an order confirmation email. I began doubting that I'd ever ordered the book. I do that, think I did something when I really just planned to do it. So I tried to order it again just in case. Amazon, bless them, immediately told me that I'd ordered the kindle edition. Can't find the info I need to get those bonus recipes. Waaaaaaa!

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