Turn Dull Beans Into A Potato Chip Replacement

July 3, 2012   30 Comments

Yesterday, we featured canned beans in a sneaky way. Today, they come out behind the curtain.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

I was recently asked about my pantry items. None of you are getting a look into my pantry because it is a mess. BUT, I will tell you that I have cans of beans always stashed in my cabinets.

Why? It takes a while to cook beans and sometimes I take the time to cook them in my slow cooker. Honestly, most of the time I grab a can off my shelf. If you didn't know, a slow cooker was originally a BEAN cooker - it is an excellent way to cook beans.

The downside of a cans of precooked beans is that there is lots of sodium and my friend Carole thinks it is important to rinse them. Since she is usually right, I am now going to rinse my beans to get off the salt.

It turns out that rinsing the beans for 30 seconds reduces the sodium by 20 percent (see How To Reduce The Sodium In Canned Beans).

These crunchy chickpeas are a healthy snack lovers dream because they are packed with fiber, protein, and 8% of your daily value of iron.

I’m always looking for snacks that are healthy, salty, and crunchy. I LOVE potato chips and they aren’t easy to replace. Leave off the spice if you don’t like spicy food. You can make a sweet version with a little sugar and cinnamon.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

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(4 servings)

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1-15.5 ounce can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
1 tablespoon olive oil
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper


Heat oven to 450 F and line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil. Drain chickpeas, rinse, and put them in a bowl. Mix oil, salt, and pepper with chickpeas and spread them on baking sheet.

Put them in the oven. After 15 minutes shake the pan to ensure that the chickpeas brown evenly. Roast another 15 minutes until brown and crunchy. Enjoy warm or at room temperature.

Nutrition Facts

For one serving = 161 calories, 4.7 g fat, 25.0 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 5.5 g protein, 4.9 g fiber, 329 mg sodium, 4 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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I love roasted chickpeas, they kind of resemble corn nuts!

I first saw this kind of garbanzo-bean-snack recipe here:… and it is yummy!

I've made them for pretty much everyone I know and they always get the thumbs-up!

For what it's worth, if you're concerned about what's in the canned version, garbanzo beans are a snap to make in a rice cooker. (Motto: "It's not just for rice!")

I soak the dried beans for 4-5 hours, change the water several times (this minimizes foaming), add 3 cups of water for each cup of beans, leave the lid open (again, to minimize foaming), and press the white-rice button. About 30 minutes later, I drain off the extra water and have a supply of zero-sodium-added garbanzo beans to toss in the fridge (or use for this snack recipe).

(I don't like it when any pot boils over, so I was happy to have spotted this trick:… which is much cheaper than this little gadget that I'd had my eye on for a while:…)


Thanks for mentioning that recipe. My family is addicted to roasted and spiced garbanzo beans.

Here's one of our favorite recipes ...

Also, if you like curry, try 'em with that spice. They're incredible!

Safe holiday to all,

Ken Leebow

I love roasting garbanzo beans! my favorite are a salt and vinegar flavor....they remind me of potato chips! check out the recipe on my blog

Kroger's Private Selection Organic canned black beans have about 130mg of sodium per serving compared to the 400-500 mg in most other brands I find. I figure once I rinse them I'm down to 100mg and still have the convenience!

These sound so good. Definately putting on my to try very soon list! Thank you!

I buy Rienzi brand no salt added canned beans. Cuts WAY down on the sodium levels. And I still rinse them before using, but then I can add my own salt--as much or as little as I want.

Do these roasted beans stay crunchy after they're cooled? I've found some thing don't seem to keep their crunch, which of course is the big appeal. I.e., kale chips.

@Audrey - the key is to cook them long enough and they stay crunchy. I have had soggy ones because I was impatient and took them out too early. Thanks for the question!

Can you use other beans for this? I love all kinds of beans except garbanzo beans.


This looks delicious -- I'm with Cynthia, though. Can you use Kidney or Pinto beans?

@Cynthia & @Stephanie - I think a larger bean would just be mushy. Garbanzos work because they are small in size. Sorry about that.

I first found this site while I was searching for a roasted chickpea recipe - and I STILL haven't made them. (It's been months and months). I keep buying cans of beans with the intention to do it, but I end up using them in salads. I'm determined to make them though! Someday.

Roasted chickpeas are so good. I also rinse my beans before using them to help with digestion. I never thought to rinse for getting rid of excess salt though. I do always make sure to buy low-sodium though. Great info! :)

FYI: I have started to use only organic canned beans in recipes since I discovered they have much less sodium than regular name brand canned beans - less even than low-sodium major brand beans. From my pantry shelf: Aunt Penny's Organic Kidney Beans 120 mg per 1/2 cup, Nature's Promise Organic Black Beans 130 mg per 1/2 cup serving. When I make chili now I use organic canned beans and no-salt diced tomatoes and no-salt tomato paste - this cuts the sodium way down! I don't like to rinse the beans as the juice thickens the chili and now I don't have to any more :-) I stock up when they are 10/$10, as they are normally slightly more expensive than name brands.

Mine seem to pop all over the oven, kind of like popcorn but not big and fluffy. Does that happen to you?

We were on vacation in Hawaii a few weeks ago and bought some dry roasted chickpea snacks in the store there. They are made on Maui and are crunchy and so delicious. I love the Maui Mocha and the Hawaiian Sea Salt ones the best. My brother has a nut allergy and these are made in a dedicated gluten free & nut free bakery, so he was really happy to able to snack on them as well.

These look great, I wonder if it would help with gas too??

What do you think about dry sauteing them in a pan on the stove, rather than baking. It works so well for nuts, instead of heating up the kitchen. I live in Hawaii and don't turn on the oven unless I have to!

I've seen these before but have been aprehensive to eating them.

These are amazing with garam masala! Yum!

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