Let's Chat About Body Image

September 24, 2014   26 Comments

I went live yesterday to talk about one of my favorite subjects. Body image is on my mind because our warped view of ourselves contributes to our weight problems.

Healthy Body Image and Healthy Weight

Before I delve into the subject, I want to inform you that I am giving these live chats a try, but I am also starting podcasts. Please let me know in the comment section what medium you prefer (chat with face or podcast).

This is my first one and I already have about 10 ideas about how to make this better - but I welcome more suggestions.

Here I am talking for about 9 minutes (you have to watch a short ad before you get to me - ironically the one they showed me was for sugary breakfast cereal):

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There is a surprise cameo by my dog, Milo about 3/4 way through. Don't miss it!

What I love about body image dilemmas is that they aren't about how many calories you ate today. You can shift how you feel about your body by making some choices in behavior and attitude.

In the video, I suggest a few things to shift your image of yourself (if you dislike your body).

  • Listen when friends, family members, or dogs tell you that you look beautiful.
  • Stop reading magazines or TV shows that enforce the view that only one body type (thin, flat abs) is the best one.
  • Tell friends or family members that undermine your body image to stick it.
  • Take off your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and tell your entire body that you love it (start with your ankles).

Go ahead and watch it and let me know what you think!

How do you deal with your body image issues?

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I look back (as a grown women) at my 20's, with my first husband, I was 125 lbs (5'5") and he used to tell me I was FAT. Here I am in my 50's and 180lbs and think to myself...was he crazy? was I ???? He made me feel soooo bad about myself and I allowed his comments to bring me down to where I ATE to make myself feel better....Now, when i hear a young lady obsessing about herself I want to shake her...why why why do we have to allow this to happen to ourselves???

Great job!

I love the point that: "The more images we see of different bodies, the more we will be happy with our own." Yes, focus on health, but perfectly flat abs may not a reality!

Great chat! Truthfully, I will probably not be able to listen for 10 minutes on a regular basis, but good stuff & great to hear you live!

My only other thought is to smile, stand up straight, project happiness & confidence, & be nice to other people! This will help others see you as beautiful too!

I really like podcasts. I can listen in the car, while I exercise, or while I cook dinner. Also, here is a great Ted talk about how our body language can effect how we feel about ourselves.…

Anyone,man or woman,husband or "friend" should never degrade someone they are suppose to care about in anyway,especially someone's physical appearance. Anyone who resorts to this abuse probably has poor self esteem themselves if they have to put down others to make themselves feel better. While the media still portrays the ideal woman in an almost unattainable light,there has been more exposure & positve attention brought to more shapes & sizes within the past few years but we still have a ways to go with body image. There is nothing wrong with skinny beautiful women but the idea of beauty shouldn't be limited to this. I think it's horrible when men & women alike resort to unhealthy & sometimes dangerous means to attain a certain standard of attractiveness that otherwise isn't attainable.Let's make the most with what we have without beating ourselves or obsessing over it! I have to remind myself of this so that I don't fall back into those times where I hated what I saw in the mirror & did things that weren't exactly healthy.

I loved the video!! Thanks for posting. I think its important to be a healthy weight. It really hit me about the when someone tells you your beautiful and that little voice...says something negative to you. Im really going to try and just say thank you not my normal you need your eyes checked. It is hard to believe looking at magazine that im ok just the way I am but I am. Thank you.

Loved it!! What a great topic, I think every woman, no matter age or size can relate to this subject. Nicely done, can't wait for the next one.

I prefer podcast, I can listen when I can wherever I am.

Thanks! Love your cookbook!

loved your 1st Podcast. My 18 year old daughter - who is a size 2 worries about her weight- Crazy! loved your term Body diversification!

Good job! I think those skinny grouchy Mom's at the pool could benefit from this too. This was a great topic for all women.

I can't see either as my company firewall won't let it in... however, great discussion.

I love to use the example that I weighed 6 lbs at birth and was 35 lbs of bouncing tyke at my first birthday thanks to Mom! She got me all plumped up from the start. As a child I was healthy and very active. However, as I got older like all of us, I played way less, slowed down, sat at a desk for school and then work, ate on the go, etc. all of which contributed to weight gain and body changes. I say we reembrace our youth when we loved life and the world, and didn't care a whit about what others thought of us! :)

I barely look in the mirror. I am the heaviest I have been in my whole life. I have Thyroid problems that do not help the matter. My mom used to mention our weight all the time it seemed like, although she was not thin. I didn't see the podcast due to work but if it helped with self image I need to see it.

Love the video! But even the fashion industry marginalizes us.They don't make clothes bigger than a ten or fourteen because anyone bigger doesn't portray their brand appropriately to fit their vision. And that's kind of sad. I think I'll get out my sewing machine and be my own fashion trendsetter!

Just look at the #1 song in the nation, Meghan Trainor's "All about the bass" - my favorite line is 'every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top'.

Love the video. I really like pod cast I listen to them for my eight hour shift at work. Keep us informed when yours starts. Thank you for all your awsome information!

GREAT! It is amazing how hearing things spoken are so much more effective than just reading on a page. I think you did a great job. It made me think about some things. I look forward to more videos from you!!!

Enjoyed your spree cast! Loved seeing you animated!

There needs to be a happy medium between morbidly obese, which is not good and Tv and movie star bodies.which are unattainable for most women. BMI is a good way to gauge ,I think.obesity is a major medical problem and affects all of our medical insurance as well as mortality rates. Being happy with yourself if you are morbidly obese is a foolish choice.

<blockquote>Take off your clothes, stand in front of a mirror and tell your entire body that you love it (start with your ankles).</blockquote>

I don't lie that well. :-7

Hi Lisa! Enjoyed your topic on Spreecast today. As always great advice. I am a member of Spreecast to view another health professional. She sets a date in advance and notifies us thru Facebook and email. In the meantime we have the opportunity to post questions that we would like to have addressed. She chooses a few to answer on the podcast. Spreecast is a great tool to stay in contact with your peeps and find out what they are dealing with. Look forward to the next one!

I enjoyed your video. I think your message on body image cannot be said enough - we're all different shapes and sizes and there is real beauty in that fact. Keep on preachin' - I'm in your corner :)

Every day hubby tells me I'm beautiful and he loves me several times a day. Believe me, I am about average but isn't he sweet? He is the only man I have ever known that does this. The dog? He could care less until he gets a treat and then I'm betting I look pretty good! : )

I much prefer podcasts as I like to listen while I walk. body image is a huge issue which most of the time tortures me. I am filled with self loathing and hatred. My body, my carrying case, is not me, the essence of me. This is so hard to remember when I look at my body and want to puke. Obviously this is an area in which I need to do a lot of work.

Hi There,Well I would like to give you my perspective on this weight issue.About 9 years ago being not

what you would call skinny buy not obese either,I developed an immune system disorder problem.Within

2 weeks out of the the blue I was diagnosed with PMR (polymyalgia rhumatica) basicly you are in pain from your head to your toes 24/7.In the begining walking to the kitchen was a huge deal.then I was told there is a pill that will take a lot of the pain away.I thought great lets do this.But they did not tell me the side effects with these pills.I find it amazing that no one really wants to hear about what these pills do to you.I mean now I have a horrible shaped body.These pills change your whole metabolism around. Eveything you put in your mouth healthy or otherwise ends up on your back,shoulders and your huge arms.You are hungry ALL THE TIME is messes up all your hormones.You don't sleep well,terrible migrains,jittery,sad,depressed.Really it is horrible you try to improve your lot by eating absolutely clean food.But no still you loose no weight.My condition I was told will go away by its self in 2 years.I am now going into my 10th year just finished eye surgery (cataracts) produced by these horrible pills.Now I am told I am developing glaucoma (wonderful).In case you ae wondering what this pill is,well it's the dredded PRED REALLY CALLED PREDNISONE (steroid). I have gained 70 lbs on these pills witch I will probably die with all this fat! In fact I read in a medical book that this pill invented around the 60s was great until the doctor saw the terrible side effects,he eventually killed himself.these pills are used for many many health problems,they blanket a lot of conditions.

However I will not let them beat me down.In case your thinking why doesn't she just do some walking or something? Well if it were not for the 17 TITANIUM RODS in my back maybe I could but exercise is very hard.If you have any other choice don't take this pill if you have any other choice. I don't even look like myself anymore.But hey I am still alive and thas pretty good at 65 years old.thanks for letting me vent!! So girls don't fret over a few pounds it could be worse like me for instance !!Betty

I liked your talk, and completely agree that we need to de-program ourselves about only liking so-called "ideal" body shapes!

One thing I do look at differently, though, is the need to convince ourselves that our "imperfections" are somehow also beautiful.

Instead, I change my focus and feel positive about what IS good about myself!

I'm not going to pretend that my extra weight isn't something I need to address (for health reasons, not just so that I can appeal to narrow-minded people!). Instead, I make sure I find enjoyable ways to eat more healthily (and this is where Snack Girl and others come to the Rescue!), and I feel good about the progress I make with that, and share my enjoyment of food exploration with others (who are often a little envious of it, and would like to do the same!).

In the end, I think that having a positive outlook and at least some self-confidence is going to make you more attractive than anything else, and body shape be damned! I'm sure everyone can think of their own favourite actors who are far from the "ideal" shape, and that many of us look upon the underweight waifs on magazine covers only with pity, wishing they could enjoy a nice meal once in a while!

Hi! Great topic.

I was also brought up believing I was fat. My GP put me on a diet when I was 4. I also look back at photographs of myself during times in my life when I feel awful about myself, and think jeez! There was never anything wrong with my figure. I've been on a 'diet' most of my life until recent years. I recognised that most people who had told me I was fat actually had weight and/or self esteem issues themselves. Also, being a singer i spend a lot of time on stage and in front of the camera, regularly in the company of younger, slimmer and intricately groomed females. I am now larger than I have ever been, and quite frankly I have never felt sexier. This is because I refuse to take on other peoples expectations of what I should be or how I should look. I wouldn't do it artistically and trust my instincts with music, therefore why should I do it with my health!?! I have accepted who and what I am and am loving the freedom of expression that gives me. It also encouraged me to experiment with dressing differently, and the response I get is amazing! (I had a consultation with House Of Colour - excellent information and loads of fun. If you can afford the investment, it's very worthwhile I believe). People are always telling me how sexy I am, and it is most certainly NOT because I'm thin. I'm not. I'm curvy. Embrace those curves girls! Love to all.

PS Jenna - your first husband is a $*#%¥#*€ any many that tells a woman she is fat needs to take a long hard look at himself. EVEN if it's true, it's not constructive. It's manipulative and controlling. I hope you are much happier now!

Love to all


My life’s mission is to spread the word on this:

I like the video. Podcasts just don't seem to hold my attention not to mention the fact that I never remember to listen. 😊

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