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I usually eat pumpkin seeds plain, but these flavors sound interesting - especially the super spicy one.

I really like salt and pepper pumpkin seeds, but the super spicy ones sound great!

I've never tried them, but Coco Joe sounds like it would be my favorite! I love anything chocolate.

Pumpkin seeds are a LOT of work, no one likes the texture of the orange goop! I would love to try the cinnamon and sugar variety!

Olive oil with some salt ... mmmmmmmmm!

I love pumpkin seeds roasted with sea salt--yum!

I would like all of them but the spicy ones which I would share with my friends!!

Super Spicy sounds so yummy (but I wouldn't turn away any of the other flavors either)...what a fun way to eat pumpkin seeds with a kick!

The somewhat spicy ones sound fabulous. I'll go buy and carve extra jack o later a just so I can get more seeds. It's an addiction really.

Usually plain. Had ranch and honey-mustard in the past and they were good.

These sound really good! Sugar & cinnamon or sea salt seem like they'd be best! Yum!

I prefer natural flavors so sea salt I my preference

Really naked for me!

I just now learned about these, so I haven't tried them yet. I have made my own as well and usually do a spicy or cinnamon sugar blend. If trying these, I'd probably go for the super spicy and the tomato Italiano. Thanks for letting us know about them....can't wait to try them!

olive oil, sea salt and garlic

I'd love to try the spicy ones.

I prefer the plain pumpkin seeds because they were the healthiest ones out of the other flavors.

I've only ever had roasted pumpkin seeds with just salt, which are very tasty but all of these flavors sound delicious! Thanks for letting us know about a fast, healthy snack, Snack Girl!

I've never had them flavored but would love to try these!

I've never really tried any flavoured pumpkin seeds but the super spicy and cinnamon sugar sounds deelish!

I grew up on salted pumpkin seeds, my mom as an addict. Now, my daughter loves them too! I have made my own with salt and also cinnamon and sugar. I don't think there is a 'wrong' seasoning for them as they are a great nutritious snack!

I think the sugar and cinnamon seeds would be good toppers for pumpkin bread or muffins and the curry flavor would be good sprinkled on top of pumpkin soup. I would probably add the tomato Italiano to salads. If I ate them out-of -hand I would probably wolf down the whole bag. :)

Sugar and Cinnamon -- yum!

You had me at cinnamon--sweet, savory and seasonal, especially when combined with pumpkin!!

The sugar and cinnamon ones sound amazing right now!

Just Salt sounds the best to me!

I agree with Catherine, super spicy sound interesting. But I do love Curry, too. OH, first world problems...

It's autumn, so we have to go with the cinnamon sugar!

Coconut oil and cinnamon. I have been into raw pepitas lately!

I prefer just lighted salted seeds. Yummy!

I love pumpkin seeds, it is one of the best things about Fall. I have only had them salted, but would love to try all the different flavors.

I have never had any packaged flavor other than salted, but when I roast my own, I like to use olive oil and just a touch of Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Yum!

I have always just made them plain or eatten plain ones but the flavored ones sound very interesting especially the ones with spice.

Would love to try the spicy ones!

I had a taste of these at a craft fair and I can't get enough of them. I think the Sea Salt ones are my favorite.

The sea salt flavor sounds great!

Decisions, decisions. They all sound good but I'll have to go with Somewhat Spicy closely followed by Tomato Italiano. But I'd share with my sister, who would love the Super Spicy and my best friend would steal the Sugar & Cinnamon.

When I roast my own, I am not too adventurous - just salt and pepper. But now I really want to try some of these flavors! They are tasty and yummy - a double delight!!

I like the plain.

Just plain old sea salt works for me!

When I toast my own I usually use chili spices (chili powder, cumin and paprika and a little seasoned salt). They are yummy!

GO SUPERSEEDZ - AWESOME - Kathy is my husband's first cousin - she has a GREAT product!

I love my pumpkin seeds a little spicy!

Sea Salt

We usually only have pumpkin seeds with a little salt, my family is awful when it comes to change, but these sound so good. And who doesn't need extra iron.

I like putting curry powder on pumpkin seeds.

I love roasting pumpkin seeds with garlic salt and olive oil! The cinnamon sugar flavor sounds really interesting I'd love to try them!

I have never known pumpkin seeds to be flavored so I'm excited to see this post. Thanks so much! Right now my favorite flavor is lightly salted and roasted. :-)

Love the Sea Salt - keep it classic!

Roasted with sea salt.

I like the plain when we do make them but the Coco-Joe sounds really good! (Especially if I don't have to make them:)

My favorite way is with Old Bay Seasoning. Its the way my Grandma made them and then my mother and now my sisters and I. Carving pumpkins and baking the seeds were a family affair. We had contest on who could carved the best. One of the many great memories I have left of my Grandma.

I've only had salted, but they all sound good, especially the cinnamon and sugar. I grew up eating salt and vinegar peanuts, I wonder how that flavor would taste on pumpkin seeds?

Somewhat spicy!

Sea salt would be my favorite, I just love pumpkin seeds.

Would love the spicy ones!

I've never had any flavored pumpkin seeds, but I typically love anything that's cinnamon/sugar!

I have never had them before, but would like to give them a try. I think I would try the Sea Salt or Tomato Italiano ones first. I will sure look for these.

Super spicy please!

Glad to know about these. packaged pumpkin seeds are usually too salty. I love this time of year when I roast my own with olive oil, tamari, and nutritional yeast. I will try ALL of the flavors! The cinnamon sugar is calling to me now :)

I've never made my own, but I've purchased the salted ones sold in my supermarket I find them to be pretty appetizing. If I were to choose from the 8 flavors of this brand, I would probably pick the Cin/sugar mix as well.

I've only ever had salt & pepper ion them, but the spicy ones sound good. Not so sure about the sweeter ones, but I'm willing to try them!!!!


I love anything with sea salt!

I have never tried flavored pumpkin seeds, but the cinnamon sugar or coco joe sound good!

Pumpkin seeds have flavors? Who knew??! I usually dig my fingers through the goo, and roast them in the oven with a lot of salt. I will defnitely be trying these...cinnamon sugar to start!

My mom always used to roast pumpkin seeds when I was a kid. She used seasoning salt and I loved them. I think I would like the spicy variety of these.

I usually eat them raw or baked with a little bit of salt... some of these flavors sound like a great twist!

Somewhat Spicy and Sea Salt sounds very good. Love Pumpkin Seeds.

I've never heard of this brand but the Coco Joe sounds delicious!

never tried a flavor just plain but I would live to try them..

Sugar and Cinnamon

We love to scoop these out of the pumpkin, wash and then roast with salt. The Curry SuperSeedz sound amazing! I want to try those!!! Wow. Thanks for the information.

Always love grain free snacking as there just seems to be more nutrition! My favorite are the Really Naked flavor seeds.

I love sea salt pumpkin seeds!

Anything with cinnamon appeals to me!

I haven't eaten pumpkin seeds since I was 12 yrs old. Back then we use to chew up the whole salty thing. It would be interesting to try some of the newer flavors out there on the market. Please send me some!!

My Dad would always keep the seeds from our halloween pumpkins. He'd roasted them up in the oven with some worchester sauce and salt & pepper. They were crunchy and chewy, salty and delicious. It's funny, as you grow up, you forget about all the halloween candy but remember the roasted pumpkin seed tradition. :)

I usually make spicy ones with a touch of cayenne.

I think the "somewhat spicy" sound great!

I like pumpkin seeds either plain or with salt. (Not eligible to win, but I wanted to comment because I love pumpkin seeds.)

I love my cocoa roasted almonds so I would love to try the Coco Joe ones BUT I am always looking to try new flavors and I bet each would be fantabulous tasting! I could eat some now

My vote is really naked! You can add to so many recipes (or just snack).

I usually eat them toasted in a breakfast granola blend with coconut milk.

Somewhat spicy!

Thanks to SuperSeedz I am a convert from sunflower seeds to pumpkin seeds. Can't get enough of the Original Curry, especially sprinkled over some basmati rice.

Sugar and cinnamon or sea salt

Sea salt - the old classic flavor

Spicy sounds fun~pumpkin seeds are good memories from childhood~

I usually love pumpkin seeds with sea salt and a little garlic powder. But those cinnamon sugar seeds sound delish!!

I think I like the spicier ones best, but the cinnamon/sugar one hits the spot for a sweet snack.

I'd love to try cinnamon and sugar.

I love curry, but i've always used greek seasoning when I make my own.

Ha! I just roasted some last night- plain with salt water because I didn't have tumeric. :-)

Love the cinnamon sugar idea! I have only ever had my dad's roasted pumpkin seeds. I would love to try these!

I’m intrigued by “Somewhat Spicy.” Sounds like a description of someone I’d really like a lot.

I havent tried any flavored pumpkin seeds as of yet but the Sugar and cinnamon ones sound delicious!!

I usually eat plain roasted pumpkin seeds but I am excited to try the sugar and cinnamon!

I have never had pumpkin seeds so I can't say a favorite. I would love to try them. I'm sure my three kids would also. 😉

I like spicy pumpkin seeds

I've always had them slightly salted. The somewhat spicy ones and the cinnamon sugar I'd like to try though!

I've only had them plain, but the cinnamon sugar sounds amazing!

Definitely cinnamon sugar. Sweet with a crunch- yummm :)

Salt sounds great!

super spicy!

I have never had any flavor other than plain roasted with salt...but they all sound delicious!

Olive oil and sea salt!

I usually eat them with a bit of sea salt. But, I am intrigued by the cinnamon sugar!

Yum! Never tried seasoned pumpkin seeds. The chocolate or cinnamon/sugar flavors sound great!

I have never had pumpkin seeds before but I am willing to make them one of my healthy food addictions!

I like them with a little spice, but not a lot. Everyone needs to try these!!

The Sea Salt sounds good to me!

I've never had flavored pumpkin seeds..... Alhtough I'll bet Coco Joe will be my favorite!

The spicier the better. Super spicy rocks!!!

I have never tried these, but curry is one of my favorite tastes and it is hard to find in a snack food. That would definitely be my first try!

I would love the somewhat spicy flavor (although all sound really yummy).

I'm a traditionalist-- I like them completely naked! The other flavors sound good, though. I need to check these out.

Curry pumpkin seeds! Sounds fantastic!! Personally I'm a simple sea salt girl, but these flavors sound fantastic!!

would love to try them ALL and wil lcheck out stores in my area (south Jersey)

Super Spicy sounds really really good. And Coco Joe too! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. :)

I'll admit, I have a strange "texture" aversion to the feel of 'pumpkin guts' so I've never enjoyed that part of carving pumpkins, and the seeds have always been tossed with the guts ASAP. Trying these Seedz may actually help me get 'beyond' my aversion :)

Sugar and Cinnamon sounds great cuz let's face it, everything is better with sugar and cinnamon!

I've never tried flavored pumpkin seeds, but these sound super yummy! I would love to try the super spicy.

I have not tried them, but would probably like the sea salt the best. My kids love pumpkin seeds and would definitely like cinnamon and sugar.

I love cinnamon & sugar pumpkin seeds!

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Definitely looking forward to that super spicy.

I think I would like to try "Somewhat Spicy". That sounds good to me, or the "Cinnamon and Sugar" I will be able to tell better if I win!! I do roast raw seeds and eat them every day with yogurt. Love the crunch!!

Have usually buttered/ salted when I baked pumpkin seeds, but would like to beore adventurous and try these unique flavors! Yum!

My favorite pumpkin seeds are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

This may sound silly but I don't remember the last time I had pumpkins seeds. All the flavours sound so delicious, hard to pick one. I usually like anything with sea salt so I would pick that.

I love pumpkins seeds! In the past I have preferred them plain but since I lost most of my sense of taste due to cancer treatment I have grown to love spicy foods. The kick of the spicy seeds would be perfect for me! Fall time is seed time in our house :)

I've only ever had plain seeds, and love them but am eager to try these flavored seeds :+)

I would love to try the spicy seeds! I usually have them with just salt, but recently tried someone's homemade spicy ones that were great!

I usually eat plain but would LOVE to try the SUPER SPICY ones.

Love to "crunch up" my yogurt with seeds. These make breakfast and snack time great!!! No more sticking my hands in the pumpkin!!!!

We used to carve pumkins every year with the kids. We would clean and roast the seeds. They were awesome. Now the kids are all moved out and we don't carve pumkins anymore. These seeds sound great with the different flavors. Really want to try the cinnamon sugar.

I usually only eat them plain but I think the sugar & cinnamon flavor sounds yummy.

Plain Jane is how I usually eat mine. Yum! Would love to try of these!

I like them with Old Bay Seasoning or Season All.

I love super spicy! Yummo! I want some now!

I think the slightly spicy sounds great!!

This country girl loves pumkin seeds with olive oil and sea salt.

I love lightly salted pumpkin seeds!!

Sugar and cinnamon makes everything taste better so these pumpkin seeds must be amazing!!! I can't wait to try them!

Super Spicy!! The spicier the better!

I've only had salted, but would love to try the flavors. Thank you!

Roasted, little salt or splenda and cinnamon....MMMMmmm GREAT healthy snack!

I've never tried these but guessing i would like the sugar and cinnamon, coco joe or spicy ones the best!

I've only had them plain but all of these sound yummy.

I found a recipe online someplace (perhaps even here) for sriracha pumpkin seeds...yum!

I usually roasted them fresh every year with soy sauce, yum! I think the cinnamon and sugar sounds delish, as well as the curry or just plain salted.

I usually love them with just olive oil and sea salt--but they are messy to make, so I'm happy to see ready-made roasted seeds that don't have unnecessary ingredients! The curry ones and somewhat spicy sound really good, in addition to the sea salt flavor.

I love pumpkin seeds and love all these flavors but the spicy ones the best

They're not in the picture, but the Sea Salt pumpkin seeds are delicious! I feel in love with them at the Big E, and now look for them at every fair or event. Thank goodness they're at my local Garlic and Harvest festival... I got a chance to stock up. So good!

I love pumpkin seed and these sound delish. That's something I haven't introduced my kids too, yet. I wish they sold them in my local area. The cost plus shipping and handling make them costly. What to do? What to do?

Cinnamon and sugar!

Cinnamon & Sugar would be my favorite! Thanks for telling us about this product!

I'd love to try the cinnamon and sugar!

Pumpkin seeds...YUM! I like to make Pumpkin Seed Bread, which is a light wheat bread with pumpkin seeds throughout it, as well as pumpkin seeds on top. toasted, delicious...use it to make grilled cheese, OUTSTANDING!!! it's more savory, but how great would it be to try it with some sugar/cinnamon pumpkin seeds for a sweeter loaf?? --pumpkin seeds to munch on, though, Super Spicy!!!

The Curry flavor sounds great!

I've never had any flavor other than salted so all of these sound delicious!

I love to make garlic ones. I also like spicy ones too.

I have only had plain pumpkin seeds lightly salted. They were delicious. Really would love to try them all but where I stay I only seen the plain ones.

I've never had flavored pumpkin seeds, but in our house anything chocolate is a hit! They would be fun to try along with cinnamon and sugar!

I would love to try the sugar and cinnamon ones or the coco joe. I love sweet things and chocolate! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

Plain old tamari roasted. Yum!

I've never had flavored pumpkin seeds! The only way I've had them is dried and baked in the oven with a little salt!

Sea salt... mainly because I've never tried anything else!

I would go for the Really Naked - I like them just the way they are. I also roast butternut squash seeds, which also taste like pumpkin seeds.

Ahhhh roasted pumpkin seeds take me back to when I was a child and my brother, my father and I would carve pumpkins and then roast the seeds ourselves! To this day my dad still tries to find excuses to carve pumpkins so he can eat those seeds, even though we are all grown and out of the house! I've never had flavored pumpkin seeds but I'm sure the cinnamon sugar would be a great fall flavor!

Never had them but I would sure love to try the Sugar and Cinnamon

Just spicy here please.

I loved to make pumpkin seeds as a child, my favorite was a spicy flavor. Would love to try both the somewhat spicy and the super spicy- yum!

Sugar and cinnamon sounds intriguing to me!! I bet the curry is really yummy too...

I've never had flavored pumpkin seeds. I'd love to try the sea salt, and spicy versions. Heck, all of them but those would be my first picks.

Sounds delish, We would love them all!!

Roasted pumpkin seeds wuth season salt!

Sugar and cinnamon. Yum!

I've never tried flavored pumpkin seeds but they all sound amazing and can't wait to try them all. :) yummies!

I think I've only ever had salted pumpkin seeds - what an adventure for my tongue! Mmmmmm, I can hardly wait. :-0

I like the ones with just sea salt, although the Italian flavor tastes rather like pizza when I'm craving it!

The cinnamon and sugar ones sound a little boring. The chocolate, tomato italiano and curry ones I want to try, but knowing me, the spicy ones sound delicious!

Coco Joe is calling to me!

I have never tried these, but I would love the Sugar & Cinnamon and Sea Salt. Sometimes I want something sweet and other times I want salty.

I love salty but I also love spicy seeds. Nom nom nom

This is such a great "HEALTHY" snack idea! Hope I can find these in my Trader Joe Store!!!!!!! :)

I would LOVE to try the Super Spicy pumpkin seeds

Love to roast them & top with a little salt and cayenne unless I do a sweet version - which i would use a little sugar/cinnamon & nutmeg

I also like the cinnamon and sugar but found the chocolate satisfying when you need a "chocolate fix".

My favorite SuperSeedz would be Cinnamon & Sugar.

Can't wait to try these.

I love plain pumpkin seeds on my salads or oatmeal but I bet the cinnamon and sugar would be delicious on oatmeal! I love how much protein you can get from them :)

The spicy ones look great!

Thank you for a great giveaway!

FB post:


I love pumpkin seeds that have salt, pepper and garlic. I think I'm going to make candied ones this year, though.

kymom13 at gmail dot com

I love salted pumpkin seeds. The flavors offered by SuperSeedz souind delicious, especially the Superspicy and Italiano. Would love to try them all!

I like the cinnamons and sugar. Yummm

I'm all about the SUPER spicy!

Somewhat spicy sounds perfect! I usually just have sea salt.

Curry sounds great!

My favorite flavor is Sea Salt!

I love Really Naked pumpkin seeds...just like mom used to make.

I've never tried flavored pumpkin seeds! I imagine I would love the curry flavored ones. What an awesome product idea!

I haven't had roasted pumpkin seeds in years. Every flavor sounds delightful but I think if I had to pick just one, I'd choose the Super Spicy flavor to try. Thanks for showing me a new product to try out!! :)

I've never had pumpkin seeds! Not that I can remember anyways!

Just discovered the joys of pumpkins seeds - love the high amount of protein in them. They all sound good but the cinnamon sugar would probably be the one that I would like the most.

I love my seeds with a touch of salt, cinnamon, and sugar. Yum, yum, yum!

The sugar and cinnamon sounds amazing!!!

I'd love cinnamon and sugar!

They all sound great, but Super Spicy is just what I need!

I've never tried these, but sea salt sounds great!

I would like the sugar & cinnamon or the sea salt. Both sound great to me!!!

Finally - seeds without the hassle! Depending on my mood it's either Sea Salt or Cinnamon Sugar.

I think my favorites would be sea salt and cinnamon and sugar and yes they should be flavored.

sugar and cinnamon - mmmmmmmm pumpkin seeds are so good for you and so is cinnamon!! Great idea :)

I've never experimented with flavored pumpkin seeds, which seems to be the trend I am reading in others posts! Salt is usually the go to but the curry is intriguing. :)

I usually don't eat them, but would love to try all of these flavors! Thanks for the chance!

I'd love to try Coco Joe and Sea Salt, I LOVE pumpkin seeds in salads and of course, by the handful

Sound good, would like the salted or spicy....but probably would love them all.

I would love the sea salt flavour!

I live in the netherlands and love pumpkin seads but you can hardly find them out here.

I really would like to try the spicy ones. I know that some of the hotter spices can help you lose weight.

favorite flavor of pumpkin seed.


Love them just salted but would like to try them all.

I would like the somewhat spicy.

Oh, the spicy ones sound great! I would like the sea salt too!

I have only made cinnamon and sugar, but all of these sound yummy!

Sea salt!!

Original Curry and Sea Salt are my favs!!

We make ours with olive oil and Old Bay. I think I'd like the Somewhat Spicy.

I am obsessed with everything curry flavored right now and would love to try these!

I love pumpkin seeds but can't be bothered cleaning and roasting my own. I would love to try the sea salt and also the cinnamon ones.

Somewhat Spicy, perfect for the mid morning cravings

All about the naked pumpkin seed!

Sea Salt!

I have only ever made my own, but you are right. All that slimy mess is nasty. The seeds are the only part of the pumpkin I like!

I like plain pumpkin seeds but would try other flavors.

I like plain old pumpkin seeds. I like to pair them with cranberries and toss them with a salad.

I love pumpkin seeds, and appreciate them as is (Naked).

The only ones I have tried are ones I make at home, with olive oil and sea salt. Glad to hear there are ones I can buy out of season and have different flavors, would like to try all of them but my first would be the cinnamon sugar. Thank you for the info!

I like to get 2 bowls and separate the goop from the seeds as I dig it out of the pumpkin.

Roasted with sea salt is my favorite, but I just pinned a recipe for Salted Caramel Pumpkin Seeds that sounds pretty delicious.

I have not tried these but they sound fabulous! As I prefer savory over sweet, Sea Salt or Curry sound yuuummmyyy to me!

I have only made them with salt so all of these flavor sound exciting to me. Thanks for the give away opportunity.

When I've made them myself I just seasoned them with sea salt. These flavors sound amazing and I would love to try the cinnamon & sugar as well as the tomato Italiano.

These sound amazing! I've never tried this brand, but I would love to, chocolate pumpkin seeds...I'll try anything with chocolate!

all natural is the best. I work with a group of adults with disabilities and we all love to get into the goop and make our own.

We always roasted pumpkin seeds when I was a kid. Just added a pinch of salt, but these flavors sound great!

It's been awhile since I've had pumpkin seeds but based on my experiences with roasted almonds I suspect the Coco Joe and the Sugar and Cinnamon would be favorites around our house.

OK so I'd like to try all the flavors but the two that really call me are the cinnamon & sugar and the super spicy....yum!

I haven't tried this brand yet, but I've had others. Garlic & Cheese Pumpkin Seeds are delish!

Cinnamon & sugar!

I like them loaded with salt. I know it doesn't sound healthy but if I'm going to eat a salty snack, it has to be salty.

Sugar and cinnamon is always my go to flavor in almost everything--unless Chocolate is an option!

I can't decide between sugar and cinnamon and sea salt! I love them both!

I love to dive into cinnamon spiced pumpkin seeds after roasting in the oven and having the aroma consume my kitchen

I've eaten pumpkin seeds since I was a little girl. The original flavor would be the best but I think I will vote for Coco Joe and be adventurous.

sugar and spice is my fav ...after all i'm a girl!!! :)

Sugar and cinnamon sound delicious!

I have always made my own but the cinnamon and sugar sound wonderful but so do the coco, as I love chocolate

my favorite flavor is salted. I am intrigued by the somewhat spicy & naked. I am a new convert to pumpkin seeds and I see a trip to home goods in my future. thanks snack girl! :-D

Sugar & Cinnamon would be my first choice but they all sound really good!

Curry sounds fun since I never eat it! Also naked and cinnamon sugar sounds so classic and satisfying. Hope I win one I would love to try it!

super spicy!

i love spicy stuff so the curry flavor is what i'll pick probably

Cinnamon and sugar sound right up my alley!

I've only tried home-made pumpkin seeds before either salted or with cinnamon and brown sugar. I am super curious to try the Tomato Italiano ones! I love any kind of Italian seasoning! Yum! :)

Olive Oil w/sea salt or kosher salt.

Sea Salt would be my favorite I think. Although I am a lover of cinnamon so those sound good too.

Elaine Allen

Super spicy sound yummy!

Would love to try Cocoa Joe, but the sea salt sounds like the one I would like the most!

The sugar and cinnamon sounds good to me!!

Sea salt!

They all sound great! Probably Sea Salt and Somewhat Spicy would be my favs.

Coco joe wins hands down!!

Hi! I always make cumin roasted seeds, these other flavors sound amazing as well!!

What a great snack for every member of our family!

My favorite flavor would probably be Somewhat Spicy! Many thanks, Cindi

Love them with olive oil and sea salt! YUM!

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"Tweet" ~

Again, many thanks~


Also, I follow you on Facebook and left a comment on your page...

Thanks bunches!


I like pumpkins seeds with just salt, but I am really interested to try these new flavors.

All flavors sound enticing, but curry has me intrigued.

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are a staple in the Armenian ('Hye')culture. My dad would roast sunflower and pumpkin seeds in a cast iron pan in his homemade brick fireplace and patio. What a treat! Love to try all the new and interesting SuperSeedz flavors.

I love the spicy ones but want to try the coco ones!! :) I lovvvve pumpkin seeds.

sea salt

The curry ones sound incredible!

I have only had plain w/a little bit of olive oil and salt so... that is my favorite =)

Sugar and cinnamon sounds delicious!

They all sound sooo delicious! :)

I would probably prefer the salted ones...but the spicy flavor sounds really good too.

Loved worchesthire, salt & garlic when I was a child... These look yummy, though, and would love to try them all!

I love raosted pumpkin seeds with salt but would love to try sugar cinnamon flavored!

I say Coco Joe!!! :)

Cinnamon & sugar sound grand! I hope these make it out to the West Coast.

Cinnamon & sugar! I love salted pumpkin seeds but I love anything with cinnamon, so I'd love to try those!!!!

I usually eat them baked with butter, season salt and garlic salt. Sooo good but so unhealthy!!

I don't have a favorite yet, but would love to pick one from this bunch....the sugar and cinnamon variety sounds yummy!

Never thought of having flavored pumpkin seeds, oil and salt are usually how I have them but I love most things with a tomato Basil flavor!

Already shelled pumpkin seeds? No orange goop to deal with? Add Sea Salt and I'm happy!

Mmmm... Coco Joe!

Flavored pumpkin seeds? Can't wait to try them!

Hmmmm the cinnamon and sugar sounds super yummy ^.^

Really Naked... and the Cinnamon & Sugar for a treat.

I loveee pumpkin seeds!! Never tried the other flavora but would loveeee to have the sugar and cinnamon!!!

the coconut ones sound amazing!

My fav is BBQ flavor..... Toss 2 cups pumpkin seeds with 1 tablespoon barbecue seasoning, 2 teaspoons kosher salt, and 2 teaspoons vegetable oil. Yum-o!

I love pumpkin seeds plain, so I'm going to vote for the "Simply Naked". It would be fun to try the other kinds though.

I love the original salted the best.

Seeds with Sea Salt - yum! Takes me back to carving pumpkins for Halloween!

Honestly I don't think I've ever had pumpkin seeds. I would love to try the spicy or the cinnamon sugar. I'm a freak for both flavors in pretty much any food!

I love the flavor of smoked paprika on anything and pumpkin seeds were no different!

I love cinnamon & sugar!

I would like to try the cinnamon sugar one.. I bet Cinnamon sugar with sea salt would be great!

I would love to try the Sea Salt flavor! I love simple, unmasked goodies.

I expect I would LOVE the CocoaJoe, but the Cinnamon-Sugar one sounds heavenly

I think the sea salt sounds great! Pumpkin seeds are the best- especially in a home made trail mix!

I like adding garlic and butter when I make them at home. I know, it's not the healthiest, but it's so yummy!

Sugar & Cinnamon

I snagged a bag of Cinnamon and Sugar at TJMaxx and they were delicious!

Oooo I loooove pumpkin seeds! I have never had flavored ones before! I think all of these sound yummy!

I would love to have Sugar & Cinnamon flavor, it sounds great.

I love pumpkin seeds plain, but the cin.& sugar is really good too when I want crunchy/sweet! Not too sweet and not too crunchy...just right. I hope to be able to try them all!

"Coco Joe"

Cinnamon and sea salt are the flavours I would like to try most.

love pumpkin seeds no matter what the flavor!!! But if I really had to pick..cinnamon and sugar.

sugar and cinnamon all the way!! mmmmmmmmm

I love my pumpkin seeds with baked with cinnamon and a little bit of cocoa powder!


My dad always roasted the pumpkin seeds after our annual carving party!I LOVE sea salt if I am craving savory and cinnamon & sugar if I am craving sweet.

My favorite is just a touch of salt, but the cinnamon and sugar sounds really good too!

yum,yum sugar & cinnammon

My favorite flavor would be the sugar and cinnamon!!!

My favorite flavor of pumpkin seeds would be sea salt and cinnamon and sugar.

I love all sorts of pumpkin seeds! I usually rotate between sea salt, cinnamon/chocolate, and a paprika-cayanne mix

I love salted pumpkin seeds!

All of the flavors sound delicious but I would love to try the good ole plain sea salt pumpkin seeds!

Mmmm...pumpkin seeds all year? How wonderful!! I would like to try either the sea salt or the cinnamon & sugar. I love making mine with a bit of pumpkin pie spice....delicious!!!!

They all look delicious-I'd love to try the sea salt flavor!

Personal favorites have always been the ones that are salty. I love the simple sea salt but I'm dying to try the sweet varieties!

the sugar & cinnamon ones sound sooo good!

I think the curry would be my favorite. I love unique flavors!!

YUM ! I love pumpkin seeds but hate the orange goop mess. Like them salted but the spicy sound really good !!

Cinnamon and sugar!!

I think I might be with you- Sugar & Cinnamon sounds delicious!

Sugar & Cinnamon!! Yum!!

Cinnamon and sugar!!!

We'd love to be selected to receive the gift of all flavors! With plenty of sodium already in my diet, I favor Sugar & Cinnamon and Coco Joe, while my spicy husband and our friends clamor for savory seasonings! =)

I love pumpkin seeds. I have only had plain, the cinnamon and sugar sound yummy!!

I have roasted plain and with sea salt. Cinnamon sounds yummy, hope I win some!

I can't decide between super spicy and brown sugar cinnamon!

Sea Salt is my go to but the spicy sounds good too! Love, Love Pumpkins seeds!!

Really naked is my favorite!!

Original or spicy. Would love to try the cinnamon, yum!

I have had plain pumpkin seeds and I am really looking forward to trying the super spicy.

i like the seasalt flavor on my salads!! yum!!

I've only had pumpkin seeds with salt on them but I can't wait to try the cinnamon sugar ones!!

My favorite are the "Somewhat Spicy" ones!

I usually just give the seeds a few sprits of EVOO and a sprinkle of sea salt....I've also tried Cajun,onion,garlic spices. I must say the cinnamon sugar interests me. ;-)

I think the sea salt sounds great!

Tomato Italiano! Although it's a tough choice after trying multiple types at the Johnny Cake Festival this past weekend, they were all amazing!

I wouldn't say no to any of the flavors - it's a nice assortment of sweet and salty...but there's just something about pumpkin, sugar and cinnamon...

When our kids were growing up, I looked forward to carving jack-o-lanterns so we could get to the seeds. Now I like to sprinkle them on salads - and my favorites are the super spicy ones - really put some kick in my lunch.

Would love to try these!!!

I haven't had flavored ones, looking forward to trying them sometime !

I love pumpkin seeds and though I haven't tried this brand I look forward to cinnamon and sugar for my grandkids and honey mustard sounds perfect for me!

Real pumpkin seeds over 'pumpkin spice fake-o flavor' any day!

I love roasting pumpkin seeds the same way I make my roasted chickpeas - with some olive oil, seasoned salt, and cayenne pepper! Delicious!

Pumpkin! Yum :)

I have never had flavored pumpkin seeds but would love to start off trying the Coco Joe and then continue on with cinnamon and sugar. They all sound like great flavors.

sea salt!

Cinnamon and Sugar just go great with pumpkin!

I always ate plain pumpkin seeds and enjoyed them so much! I would love to try the cinnamon sugar ones - those sound DELISH!

I would love the sea salt pumpkin seeds!

I have not seen these, but the Somewhat Spicy sound good to me!

A good cajun seasoning like Tony Chachere's and a little butter is addicting on roasted pumpkin seeds! I'm going to have to try Kathie's flavors, though!

Olive oil and salt- nice and simple!!

I would LOVE to try the Original Curry.

I love sea salt, but I'd try any! I'm severely allergic to nuts, so seeds are a must have for me. :)

I would LOVE to try the Cinnamon sugar ones!!

I usually have plain pumpkin seeds as an ingredient in my trail mix that I make myself! These flavoured pumpkin seeds sound delicious - I will try them for sure!

Somewhat Spicy sound really good:)

I've actually never tried pumpkin seeds but do have to take some magnesium...sounds like a good way to get it. Cinnamon and sugar sounds intriguing.

Curried pumpkin seeds!!!Whoever thought!!! I'm and Indian food lover because of all the curry!!

I like the Tomato Italiano ones.. Yummy

I bet I would love coco joe the best!

I am obsessed with chili and maple roasted pumpkin seeds! A touch of heat with sweet makes a perfect healthy snack for a college girl on the go!

salted with a bit of rosemary

Sea salt, just plain, simple, and of course yummy!

I am following the trend, but just roasted with salt is the best!

SuperSeedz with "Sea Salt." Love the taste of them without spices!

I've only ever had plain, salted pumpkin seeds, but I think I'd like to try the super spicy! Woo!

Definitely Super Spicy, but my kids would probably prefer Sugar & Cinnamon.

Pumpkin seeds are crunchy, tasty, and an excellent source of heart-healthy fat. As noted above, they are also a source of magnesium, a mineral that is essential for blood pressure control. It is part of the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), developed by the NIH. Check it out:)

I usually eat them plain, but the sea salt and somewhat spicy sound yummy!

Just plain salty! Yum!

Sounds... tasty! Cinnamon sugar sounds oh so delicious! Thanks for the share!

super spice me!

my favorite is plain just with salt!

MMM....I choose original curry!

Super Spicy please!! :-)

Sugar & Cinnamon for sure...sweet and crunchy...the best!

I would love to win! I love plain seeds!


Sugar and cinnamon are awesome, but I would love to try other flavors! :)

My favorite is the Sea Salt, but I do like to add the Somewhat Spicy ones to it in my shaker!

Somewhat spicy and the super spicy

I like the sea salt and somewhat spicy roasted pumpkin seeds

I like sea salt but the super spicy sounds yummy!

coco joe sounds good

Definitely sugar and cinnamon, I have a sweet tooth :)

I'd prefer a little sea salt. Healthy treat and no mess--sounds like a winner.

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