Where's the food?

March 5, 2009   1 Comment

I don't think anyone can hide from the fact that snack cakes aren't real food. I wish it wasn't true because they can be truly tasty. They are so addictive, too. Something about the way they smell when you open the package. aaaah.

Swiss Rolls

Do you ever wonder why they can stay fresh for so long on the shelf? There is no nutritional value in a Swiss Roll. They are made with derivatives of milk and eggs so that they remain "shelf stable".

So, there are huge manufacturing plants that make this snack cake, and they add preservatives to keep them fresh. They can make them and then 3 WEEKS later you eat them.

Try storing a homemade cookie for 3 weeks. Wrap it in a bag, leave it on your shelf, and 3 weeks later see what you have left (I do not recommend eating it). What you will not have is a soft, moist, delicious cookie.

Why doesn't Little Debbie just use milk and eggs? Because, they can't ship them fast enough to the stores, and restock them fast enough (they would have a 2 days instead of 2 weeks) to make money.

If you love baked goods (and I'm with you on this), then try to make them yourself. Yes, they will be full of calories, but they will also be filled with nutrients.

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1 Comment:

i used to eat these all the time. i was craving one a few months ago and had not eaten one for maybe over a year after i did i felt so sick. thank you for this website! i just found it today and i am so thankful :)

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