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Who doesn't love a beautifully fresh clean home!

on April 2, 2017

It's spring cleaning at my home now. I use Lysol on and off but i can't help trust clorox bleach more for cleaning.

on April 2, 2017

Any suggestions on how to get stainless steel streak free? I have tried numerous products. Another thing is trying to get the water marks that drips down from the water dispenser off. Vinegar did not work.

on April 2, 2017

Re: SS appliances, I finally found WEIMAN STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER & POLISH. They also have wipes. After reading above question I went to kitchen and found that my wipes had dried a bit so I squirted some of the spray onto a wipe and cleaned the entire fridge. I've tried everything and this product works the best for me. I think I purchased at a hardware store but may be on Amazon? Haven't checked. Hope this helps. Thanks for the Finish. Going to purchase some.

on April 2, 2017

For stainless steel I've foung baby oil works well - apply lightly with paper towel - buff with a clean paper towel rubbing with the grain -

on April 2, 2017

I moved into a house that the place where you would put the finish aid onto is missing the cap. Any suggestions? My glasses look like crap.

on April 2, 2017

Thanks, Dee, for the baby oil suggestion for cleaning SS. I sure will try that.

on April 2, 2017

My cleaning caddy is my arsenal :) Its mostly filled with Method non-toxic products which are available in cost-saving pouches. Grapefruit or Lavender are my top scents and the almond wood polish too. Most of my heavy-duty cleaning I do is done early morning when I'm energetic. Windows are a Fall chore, except the inside panes and inner sill. One toxic product I still swear by is clorox cleaner for toilets due to hard water minerals from well water. For faucet or grout stains, I make a paste of a few drops of Dawn, and 3T each peroxide, and b.soda, soak a cloth, wrap it round stained faucet and let it sit for an hour or overnight; works on shower heads beautifully too. For dirty floor grout, I put it on an area and brush gently with a small stiff Oxo brush, and quickly rinse before it dries to avoid dirt drying back on. Whenever I see a little darkness I spot clean it so no big drudgery job awaits. One thing the sun shines in on in my kitchen are all the spots of food and spatters that go unnoticed all winter, like the dusty vent under the fridge and stove kick-plate, hiding every dropped raisin, pea or flying diced vegetable-these get a sink rinse. Dribbles down my 39 yo cabinets (I thought I was being so neat!) are sprayed with Method Almond wood cleaner and now smell delicious. Spring makes me want to overhaul the kitchen drawers and utensil crocks big time, get new dish towels and swap heavy cloth napkins for flowery pastel ones. But no more than an hour or two at a time, I can't do it, a beach walk or my cozy reading spot in the sun is calling me. The house is clean enough. Martha Stewart, you win!…

on April 2, 2017

Thanks so much for the suggestions for what to use on stainless steel. I will definitely give them a try!

on April 2, 2017

thanks, BarbL! Such great info you gave. Hope that Method almond wood cleaner will work on my dirty 40+ yr old old house I have! You have given me hope! and yes, I used to be a M.S. but no longer at my age! She has lots of help to clean her place, no doubt!
Again, gonna get that caddy and give cleaners a go. Thanks sooo much. Martie

on April 2, 2017

@Martha, My pleasure Martie! I'll pass along another tip: the caddy is really worth $8.00, I bought one & liked it so much but when I went to reorder, the price went up to over $30.00! I know e-tailers' games so I put it in my cart & periodically checked the price, slowly it came down, and I'm in no hurry, took about 2 months, came back to 7.99 so I bought 3 more. They're handy little organizers for linen closets or laundry shelves. But regarding old cabinets, I love old cabinets' patinas as long as they're clean and function well. My cabinets still get compliments with worn edges cause I try to keep them clean and touch up with furniture stain sticks occasionally. Howard Restor-A-Finish does a fantastic job for big transformations. Lots of luck with your cabinets! :)

on April 2, 2017

I started spring cleaning this weekend even though here in MD we have had spring about 10 times starting in December! I have a stainless steel sink that had a residue on it, probably from the well water, that would not come off. I tried a couple different cleaners but no luck. I googled it and tried a Magic Eraser and sure enough it worked! Love those things. I buy them in bulk at BJ's!

on April 3, 2017

I appreciate all of the information for getting stainless steel clean. In my opinion it is the worst seeing streaks and finger prints all over my appliances. I am going to put to use some of your suggestions. Thanks for the great spring cleaning tips!

on June 13, 2017

We can confirm that baby oil does work well on stainless! And the results are impressive with Finish. We Love Spring Cleaning!

on April 10, 2018

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