Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving: A Few Tips

November 22, 2016   15 Comments

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Thanksgiving tips

This list is for those of us who go into Thanksgiving blindly without considering all the things that can go wrong. Given the current political climate, I think that many are a wee bit apprehensive about Thanksgiving with family or friends.

I think it would be best that if you aren’t sure of someone’s political views or are positive that there will be an argument – that you have a “No Politics” rule at your meal.

Isn’t Thanksgiving about connection? I believe we need to just enjoy each other. Tell stories about funny things that happened in the past – share about your dreams of the future – and simply stay in the moment and enjoy your food.

I am a worrier by nature so I thought I would put together a few of my tips for dealing with Thanksgiving mishaps and issues (such as eating so much food that you have to lay down for a few hours).

Please add any of your own tips in the comment section.

  1. Do not throw your food. I don’t care if Uncle Charlie is making you angry with his football picks - keep it together.
  2. No snacking. The main event is enough to fill you for days.
  3. Take a walk. If you don’t have a good trail or sidewalk to walk on then do a short exercise video. This will help you decompress before the red wine starts to pour.
  4. Fill your own plate. If you can - look for a smaller plate and a smaller glass to keep your portions in check.
  5. Hide in the bathroom. When you need a break, find a bathroom FAR away from everyone else and read or do a puzzle on your phone. (you will thank me for this one later)
  6. Enjoy your food. Do not go on and on about how the food is going on your hips.
  7. Drink sparkling wine or champagne instead of beer or wine. Only 90 calories per glass and oh so festive.
  8. Only eat the homemade desserts. Store bought is not for you on Thanksgiving.
  9. If you have a cooking disaster toss it out before anyone notices and DO NOT CRY. Just kidding - you can cry! Remember, Thanksgiving is about family and friends – not the food.
  10. Freeze the leftovers immediately. Keeping all that food where you can see it in your fridge will lead to more overeating. I know all about turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwiches at 2 AM.

Please share your favorite Thanksgiving tips!

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I love your humor, it cracks me up. Happy Thanksgiving.

That was awesome!!

Happy Thanksgiving's to you and your family!


Happy Thanksgiving to Lisa and all the great readers here as well!

I always start my day with using my stationary bike- it makes me motivated to not want to "let it all go to pot". I make stuffing with lots of great veggies- mushrooms, celery, onion, scallions, parsley. It is delicious and gets more veggies into the meal.

I also pick and choose my battles. Stuffing (obviously I like it!) is a must- green bean casserole- I can pass. What is seasonal and special? What can I pass on? I always ask myself.

If salad is available- start with that! I also agree with Lisa- too many appetizers are on the table before the meal. Why not a veggie tray or a great salad to start off with?

I make my cranberry sauce with monk fruit in the raw- seems healthier than most sweeteners (I hope) and is calorie free. Last year, I added a bag of frozen berries to my sauce and it was delicious- and guilt free!

Most important- count your blessings. Think about what you are truly thankful for. big or small. Enjoy the company of those you are with- enjoy the conversation, not just the food.

I agree with Lisa and hope at my table there are no political battles. I discussed my upcoming vacation last year and talked about movies I enjoyed when conversation went there. this year I plan to do the same- talk about travel, movies, other fun subjects.

Whatever one's political views, we all need to be thankful for this great country we live in. Nothing is perfect and it's up to all of us to make it work. I am hoping that people start getting their sense of humor back which makes everything easier and better, even Aunt Betty's terrible stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I love these tips!

Delightful, helpful and realistic tips! Thank you all year long for your thoughts, research and encouragement!

Great tips to remember!! Happy Thanksgiving! You need only 1 plate of deliciousness to fill you up! Don't be sucked into to the dreaded "get up and get more group"! You won't be sorry!!! Remember to be Thankful and enjoy the ones at the table most importantly!

If someone does make a political statement you don't agree with, silently promise yourself to donate to a great organization that needs support now more than ever.

Words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Great excuse to pick up a bottle of champagne. Happy thanksgiving!

Great tips by Lisa and all. One I think is super important is to remember it is only one day. If you do over-indulge in spite of your best laid plans, don't beat yourself up over it. Move on and get back on track without any guilt.

Great tips, Lisa!

When I'm the cook, I send all the really caloric food home with my guests, just keeping some turkey for myself. Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, so it's a win win!

Depending on the number of guests, don't hide in the bathroom too long cause someone might need the real purpose of the bathroom! LOL!! And make the plates smaller and the water/juice glass larger I agree with.

Tips include getting everyone involved, provide a surprise or two in the food department, have a familiar dish with lots of history [including the actual 'dish'-i.e., succatash in Grams faded bone-china bowl]], tell at least one family story of those past on, laugh at any failed food, count our many many blessings, surprise guests always welcome. Since we're all liberal-progressives there will be much agreement on political news--so no problem there! My dad, gone now 22 years, was a cop who always brought one or two lost souls to our TG table so I continue that invitation thru my kids. We've had some interesting memories that we like to revisit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family Lisa! and to all your many interesting & informative fans!

Lisa, I enjoyed your comments, and those of your readers. (Note to readers: Thank you!)

Now, on to my comments - If I may make a suggestion now. Before everyone begins eating have each person tell one thing that they are thankful for. I suggest only one thing as it will speed the time Especially if you have a crowd at your table! The trick here is that every has to name a different item. When each person has named their one item then you can begin your prayers of thankfulness to the Supreme Being.

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