The New WW Program: Personal Points

January 5, 2022   36 Comments

Here we go again! 2022 brings us another update to WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

The New WW Program: Personal Points

WW has cancelled the Blue, Purple, and Green plans and now there is only PersonalPoints.

I have been covering WW for years now because so many of my readers are members. You guys love it (hate it) - learn from it - and many of you wish they would stop with the updates.

But, every two years they update whether their members want them to change or not. Nothing anyone can do about it! Why? I think it is a combination of evidence based research on what works and marketing of their program.

For example, if you tried WW before and didn’t like it - maybe you will like the new and improved 2022 version!

I am a WW fan. When Weight Watchers (back 10 years ago), admitted that the calories in a brownie are not the same as the calories in a salad - that was the moment that I said - amen.

WW steers you away from junk food and into healthy food if you work the program. You simply cannot eat what you want (if that includes a ton of junk food) and lose weight in a healthy way.

What I think is interesting is this set of questions taken from the WW quiz on

Anyone see a beach body in the choices? Fit into my wedding dress??

I believe that “to have more confidence” is about how you look. Later on WW asks, “How important is your weight when it comes to how you see yourself?”

What if you feel amazing (have energy, can hike mountains, bounce out of bed in the morning) and are 20 pounds over your goal weight? I ask because if you can focus on your relative health - sleep, stress, exercise, eating healthy - and you make improvements - who cares how much you weigh?

I think that is what WW is trying to say with this list.

What are PersonalPoints? WW has cancelled the Blue, Purple, and Green plans and now you just have PersonalPoints. From

WW is using a quiz to help determine how many points you should have based on your age, weight, gender, and eating patterns. But basically, it is still the same WW. You need to count how many points you are eating to lose weight. Doesn’t really matter if they are Blue, Purple, Smart, Plus or whatever. Same program - slightly different algorithm.

They have all the other stuff - meetings, online chats, recipes, advice, behavioral suggestions, exercise apps…… You can read my assessment two years ago to see what they instituted two years ago - WW changes 2020.

My advice is if you want to become healthier and like structure - this is your program AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF.

WW is never going to say, “Sorry our program doesn’t work for you”. WW is only going to say that if you failed to lose weight then YOU didn’t work the program.

Can it work? Sure. Is it perfect? No.

Please share your thoughts on the new WW program and ask questions. I am sure there are people on Snack Girl who have tried it out and have some idea how it is going.

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Really enjoy getting your emails. Thank you and Happy 2022!!

I still like the Green Plan, But for now I am on the new plan And I will probaly go back to the old plan. Helena

I’ve been back on WW for 5 months. I went from the Green plan to Personal Points. At first I was unhappy with the lower points . I figured out if I just eat a large salad filled with veggies for lunch , for extra points , and also exercise, it’s very easy !!

I've been a WW member this time for 14 years; finally reached lifetime goal several years ago, but just couldn't hold my weight low enough for the past few years. I find the WW program balanced and IF I apply the things I learn I can better manage my weight. No, its not perfect, then none of us are either. I do believe the program is a good program for those of us who are 'weight management challenged' and I'm not going to give up. Although I'm not at goal, I think it's a healthier way to live than not - and I'll stick with it regardless of the changes. Often change is good - this change encourages more veggies and less junk food. Not a bad thing when you think about it.

I have been through many changes since I have been with ww since 2012 . I have struggled with the pp program but I don’t attribute that to ww it started with the holidays I got very lack’s with my eating and found it hard to get back on track,but I will turn this train around because it has worked all this time and will continue to work if I work the plan.I have been lifetime since 2013 and thank goodness I try to stay 7 to 10 lbs below goal and did I mention that I will be 70 years young in March so yes I can do this.

I will be back at it once I get healthy again!

No food is off limits on WW. You just have to watch portion sizes. If you were a green fan just don't mark anything when it asks you to pick the cans. You get more daily points because none of them will be zero points. I just ask that everyone give it a chance before shooting it down.

I actually did WW several times. Haven't tried the new program. My issue seems to be sticking with it long term. I don't know if it is me or being on a "program" of any sort that is off-putting in the long run. It's not that I crave certain foods or binge-eat. It seems to be that logging/tracking/restricting gets old. Real life happens and I go off the rails. I wish I could be "normal" around food and not have to be on a program or use an app. Somehow, I don't think I'm alone in that feeling. Thanks for the review!

I LOVE the new personal points program...I am a 20 yr. WW lifetime member and have gone thru many changes. I believe this one is my favorite...I don't have as many "0" point foods as I did in the Purple plan...this is working for me...Thank you Snack Girl I enjoy your e-mails.

I love this new program! I've lost 7 of my 15 pandemic pounds with Personal Points. I hope to be back at goal by summer. I always have weeklies left over at the end of my week. I earn so many points through vegetables & exercise. Try it!

I was on smart points and it worked well until WW ditched it for the next one (can't remember the name) which in my opinion was too restrictive. Then I was on Blue, and that was perfect for me. Now I'm finding with PP that there are too many extra points gained (I'm very active). I wasn't eating anywhere near my 20 points, and I was using those extra points for junk food! So I redid the assessment and added more zero point foods, which lowered my daily points. This is keeping me from eating too may snack foods, and the plan is working better. I've been lifetime since 2013, fell off free lifetime in 2016, got back on free lifetime last July. I had set my goal as high as possible for my height, and now I'm 7 pounds under that, which is still in healthy range for me, and I feel better in my clothes. I am not going to let their marketing changes cause me to gain weight again! We have a wonderfully fun leader, so going to meetings is key for me.

Thanks for all of the recipes and info you share, Snack Girl!! I have been a lifetime member since 1994. I have been a few pounds over goal since menopause, and the last 2 WW iterations have not let me lose them. I started this new plan on the day it was introduced in November and have lost 8.5 pounds. That is a huge accomplishment for me. I LOVE this new program.

When Personal Pts first came out, I didn’t like it since I lost a lot of daily pts, but retook the assessment where I have more pts now. I don’t eat the same foods most days except chicken and eggs, so I only checked those off. This takes the pressure off me, having more pts. However I gained a couple pounds since PP started, but I know I will lose them again and more, once I put my heart back into the program. I do miss the old plan though.

I am not a fan of the new program. I have been lifetime for over at least 15 years and find that this program is the most difficult to maneuver. You can no longer look on trusted sites to try a new recipe. Many of these sites gave the points for your particular program. This is no longer possible—making following the program more difficult. I do think WW is a good program for weight loss and general health but, as I said, this one is difficult for me.

As you say no matter the program (or the packaging of it), it is still WW. For me it isn't all that different other than steering me to eat more veggies. The algorithm is different, but with what I earn in exercise, veggies, and water, I eat roughly the same things. I have achieved goal--about a month after WW introduced Personal Points, and am two weigh ins away from getting to Lifetime with a 145 pound weight loss.

I first joined WW in 1978, have had great success, also felt like a huge failure when I gained back the weight. I now focus on the best of myself and continue to work on the less than perfect. I like the new WW, it offers a realistic eating plan, and you don’t have to do it perfectly to be successful.

I like the new program - had been stuck for months before shutdown in 2020. Gained a lot back and gave up for a while. Now back and losing - very slowly but still losing. Really like your emails.

How and where do you get your individual budget?

I am not a fan of the new plan. I much preferred my Green plan. This new one has knocked me off track. I havent quit though so I will keep trying it. I dont like when something gets changed that has been working for me and my husband isnt liking it either. We shall continue though.

I find WW just doesn't work fir me with free foods. They are still calories and I cannot lose weight without knowing what my daily calories are. You can overeat free foods regardless of plan, unless it's just lettuce.

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