Need a Small Favor - Vote for Snack Girl!

March 19, 2016   29 Comments

No, I am not running for president – but I am running to be featured on the Today Show.

Vote for Next Food Club Star

It takes fewer than 15 seconds to hit the vote bubble above my head on the link below (you need to scroll down the page and then I will be smiling at you).

Vote for Next Food Club Star

The Today Show chose me out of a pile of other entries to feature on their homepage – so that is a GOOD sign.

I would love to spread the message about healthy snacks on the Today show and if you vote for me – I promise to do an amazing job.

I have cooked on TV before (and been on Dr. Oz) and it is hard work – but so rewarding when you think you might have helped MANY people on their journey to healthy. There is nothing like TV for broadcasting an important message.

Please share this with your friends (if you get a chance) and your pets. Everyone can vote once – even Fluffy (not really).


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I am appearing on the Dr. Oz show this week as a guest. No, I did not photoshop myself in the above photo....

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Love her recipes and healthy suggestions

Always a place to go when you need a healthy pick-me-up. Recipes and advice keep me going on my weight loss journey.

Fun and knowledgable! Love her healthy and easy recipes.

Great recipes. Easy to follow and filled with variety.

What bubble? where? what link? what head? I'm trying. I want to vote for you. More help... Dang

I absolutely love snack girl! I read her messages daily and share with friends and family. Her recipes are healthy, simple and I love her sense of humor. She is very knowledgeable and I learn a lot from her!

I voted for you!

Excellent nutritionist very attractive recipes Always follow the Snack Girl

I voted for you. Love your book and your posts. You are awesome

I voted for you! How exciting!!!

I agree with other post - what bubble? where? What head? Would love to vote for you but can't find options.

I agree .... where's the bubble? I want to vote!!!

✔️I Voted

You have to click on

"Vote for next food club star" and follow from there! Good luck Lisa!!

Snack Girl! Snack Girl!! Snack Girl!!! Let's hear it for Snack Girl! Yea! She is an amazing person. Whenever I have a question or a problem I know just where to go. (Besides that, I loved it when she added my comment about our rooster, Lord Fauntleroy.)


Yey snack girl. Both thumbs up for her

You have my vote, Lisa! You go, girl!

I clicked the link but on the page clicking on snack girl or the vote up bubble does nothing. I think i have to register for an account with their food club in order to vote. Is that right?

Love snack girl. Followed link, found pic and bubble. Clicked to no avail. Want to vote for my girl. Help!

Voted! I hope you win!! Sharing, too.

Love your mission!Voting was easy for those that had a little trouble doing so,simply find the world'SVote for Next Food Club Star at the beginning of her letter & Click it, find her description/name touch on the 'speak bubble' with the numbers to cast your vote.It was EASY!!

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