Trader Joe’s Healthy Food

October 14, 2018   15 Comments

At Trader Joe’s healthy food is everywhere! It is a great store for those of us on the “stop eating crap” train.

Trader Joe’s Healthy Food

I tend not to write about Trader Joe’s because readers get angry when I mention the store. Many do not live near one and they are jealous of those of us who can shop there on a daily basis. My Trader Joe’s frequently has Vermont license plates (40 minutes away) in the parking lot because the only TJ’s in Vermont is way up north.

Yes, people drive their loot over the Massachusetts border to Vermont. State troopers pull them over to check to see if they are hiding Chocolate Chip Dunkers (Yum!).

Which brings me to the biggest thing that will stop you from shopping at Trader Joe’s if you have one near by - the cookies! (and the chips)

Here you see a selection of the special TJ’s cookies that you can’t find anywhere else. But, what do we find below the cookies in the frozen case?

Frozen packages of brown rice! These are so helpful when I don’t have time to make brown rice from scratch - simply put them in a microwave.

This is the big thing about Trader Joe’s. The store has a bunch of healthy options but it is like a treasure hunt. They are frequently adding new products and when one takes off - you can find it (but it may be under the cookies).

Here is another good example. I don’t buy frozen pizzas because they are usually high in sodium and saturated fat.

Trader Joe’s has a ton of frozen pizzas and I walk right by - but wait a second! Look underneath all the fatty, salty stuff and you can find this.

Butternut squash pizza crust? Wow! I have to try that. I can add my own toppings to cut down on the cheese - and it is already a vegetable so that is a win. I hear the cauliflower crust is good as well.

Obviously, the fresh vegetables and fruit are healthy options at Trader Joe’s. They have organic and the prices are great (and usually the quality is as well). But, they go a bit farther for the busy cook by processing them for you.

They make veggie spirals with butternut squash and zucchini. They also have chopped onions and garlic as well as mirepoix (diced aromatic vegetables). You can buy Brussels sprouts pre-seasoned and ready to roast. I think these are great options for people who want to cook but are in a big hurry to get dinner on the table.

People love their 0% Fat Greek Yogurt, which you can find at the bottom of the cooler. Just look down past all the sugary options.

There are a ton of frozen vegetables, which are great but be sure to stay away from the frozen meals which can be not so great.

Some of the frozen meals are healthier than others - but I have found that they don’t taste nearly as good as the fresh version. Sorry, TJs.

I buy frozen chicken breasts and salmon to go with my roasted Brussels sprouts.

Finally, there are so many cute seasonal things!

How did I manage not to buy a skull? I walked away but one of these cuties almost made it into my cart.

What healthy food have you found at Trader Joe’s?

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One of my favorites is the Asian-flavored cauliflower rice from the frozen section. Add some additional asian veggies (also in the frozen section) and diced chicken breast and you have a delicious low-carb, healthy meal. For my rice-loving husband, I add some brown rice to the mix and he loves it.

Living way up north near Hanover, NH and no Trader Joe's in sight I usually plan a trip to TJ's and Costco in Nashua, an almost 2 hour drive. However, this week my tennis team is playing in Rye and YAY!! there is a TJ's in Portsmouth. So, after my match with the car loaded with coolers guess where I am headed. Thanks for your heads up. Such a change from living in AZ where there was a TJ's 2 miles from my house....sigh. I would value anyone's input on their favorites from TJ's as my trip is 2 days away and there is plenty of time to add to my list.

I don’t live near a Trader Joe’s. Wish I did though. I heard that Aldi & Trader Joe’s are from the same owner? I have an Aldi & I am so glad I do. I get great prices on my veggies & salmon.

There could not be two more different stores than Aldi and Trader Joes. Imagine my surprise when I read this: "Trader Joe's was founded in 1967 in Pasadena, Calif., by entrepreneur Joe Coloumbe. It was acquired in 1979 by Aldi Nord, a German company that also operates Aldi grocery stores in Europe. Aldi Nord's sister company, Aldi Sud, operates Aldi stores in the U.S."

The low fat Macaroni and Cheese is delicious. In fact, I may need to make a quick trip to Trader Joes today (and I always pick up a case of "Two Buck Chuck" Shiraz, my favorite wine). You have given me some ideas for new things to search for at Trader Joes, healthy things. Don't forget, you can buy a banana for nineteen cents.

When we wised up and downsized from our larger home in the suburbs in Sacramento to closer to downtown, I told our realtor, “Find me a house in walking distance of a TJ.” Happy ending. She did. It’s a 1.3 mile walk. With my rolling cart from Amazon it gives me a little extra exercise as well as a source of healthy ( and occasionally some unhealthy) food. The cart can even handle half a case of my favorite TJ Coastal Zinfandel. 120 calories for 5 ounces. Thanks for the great food suggestions. Some will come home with me tomorrow.

I love Trader Joe's! Definitely want to try the different pizza crusts. I really like the Cruciferous Crunch in the fresh veggie section. I like to crisp up a couple of slices of bacon, remove them and then add the mix to the skillet for a minute and finally add some balsamic vinegar with the bacon pieces when it's finished. Maybe not super healthy but it's delicious.

I love TJ's but there in not one within 200 miles of my home. I used to shop there about 15 years ago and buy their French Vouvray Champagne (actually a sparkling wine) for about $4 a bottle. Even though we don't drink anymore, their wines have always been excellent. I miss them:(

We were blessed enough for aTJ to move to our little town 4 years ago! It IS amazing. Now I’m happily doing WW it looks even better- and DH, Mr. Chef, buys his olive oil there as it is VERY highly rated!

Love, love, love TJ's!! All kinds of bagged greens for salads, excellent selection of produce, peanut/almond butter, nuts, no salt canned tuna, frozen fish, frozen turkey burgers, frozen roasted corn, they even have booze at reasonable prices (for the hubby). I couldn't live without this store nowadays! LOL

I travel about 30 minutes to our closets TJ's. I will admit I went just for the skull planter and brought home a big and little one. That and a few boxes of their pumpkin bread among other things.

I am lucky to be about 7 miles from a T. Joe's. When I shop there, I've learned a trick - I often watch what another shopper reaches for, and puts in their cart, automatically. If it's an item that interests me, I'll ask them what they like about it. Seems all shoppers are happy to be there,and share their opinion on the item. I've sampled many new staples to my pantry this way.

This weekend, TJ's was sampling carrot cake spread stirred into whipped cream cheese on brioche toast. Not the healthiest treat but not the worst either. So delicious! I wouldn't have thought to put the combination together. I love it when I get new ideas. I bought the butternut squash soup from the refrigerated case on the recommendation of another customer. The stats are good. I'm trying it today.

Recently as a weight watchers member I went to TJs and nearly bought out the store. I got some frozen Indian food, frozen wontons, frozen dumplings, enjoyed it all with lots of veggies. Everything had about 4 points a serving. TJ is definitely healthy.

As a California native, I have shopped at TJ's my whole life and rarely shop anywhere else, (well Whole Foods when I want things I can't find at TJ's). I love that I can run in, grab a fresh salad and hightail it outta there without spending much more time than I would at a Fast Food spot!! Yes, TJ's and Aldi's are owned by brother's which is pretty cool :-)

I don't go to TJ's as much as I would as it is about 15 miles away in Annapolis. After reading this post I realize how spoiled I am and I really need to make the time when I am there for other errands. The other problem is that it is always so darn crowded! People are all over the place with their carts, I always hope they don't drive their cars the same way (a lot do!)!

When I do make the trip I always stock up on the frozen Mac & Chs, not healthy but my son loves it. The bags of lemons and limes are always a great price. The frozen rices, such a time saver! I have heard the Everything Bagel spice is really good and plan to get that next time. I also like the cheese selection. Good prices and selection. This is not a food item but I always get some flowers when I am there. Great price as well.

I wish they sold wine at ours but MD at Least our county has weird laws and you can't buy wine and beer in most grocery stores.

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