A Valentine’s Day Treat For 120 Calories

February 12, 2015   14 Comments

I was recently asked on a radio program if I had any good ideas for Valentine’s Day. I found myself flummoxed.

120 Calorie Valentines Day Treat

Messing with indulgent holidays is usually not my game. I said, “Hey, its Valentine’s Day – what you gonna do?” mimicking my favorite character from the Sopranos.

I absolutely hate not having a smart answer for a question so I kept thinking about how to celebrate without eating molten lava explosion chocolate cake or triple brownie ice cream fest (those are desserts, right?).

My answer came to me when I woke up the next morning – too late for the radio program – but not too late for Valentine’s Day.

I paired my favorite Ghiradelli square of dark chocolate:

with my favorite sorbet – raspberry!

The chocolate is 60 calories and ¼ cup of the sorbet is 60 calories = 120 or 3 PointsPlus.

I know this will seem like a small serving but I can tell you from experience that the flavors are complementary and the effect is BIG.

Take your time eating the chocolate and sorbet and savor each bite. You might love this even more than a huge piece of chocolate cake! (or not)

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Just a thought, if you have a food processor or something that can grind up the Ghiradelli square then you can sprinkle it over the sorbet and then you are sure to have equal YUMMY bits of chocolate with each YUMMY bite of sorbet!! Thanks for the sorbet and chocolate idea Lisa, you ROCK. Have a great Valentine's Day!!

Lisa, Like no other health Guru, I like the fact that you realize that people need treats in their life to give it a spark!! Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks :)

That looks delicious! Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all of your hard work and great ideas! I received my pistachios yesterday! Thanks a bunch! Very fresh and tasty!

We melt our chocolate with a bit of coconut oil and make our own magic shell over our sorbet. You can press your sorbet in a large heart cookie cutter then drizzle or coat your heart in the "magic shell".

Melanie I totally LOVE your idea, you can also use the melted chocolate to make a little bowl (with a small balloon) and put your sorbet in it-

Yummy ANY way!

you have a radio program??? please tell me about it

@Gerry - I am on a talk radio station once a month in Gloucester, VA. I have been toying with doing my own podcasts. I wish I had my own radio program!!

Small indulgences, moderation is the key. No way to the balloon for cooking . . . at least not if there's any chance of latex allergy. I've seen things made with silicone molds, though . . .

Yummy I would just trade the raspberry with Mango. I love the Mango!

That sounds like a wonderful treat! I often forget about sorbet :-)


I've made raspberry sorbet before by blending Frozen Raspberries, some water, and sugar to taste. Easy to do and Better than Haagen-Daz since you can chose how much sugar you wish to add. I do like the idea of blending the chocolate to add a topping

I not only enjoy your ideas, but also those of your readers who piggyback with additional ideas of their own. Sign me 'a faithful fan'! =)

That looks amazing to me! I love dark choc & raspberries!

Such a decadent option to be savored...

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