What is the vegetable in these chips? Potatoes

Veggie Chips

March 5, 2009

It sounds so great doesn't it? Veggie Chips! I can have vegetables AND chips. Woo-hoo! Yeah....

I think it is true that they are chips made with a vegetable. The potato is the main ingredient in the chips I bought. Hmm, are these really potato chips masquerading as Veggie Chips? I think so. The ones I bought have tomato powder and spinach powder, but they mostly contained potatoes and oil. So sorry.

Are these better for you than potato chips? No, in fact, one ounce of potato chips sets you back 155 calories, while one ounce of veggie chips is 160 calories.

Maybe veggie chips are lighter than potato chips so you can eat more of them in numbers and still get the same calories as potato chips. But, why would you eat these if you really like potato chips? They don't taste nearly as good to me, and potato chips are much less processed.

The only really good thing about them versus potato chips is that there are 23 chips in an ounce, while there are only 7 potato chips in an ounce. This depends on the type of chips you are eating, of course. So, you get to munch for longer for your calories.

Eat vegetables and then eat chips - Veggie and Chips - instead of - Veggie Chips.

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