Veggie Christmas Tree

December 12, 2018   12 Comments

Do you ever wonder how to serve more vegetables at Christmas? This veggie Christmas tree will solve all your problems.

Veggie Christmas Tree

I saw this while I was playing around on Pinterest and it simply sang out to me as the perfect Snack Girl holiday appetizer. Make a healthier dip like my clam dip made lighter or my healthy layered bean dip with quinoa (you really are a saint if you serve quinoa during the holidays) and your family will be thrilled to chow down on something relatively good for them.

This is so ridiculously easy that I am not sure what I can say about it. I bought broccoli, cauliflower, yellow peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

All you do is channel your inner Christmas pine tree.

Use a star cookie cutter to make cut pepper stars (or just cut them with a paring knife if you don’t have a star cookie cutter).

Be sure to cut your broccoli so the little head stands up. I sliced mine so the greenery was on the side and that made for a strange effect.

When people see this adorable tree, don’t stop them from eating it just because it is cute. Tell them you have plenty more broccoli to refresh it. Won’t they be thrilled?

The veggie Christmas tree is the perfect way to tell your favorite relative (who may have just had heart surgery) that you love them. It’s festive and doesn’t use a pound of butter! How many holiday treats can you say that about?

When I made this for my family, they rolled their eyes because I am always doing stuff like this. I will say that my daughter stuffed her face with broccoli after I presented it (without complaining).

What kinds of dishes do you serve to subvert the paradigm of heavy food? Please share! I am sure we all want to know!

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love this idea!!!!!!

So cute! I love the cauliflower 'snow'.

Soooo cute! My son would get a kick out of this. Totally making it!

Awesome Idea

The cutout stars are picture-perfect! This is the ideal guilt-free appetizer. I'm trying a new spinach-artichoke dip this year to please everyone. The reviews sold me:…

i love this idea!!!!!

this is very cute! I’ve made this and also a Santa w/the cauliflower as his hair/beard! I love love love Pinterest as the ideas are endless! Also made the stand-up Christmas tree w/ pineapple base and other fruit; it was the biggest hit and delightful! Used a part no knife to cut the star out. Didn’t need any dip but made a little anyway😋 thanks for always being on the lookout for healthy “stuff”!

Cute, but then you have to have an appropriately-sized platter on which to serve it!

I made this last year; so cute! It was a hit. You can put it on a cutting board if you don't have a large enough platter.

Cute idea and thanks BarbL for the artichoke and spinach dip recipe. This Christmas my family is doing all appetizers and will add this one too.

Thanks for the idea...we have a pot luck at the boys and girls club..the girls and I will be making a few of these!

I cut the yellow peppers to look like garland on the tree, can use red peppers, also.

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