The New Weight Watchers for 2015

January 5, 2015   34 Comments

Here we go! Time to take a look at the latest diets for the New Year.

Weight Watchers 2015 Changes

Weight Watchers is always on top for the “Best Diet” category because their system is based on science (woohoo!) and people lose weight when they use it.

How much weight? A Duke University study found that on average Weight Watchers members lose about five pounds per year at a cost of $70 per pound lost.

In comparison, Jenny Craig users lost 16 pounds on average over a year at $153 per pound.

For 2015, Weight Watchers has rolled out some innovations to distinguish its program from the crowd. Because of competition with free apps such as myfitnesspal and Lose It!, Weight Watchers is taking the approach that they can give you personal service.

The free apps are great for tracking but are they the best if you have a specific question or need?

For 2015 Weight Watchers has added:

  • 24/7 Expert Chat - You can chat via your phone or computer with an expert to help you with the program and your weight loss goals.
  • Personal Coaching – A weight loss coach for you and only you to help via phone and e-mail. You can meet with this person as much as you want (but WW suggests once per week).

The good news is that the 24/7 support and the online tools are available at the base rate of $19.95 per month (USA pricing) and the bad news is that the personal coach is $54.95 per month – but it includes the website and 24/7 support. You didn’t think you would get a coach for free, did you?

Obviously, Weight Watchers is still holding their meetings – once per week ($44.95 per month including website tools and 24/7 support) and you can hang with the other people in your neighborhood on the same journey.

I haven’t tried any of the new programs but I like the idea of a personal coach. We all have specific food issues that we bump up against so it would be nice to be able to talk with an expert one-on-one to get help.

I have never gotten an online chat to work for me – they always take forever – so I am not so sure about that option.

My advice is this:

  1. For weight loss beginners - give the free apps a try!
  2. If getting something for free means that you can't commit to it - sign up for Weight Watchers because spending money will motivate you to actually work hard on changing your diet and habits.
  3. Don't have time for meetings? Try the personal coach. It is $10 more than the meetings per month but you can schedule the meetings around your life.

Remember that this is not a race - you don't have to lose 10 pounds in January to be a success.

How do you feel about the new Weight Watchers programs? Have you used any of them?

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i am disabbledand hard to get out to themeetings. whats the best option for someone of this nature.i am such a fixed income and couldnt afford a lot but what abouttheprogram?

I do have the weight watchers monthly pass, but have not used either of the new coaching programs. There are several lifetime members in the meeting that I attend and all contribute their success to meetings and tracking.

Susan, please try It is free. They have everything that you need. Nutritional information, groups to join, fitness videos for all level and so much more. Much success to you on your journey.


Susan, I agree with Pam that Spark People is awesome! You should also try My Fitness Pal, it's also free and a great way to track calories and exercise. It is easy to use and you can invite friends to join and you can encourage eachother! You can never have enough resources! Happy New Year!

What is interesting here-is that none of the coaches have any nutritional knowledge beyond being on the programs themselves-sad!

To Janet's point, it is true that WW leaders do not have nutritionist degrees, but they do get science-based training from WW & I do think it is unfair to say that they don't have "any nutritional knowledge beyond being on the programs themselves." I am not a leader, but have been on WW for many years and I've had great leaders (and not so great). Amazingly, I've also brought my son to certified nutritionists at $75 per 1/2 hour session (out of pocket - not covered by insurance) and got advice like - "try cutting out soda & juice ... try eating wheat bread." I found that the information and tips I gained at WW were far more helpful. However, as with everything, there is knowledge and then putting that knowledge into practice and wanting it enough to stick to it - and that is the challenge!

I'm a Weight Watcher member but not a success story but the end is not written yet.

If I didn't go to meetings I would gain back the 100 pounds I've lost (even though I have much more to lose). I have been on diets since I was 4 years old and failed each time. The only difference this time is I never miss a meeting and any pound I can take of this frame is a good one. I really do learn a lot from everyone there. It is costly but my doctor bills were higher. This is such a hard thing to do but we are all worth the effort.

I am in WW for the second time. The first time, I went AWOL after having lost 44 lbs, not doing that this time. Have been back since Aug and have lost 26 lbs. It is the ONLY program that works for me because it works in REAL LIFE. Haven't used the new support system, but use WW on my phone and the etools, as well as attending meetings and I LOVE IT!

I like WW. Going to the meetings and weighing in, are my motivation for staying on track and counting points.

I've met my goal but maintaining is difficult. Finding that happy medium where you can have some treats but not going over board to eating treats all the time. Figured my cost:

$9 a lb.

I recently read an article on (Dr. Mirkin's website) about fasting 2 days/week (eating less than 500 calories those 2 days) and eating "normally" the other 5. Apparently this causes more weight loss than trying to diet all 7 days. You'd have to read the article. I am trying it for a month to see how it goes for me. I have a 100 cal. pkg of nuts in the morning, a banana at noon and an apple with a tiny bit of peanut butter or yogurt dip for dinner. The first 2 days of fasting were very easy - I just drank a lot of water in between the little meals.

I'm not sure how Duke University did their math but I'm pretty sure the majority of WW members lose more than 5lbs per year. I've lost 40 in the year I've been a member and it seems that most in our group have lost a significant amount as well. Anyway, I love WW and the meetings are definitely the key to success. As stated before the leaders aren't JUST MEMBERS, they are trained to be leaders and they are awesome at it. I also use Sparkpeople and its a great site. Lots of information and great workout videos.

WW has kept me on an even keel with my weight for years. It helps tremendously to have a friend who is on it and can keep you motivated. Love being able to eat fruits at no points! If you have never tried WW, give it a couple of weeks and see the first few pounds come off. It will be a real encouragement!

I would also suggest to see what is offered by your health plan! They might offer a Weight Watchers or other plan reimbursement. Also, your employer might offer something as well.

My husband and I are lifetime Weight Watcher members. We are both at goal having lost a combined total of over 100 pounds. We were lucky enough to have a great leader. We have maintained weight loss for almost two years now. We like the program because it taught us portions,mindful eating, keep moving,and we still enjoy foods you don't associate with "diets".

I have been on weight watchers for 16 months and have lost 105 lbs. and I lost 84 lbs. in one yr. I also joined the wellness centre to get some exercise. I use the old program for w.w. Because I cannot afford their fees. I'm thankful I kept all the old books

I got to my goal with WW in March 2014 losing 80 pounds but have had a hard time keeping it off. I just keep fighting with the same 5-6 pounds and in December I had to pay because I was over goal weight. Have only been going to meetings once a month and think I need to start going back every week.

have been a Weight Watcher since around 1980 or so and have bounced back and forth over a life time. Now this Sept. of 2014 we decided to get serious again after hubby having some medical issues he started at 233 and down to 205 but you know that holiday weight 211.5 so not bad. Myself 133 and down to 123.5 and witht the holidays 124.5 so not bad but the nasty cold kept the weight off. So Today is the first day of our new year and starting again...we write it all down and plan what we are eating and there are so many sites here you can check points on. So we figured out what we are allowed as far as points add the extra free ones for the week and go from there. I know going to meetings helps but it is tough when you are retired on and have so much to live on so we know what to do and if we cheat it only hurts us and boy size 6 feels so good again....good luck to all

I have the Points Plus Diary app. Works just like Weight Watchers.

Check with your health insurance company as mine , Cigna offers weekly weight coaching as well as others, they even sent me a portion control plate and other goodies, all completely free!!!!

I'm trying to focus on general health and not just weight loss. I've found the app "Two Grand" has been a great fit for me. I take a picture of my food before I eat it and log it in a social media style format. It helps me stay accountable--if I don't want to take a pic of it, I probably shouldn't eat it!

I have been a Lifetime WW for 4 years now. Previous to that I tried ALL of the other "diet programs". The Number One thing I have learned is that it has to be LIFESTYLE changes to make it a success for the long haul. WW did it for me as I needed the support of the meetings and friends to help on the journey. Now I can stay with the changes I have made and keep on the road to a healthier life. There's no magic in any of it, it's just finding the right fit for you!!

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