Weight Watchers Charms 2019: Cute Jewelry for Milestones

May 20, 2019   41 Comments

Weight Watchers Charms are given out when you hit certain weight loss milestons. You can create a cute bracelet to remind yourself of your success.

Weight Watchers Charms 2019: Cute Jewelry for Milestones

These are the Weight Watchers charms that were given out in 2019. If you want to see the latest check out my post Weight Watchers Charms 2020 - they have changed quite a bit.

I have written a bunch of posts on WW including WW changes for 2020 and Not Losing Weight on Weight Watchers.

The idea of a reward for hard work is a good one and I think these are cute. These charms are especially helpful for those who reward themselves with food (I can hold my hand up on that one).

If you aren’t a WW member, you could come up with an incentive plan using Pandora charms. They are expensive but adorable!

Weight Watchers’ Charm for Four Weeks:

This holder lets you store all your earned charms on it like a key chain. Getting to four week is a big deal because you will have made it to four meetings and hopefully much of the program is becoming habit.

Weight Watchers’ Freestyle Charm:

I’m not sure when you are given this. Perhaps the start of the program?

Weight Watchers’ Spring Charm:

Hey, I know after a long winter that I need to celebrate spring. This is very cute!

Weight Watchers’ Four Month Charm:

If you made it to 16 meetings, you receive the 4 month charm. It is important to recognize how long you have been in the program. Hopefully, you are also getting the results you were working toward.

Weight Watchers’ Five Percent Charm:

If you lose five percent of your body weight, you are presented with this charm. This is not an easy task so go you!

Weight Watchers’ Ten Percent Charm:

This is for losing 10 percent of your body weight which is incredible! You may have lost a small toddler or more.

Weight Watchers’ Twenty-Five Pounds Charm:

This charm is for when you lose twenty-five pounds.

Weight Watchers’ Fifty Pounds Charm:

This charm is for when you lose fifty pounds.

Did you earn any of the Weight Watchers Milestone Charms of 2019?

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I earned the 5%, 10%, 25 and 50 charms (also have the first WW charm). I was out of WW for about a year, but back in February signed up for the online version. I received a charm in the mail yesterday, totally surprised me, for losing 10 pounds. Now I need to find my little charm holder!

These are the old charms and some are no longer given. The new charms are for 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200. Also Goal (comes in gold, rose gold and nickel) and Lifetime (also in 3 colors).

So cute and cool!

@Annemarie - Oh! I thought these were the latest since they included Freestyle. Thanks for the information. I guess you can get an idea of the charms you could get from these from the hard work.

Along with the cheaping down of WW, these charms have been discontinued and only weight loss charms are now given with Freestyle. The charms were a nice reward for other than losing weight and it was disappointing when they were stopped. WW has lost a lot of members due to their changes, mainly the Freestyle program, where I gained weight following the rules; I quit.

I haven't seen charms in months at my weekly workshop.

I have earned every charm and extra charm up to 75 lbs. then poof! They stopped awarding 5 lb stickers and 5k charms and bonus charms! It was very disappointing! Those little rewards added up to BIG incentives. I buy my charms on eBay now...80, 85, etc.

I look forward to the time when Weight Watchers goes back to the previous plan. Changing names, etc. is fine. But they rarely talk about FOOD anymore, its mostly psychology now. I don't hear of many people actually losing weight in the meetings (which they now call workshops). When the money stops coming in, they will change again. Hopefully for the better next time.

I agree Lucia. I lost most of my weight we PP. Did okay with smartpoints. Made lifetme. I have struggled with this latest plan. I have yo-yo'd with this new plan. I never yo-yo 'd on the other plans. Very frustrating.

I had gotten all my charms since I lost 90lbs over a year ago. Disappointed that they don't offer incentive charms like the spring and sunglasses for attending say 8 out of 10 meetings. I must say in our meeting we talk a lot about food and recipes to help everyone keep on track or try something different.

Charms are now given out for online only/digital members also. If you've reached a weight loss milestone since they started doing this, in mid March, you'll receive a charm in the mail. Unfortunately, I reached all my milestones by the first week of March so I was told I wouldn't get any charms. Seems like they could have sent something since I have tracked and followed the plan everyday for the last 9 months. Other than that I love the new Freestyle program. First time in 30 years that I've actually followed the plan and lost weight.

Being a Lifetime member, I miss the annual key representing another year at life time, we work and struggle for maintaining that honor and get no recognition at all. I go to my weekly meetings and not even any mention of maintaining anything being a Lifetime member. You would think that the others that have not reached goal would like to see where we came from and they can do it too. It to me would give them hope also.

Weight watchers by me does not do charms any more. Weight watchers stopped charms and stickers almost 1 year ago. You only get lifetime and big milestones. To bad they were a good for encouragement.

Weight Watchers charms were so fun and special to receive. I’m afraid WW has gotten away from its original mission. Their program in the early days was similar to American Heart Assn. guidelines on protein, starches, fruits/veg, healthy fats. This free-for-all they do now doesn’t work. I reached lifetime years ago but have switched to the LiveStrong app and program.

WW announced at our meeting (or workshop) that they are offering a summer charm this year. Other than that, I've only seen x pounds or lifetime charms this year.

I have heard there is a spring attendance charm, but there has been no mention of it in my meeting.

I just received my 10 lb. charm last week 5/2019. I got a 5 lb. charm two weeks ago. They are just bars. Color blue on 5 lb. and color purple on the 10 lb. charm. 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Small WW logo with the pound amount on the back.

I started WW on 5/3/19. I haven't received any of these charms and I go to the meetings every week. I've lost my 5%, no acknowledgment, nothing for my 1st 4 weeks, etc. The only thing I've gotten is tiny and thin 5lb and 10lb things to put on a keychain. How do I get these charms? I really think it would help with my motivation

Update: There is a charm! At last week's meeting, they introduced a charm for incentive to attend 8 out of 10 meetings this summer. Our leader said that WW asked them for feedback and they said that members wanted their charms back! So we will see...

I’m a lifetime member who’s been away for a few years and just recently returned. WW needs to bring milestone charms and stickers back. Also, they need to bring back the electronic check-in and weekly weight tracking system with print-out stickers for member booklets.

I loved the 5 lb stickers and the Bravo encouragement ones. I have all the charms up to 50lbs. It sure is a long haul to the next charm, which I probably will not make (75 lbs). I’ve wished for the 5 lb stickers as I I have made my way to over 60 lbs now with nothing.....I am lifetime about 10 lbs ago but still losing.

I prefer the new colorful charms, since the engraving on the old ones was too light and has all but disappeared!

I wear my charms on my pandora bracelet.....

I wish for attendance rewards since I still go almost every week, even at lifetime.

Yes WW please bring back the charms and stickers. When I attended mtgs years ago that was a huge part of going, celebrating everyone's accomplishments. It's a long difficult journey and we all need as much encouragement as we can get.

Sue - they're back now. They just gave a summer charm for those who attend 6/8 of a designated set of meetings.

My mom and I recently re-joined WW, my mom is a lifetime member, I am not. They have special charms for different things as well. My mom just got one for going to 5 "workshops" (meetings) this summer. It looks like a little sun. It's very cute.

Hello. Fyi. The charms pictured and not the current charms. And no charms earned for 5% or signing up. Great program.but updated the styles. Nice post by the way.

WW lost it's charm the charm's to they handed out in the past even stickers gave me motivation WW kind of boring I hit my first 5 lbs at the meeting got nothing

I just joined and lost 7 pounds in the first week. I received a 5 lb weight loss charm in the meeting (August 2, 2019).

I’ve just lost over 10lbs & would love to have the 10lb & 5% charms... I did receive the blue 7lb key ring tag which had me hooked! 🤗

I am an online WW member and received a 5 lb weight lost charm!!!! Was very surprised and so happy!! It really inspired me to get my next charm!! Thanks WW!! So excited!!

I concur with Christine Moje who emailed you on June 11, 2019. I started my journey on April 20, 2019 and I have received only 3 charms. One for 5lbs, 10lbs and 25lbs. I go to the meetings every week. Where do these charms come from?

Eva Fraher, those other charms are from previous programs. They are not current. Yours are the current ones. Great work on your weight loss!

I would love to get my cute summer charm for 8/10 meetings attended for my braclet. I read some leaders give them. Shouldn't it be consistent in all wellness meetings?

I’ve been on weight watchers 2 weeks now and have lost 4lbs. I really like this new program. I had been on WW years ago and never lost anything.

I’m a newer member, 2 months thus far. But I’ve also been a member a few times in the past. I’m losing weight but the meetings are not that helpful. And I’m super disappointed about the minimal charms they give out. At meetings the never talk about nutrition really—like fats, protein, minimizing bad sugars, etc. and in fact they avoid saying anything negative about any foods...even if someone says they ate a huge cake or large ice cream. The response is like “well as long as you count your points you can eat what you want”. There should be some convo on healthy eating!!!

Do I have to go to meetings to weigh? I have an online membership. I really want the charms!

I joined August 21, but haven't received any charms. My co-worker has. So far, I've lost 19 lbs, so I was hoping for at least one charm--a little incentive and a lot of encouragement goes a long way!

Never received any of these charms. I did get 5lbs, 10lbs loss.

I dont understand the charms. I received a 5lb charm in the mail last week but I've lost 12lbs. Regardless it was a surprisingly good boost when I received it.

What the price on the WW charm?

The Freestyle logo charm wasn’t a charm given on starting WW. It was a “surprise charm” for attending a certain number of meetings before the change to the FS program. We collected stickers in our log books each week. I didn’t like the new program and dropped out. Wish I had stayed, though. In my opinion, original Smartpoints is the best plan. Back on now, and it works!

I don’t think it’s fair or proper that online WW people aren’t rewarded with a charm at 5 lb intervals at least up to 25 lbs. then every 10 would be good. We work just as hard and keep records of our weight. We only get

5, 10 and 25lb.

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