Weight Watchers Charms 2020: Motivation for Weight Loss

April 11, 2020   32 Comments

These Weight Watchers Charms are simple and thoughtful. It is so hard to take off the pounds and an acknowledgement is helpful.

Weight Watchers Charms 2020: Motivation for Weight Loss

What exactly do you get? A friend of mine got these two charms after losing 5 pounds and then another 5 pounds (for a total of 10).

The first charm includes a little ring so you can add all that you receive. WW has been giving out charms as part of its program for a while. The Weight Watchers charms for 2019 were a bit cuter in some ways but these new ones are nice.

WW milestone charms are given out at various weight-loss intervals starting at five pounds and up to 200 pounds, plus when you reach your goal weight.

I know that if you are in the studio program you receive one at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 and Lifetime. The online program receives fewer charms (please correct me if I am wrong).

Weight Watchers online gives charms at 5, 10 and 25 (skipping 10 & 15) as well as the bigger weight loss milestone charms. I am not sure why Weight Watchers chose not to give the online members all the charms.

Maybe they wanted further motivation for you to go to their Studio -but that isn’t possible for many folks.

Here is what you get if you make it to Lifetime.:

I think that the gold charm with the little diamond is nice but if I made it to Lifetime (and I did not - I borrowed this from a friend) -I would want something from Tiffany’s.

These are mailed out after you logged your success and it can take up to 2 weeks to receive it in the mail. I suppose you need to be patient - hey, it took you a while to lose the weight so what is another two weeks?

If you earned a charm and didn’t receive it - contact WW and give them a piece of your mind Or just give them a call or contact them through their app, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Have you earned any Weight Watchers charms? What did you think? Do you like them?

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My husband, son, and I are all doing WW. Strangely, we find the charms very motivating. We attend the in person workshops but are attending virtually right now. We have all hit 15 pounds during the quarantine. My husband has made 20 pounds and my son and I are hoping to hit 20 this week. We are all looking forward to going back to our meeting to receive our charms and celebrate our successes and the successes of our fellow members. I love your blog. Thanks for all of the great information.

I agree with Beth, strangely motivating. I lost ten pounds and I carry that little blue card with the charm in my purse! Whenever I go in my purse for any reason, I see it and it makes me happy!

Funny story about my Lifetime charm. I travel to Pennsylvania often and I go to a meeting when I am there. They are franchised, though, and not in the "universal" system. I got my 25 lb charm while I was there. Long story short, I was going to be in PA when I reached Lifetime and my local leader said to come to my regular meeting, otherwise PA would "get the credit" for me reaching LT there. Whaat? Anyway, I made Lifetime in PA. My local leader sure as heck wasn't going to give it to me! (P.S. Ended up changing my local meeting location :p) Long story short, I ordered it from eBay. Shoot, I earned it and wasn't going to get jobbed out of my charm. LOL!!

I love getting the charms. I didn't know online only members got them so when the first one came I was so excited. I am patiently waiting now for my 25 lb charm!! They are very motivating for me. I only wish we got them for every 5 lb mark like the others.

I achieved lifetime about 20 years ago. It really has no benefit unless you can stay within 2 pounds of your goal. I have always done well on WW (Been back several times) but as soon as I hit goal, I have trouble maintaining within 2 pounds. I am now trying the Noom app. Going good so far. But time will tell if I will be able to maintain!

I love the charms and am hoping to attain my 20lb recognition at the next "live " meeting, whenever that may be!!

I was so happy to get my 5lb in the mail! The last time I did ww online they were not giving the charms. It is rewarding and makes you feel like you are part of something.

I joined a workshop just so I could get charms and achieve lifetime! I live in Canada, no charms for digital members.

I have lost 80 pounds with 20 to go. I want those little pieces of metal!

I received my 5 and 10 lb charms! I keep going back and forth between 11 and 14 lbs total... I checked the mail today and received another 5 lb charm. Any idea why?!

I love these charms for some reason. They're very motivating. Maybe just the idea of collecting something? Not sure what it is but I love them. I was hoping we got them more often too as I just hot 15lbs today, but I guess I have to wait a bit longer!

I find the charms very motivating, especially while working on this from home. I was an inactive member when I started in March, meaning I had a membership going back two years but I wasn't using it. Because I lost 10 pounds in 2018 before either set of charms were released, and I never let my membership lapse, I didn't get any charms when I started back at it this Spring because I was technically losing the same 10 pounds. Moral of the story: if you decide to stray, even for a few months, cancel your membership. I won't get a charm until 25. I'm not above buying them on ebay though!

My charms are real motivators. I have, in fact, put the ring on a silver necklace and add charms as I earn them. Reminds me of the charm bracelet I had years ago.

I wasn’t receiving my milestone charms through digital. I called customer service today and they advised me they have discontinued providing charms online:(

I signed up for Workshops + Digital in April. I called customer service when I was at 12 pounds because I had not received any charms. Received the 5 pound charm this week. Reached out on the app to 24/7 about the 10 and 15 pound charms and was told that charms are given out at workshops. Not going to an in-person workshop any time soon so was told to contact customer support arrange to have my charms shipped to me.

I love weight watchers, but im super sad that I will not be getting my 15lb and 20lb charm because i am onky a digital member. These charms are motivating and it seems that digital members arent good enough for WW to help us celebrate our weight loss....

I am an online member. This explains why I did not receive a charm for 15 pounds and it sounds like I won't receive one for 20 either which is kinds of a bummer. I have 7 pounds to go until I reach my goal so I will get my 25.

I lost my charms for loosing 25 and 50 pounds. I also need the charm for the Summer 2020 challenge.

Our Bodies Are Powerful and Amazing. I was given the link to log on and order it but was not successful. Can I have them sent to my apartment? Middle Village Studio is still closed.

Hello. Can online members buy the charms one they reach 15, 20 etc....on the app??

The charms are really an incentive for me 5, 10, 15... have four more to go: 20, 25, 50 and goal.

I'm digital +workshop and haven't received any, but I love the idea so I just ordered all of mine off of ebay. I currently have 3 (5,10 and 15) plus a "Spr 20" charm that looks like it was for a goal challenge or something this past Spring. I'm sure the person just threw it in as a bonus when I had to order my 15lb charm :)

I received charms 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and called to request a 30# and I was refused twice. Called 2x, so I resorted buying one today off Ebay. Sucks to spend$29.99 a month, studios are closed and they wont send my charm!!

I also misplaced my charms for 5,10,15,20,25,50 pounds but never asked for them ro be replaced. Is it too late to order them. They motivate me snd I have them on a key chain (the ones I did not loose) How can I order them?

Please see my post dated January 31 20 21. I lost my charms 25 and 50. I did not receive the Life Time key chain. Can you send them to me.middle village center is closed.

I must post my disappointment for not getting my charm for the 15 pound loss milestone. For some reason when I received my first 2 charms it was so motivating, kept looking in the mail for my third. Final asked a coach and received the bad news. Sooo disappointed. Amazing how such a little thing can bring so much anticipation and sense of accomplishment. I wish you would rethink giving all these charms out to digitals. Stay safe everyone.

Are there charms to celebrate the numbers of years you have been at your Lifetime goal?

New here at WW - and was so surprised when I got a charm in the mail. Of course, my 10 came the day before my 5 and the ring. I agree with all those saying strangely motivating, I was tickled to see they sent me something congratulating me on my success point. Do wish that they would give all the levels to those of us who are doing this online. Looking forward to earning more <3

high i feel just to get one award feels

as if you have achieved something it helps

you lose the weight more trish

I have received 2 so far and I keep them in my pocket to remind me of my accomplishments and to keep going.

The motivational charms are just that!!! It’s disheartening to find out that I won’t get one at 15 & 20 pounds and so on as I progress through the weight loss challenge. Please rethink this strategy. Most members are so excited to receive that next goal achievement

Received a charm for 30 lb.

I'm a lifetime member and I have the keychain with the charms from 2010 somewhere. I recently rejoined and have gotten my 5 and 10 hopefully my 15 tomorrow. I have them attached to my car keys and I play with them in my pocket while I'm grocery shopping. Helps me avoid bad choices believe it or not.

will someone please mail me a 15 lb charm I will pay the postage. I live too far away from a workshop to be able to pop in and get one.

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