When Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work

October 6, 2014   78 Comments

I know many of you are Weight Watchers members and find the program helpful.

When Weight Watchers Fails

But, I also know that some of you get to a place where you no longer lose weight counting your points and going to meetings – and you feel like a failure.

An acquaintance of mine lost 50 pounds and was thrilled to tell me about her success on Weight Watchers. She is now 50 pounds plus overweight. I don’t know how to approach the subject with her so I thought I would do it here.

First question you must ask yourself:

  • Are you a failure or can you blame Weight Watchers?

When I attempted Weight Watchers, I lost weight but then I plateaued and even gained weight. I asked a leader for guidance and was told, “You must not be following the program correctly.”

Really? Is it possible the program is flawed? Or maybe the program doesn’t work for my body type? Weight Watchers is a corporation and (I believe) if an employee admits to you that the service you are paying for doesn’t work for you – they might have to give you your money back. There isn’t any possibility of this answer:

“You know, Weight Watchers is simply one weight loss solution and it may not work for you.”

Second question:

  • What are you going to do now?

Obviously, cancel your membership ASAP so you aren’t spending money on a program that isn’t working for you (making you feel even worse). Pat yourself on the back for making a commitment to your health and then take a good hard look at what you learned.

Many of the rules, ideas, recipes, and methodology of Weight Watchers are based in science. I LOVE the “free” fruits and vegetables and feeling of kinship in the meetings.

Can you take the good stuff that you learned and apply it to your life without the program? For example, find a friend who wants to get healthy with you and never feel guilty for eating an apple?

Now is the time to use the things that did work for you.

Third question:

  • Is a “diet” really the right thing for you?

I would love to proclaim that the “diet” is dead. What the heck!


I love owning my own website sometimes. In my terrific book, I talk about habit and lifestyle changes as well as healthier food that can lead you to lose weight without TRYING to lose weight.

The emphasis is on health. Your health is much more important than a number on a scale (though they may be related).

Putting yourself on a diet so you can lose weight and fit into your high school jeans is not nearly as compelling a reason to change as getting healthy to be filled with energy and life and meet your grandchildren.

Maybe all that scale stuff at Weight Watchers doesn't motivate you - instead of inspiring you it could be holding you back.

Whatever you do - don't blame yourself for not losing weight. Own that you tried and move on feeling good about the attempt.

Please share your thoughts on diets – your failures and successes.

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I half agree and half disagree.

When I joined WW in 2008 to lose 3 stone, loads of people complained. While I was steadily losing, they weren't, but they didn't have the willpower to stick to it by making the right choices and this meant they were wasting their time.

That said, following an accident and needing to lose the 1.5 stone I put on again after, I went back. The programme has changed and their 'unlimited fruit' doesn't work for me for the same reasons that Slimmers World doesn't work for me - if I could have unlimited anything I wouldn't be there!

I think it is 80% willpower and 20% finding the right programme for you. Because, at the end of the day, you really could just count calories and it would be fine.

Thanks Lisa I'm so happy to read this post. Weight Watchers has never worked for me. Not an ounce lost! Eating healthy has never been an issue for me. But I have learned that there can be too much of a good thing so I turned to calorie management. I've had several meetings with a dietician and learned some great stuff. So far it;s a slow go but I am losing. By keeping track of what I eat I discovered that my calorie intake was not that high so I had to cut back to fewer calories. Tracking points never gave me that information. By tracking calories I can be much more flexible and still ear a healthy diet. One more thing: If you're talking to a doctor or dietician they talk in calories not points. Good luck to all!

You've hit home on this one! I keep going back and forth - do I quit WW (and admit I'm a failure)? - do I try it on my own (again) and maybe fail at that too? - do I give WW a few more weeks/months/years? - and on and on. I lost almost 65 pounds several years ago, and gained most of it back. I can't seem to get my act together, there's always something that distracts me from counting points and getting to the gym - ALWAYS. And the newest version of WW, which is skimpy on carbs, is hard for me to stick with. Doomed by a sandwich? Seriously?? And my meeting leader - who I adored! - just retired. Her replacement is nice enough, but we don't click. Maybe it's time to take a real, honest, clean break from WW - instead of just skipping the meetings - and try it on my own...but GOD, is that scary!

Thank you so much for your comments on WW. I am a lifetime member from 45 years ago. Yes, I'm 76 now. Every time I go back, I can't seem to get into the program. I'm 20 pounds overweight and can't seem to find a weight loss solution. Maybe calorie counting really is the key. Thanks again.

WW can work, if you take what you are learning from it and leave the rest behind..I cannot eat anything I want as far as fruit and vegetables. I have to limit myself. I am losing very slowly but each week is different and I have to reflect to see why some weeks I gain and some I loose. Overall, I do like claiming ownership and being in control..I am feeling better about what I am eating and limit myself to certain foods. I have only lost about 6lbs over the last month, but I am sure my blood sugars are down and my cholesterol has improved. I will stay the course with WW until I am satisfied I can do this alone.

Weight Watchers is as good as the leader you have. Maybe your friend needs to "shop" for a leader. Also I am thinking Weight Watchers pairs well with "The Beck Diet Solution," which explained to me that beating myself up about my weight did not bring me closer to my goals. Beck gives suggestions of how to talk to yourself differently.

When I'm close to goal I do weight watchers. Right now I'm 30 pounds above my healthy range and weight watchers would be too expensive.

I have done weight watchers 3 times over the last twenty years. I lost weight every time. It's when I stopped counting points that the weight came back on. I think it's a great program to teach you to eat healthy and how to cook for the whole family. I don't believe in some of the horrendous diet fads out there, so in that respect it's a great program. But at the end of the day as soon as you get bored or lose motivation the weight creeps back on. Now as I get older I'm motivated to eating healthy and looking after my body rather than fitting into a certain size. That's what makes me feel good about myself.

My thought on different programs, having tried many and they all failed after a time-you DON'T get that it has to be a permanent change...not cannot just go back to the way you ate before once you have lost the weight. You have to find what works for you personally and make permanent healthy changes to your eating habits. This takes a lot of you have to figure out that you are worth it and spend however long it takes to make those changes and make them ones you can live with.

I tried ww numerous times but never seemed to be able to stick with it. I wish it would work for me as I love the meetings and the idea of it all. So I just count calories instead on my lose it app. I lose weight easier just doing that for some reason.

I lost 165 pounds on WW and managed to keep most of the weight off for 5 years. However, the last year/year and a half I have been struggling to maintain and have managed to gain about 20 pounds of it back. Fortunately, I was WAY below my lifetime goal weight when I started, but am now within 2 pounds on any given week (yes I still weigh in every week even though I dont have to) of having to pay again. I am scared, disheartened and not sure what to do. I asked my leader what to do, and she said I needed to start staying at the meetings again. (I go in and weigh and then go back to work). I dont know what to do! I cut back my points from 26 to 12-14, and that didnt work, and I increased them back to 15-17 thinking that would charge my metabolism, but to now avail. HELP!!!

I understand that this post is not for people who like WW like myself, so I am trying to keep that in perspective; I think the few things I would like to note is that a) point tracking is almost identical to calorie tracking, but I think the thought process is that it makes it into a more manageable number (26 vs 1200 or what have you), and b) something that I particularly took from the program is that it is designed to be used for life. That is why when you reach your goal weight you no longer pay to use the program when you maintain it - and you must stick to the program to keep

The weight off. Going from x calories or points a day to y calories or points a day, y>x, after your WW program ends, yes, you will gain weight. (Unless you're one of the prodigies who can join, lose weight, and keep it off! Good for you!) The last point is that WW has taught me a lot about balance and what kinds of foods help me feel full or

Manage my everyday diet.

I do not think WW is the be all end all - I don't like the idea that to look like a person of smaller/average weight I'd need to track my entire diet, day in day out - but the program did work for me, and does teach life skills to those of is who could use a little help managing.

I am a younger person with higher metabolism and do not struggle with obesity - I believe there are many factors that go into why this works for some people and not others. But I tend to enjoy the both sides evenness of your articles, and I feel like this one was a little more biased than normal.

However. Thanks for bringing awareness for people who feel guilt for WW (the golden child) not working.

Weight Watchers, like other programs, requires you to pay attention to every single thing that goes into your mouth. The reason most people don't "like" tracking points is because it is difficult to maintain the discipline to log that tbsp of butter or to realize that the innocent looking sandwich at lunch actually accounts for half of your daily allowable intake. I like WW - it helps greatly for me to take a disciplined approach, and after some time I don't even have to "calculate" the points - I can tell that the taste of a certain food is not worth the fat-carbs content.

Thankyou for posting this. I have been going back and forth with deciding to do weight watchers again ( for the 100 th time) or just count calories. What you say makes a lot of sense. I really dont have the 40.00 bucks a month for ww. Counting calories is free.And I think coynting calories keeps you more in control.

WW is a crutch that helps some people. The fact remains that 95 percent of those who lose weight will gain it back. People think of a diet as a finite period of time and then they can go back to previous eating habits. Not so. I lost 90 lbs. 6 years ago and I still struggle with 10 lbs. it's calories consumed vs. calories expended. Eating healthy AND exercising is the only way. A comment on newest WW: the thing about not counting fruit is silly and makes no sense.

Weight Watchers is the program for me. I've been a member for 7 years (this time) and have lost over 50 pounds. At 60 I finally hit lifetime goal after discussing with my doctor who raised the goal weight for me and recommended to WW (via a letter) this higher weight range as a healthy weight for me.

As a food addict - a truth I've had to accept - just like an alcoholic - I will never be able to stop attending meetings and PAYING ATTENTION to everything I choose to eat. When I don't write it down the weigh starts to climb. When I follow WW guidelines, exercise and attend those weekly meetings - and yes, I'm back to PAYING every week to weigh in - my progress shows up on the scale. I've been in and out of WW so many times in my life I've lost track of the number of times I've joined, lost and quit - thinking I could do this 'on my own'. I know what to do! Never works for me. This time I'm sticking with it. I'm a foodaholic and I'm accepting that about myself. I fall back into bad habits easily and need the support that WW meetings give me. Even the 'on-line' version didn't work as well for me as the accountability of weighing in every week. Some weeks are good, some are not. But I'm a big girl and I need to grow up and accept the truth that I'll never be able to eat like a teenager. I need to choose healthier foods and track everything I eat - because even 'healthy' foods when eating too much of them can cause me to gain weight. So weighing/measuring is still a requirement for me. Unfortunately, I'm not naturally thin and as I grow older find that my heart and other organs can't tolerate that extra weight. I tried all the other diet programs - Med. Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Atkins - just to name a few. Weight Watcher's is for those who have a lot of weight to lose and who can give it the time, patience and work that is needed to do this over a LIFETIME. WW is not a quick fix.

I lost 80lbs in my first year on WW and recently entered my 3rd year as a paying member, having spent my 2nd year plateaued despite program adherence using the online tools (no meetings).

In the past few weeks, I seem to have become caught in a vicious cycle of re-gaining & re-losing the last 10 of those 80lbs, with reaching my goal (an additional 20-30) seeming like a distant & elusive dream.

I DO have the mindset that the struggle to reach goal is my fault (just like getting fat was my fault). But I don't consider myself a "failure", as I'm not giving up!

I DO believe I just need to step up my exercise level to boost my metabolism, eat FEWER apples & grapes, curb the occasional indulgence - in general, tighten any slack I've given myself since losing the first 80 (or should I say 70-75 until get this plateau well behind me?!).

I'm not ready to give up WW, as I've gotten used to tracking points and feel it gives my weight loss journey accountability & infrastructure.

I justify the expense by never paying "retail", always hunting for promo codes or negotiating with a WW phone rep to ensure the longest term available, at the lowest available cost.

On the other hand, my daughter, whose 60lbs lost on WW in 2012 preceded & inspired my joining, has re-gained a significant amount. But she has abandoned her WW membership and is focusing on applying what she learned and amping up her exercise level, focusing on fitness.

We're now on different paths, but continuing the same journey. Everyone has to find the right program fit for themselves, and then WORK IT!

It's a lifelong journey for many of us, and it begins with a single step. Get started, take a first step, do SOMETHING, and if its effectiveness seems to wane, try something else. After all, the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things and expecting different results! =)

Wow... lots of good comments! The truth is, if it were easy to lose weight & keep it off (or to never gain extra weight in the first place), there would not be any companies like Weight Watchers.

I strongly agree with Sue & Krystina and others, above, that this is a long-term, lifetime commitment, not just a quick fix. And, WW does work if you follow it & have a good leader to help you figure things out - (i.e. sometimes you think you are following, but little things throw you off.)

That said, it isn't easy to stay motivated and on program, so, for me the accountability of weekly meetings a good leader (YES, shop around!) and a supportive group can help. Even if you have only 5-10 lbs to lose, or are trying to maintain, my feeling is that without WW, I would be gaining. (And, yes, I hate paying too, but in the long term, it may be $ well spent, and on Lifetime it is free. Also check into your insurance - BC/BS reimburses up to $150 per year.)

A note to Christy - sounds like you are not eating enough, but please check in with a doctor or nutritionist. That low of a points range is not healthy, and yes, your metabolism is probably slowing because of it.

One last point, I really like the Simple Start/Simply Filling program on WW. The program is known for points, so some leaders don't emphasize it. With Simply Filling, a lot of foods are "free" and you eat as much as you want of these healthy foods. You are eating healthier, no points counting except for your "indulgences" - but, again, you need to commit to it.

It is tough, try not to get discouraged, and if you can do it on your own, great - but a lot of people can't. I'll also have to check out the Beck book - makes a lot of sense.

One issue I've had with Weight Watchers is that they have their own food products, which they want to sell, and tend to be highly processed. I choose not to eat most "diet" foods for that reason. I've therefore instead been participating in Calorie Count, an online community for people who want to track calories, fitness, and nutritional breakdown of their food. It is free (unless you want to upgrade to Premium, which is totally unnecessary for most people). It has many of the features I always liked about Weight Watchers without the push to purchase their overly-processed diet food. I believe another free online option is My Fitness Pal, and there may be others.

That said, I'm really not anti-Weight Watchers. It works very well for some people - I just wasn't one of them.

Lisa, I'm with you! Longterm, I don't think WW works (for most people -- for some it does). I don't think any "diet" works longterm for most people.

I'm 68 and have struggled with my weight my whole adult life (ever since starting to diet in my teens, when I wasn't overweight). A year ago, I found myself at my highest weight, with health problems.

The health problems motivated me to start eating in a more healthy way (though not perfectly). I retired in January, and the stress of a long commute combined with aging parents largely went away. Most importantly, I think, I dumped food rules and just tried to gently focus on eating healthful foods.

I've lost 21 pounds -- it's not much, but it helps, and I'm thrilled. I do exercise a lot, and have for years. But in the past, I was gaining even while exercising a lot.

For me, stress was a HUGE factor in my weight problem. And relaxing about the whole food thing paradoxically seemed to be more helpful than anything I've done in the opposite direction.

I really enjoy your column!

Sue Hubley

I use a lot of WW recipes, however, I swap out the overly processed ingredients for more natural/raw foods. I believe it's more important to focus on the quality of our food vs the quantity. And it takes more than counting points to know the difference. It's well worth the time to find local sources of organic, pastured, free-range foods. Farmers markets are a gold mine of good healthy ingredients. Many have products available year round that they sell from their own business or local markets. It takes time to find them, but your health is so worth it!

The new Weight Watchers Simple Start program has been great! That has been a great change in the Weight Watchers program! Change is a key word in any weight loss program! You have to be willing to make a change in your life style. On any weight loss program, you can't keep eating as you always did and expect to lose weight. You have to be willing to make a change in order for there to be a change in your weight! Weight Watchers is good because if you do attend the meetings you not only learn how to make better choices in the foods that you eat but you learn how to live a heathlier life! Attend different meetings and find a leader that you enjoy. Go to the meetings and stay for the meeting!

So glad you posted this. Lost 55 lbs. on WW. When I had to have colon cancer surgery early this year and had to eat low-residue foods (lots of stodgy stuff - no fresh fruits and veg) I went completely off track. Feeling very low as I gained back 20lbs. Don't want to gain any more, but WW is too expensive and I found myself getting very compulsive and obsessive about points. Especially, when I was eating out or at a friend's house. Go know how to calculate! I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a calculator and paper. Thank goodness for you, Snack Girl! You put the sanity back into healthy eating. And it doesn't have to cost a king's ransom, either. ; - ) )

Sometimes I think its the class you go to, I love my class this time and my leader givers 200% if not more, they can't do it for us, it has to come from within, My leader doesn't believe in willpower she loves the word 'WANT POWER"

I believe everything in moderation. I have learned that you have to change both your food choices & fitness level to lose weight. I recently list 40lbs over 8 months using the app Fooducate. I loved that it offered healthier alternatives & that it was free! And because I was counting calories, if I needed to go off the deep end with a treat it just meant making better choices the rest of the day. I never gave myself back "points" for working out & always took the long view - 1 good day, 1 bad day= 2 average days.

Since January 28th 2014 I have reduced my weight from 242 pounds to 191 pounds. I feel great, I am wearing smaller waisted trousers and my physician has removed one of my hypertension medications.

I have never been a member of WW, but have looked at the program and considered joining. From my childhood and into my graduate program at university, I have found I succeed much better working alone. I have no desire nor need to affiliate to complete a task or goal.

I attribute my weight loss to healthier eating, documenting my food intake throughout the day, exercising (currently walking about 90 miles per month, 4.5 mph pace) portion control and forums such as this. I know now how my body reacts when I have had enough to eat and when to stop eating.

Throughout my day I see many overweight and obese people and think that I was nearly at that point. I often feel like sharing my story with them, but feel it is too personal and I might overstep my bounds and offend. My feeling is if I can accomplish controlling my weight after being a livelong lover of food and overeater, so can many others.

I forgot to mention, I have a partial disability due to foot and ankle surgery that resulted in complications. I cannot run or jog, but I make it a point to stretch, walk and exercise each day.

Lisa, I enjoy your blog and forum and receiving it each day in my email inbox. I use many of your tips and ideas in changing of my eating habit and lifestyle changes. Thanks for providing an outlet where folks can find resources and share ideas about WW and other ideas of lifestyle changes.

I lost close to 50 lbs 15 years ago doing WW on my own. I live in a rural area and getting to meetings wasn't convenient.

Then I met my husband and reverted to old eating habits. Up went my weight. I got tired really tired of buying fat women clothing and got angry at myself for regaining so I mustered up the motivation and lost most of the weight again. I can't get below 140 and I've accepted that. My metabolism has slowed and 125 is just a lovely memory now.

I've really come to the realization that I can only have 20+/-points every day plus maybe a couple glasses of wine with dinner. That is just the way it is. If I eat more I'll gain weight. So it's either do what I need to do or gain weight. I don't like being hungry. I don't like counting points. I don't like eating like this but I do it because I'd rather do this than be fat. It's that simple.

I agree with all the WW comments esp. about leadership! the best leader I ever had (and with whom I was able to take off 50 lbs), spoke eloquently about her WW failure the first time, but great success the second. Since she had taken off a significant amt. of weight, she was an inspiration to all. when I returned to WW for another retooling, she was no longer the leader of the meeting that was the best time for me. The new leader took off a small amount of weight (<25 lbs.)in a short amt. of time, kept it off, but really couldn't 'connect' with those of us with larger amts. of weight to lose.

I am 65 and was a weight watcher "success" about 20 years ago. Got my lifetime member card and as soon as that happened I started gaining weight. Sad to say I am a yo yo dieter . Gained and lost 50+\- pounds a number of times. I felt WW offered no real help for members at goal weight. Even tho they "allow, encourage" you to keep coming to meetings, they really NEED a special meeting for maintainance!

over the last 40 years I have been a WW member 4 times, and each time I lost 20-25 pounds. However, I just wasn't happy with it as a forever lifestyle. My doctor recently stated that the core of any program was calories. As he said, it's all calories. I decided to really limit my saturated fat and develop some breakfasts, lunches, and dinners which are easy and fit my calorie restrictions. This involved cutting out 80% of the cheese I was eating, adding more fish and legumes, and having more meatless alternatives. I have also added an exercise component. All of this is working just as well as WW ever did, and perhaps I am happier with it because it is my own invention, geared to my own tastes and needs. Also, when dinners out and social occasions arise, I am kind to myself and stretch the calories by a few hundred but don't go crazy. I just hope it keeps working since I feel great!

Thanks for saving me lots of money, even though they're offering no joining fee in my area the monthly pass is costly, n counting calories seems yo work better for me. On WW losing 0.2 lbs is depressing.

AMEN. I did WW when I was 30 years old and lost an impressive 70 lbs. Did I learn from the program? Yes. I learned to obsessively mark every item in my pantry with the Points Value, watch every morsel of food that went in my mouth, drove everyone around me crazy because every other word out of my mouth was "points". Did I keep the weight off? Hell, no! Fast forward 10+ years...back at WW door, paying ridiculous weekly dues, buying their processed (crap), I mean foods, talking points again and worst of all, stalling out after a 20 lb. weight loss. This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I feel like crap, but have decided the hell with diets, points, and boxed foods. I'm taking a healthier approach towards food & exercise WITHOUT obsessing over it like you are taught to do on WW. Oh, and I, too was told by a WW leader that the stall in my weight loss was because I was likely NOT following the program correctly....hmmm....sounds scripted!

WW is by far the best program out there to get people to realize HOW they are eating incorrectly. I have many friends who have had great success on WW, myself included, and they have all lost the weight. WW showed me how to eat, and what to eat. I keep their guidelines about portion amounts in mind. It has been 7 years since I left WW, and I have kept my weight within 8 lbs. of my loss. I have adopted a "life long health" mindset, instead of 'getting down to a size 3.' Most people are not size 3 or 4 or 5 or 6. It's real life where you are the most comfortable. When I decided to leave WW, I felt a stress lift from me. It was because I realized that healthy living --even with pizza and donuts in the month on occasion--is the best way to LIVE and not DIET.

First of all, let me just say how much I love your site Lisa. I get a email daily at work from your site and it somehow helps keep me in check. :)

I have done every diet there is to do. For me, WW (the old system) is what I stick with. I can't wrap my head around the "free" fruits and Veggie. When you have a goal to lose weight NOTHING IS FREE! I truly feel like the new system really is what is hindering success for some. I also feel that those that have done the old system and it worked for them, they need to stick to the old way. I know for me, I tried new system at first, and It really messed with my way of thinking. I was actually disappointed that WW would throw such a loop to those whom have been so successful in the past. So, I discarded the old way all together.

What WW has taught me is ... portion control. Seriously, doesn't matter if you count calories, do WW or just eat healthy. If we all just at a "portion" size of whatever it is we are eating, you will be doing yourself a favor.

I do hear more friends saying WW is not working for them. My advice to them is.. go back to the old system. It makes much more sense that foods that are free.


I was on my FIRST DIET at age FOUR!!

The doctor put me on a liquid diet--guess what it didn't work. I have been on every diet since then. I do go to WW now and I'm not doing well but blame the program NO.

I know what I put in my mouth is too processed and far too many carbs for me. The group helps me from completely giving up. Another thing I can say with knowledge being 62--it takes So much more effort because your body needs Less calories as you get older. No matter your choice Snack-Girl, WW, Atkins, etc it will always be the effort you put in and surviving the highs and lows. But we can do it.

WW and other food programs were convenient, but I felt ( and this is my opinion and experience with them) that because it could cost a lot you ended up not being able to continue it and then you figure that you could do it yourself, why not you have the tools right? Yeah for me not necessarily. I learned it was easier to do it myself I follow lean secrets with Brenda Leigh Turner and I bought the 21 day fix. Lean Secrets gave me meals that I can make for myself because since I ate from the packages and such a completely forgot how to cook for success. The packages just put me on auto pilot, literally grab and go. Lean secrets help me out with cooking for myself again and the 21 day fix gave me those great containers, to measure my food. It's simple. You measure and you put it on your plate or a bowl and you eat it. Follow how many colored containers you can have a day and you are good to go. So I say leave programs like that alone and teach yourself to do it. That way if you "fail" you have no one to blame, but yourself AND it's a great way to learn about your body and what's compatible with your body and digestion.

This was very timely for me, thanks. Like all diets, WW "works" but doesn't LAST for me. It is better than nothing, but I find all the self-monitoring unnatural and then when I go "off" I do nothing good for myself. Also, too much flexibility with carbs and points. I will always skimp on something so I can have ice cream everyday. Once I start dipping into the "weekly" points for a "special occassion" the carb spin out begins and I can't seem to stop. Thanks for getting me thinking, Lisa, maybe I will see a nutritionist.

after 2 years of limiting calories & working out 2-4 hours per day & not losing an OUNCE, I have had 3 sessions with registered dietitian (said that if everyone ate as healthy as me she ould be out of a job)and many sessions with personal trainer, I went back to my dr. & after many tests, found out I have adrenal fatigue! No amount of dieting or exercise will help me lose weight until this issue is resolved!!!!!!! spent thousands of $$$ on weight loss and now this!!!!

As a WW member I have several comments to make - everything previously said is true but for me here is what worked:

First of allI am 72 years old andhave struggled with weight issuesall my adult life - I have tried and beensuccessful for a stime in just about every program available. I do know that I have to bee in some sort of program and be accountable or it doesn't work -doing it myself or evenwith a friend without a program where I weigh in is not an option.

After doing WW on and off for years - successful for only short periods of time I have come to the following conclusions:

In 2012 I joined again (at the urging of my daughter) and discovered a wonderful leader - #1 - yes - you must shop for the right leader - one you really connect with and encourages you.

Second - I could never stand tracking either - can't stand writing everything down -- for me I did it in my head - found sites such as "Skinnytaste" a wonderful WW point site (there are others that are wonderful too) - that being said I would cook food from those sites and the food was wonderful. The key is the food has to taste good, you need variety and PORTION CONTROL is #1.

Attend and stay for every meeting you can. I never did that before and I have taken away so many ideas and met so many wonderful people just by doing that.

In a nutshell - I lost 87 pounds in 10 months and have kept it off now for over a year. I never miss a meeting if I am in town-I walk everyday and that is my only exercise.

This is not *Rocket Science"- there is no Magic - you just have to really want it , eat healthy, eat less and you will achieve your goal - I promise!!

I am at the most I have ever weighed. I have Thyroid problems and my family(except my brother) are all over weight. I know how to eat healthy and I do it for a while and then I don't. I do not have strong willpower and the thought of counting anything turns me off. My only saving grace is that I love to walk. I am tired all the time and I am working on fixing my sore foot so I can walk more. Any advice?

I do believe that WW is not for everyone. You need to find out what works for you and stick with it. I lost 40 lbs. and made Lifetime status my first round with WW. But once you're lifetime they kind of kick you out the door. I left, gained the weight back (not all but most) and decided to go back and give it another round. The program was the same, but my mojo wasn't and I've never been able to get it to work for me again - but it isn't the WW program, it's me! I'm trying again on my own without the membership (it's not like I don't know what to do) but like I said that mojo isn't the same. I truly believe your mind has to be in the right place to make any weight loss program work.

For those frustrated with WW try MyFitnessPal. It's free...the app is free. Also great for those that commented that said they are going to start to count calories instead (this makes it wayyy easier). :)

WW used to work for me, but stopped. I ended up seeing a nutritionist, who helped me find what would work for me, and I've lost 15 pounds in 4 months when I couldn't lost 0.4 pounds on WW. I'm not sure if it's because I'm older now (almost 50), or my what works for me body has changed or if it's the program itself. Doesn't matter. It wasn't working so I had to move on. I just don't like the WW attitude that if it doesn't work, it must be you who are doing something wrong.

A fact I read recently (don't remember where, but I believe it was a reliable source,, perchance) that a post-menopausal woman needs about 200 calories a day that she did in her 30's or 40's. I find that explanation helpful, because I am 57, and it was much easier to take off unwanted pounds 10 years ago than it is now. It's not that I'm doing anything "wrong" now, but it reminds me to trim a few more calories, reduce portion sizes a little, and be more mindful of exercising consistently.

I have read and reread the postings here this morning and find an interesting thread that seems to be missing in the discussion of WW.

Folks have commented about "good leaders," attending every meeting, counting calories, Points etc.

As mentioned in my original post, I have never attended a WW meeting because ultimately, even with the support of a leader or the support of the group the ultimate responsibility for my weight loss and control is in my hands. I chose to eat healthily, or to overeat. No leader or group can share my thoughts nor actions and be responsible for what I put in my body.

At times I mentally contemplate the introduction used at AA meetings, (no I do not attend AA and never have, but have not for medical reasons had alcohol in over 30 years), "My name is Michael and I am an over-eater!"

At times in my life I have eaten out of boredom, sorrow, happiness, frustration, worry or celebration. I know now how to somehow control the urges to eat at those times and to do so sensibly and healthily. I try not to deprive myself or anything I feel the urge for. I now eat one chocolate cupcake, instead of three and compensate by eating less of something else.

Whether going it alone, or with a group of friends, or with WW, own up to what you eat and pay attention to what your body is telling you. You alone are responsible and can make the necessary changes to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay the course. Use the tips and hints here in this forum.

Best of luck and good wishes to a healthier you.

Very good comments here. I too lost a great deal of weight on WW (65 lbs) about 8 year sago, when I was in my mid-40's. Then I hit 49 and it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, and how much I weighed my food, my body was not cooperating. Eventually I chucked WW and "took a break" and ate what I wanted. Now, at 54, I am back on a program (counting calories to lose 30 lbs.) and have lost 5.5 lbs after about 1 month. My goal of 30 lbs may not be "WW approved" but I think it is both "attainable and maintainable" for me. WW helped me a lot and there are still things I do now, at home, that I learned from the program: (1) only use 2 TBS of dressing - it's really enough; (2) weigh my food - I have to, as my "guesstimates: are usually much more than 1 serving; (3) don't deprive myself, especially a dessert; (4) try "little" things like parking a bit farther away than normal. I confess that there are times when I think "I have to do this for the rest of my life?!? - Life is too short and I don't want to have to count & measure." But then I remember how good I felt wearing clothes in a smaller size (very shallow - I know) and I can't chuck it all away. So, I continue on this cycle. I believe that one has to have the mindset to adhere to any type of program, and if you don't want to do it, you won't. Joining WW all those years ago was probably THE most selfish thing I ever did - totally for me, not for my family or my husband.

Let's face it, most people are over weight due to emotional and "comfort" eating. The benefit of weight watchers is in the meeting. It is so supportive to go each week and be with others facing the same struggle. I truly think there are very few people that follow the program and find it doesn't work. If they are honest- really tracking, really using good health guidelines including exercise every day. It's also great that you can use the "simply filling" option if you don't want to track points. I think why people probably fail at weight watchers is they stop following the program and also think they can do it themselves. Yes, they are a business and I don't like their foods. However, they have been at this for 50 years with more success than anybody. I feel it boils down to the accountability of weighing in and the support of the meetings.

I was on WW years ago and it really helped me to lose about 20 lbs. to reach my goal. I later became a leader. I liked the old program and found the written meal diary really helped. We were allowed a certain number of fruits and veggies a day. It was fairly low carb and I made my own meals and salads to take to work. It was very easy. Maybe you can find some of the old WW information. I still follow it as it's internalized in my brain. Once you reach goal there is a maintainable program to keep you there. Every varies a few pounds here and there but the goal is to at least walk most days and stick to the basic program with a few additions. I can have a small dessert here and there or glass of wine weekly. I don't do well with the new points system as I feel most of us need more direction. And meetings are so helpful if you have a good leader.

I do believe some of what you say is correct. I have been back and forth with WW for years. Three years ago I went back again. This time it worked for me. Eating healthy is not always easy. We all love to eat fatty salty food. I am a lifetime member staying below my goal.

My take is that use WW basics do what works for you and do not beat yourself up if you gain or plateau. Some Exercise has helped me as well.

A good place to start eating healthy.

Like WW. Don't like to track. Very time consuming.

Great post! I lost 65 pounds on ww and have since gained 25 back. I rejoined ww but the plan has changed from the one I originally was so successful on. After spending a lot of money and beating myself black and blue (metaphorically) I quit ww and now am tossing around trying to figure it all out. I don't want to fit into my high school jeans but I do want to fit into last winter's wardrobe!

I've been on WW twice in about three years. Both times I lost 30 - 35 pounds, and then the loss just stopped. I'd yo-yo up and down a couple of pounds for months, with no advice from the leaders, ended up feeling like I was doing something wrong, and quitting. Meetings were like going to a 12 step program and could be depressing; they had tables loaded up with food products for you to walk past as you were going to be weighed. Members would post photos on a social media site of jars full of fruit, fat free whipped topping, sugar free syrups and even nuts and crumbled granola bars and brag that it was some low point count when you know that had to be 200 - 300 calories or more. And if I felt focused on food before, I felt absolutely obsessed with food on WW. All day long that's all I thought about - what can I eat, how many points is it, how many points have I had so far, have I filled out the tracker, what can I afford to get, what can I fix for dinner that my two family members with special needs of their own can/will eat as well. I remember standing in a grocery store trying to figure it all out and feeling so overwhelmed I was trying to not burst out into tears.

Yes, I gained my weight back both times after quitting, and then some. I'm not sure what the answer is for me, but I'm pretty sure it's not WW. Right now working on portion control seems to be helping a bit.

Thanks for your site and the discussions, it helps. :)

There is only one way to lose weight .. and that is to eat in a caloric deficit and exercise. Since no one wants to do that (really it's not fun) .. eating for your health and maintaining your weight is the next best thing.


I was a WW member for 1.5 years and only lost 10 lbs. After that, I continued to lose and gain the same 2 lbs over and over. I commited to the plan, tracked religiously, liked my WW leaders and kept active. Finally I decided it just wasn't worth the money because it wasn't working. I decided to use the myfitnesspal app and track calories instead of points. I'm a creature of habit and often eat the same things for breakfast and lunch (a little more varied for dinner). It was a huge eye opener for me that what was considered within point range on WW had me going way over calories on myfitnesspal. So far the myfitnesspal has been working great and I continue to drop the weight. It also syncs with my fitbit, so that's an added bonus.

I'm so glad you posted this today. I really needed to hear it. I've been waffling back and forth as to whether or not I should go back to WW. I lost a bunch of weight and through moving, school, ya-da ya-da ya-da (excuse, excuse , excuse) I've managed to gain it all back and then an additional 20 lbs. and it has happened twice now. I want to lose the weight and be healthy, to play with my children and not be out of breath, but I feel like points don't help and neither does the monthly fee. People born skinny don't pay to stay skinny. They eat healthy food and move more. Maybe that's all I need; the ideas from your book ;) and to move more. Thank you.

Have you heard of ..Isagenix or ChiroThin?

I know people who have lost a lot of weight on both of these.. I want to find out more information about these "diets".

I lost 60+ lbs years ago, on WW... now I am dealing with thyroid problem, and have gained 12 of those lbs back..have gone back to WW, it is not working for me this time.

I'm thinking of trying this Isagenix or ChiroThin, I would like more information if anyone out there has some help for me?

Enjoy your email so much Lisa and look forward to it every morning. I celebrate with off-limits food, quite often, for nearly any reason...mad, stressed, happy, birthdays, holidays, christmas baking...whatever. For this reason I like the accountability of WW and the comradery with the other members. I do not like the cost, fat free anything so "light" is the one for me. I am 63 yrs old and in just this last year I've finally come to realize that it doesn't matter what program I'm following, it's me that has to do the work! Too easy to blame WW because I love OMG I fit one in every week (7 points) and I swim 1.5 hrs twice per week and walk my dog for 30 every morning. Nothing is more important.

I follow the WW rules for the most part and have lost 31 lbs, 50 lbs. to go. This is a lifestyle and I look forward to the day that I have enough trust in myself to go it alone, not there yet I'm afraid. Thanks for all your wonderful advice.

I like this post - I've done WW and lost and gained back - I do know people who lost and kept it off. I don't want a "diet" & there in lies the problem.. when you look at it as a diet - its temporary. when you stop working the WW plan it doesn't work. I agree with parts of WW and not others... Do a lifestyle change - change your eating habits - for good - not temporarily. I now eat more clean - organic - healthy unprocessed food. I want to eat what healthier for me, my body and my family not what just fits within a WW points system.

Diet - a temporary halt to bad behavior. That is why WW works. It is a "live it." WW teaches you to pay attention to what you eat - forever. I lost 100 pounds 12 years ago and I've maintained a healthy weight ever since. How? .I weigh in once a week and I'm almost always free (within 2 pounds of goal.) Anything above that, and I start tracking immediately. That is what is different this time. When I lost weight before - I alway resumed my old habits. Yes, today I eat less. Yes, I have changed my relationship with food. Food is not comfort. Food is not designed to make me feel less sad. Food is either fuel or entertainment. Everything I put in my mouth is my responsibility. 80% of weight loss/gain is determined by what you do - and do not put in your mouth. While exercise and movement is almost essential for weight maintenance I know that if I put my time into preparing healthy meals, I will lose weight.

Weight Watchers works!! I have been a lifetime member now for over 16 years. That said, the bottom line is this, no matter what weight loss program you choose, you need to do it and stick to eat for life. I believe in Weight Watchers and live it day in and day out!! It has saved my life. I got to goal on the old points system but the simply filling plan is great! No weighing, measuring and tracking. Funny that WW would not work for everybody. Maybe it does not work for everyone is because they do not work the program in the right way. WW is rated the #1 weight loss program according to US News and world report. If it did not work would it be ratd so highly?? Just my thoughts!!

There was a documentary on UK TV earlier this year examining the slimming industry. One aspect covered were diet clubs, including Weightwatchers. They interviewed a Former Finance Director, now retired, who admitted that I think it was approx 15% of members reach goal weight, and about half keep it off. He also said that the reason WW is profitable is because it thrives on guilt, when it doesn't work members blame themselves not WW which is why they stay or return to try again. It was an eye opener, and well done Snack Girl for opening up the debate.

I go to weight watchers and I lose on their plan but very slowly. I think the plan is flawed so I have tweaked it to work for me. I track everything eat, go to the meetings for support and the weigh in. I am short and in my 50s if ate all the food allowed I would gain weight. I found the point amount that helps me lose weight. I include a treat a day but try not to horde points for unhealthy choices. After all this time I know more protein, less carbs and lots of walking are my keys to success.

More than 40 years ago, I lost 75 pounds on the original WW as founded by Jean Neidich and based on a NYC board of Health diet - for me it was a good balance of carba, protein and fats - real food not processed.

Once I reached goal, I relaxed a bit but whenever I gained weight I returned to Jean's diet.

Once WW was sold to Heinz the program changed and, in my opinion, not for the better. Corporations are first and foremost in business to make a profit and today's WW does that very well.

Also, I've observed people abusing the point system by using points to eat processed and snack food rather than sticking with food that actually has nutrient value. Perhaps the 0 point veggies & fruit will help; but for me - if I need it back to the original WW I run.

WW can concentrate on their bottom line, I'll concentrate on my health.

I absolutely love WW, it has changed my life. I was skeptical and thought about joining for years and never felt really ready but one day a friend was going and almost dragged me. After I signed the contract it was like a huge relief came over me and I knew that if I was spending the money I would totally commit. I followed it religiously and I never was hungry, I'm not kidding. I never liked fruit before but I had to learn to like it. I lost 65 lbs in a little less than a year and I loved meetings and exchanging ideas. I track every day, it's like a diary to me. I have kept weight off for over 2 years, I have never missed a day of tracking in over 3 years. I don't find it a problem to write down everything you eat, it is an extremely important step for success. I will admit that the losing phase was easier than the maintaining. I have gained a few lbs. but I had initially gone below my goal so I had some leeway and I am well within my suggested weight range. I guess it's possible that it doesn't work for everyone but you have to be honest with yourselves---are you following it religiously and not cheating--- and I know that's hard to do and I'm not sure how I found the strength to do it, but looking forward to seeing a loss every week, and it was every single week that I had a loss, it kept me going---you get used to it if you are strict with yourself in the beginning, it becomes habit. So it is hard but if you really do everything you are supposed to I believe it works. Again, I LOVE WW!!!!! am thrilled with it. I do splurge and go out to eat once or twice a week. I also ride my bike for a minimum of one hour every day even in the winter and I live in buffalo.

I lost about 40 pounds on weight watchers several years ago using the online version. I found the logging of each meal motivating, and the points system in use then allowed me to feel satisfied so I only had to address my recreational eating of an evening. Then they changed to the Points Plus system now in use and I was never full again. The new system heavily penalizes anything remotely satisfying (2 eggs, about 150 calories, was something like 5 points). The trick to any diet, of course, is to eat fewer calories than you burn, but it won't work if you are truly hungry much of the time, or ravenous by the time you reach the next scheduled meal or snack. I have kept it off for the most part, but it is a constant struggle. My suggestion is write down every single thing you eat including the quantity. At least this forces you to think about what you are eating.

I saw your topic first thing this morning...and I thought WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! The program WORKS! IF you do it 100%! I've lost 102 lbs in 18 months and I'm 61 yrs old.

How many of you who claim it doesn't work, eat food with no nutritional value - junk food more than 1x a week?

How many of you eat 80 - 90% off of the POWER FOODS LIST?

You CANNOT LOSE YOUR WEIGHT, and then GO BACK TO YOUR OLD HABITS, just like that person you wrote about.

With WW YOU CAN, eat more protein, less carbs, vice versa...YOU find out which way it works better for you, that is the beauty of the program!

There are no magical foods in WW, but junk food is not your friend.

I'm so annoyed I'm ready to stop following you. You do your readers a BIG DISSERVICE BY POSTING THIS TRASH!

I lost over 75 lbs using the point program (not points plus) back in 2008-2009. I got down to my goal weight, but got transferred before making lifetime (Have to weigh-in six times at goal). Since then I've gained it all back, and have tried using the points plus system, but it didn't work near as easily. Right now can't afford the fees with WW, so don't know if I'll go back or not.

I've been an on again off again WW member. I didn't like the meetings after a while because it would be the same leader and every time she saw a new face, it would bring on the same stories. She's a great leader but the monotony made it boring. I started focusing on the on-line site and lost 30 pounds but there always felt like there was a "pull" to overeating. My stomach would get these "hunger pains", insatiable hunger, it seemed - the will power would fail. Then, along with other issues I was having I decided to try food allergy testing and found out that I have sensitivities to pretty much my whole diet. Once i eliminated those foods the hunger subsided. There was no pain when I thought I was hungry and now I can go hours without eating. I'm hoping this time it will be a success. I think I've gone through most of the grieving process with the foods have to say goodbye to - and it's been really hard. I also gave up soda and all artificial sweeteners and alot of the body aches that I was trying to "eat away" are gone. I have my fingers crossed this time....

Good luck Nancy!

I lost about 25 lbs, then plateaued. I was hitting the gym really hard, and doing lots of strength training too, and I found that the WW staff didn't understand that part. I was always hungry and couldn't cut out any more stuff! I ended up leaving.

I first joined WW in 1966 when I was 14, and there were not any where near the choices as today. I am now 62 and can safely say I have rejoined easily 19-20 times. Each time I have lost weight, and obviously gained back plus more. For me, the flaw of the program compels me to become obsessed about food. The points, tracking, measuring and planning turned me into a dieting nutcase! When all is said and done, being on a program of any kind turns into a compulsion that is just as bad as compulsive overeating! I don't know what the answer is. I am 60 pounds lower than my highest weight and holding. This is just listening to my body and common sense. I could still stand to lose another 50lbs, but I am not going on a plan that makes me think about food all the time!

OK. Here's something really simple. This is how I lose weight when I want to. Two ways. 1.) Don't eat anything white or made with "white." No noodles, sugar, things made with noodles, white bread or get the point. No white. Number 2: Easy.... If you have carbs for breakfast, eat salad for lunch. If you want a sandwich for lunch, eat fruit for breakfast. Dinner, meat and veggies. Snack...Frozen yougert. That's it. Three meals a day and one snack. Eating six times a day is ludicrous! Who has time for all that grazing! Not me. I would finish breakfast, and force down a mid morning snack. I didn't even want it! but was told it keeps the metabolism going. No thanks.

I started WW back in the 1980s, when they were doing food exchanges. I lost 40 lbs. and kept it off for 4 years. Then we moved to another state and I had to get a new job in a new city and my whole life was upside down. I started putting the pounds back on. Before I knew it, I had gained 25 lbs. so, I decided to find a WW meeting and start again.

I didn't like the meeting leader; she seemed bossy and was heavy herself. WW had changed to a points system which I could not understand.

To this day, I follow the food exchange method. My weight goes up and down by about 5 lbs., but I can understand this program and know what I'm doing.

I have always done my best at losing weight on the WW program, however, I have noticed I not lose like I used. I personally think giving everyone the same 26 PPV per day is the problem. I wasn't losing for the longest time. I also don't agree with "are you eating enough? maybe you need to add more points?" I do that and gain more. I have cut down on the daily points value and have started losing.

Wow - I guess I'm not alone! And a lot of us seem to be on the same page. Eat better, exercise more, don't obsess. I've seen a nutritionist, and it's time to revisit what she had told me, and incorporate that into with what WW and my Teamleader, Jean (Oh, I miss Jean!!) had taught me. It won't be WW, but it should be something I can live with. If there was a magic pill for stress (I know, yoga, meditation....but where do you find the TIME for that???) it would be a big help. Maybe my "ocean waves" CD....? Glad to see all of the comments - I don't feel so alone now!

Great thought provoking post and comments! This sure demonstrates what a lightening rod the topics of "weight loss" "diet" and "Weight Watchers" are!

I think we all know when it comes to weight loss, there is no one way; just the way that works best for you. Mine is a similar story. I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I first went to WW and became a lifetime member when I was in my late 20's. Back then it as an exchange/selection plan. I feel like I learned a ton about healthy balanced eating and portions.

Once I reached goal and achieved lifetime I stopped attending meetings and slowly reverted to old behaviors. And yes, gained back the weight.

Through the decades I stopped/started WW several times and tried tons of the popular "diets" of the moment. I've also read extensively on the topic.

Several years ago I returned to Weight Watchers and committed to it as a lifestyle not a diet. And I used the Simply Filling Plan. That along with clever tips I picked up reading the life-changing book, "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink have helped me lose the extra weight and keep it off for several years.

I even went to work for Weight Watchers as a receptionist/leader for a while.

The truth is that there is nothing magical about "WW Points" It's just a way for a for-profit company to make their plan proprietary. If you take the calories of any food and divide by 40 you will approximate the WW Points value 95% of the time, which is what I do when I'm too lazy to pull out my WW calculator :-)

The truth is that we as humans are designed to eat food when we see food. It worked for thousands of years when food was sometimes plentiful and sometimes scarce. Now we live in a time where food (at least here in the US) is TOO PLENTIFUL. Portions are HUGE. And restaurant food is ridiculously CALORIC.

To survive in this OUT OF CONTROL food world we have to come up with a system to LIMIT how much we eat. (This is much easier than trying to exercise away the excess, though exercise is important for overall mood and health.)

It doesn't really matter how we chose to limit our food intake. We just need to do it in a way we can stick with. Count calories or points, limit portions, limit number of meals, limit hours of the day, they'll all work. (My brother is having great success on The 8 Hour Diet, which encourages you to limit your eating to an 8-hour span several days a week.)

What works for me? Eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and no more than 5 servings of starches/sweets, watching my portions, not eating seconds, eating from smaller plates, allowing myself small portions of sweet treats when I want them and probably most importantly, taking care of myself, getting enough sleep, drinking tons of water, doing yoga, and allowing myself healthy doses of non-food-related pleasure.

I have found WW useful in the past and agree with the comments above about it being a good all round education about food. I think personally you have to be committed and give it your full attention for it to truly be effective. Like a lot of things in life I guess :) currently I'm using MyFitnessPal which is very easy, convenient and free.

Happy new year everybody - wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015

I am the most I have ever weighed in my life. 215lbs @ 5'3 1/2. I have bad feet that I have had many things done to to make them better to no avail.(seen about 6 podiatrists) My thyroid is failing me but right now the meds. are controlling it. My favortie exercise in the world is walking and I am still walking at the park 4-5 days a week. My husband and I both like to eat at night but I noticed when he's not around I am more health conscience. Structured diets do not work for me. Not great will-power. My saving grace is that I do like healthy foods but working full-time @59yrs. I am too tired to cook most times. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks

I know this post is from last year, but I had to weigh in on this. (haha -- joke not intentional.) I just started WW online five days ago and my impression is that this is a program for people whose idea of meat is a fast food hamburger and whose idea of a vegetable is potatoes, corn, and lima beans. I see these people at Boston Market. They get the quarter-white-meat dinner with sides of mashed potatoes and corn. Or stuffing and mashed potatoes. Or corn and creamed spinach.

WW clobbers you almost as much for protein as it does for carbs. For someone like me, who is MUCH more sated with protein than with carbs or even vegetables, this is a real problem that is causing me to be hungry much of the time. The idea that I'm going to get clobbered for 7 points for a 6-oz. salmon filet -- almost 1/3 of my daily 26-point points target -- but I can gorge on bing cherries all day for zero points just doesn't make sense. What also doesn't make sense is why vegetables have zero points, but put those same vegetables into a soup with defatted chicken broth and it's three points.

I am staying on this for the two months I paid for, but I don't think I'm going to stay with it. I'm simultaneously doing because I think I need the accountability. Yesterday I went a whopping 10 points over my target points, but on it was only 1420 calories. That's just nuts.

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