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Happy to join!!

Thanks for the idea. I'm going to try that for a snack.

Great snack idea! Will look for them on our next bull's-eye run. Thank you!

Two points used to get me the twice-the-size, 90-calorie Weight Watchers GIANT LATTE BAR that satisfied the sweet tooth and helped me lose 80 lbs under the old Points Plus system. (sigh*)


Thanks - I would appreciate even More Weight Watcher snack ideas. Thanks!!!

If you live in an area with Publix stores, they very often have Arnold sandwich thins, in several varieties, on BOGO. They also freeze very well, so I buy in quantities when they have that offer.

I love Snack Girl site..usually..Did you notice the Weight Watchers Mocha Latte Ice Cream Bar ingredient list? No artificial sweeteners but plenty of other questionable ingredients including Carrageenan, Artificial Flavors and Sulfates.

There are many sites that advertise WW products but I do not expect much from these other sites because they aren't as concerned with what is in the food products.

Definitely going to try this snack. I have tried several of their ice cream treats. I like the raspberry ice cream pop with chocolate covering. It says 2 = 1 serving. But I eat only one ice cream pop and am satisfied.

@Zoe - I did notice the food additives you mention and I felt that the bar still tasted good - and that they were a small percentage (less than 2%) of the overall product. Thank you for your comment!

I really recommend the Enlightened Ice Cream Bars. Only 3 points, but they are heavenly. I love all of the flavors. Low sugar, high protein! Good stuff.

This is also YUM with thin slices of avacado and tomatoe!

This snack looks great, and so simple! I make a similar snack using string cheese in a corn tortilla with Perfect Pinch seasonings on top. I melt it in the microwave and just roll it up for on the go. But adding the tomato looks really yum! Thanks for all you do, Snack Girl!

I'm going to try this little snack. I need more snack ideas like this one.

how many old ww points are the mocha latte ice cream bars

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