Weight Watchers Smart Points: Is it Working for You?

January 19, 2016   129 Comments

There have been some blips with the roll-out of the new SmartPoints program.

Weight Watchers New Program

Check out my list of Smart Points Recipes for inspiration! The recipes are listed by Smart Points value to help you in your quest for staying on plan.

Some have complained of the points calculator not working and the recipe builder technology failing. Others have a tough time with new higher points value of their favorite treats (which they already had bought in bulk).

For example:

I'm all in with the new program yet feel the lack of chocolate may derail me. 12 pts is a lot of points for one and a half ounces. Any ideas out there?

whoa! You can take my chocolate away from my dead body. I would not be happy about this as I find chocolate to be one of the better small treats that rescues me from LARGE cookies.


I have been on maintenance for over a year and had figured out how many points I needed to maintain and meet my goal every day without using my activity points. I do not exercise so I can eat! Now WW has decided how many points I can have and I have a daily victory only by using every activity point and ending up with a row of zeros every evening. And I never have room for a treat. I can't live like this forever.

Oh dear. Did WW go too far in cutting back on sugar for maintenance of the plan? I worry a bit about this because total deprivation isn’t a good idea when it comes to our treats. We NEED treats in moderation because we are human.

My thinking is there might be stages to this new plan. The first stage is to cut down the chocolate and treats until you get rolling on the weight loss. Then when you get to a place where you feel good and start to WANT to eat healthy food most of the time – you can add back moderate treats.

I read this positive comment and I like it:

Finally WW has seen that a point isn't just a point, lot more involved. Same food, same point system. You decide. Are we upset because we're eating healthier? Do we want to lose weight, yet eat the same bad foods? Ever seen a fat cave man?

I have not seen a fat cave man! They always look so skinny in their selfies.

Change is hard and not very fun when it comes to something as difficult as weight loss. If PointsPlus was working for you, why would you want to change?

I would love to hear how it is going! Please share below.

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It's been an adjustment but I think it's a much better system now. Looking over my trackers from last year I was spending way too many of my points on sugary treats - EVERYDAY! I wasn't setting myself up for permanent weightloss because I wasn't dealing with what caused me to gain so much - constant indulging. I had just " fixed" the system where I could still eat crap food and lose weight. I think the message that WW is promoting now in their program is much better as you are being rewarded for making better choices.

WW is NOT encouraging us to eat our fitpoints! In fact, it is the complete opposite! We are supposed to earn them now because it is the healthy thing to do, not to eat them. The person in your article is mistaken!

I'm not convinced this is a better system, yet. I really fear it is too limiting, too much like a diet that most will never maintain and stick to "forever" which is essential to keep the weight off. I lost over 100 lbs and kept it off until the change in December. Now, I am fighting a weight gain and having trouble getting back to goal. The problems with tracking etc. online has really put a kink in things for me. I have always done ok over the holidays until this year. I wasn't able to use my online tracker and gained. I love the leaders, support staff, and members at meetings but have lost all confidence in Weight Wathchers the business. I think I am going back to meeting this week after a lot of debating with myself as to "what I should do." The only reason I am returning is because I can't think of a better alternative at this point but if one presents itself I will be gone. I am determined to keep this weight off but I no longer trust Weight Watchers International to help me do that. I feel like they want my money, period. I know that is a negative attitude but sometimes the truth is not pretty. Good luck to everyone in their weight loss and maintenance journey.

I lost 90 lbs. under the old system of WW from June 2014 to present. I have never felt better, and my doctor is very pleased as well. I made goal but very much dislike the new Smart Points system. I will stick to old system. "if it isn't broken, why fix it."

I'm doing it, and it's a day-to-day struggle. It's clearly changed from a lifelong eating plan to a diet.

The algorithm is flawed by not taking carbs into account. Now, the same size serving of white pasta is the same as 100% whole wheat. So, for me, I have to watch this on the side.

I never thought I'd do it, as I'm a lifetime member, but I've downloaded MyFitnessPal, and I'm doing it in parallel to the new WW.

I haven't dealt with them, but WW Customer Service has been a disaster, and they have been difficult when people have asked for refunds.

I believe that it is a PR disaster.

I've been attending WW meetings for 8 1/5 years and lost 60 pounds; regained about 10 and have been struggling since to re-lose that last difficult 10 pounds. I find the newly revised program to be making me more mindful when I chose chocolate over fruit or other snacks. Chocolate is a part of my life; sometimes I indulge, sometimes not; but with 30 SP's a day; 42 weeklies and activity points - sometimes I actually use some of them...regardless of what I'm told...the weight is slowly dropping down...I'm a slow loser anyway and am thrilled to see by cutting back on fats here and there (switched to some of the FF cheeses) and getting in a little more exercise...yes, it's really good for me! Makes me feel better and stronger; I can do this for the rest of my life! Even if I never make it back to goal...I'm not 50-60 pounds heavier than I should least! So maybe I'll be one of those people who will always be struggling with 10 pounds...but with my family history (300 or more pounds is common) least I won't be struggling with 100 or more pounds to's a compromise. I rely on WW weigh in's weekly to keep me mindful...I can do better...I will do better. I've never had long term success with any other weight management program. Fast off = fast on + more pounds...Find what works for you...and make it work for you for the rest of your life. WW works for me :)

I am brand new to the smartpoint system so cannot compare it but I am not sure it is enough food. I am always hungry most days. If it is a day I focus on protein and less fruit or a day I have a nice mix of fruit and protein I am still very hungry. It has been 2 weeks and my scales at the health club say I am down 2 pounds but the WW scale says .08. Not sure what is going on there. Sure hope these scales are accurate. If the scales don't come around I plan on bringing an item in and checking these scales out. But in the mean time. I am walking around very depleted. :(

I balked at the technical glitches and having spent/wasted hard-earned money on quantities of go-to, low-point foods that are now no longer worth their higher point values to me.

Having said that, sugar, fat, & salt are addictive and SHOULD be reduced for better health!

I agree that feeling deprived is the enemy & downfall of many programs and will always be on the lookout for low point treats. I will sacrifice 2SP for the satisfying crunch of a caramel rice cake or crunchy rice roller (both of which used to be 1PP) when wanting the crunch lacking in most fruits (except pomegranate seeds, which are the perfect treat - juicy, flavorful, crunchy, and NO POINTS!).

I'm a fan of protein and am glad to be able to have more protein for fewer points under the new system, though some meats are high in sodium (a price I'm willing to pay!).

This is how I see the new SP:

Higher points on sugar + lower points on protein + more points allocated per day = a redistribution of points forcing healthier choices.

Bottom line, the new SP seems like, theoretically, a good thing, but having initially lost over 80 lbs on PP, the proof will be whether it gets me the rest of the way to my weight loss goal!!

And I don't care what the WW ads say about 'beyond the scale...SP is about healthier living' (or whatever they say!) - I'm already living healthier. For me, it's TOTALLY about the scale, seeing those numbers drop!!! =)

I have lost 56 pounds so far on the OLD WW diet. I am only 8 pounds away from my goal weight.

I am 51 years old. I have a broken back that prevents me from exercising. I had a full hysterectomy that has pushed me straight into medical menopause, which is like turbo menopause. The symptoms are terrible. I recently went through a very painful divorce that I did not want. I suffer from depression. I just lost my beloved 12 year old dog who was my heart dog and my constant companion to cancer. Yet I have managed to still lose 56 pounds on WW.

I have been on every diet under the sun, and WW is the ONLY one I could lose on because it was (yes I said was) the only diet I could stick with and stay on long term.

Ok, why did I say "was"?

I know sugar is bad for us. I've read every study. I'm not an ignorant person. Yet we still want our little sweet at the end of the day or when we feel stressed, or want to celebrate. That will never change no matter what all of the scientists and experts and studies tell us. And without those little sweet treats we feel deprived and we ultimately cheat. When we cheat we feel so bad about ourselves that sometimes we just give up. You know the saying - have one flat tire so might as well pop the other three.

I relied on those WW 2 point cakes and other WW treats and they got me through this journey and struggle. But now they are all double the smart points. My Go To Foods that were free before now have points - my fat free coffee creamer, Cool Whip Free and many more. Even my yogurt has doubled in smart points which I don't understand. The WW dinners that saved me when I was too tired to cook a meal have increased in points and are not worth eating now.

When I count the foods that used to be free, or low in points but have now doubled, I lose points from my daily eating so I'm hungry. Hungry and deprived are not good on a diet. This new WW will eventually fail, I'm sorry to say. Everybody in my meeting feels the same way.

I ask this very respectfully - did you try the old WW before you changed it? Because it has worked for me and so many other people.

3 yrs ago I joined WW after trying every diet on the planet, with no real change. With WW smart points, I lost 60 lbs. changed my life big time. Over this past year I've retired and gained back almost 20 lbs. I wasn't aware of the changes WW made to the program and went online to join (as a lifetime member). I went online to start using the program and find where I might connect with a meeting (they closed the one I was using). I had a horrible time trying to understand and use the new program. I immediately connected with live chat at WW and requested my money back. After using the program for so many years and loving it, I don't understand why they would make changes. It's bad enough that you can't calculate the points without them but I bought the scale and calculator and made it work to maintain. Now I can't I see it as just another way for WW to make more money at our expense. I'm struggling to work a new way to lose the regained weight on my own. Trying to use healthy foods, non-gmo and organic, non processed foods. It's not easy, what's wrong with our health system....LOTS!!!!

The plan was changed because of the latest science. Have you not read that sugar is like poison? Even the food pyramid has changed because of this latest science. I have lost 20lbs on this new plan since October and am loving it. When I was down 6lbs. I was down a clothes size. I am losing inches like crazy, have more energy and am sleeping better. I do not feel sluggish at all and have found so many new things to work into the program that I like. Do I still eat sugar? Sure... but not as often. I had a scone at Pinera the other day. In my opinion, those that are complaining about the new plan has not truly embraced it. Weight Watchers has your back as far as getting you healthy. I am going to be 60 next year and I want to be around awhile. I have been a member of Weight Watchers since the 70's and have been through many programs. This by far is the healthiest in my opinion. Look around at the obesity in the world. How did we get there? Processed foods that are not good for us. Sweets that are like poison. Shame on Weight Watchers for making us eat better. complain all that you want, but I am happy and healthier because of it.

Before the switch to the new system I had plateaued. It had been several weeks (see months) since I had registered any kind of weight loss. My first thought was muscle gain offsetting the fat loss. On the new system, the weight is dropping again, albeit slowly. Do I like the new system? It's taking some adjustment, but it works for me while still allowing treats. Not sure where one poster is getting 12 points for 1.5 oz of chocolate, but people will find all sorts of niggly things to derail themselves when the status quo changes.

I love the new smart points system. I tried the old points plus system about 4 years ago and found I used way too many points on snack foods like the ice cream bars...and that I wasn't losing weight consistently and then, ate too many bars...and was back into the food.

This newly introduced program addresses a healthier way of eating with more points for food choices that are essentially not healthy ones...and less points for "smart" choices, foods that are high in protein, fiber, vitamins...and 0 points for most fruits and vegetables.

I realize that many people are unhappy with the change. When something has worked one can say "if it is not broken then why fix it?" However, all advancement in science and nutrition as well, is not based on something being is about improvements and change for a better quality of health...and life.

The smart food program is here to stay, at least until scientific study shows that more tweaks will be healthier.

Life is all about change...and acceptance...and moving forward. As for me, this system finds me not craving sweets, having plenty to eat and with points left over. Now that has to be a very good thing for me!

The new program is what inspired me because after losing over 75lbs by eating clean and exercising, I had lost accountability due to an illness. I joined WW just before Christmas and went back to meetings for a month. End result...gained 2 lbs. (But I willingly admit, I did not behave during the holidays) Since being off WW for two weeks...lost 7 BUT! I am more accountable. I stopped counting POINTS and attending meetings because I wasn't getting anything out of going to them. WW is not doing its members justice because they are not explaining the program well. I ran a POINT deficit even on days when I was eating as clean as I could. It's important to understand as well that chocolate or other prepared foods with hidden sugars may not be a daily choice on a plan that raises POINTS based on sugar content. Members need help to understand how to find suitable alternatives. If we knew how, we might not necessarily need WW. I was also VERY disappointed to see that exercise was being given the heave ho. (Oprah influence? I know she is not a fan of Bottom line: Food is about feeding the body. Exercise is about keeping the body strong and flexible to manage the day to day and the weight loss formula has not changed: Calories in - calories out=? We all have to decide.

I agree with Lynn. I have lost 40 pounds on the Points Plus. Why change now? It is suppose to be a life style change . What fun is life if you can't have a cookie now and then? I know not to eat too many so I am staying on Points Plus. One point two pounds away from goal!

At first I was upset over the change, (I hate change), but now I really like the new program and how it makes me so aware of the sugar in my diet. Yes I like chocolate as much as the next person, but I will find alternative ways to get that chocolate in if I need it. When going out and my husband has that beautiful Death by chocolate cake, I make sure I eat all my meal and I very happily lean over with my fork and take just a bite to top off my delicious dinner. Will I have days where I will stumble and fall off? I sure will, but the getting back up and getting back on track it truly what counts. Now I love the new program. We CAN and all WILL do this! Have a blessed day!

Lisa - could you please explain your comment about exercise was being given the heave ho. (Oprah influence? I know she is not a fan of I've not heard anything about reducing or avoiding exercise in my meetings? Just asking where you heard/read that. I though the whole point was to increase our activity - that's why they have those activity points accumulating during the week...?

Thank you

I have been following the weight watchers simply filling plan. The new plan didn't really effect me because I was already eating healthy foods and hardly any processed foods. I think the new plan is trying to get people away from all the processed foods. To me it seems like the new plan is similar to simply filling and healthier.

Find it punitive. A 53 calorie tablespoon of maple syrup is 3 points. Really?

I feel like SmartPoints is Atkins in disguise. I don't eat eggs and I barely eat meat and poultry. That leaves very few other options for protein. And protein seems to be the food that had the least points.

Also, a lot of dairy products have gone up. Healthy ones, like Greek Yogurt. It seems like if you want to keep your points count down, you've got to eat artificial sweeteners. I'd rather carry extra weight than put that in my body.

It's not working for me.

It IS an adjustment, but I've always thought the other system a little too lenient with how much sugars you could eat and be healthy. I am changing my sweet tooth's demands once again, but feel I am eating BETTER! It's working for me!

Smart Points is not working for me for all the reasons others have -- too punitive, too high-protein and too diet-y. It also triggers former eating disorder tendencies due to its rigidity, even though the leaders tell you it's about choice and no food is off limits. Not true!

People, listen to yourselves. You've educated yourself on what is healthy, now with that knowledge eat what works for you. Next January there will be another "bigger and better" plan. $$$$. I have been at my target weight for 3 years now and know what I can or can't eat. I do no exercise by choice.

I guess I'm in the minority here, because I'm loving the new program! Many people in my meetings are struggling with it, I think just because it's change. I did cut out a couple of the treats I was eating, for example the FiberOne bars have doubled, so to me, they are no longer worth the points. Dove chocolates have gone up a little, but I'm still able to eat one to satisfy that sweet tooth. I do have an extra 4 points a day compared to PP, so it really doesn't seem that different to me. Eating out is a bit of a challenge, but on the days I eat at home, where I have more control over what I'm eating, I sometimes have a hard time using all my points. One thing that did not change in points is wine, so that was very good news to me, LOL! I love my meetings, and I do like the approach they have now about getting beyond the scale and getting more to the root of my food issues and my daily struggles with weight. Since switching to the new program early December, I have had some pretty good losses, even over the holidays. I was excited for a change, so that helped me to embrace it from day one, and it's working!

I am not following the sp for me it is to restrictive and I feel like its a REAL DIET. So for me I went back to following the pp and im doing just fine with the pp im losing on it. I don't eat a lot of sweets but when I feel I need something I can still eat it with pp.

I firmly believe that we will get creative and find new creative ways to get something sweet in our day that is satisfying and low in points. - of course we all know sugar is not a great option but even a dietician will tell you a small bit of sugar in our diet is ok. After all we are human !

I'm learning to get creative with popcorn.

I also trust Snack Girl will add sweet treat recipes that will get us through this !

Smart Points is change and change is often hard. I'm glad WW is shaking things up a bit. I think the new plan is based on clean eating practices but still needs adjustments. I'm willing to keep going and see what happens but I am totally fed up with the technical problems with the app, the web site and customer service. THey can and should do better.

Sue G. What Lisa was trying to say was on the points plus program you could count your activity points in with your daily points that you could eat daily. With this new program (my leader told me this) that now you can not add them in with your daily points. They are just activity points that you just track.

My first week on Smart Points, I lost 4.5lbs and I was excited, but since then I've maintained the same weight. Not exactly what I want. I can't seem to figure out how to break this rut. The focus on less sugar has been tough when I want to treat myself to something decadent, because even the "healthier" decadent options are high in points now. So I'm on the fence with this new system.

I hate the new program. I have been at goal for 3 years and was doing fine. Now after a lot of money spent on all the paraphanalia you offered, you want us to buy all new books, equipment and starve in the process.

How much veggies and fruit can one eat? How about we who have digestive problems? I am glad that I kept my old calculators and recipe books. I will no longer subscribe to the Weight Watchers magazine because it will nolonger relate to me. relate to me

I've always felt that while WW was an excellent program they allowed too much junk food/empty calories. A year ago I gave up sugar and eat a minimal amount of carbs. I weigh myself once a week and I'm still at my goal weight. While I'm not familiar with the new program it appears they're finally going in the right direction.

You have to choose if you want to use your activity points.

It defaults to not used but you can go in and change it.

Just go to the top of home page.

In the blue bar at the far right at the top you

will see a person--go into setting and you can change and use activity points.

I've never been able to use these and lose.

I lost 28 lbs in the old points now completely confused.. feel like giving up as I got to know the Pro Points after 3 months.I hate change.

Greek Yogurt FF that comes plain with no processing has not gone up in points! Neither has the Dannon 80 calorie yogurt cups which are 2 smart points. What has gone up is the processed Greek Yogurt that has added fruit (artificial) and sugar which lowers not only the protein content but also the portion size! I would much rather have 8 ounces of FF Greek Yogurt Plain for 3 points than 4-5 ounces of sugar infused yogurt with only 12 grams of protein and 2-4 points! I add my own fruit to my yogurt and sometimes even a few chia seeds and I get twice as much and am totally satisfied. Besides all the added sugars in the processed foods just make you crave more sugar! Smart Points works by getting you to think about what is worth it to you and then instead of having a splurge every day you do it once or twice a week! Then it really is a splurge instead of an everyday treat. Both programs work but Smart Points really is trying to get people to eat less added sugar and move more every day to be the healthiest we can be. It really comes down to choices and what you truly want. You can have anything you want if you track and plan. I just choose to have salmon and broccoli and a small baked sweet potato over a can of regular soda and a piece of fruit for dinner. If you eat good food, not too much and mostly from plants (not made in a plant) you will feel and look better and you will eat well and be satisfied. It works if you are willing to use the tools that are there to help and support you along the way. It's not easy but neither was living as an obese person most of my life (lost 210.4 pounds)!

I am frustrated because my current phone is not able to handle the new app. I will have to purchase a new phone to make it all work for me.

We can absolve ourselves of accountability when there is a weight gain and just blame Weight Watchers new program, right? Seriously. If you claim to have been so successful on the old program, then clearly you know what works and what doesn't and you must have learned something along the way. At the end of the day, you get to decide how you approach this journey and make it happen. Track on paper if you have to temporarily. Follow the old program if you want to. But don't blame anyone else for a gain that you know you had a big part in. Its your health so do what you have to do....or not. The results are yours to own.

I have been in maintenance with WW for nearly 13 years & have been through several programs & tweaks and always made it work- I loved WW. I'm sad to say I am leaving WW and sticking with the Points P,us program. I generally eat healthy- lots of fruits, veggies, whole grain & lean meat. But I also have a date night with my husband Once a week & celebrations and go out with friends here and there. Up until this new program I have been able to have treats & keep my weight in check. I made my decision the other day when I was ready to turn down dinner with friends because I could no longer eat what was on the menu. I workout hard 6 days/week & am well over 10,000 steps a day but I have 28 extra points a week. I just feel deprived. The Fitpoints are crazy out of whack- I got 4 points (my Fitbit is synced to my account) one day while I was home sick watching a Netflix marathon. I think the new program is fine if you are trying to loose weight but I just can't maintain it forever. The Points Plus system is a lifestyle I can maintain- eating healthy the majority of the time but still being able to have some splurges.

Absolutely NOT! After being in the online plan for 5 years, losing 50 pounds and gaining a bit of it back in the last year due to life challenges, and being a lifetime member since the mid-70's I dropped WW last week. I found an online FB group that is supporting people who want to remain with the Points Plus program and it is great, supportive and what I need. The new program is not appropriate for those of us who choose not to eat meat proteins. WW staff have been HORRIBLE in assisting with making the change. The response I got to my question of creating an eating plan that was not meat based was - well look up the non-plant proteins and use them. They had no list, no references, nothing! Not helpful, not inspiring, and not going to work for me when the points of many of these are way higher than they used to be. I will NOT eat artificial sweeteners. I will not use powdered protein - like an email I got from WW last week tried to sell me. Seriously - WW hawking a protein powder??!!When I got the email from "Oprah" later in the week - that was the final straw. The response to the letter I wrote back was priceless... I need a program I can fit into my life, not one that is overly restrictive and based on meats. This new one is not it - so I am saving my $20 a month and will use it to join the local community center gym.

achieved lifetime 2 years ago and was as low as 168 now 188 and trying to stop any further movement in the uphill stride. My goal was and still is 170. Thought about going back to WW as that is the only thing that has kept my weight off. I started at 217. So at 188 I will take the 20 back off to attain goal. But it wont be at weightwatchers. I have the basics to work with and will use livestrong's myplate as the guide for accountability. its free and I just cant give WW anymore money in this lifetime. I am committed to a lifestyle change. I was able to make that change and still have determination to do it. Started yesterday. Drinking my water. Watching my sugar and doing what I now know works for me: portion control, adjust protein up (makes me have less cravings)adjust sugar down and fall off the wagon sometimes daily by not doing it exactly right but overall a healthy happier me who is not trying to kill someone just because "I" am on a "diet". Its a lifestyle change...something I can do forever. Didn't meet my goal oh well ... I have till death to get there. However I have limits and right now 188lb is that limit. No more fat gain! It ends period. maintain is good. losing is better.

I lost 30 lbs. on Points Plus, became a lifetime member, and for about 18 months worked for WeightWatchers as a receptionist (I have not been employed by WW for over 12 months). This company is really focused on doing the right things for it's members when it comes to the science behind their point systems. Five points of chocolate does not offer the same nutritional value as five points of lean protein or five points of fiber. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter if you're doing PP, SP, MyFitnessPal or anything else. I have a piece of dark chocolate (75% cocoa or higher)every day and have done that since I started WW. It comes out to about 5-8 GRAMS - a small portion of a candy bar, not half of it.

I know that for the last 2 years I have been using the old program and I haven't lost much weight. I'd lose 5 lbs and then they come back. It was terrible. I kept on doing everything measuring, weighing and counting points. I'm diabetic and everytime I talk to the instructor she'd tell me to just KEEP on program. The old program was just too many points for me. I wish I hadn't lost 2 years doing something that just didn't work for me. I've looked over this new program and I feel that it will be more in line with me losing weight.

If you were losing weight on the old program then keep using it, if not this new one maybe a better fit.

I just want to lose this weight end of story.

The point is that we learn to eat a normal amount of a treat. I can sit and watch my husband, who is normal (not thin, but not overweight at all) eat one square of chocolate. Why do I have to eat six of the same? One square of 70-85% dark chocolate is 2 Smart Points. I have been told many times it is the first two bites one craves. One square (5.6 grams in the kind I bought) can easily be stretched to three bites. Just because I grew up eating a whole candy bar in three bites doesn't mean I can't learn to be satisfied with 5.6 grams in three bites.

I love the new plan! I have been on WW for the past three years and lost 49 pounds in the first nine months, and then hit a plateau. On the new plan I lost over five pounds in the first week. I think its makes more sense nutritionally to reduce one's sugar if you are trying to get healthy and lose weight. My only complaint is that the Recipe Builder is not yet up and running, but I am told that they are working on it. So far, I am really enjoying Simple Points!

While I am not currently a WW member, I have read articles explaining the latest form the WW eating plan.

Although it dates me, I remember the ORIGINAL Jean Neidich plan which was based on a NYC Dept. of Health diet. The diet was high protein and not only restricted amounts of carbs but was very restrictive as to the type of "carb food", the diet called for plenty of veggies and fruit, limited dairy and fats. I've always viewed it as the most common sense and best eating plan for me. I think that the "new" plan is more in line with the original rather than what happened after Jean sold her interest to Heinz.

The thing with the chocolate being 12 points is not all chocolate is 12 points. That's a basic number. If you have a calculator or etools, use them to calculate the nutritional information and get the SP value. Weight Watchers gives us a pocket guide, but they take the average of 3 types of chocolate. So, not all chocolate is 12 points. But if I want that chocolate bar, I can eat it. I just track it and move on. But I shouldn't have a chocolate bar everyday. I know I can't do that and lose weight. We can't lose weight while eating treats all the time.

I am a vegetarian. I drink milk and eat eggs. But that's not the only way I get my protein. I use protein powder which is really good and comes from milk. I eat soy, beans, lentils, and etc. My chili is really filling because it has a lot of vegetables in it which are free in points (minus the corn).

I'm not hungry at all on this program. My bf and I ordered pizza on Sunday and I had 3 slices. I tracked and moved on. And I'll probably still lose weight on Saturday when I weigh in because it's not what I eat on one day that determines my weigh in.

I found other ways to indulge my sweet tooth. Pudding, Jello, overnight oats with honey and cocoa powder (no artificial sweeteners there), and other things. I don't think WW is leading us towards artificial sweeteners. It's about our choices. I'm eating far more healthier on this program than I did on any other program. I am losing weight again and getting healthy. It's something that I can definitely sustain. Eating out can be difficult, but I get salads (I love Boston Pizzas salads dressing on the side) or I get half of my meal to go because portions are huge anyway.

I love the new program. It's really helping me get back to goal. It can take a little planning, but most of my eating did not change. And what did change is for the better anyway. I shouldn't have been eating ice cream everyday (in a heaping 1/2 cup and I mean heaping) and I shouldn't have been eating Fibre 1 Bars.

All in all, it doesn't matter what you are following because it's your weight loss journey. No one can decide it for you. Not Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Aiken's, or MyFitnessPal. If PP worked for you, do it. If MFP works, do it. Neither work for me. But SP is.

Sorry my "book", but I have a lot to say about this. There's more I want to say, but I don't want to bore you. :P

WW points system never worked for me...sadly. I was starving on the first one and the points plus I gained. Not trying the new WW. Counting calories as worked very well for me.

I am a lifetime member. I joined in 1991 when WW had the exchange system. I lost my weight - 35 lbs in 5-6 months. When WW changed to PP I just never could get into the PP system. Maybe I was just resistance to change? Well, I started the new SP program 3 weeks ago to loose a little weight that has creeped on. I find it super easy to do. I have an occasional day that I am hungry but not too many. The key is to plan it out and not wing it. It is a healthier plan. Cutting out sugar is needed. They have been saying that sugar causes cancer. I could eat sugar all day. WW is teaching me I need to change my ways. The other new idea is WW doesn't want you to eat your exercise points. People have some unhealthy habits eating poorly and trying to exercise it off. Rather WW is trying to get us to move each day and not do anything to excess - eating or exercising. Of course I wish WW was cheaper but it is cheaper than other options out there including major doctor bills! My incentive is to get to goal again and stop paying and stick with the program this time for LIFE! Signed a lifetime member who believes! Ye it does work!

I was an online member using pro points, and was and am continuing to lose weight still using the pro points.

I have cancelled my subscription as the smart points do not make sense and make it so strict it is ridiculous. Plus the site has more problems than ever.....

I have the books the calculators the trackers, my fit bit that I know how many points I earn for exercise, and will continue on with my journey on my own, not to mention my $34 monthly subscription fee is now going towards my non food rewards for reaching my goals.

Thanks for Pro Points programme WW but no thanks for the smart points programme. My saying if it is to be it's up to me, is playing out in real life, I know longer use the site but am continuing to lose on my own with the previous plan of pro points.

Good luck to everyone on there journey wether it be with WW or on your own, I do have the feeling though it will be the latter.

Bad news my friend. There aren't "stages" to this plan. The only "stages" are, the more weight you lose, the more your DAILY points and your BONUS points go down. you get older they go stages.

I love my "treats" as much as the next person, but realistically I know that eating treats regularly will not get me to my desired weight.

My leader likes to word it as "You aren't a dog, you DON'T get a treat EVERY day"

I have found the smart plus a good thing. Once you give it a chance and your body adjusts to less sugar, you really don't miss it!!!!!! I ate a chocolate chip cookie last week and it was way too sweet! I say keep up the good work in helping us get healthy. I am a life time member so have been following the plans for a long time. This is the best adjustment yet!

I don't see a whole lot different between Points Plus and Smart Points EXCEPT foods with lots of saturated fat and sugar are going to cost you more points if you choose to eat them. WW is just trying to guide you to eat more healthfully. There is no reason why anyone should be hungry on this program. If you are, you are not eating enough protein. You can always have fruit or veggies, too, which are zero point options. Fruit satisfies -- most of the time -- my sweet cravings. I do eat lots of fruit. I am a Lifetime member. I lost 94 pounds. I've been maintaining now for two years. For my maintenance, I follow the Simply Filling program, which I believe they are calling now the No Count Option -- or something like that. But during my losing journey, I tracked daily in my paper tracker. If you want to lose weight, you are going to have to cut back on the snacks -- that is all there is to it. If you want a snack now and then, that is fine, but you plan for it and make it work. The only criticism I have with the new plan is that they no longer talk at all about the Good Health Guidelines. I didn't always follow them -- as I almost never would have the healthy oils -- but I think people need guidelines on their path to heathier eating, and that did help. Anyway, there's my two cents!

I am also struggling very hard with the new point system. I have, in fact, gained weight. I abide by staying in my points, exercise and measure to no avail. I feel like I am completely failing.

I am 64 years old and have been a WW member multiple times since I first joined in 1974 after my daughter was born and I was trying to get back into my jeans. Some of the plans have worked well for me, some have not.The very first plan worked well and looking back it was very restrictive. For the day I could have 3 fruits,3 veg,10oz protein, 3 bread/starchy veg, 2 servings of skim milk and 1 tablespoon of fat. On one plan in the 80's it was a high fiber plan with lots of grains and even though I stuck to it faithfully I actually gained weight. I tried the original points program several years ago and wasn't very successful with it either. Not sure why, maybe just my mindset (really could I have sabotaged myself, LOL). Anyway after going through menopause and weighing 220lb, I finally lost 65 lbs on a low carb program and for the first time in my life reached goal weight and even kept it off for 2 yrs. Then last year something happened, I started to really resent the fact that I could not eat a bowl of cereal with a banana (I know , weird huh) and as of Thanksgiving this year I had gained back almost 30lb. I decided to try the points program again because I knew I could have fruit and cereal, I just had to be accountable for it. I was only on points plus for 1 week before it changed to Smartpoints so maybe that is why I haven't had too much trouble with the program. I try to preplan...if I know I'm going to dinner one night, I really watch my points and save my extra points for that night. I managed to actually loose over Christmas using this method. As for being hungry, I use a mantra I heard at my meeting...if I'm not hungry enough to eat an apple then I'm not really hungry. Losing weight is hard for all of us and we all have that one thing that is our Kryptonite. I just try to find something a little less "bad" for me. If I crave chocolate I have 1 Tablespoon of chocolate chips for 3 Sp. It's not the whole candy bar I wanted but isn't that what got us all here, eating the whole thing instead of making better choices. Heck sometimes instead of the chocolate chips I actually do eat the apple. Anyway I can truly say

I feel more content on this plan and even though I'm losing slowly, I feel better about myself and the choices I' making

I find that it is much more restrictive, and I don't like the new program. I don't like skim milk, but now things like 1% are higher in points - being over 50, I am supposed to have three servings. The adjusted the points allowable daily, reduced the weekly - so no real gain, but now to have the milk I'm supposed to have, I now have to use three points more.

There's also the expense of the new equipment - I had just purchased the ww scale - a few weeks later, they announced the new program - the old scale is no more useful than another kitchen scale costing a third of what the ww scale cost. I don't like the new program. I lost over 70 lbs so far on the old program, but feel that I won't be sticking with this one. They should have at least given us a choice - stay on the old, or use the new. Now that snacks which allowed one to not feel deprived are so much higher in points, it's harder to find something that fits within your daily/weekly amounts, I think that people are going to find it difficult to stay on track and they'll get discouraged and quit.

I was doing fine until the new plan. Now with the new program and my frustration with the online tools I am no longer motivated. I am hungry in the middle of the night. I cannot count on my online tools working or even if it will allow me to login. Although I still go to the meetings because LaPorte IN has a great leader I now have joined My Fitness Pal. I understand that WW is now based on the latest information. The added protein, less carbs and no sugar makes sense, but I don't want to eat that much protein to stay filled. I will not continue WW when my three months are up in February.

I lost 50 pounds using the points/ CORE program in 2007. I had some health issues that interfered with weight loss. By the time that was resolved we WW had moved on to points plus. No matter what I did, I did not lose weight with PP. in love this new system. It makes sense to me and I lost almost 3 pounds in the first two weeks on the new plan. I am not hungry thanks to the lower points for protein since protein keeps you full longer. Do I miss my sweet treats? No. I have found substitutes that fit the plan like sugar free pudding and sugar free tapioca. I am loving Smart Points because the scale is finally moving in the right direction.

I am sad to say I don't like the new smart points program, either. The new numbers just don't compute for me. For example, I looked up the SPV of two cups of caramel corn and it was 23 SP, over half of my daily points; yet it was 440 calories and I'm not eating an 880 calorie a day diet. No wonder people are hungry. I realize other factors are tabulated into their SPV, and I also realize sweets are to be an occasional thing, but these inflated values just feel arbitrary and punitive. Another blogger recently reported her weight watchers leader said a piece of key lime pie was 109 smart points. I am not advocating eating pie here, but on a special occasion or vacation, how does one even work 109 SP into the plan? I have lost 50 pounds on Points Plus and never felt like I was on a diet. Points plus has been a realistic lifestyle change for me that has never felt punitive or restrictive and hasn't triggered the "on a diet/off the diet" cycle of other eating plans with the accompanying overeating episodes and yo-yo-ing weight gains. And I have tried them all, believe me, and we all know how successful diets are long-term. The research has shown this for quite some time now so I'm surprised WW has gone to something more diet-y again. I believe that, yes, people will lose weight on the new WW, but for many it will not be a long-term, sustainable plan that one can stay on for life. I also don't like feeling like a guinea pig for WW entering into a plan with few, if any, success stories of long-term weight loss success and maintenance on SP.

I plan to continue my weight loss success with Points Plus using an app I found and my old materials. I am curious to see if/how WW tweaks this new system for 2017; perhaps then I will consider going with the plan if it makes more sense to me.

Good luck to all in your health journeys and finding what works for you!

Rejoined last Friday and find its easy once I learned which of my favorites like some ice cream snacks are now higher points and not worth having. Have already lost which is usually difficult for me with thyroid medication. For those craving chocolate, Jello 60 calorie puddings and some Temptations do the trick! WW is tried and true.

I am below goal and a Lifetime member. I weighed in and got the materials for the new plan. As someone who doesn't eat meat, I get dinged big time for the things that I eat compared to the old plan. Double tracked on My Fitness Pal and found I was only eating 1200 calories.

My sense is that this is a wonderful weight loss program, but not great for maintenance.

I love the new program!! I have been on WW for 2 1/2 years and I have lost 68 pounds. At first, the weight came off easy. I lost 50+ during my first 10 months. Then I plateaued and I could never get my rhythm of losing again. I tried everything but I stuck with the plan since there is no going back!! For the full year of 2015, I lost a total of 12 1/2 pounds!! I still have 25-30 to go so it is not because I'm close to goal. Anyways, in a few short weeks, I have lost almost 6 pounds under SP. I am still having treats but not as often and I am planning for them. Since my daily points have gone up, I find it easy to eat within my points and I save my weeklies for treats or chips or pizza, etc. Now, I'm careful to go easy on the treats. I don't have them daily and I have found alternatives to fattening sweets. For instance, I love to take a banana sliced lengthwise and drizzle 2 tsps of peanut butter and 1 tbsp of Smucker's sugar free strawberry preserve and it is only 2SP. Very tasty.

I noticed a lot of talk about candy and how it is high in point value. I found for 4 smart points Hershey's dark or milk chocolate caramels.

They are great and very satisfying

Lisa, these comments are so helpful! In 2012-13 I lost 40 lbs. with WW points plus, at the afternoon meeting which is 13 miles away. I swam twice/wk & rewarded myself after with an Egg McMuffin using the points earned, used Lindt dark chocolate for cravings, walked my dog daily, went to meetings faithfully, recorded my food & generally followed the program with minor exceptions. Then everything changed...WW cancelled the daytime meeting & the night meeting was packed like sardines, WW became more about money & buying their treats & books, the lineups were long because all attendees were lumped into one line instead of pre-payers getting a separate line, 4 mo. prepay cost more than 1 mo. prepay!! I realized. The good habit I did retain was recording my food. Now, I am retired, my dear husband died in Nov/15 and my lovely dog close after. My weight is the same. Now I am now ready to lose the last 40 lbs. so this week I will rejoin

WW, not sure if I can do it with these new rules but I'll keep you posted. Points plus was a great plan, however less healthy. We'll see. This column has helped me so much and so does your book. Thank you.

I have no interest in converting any proprietary "points" system into calories or vice versa, so WeightWatchers and similar companies have never been of much use to me; I suspect they just use the pretence of making the units "easier" to lock you into their products.

I use standard units of calories and nutritional values to manage my weight and health, and cook most of my meals from scratch so that I get flavours I like and at the same time fully control the nutritional content.

One of the large local supermarket chains here has a section labelled "Free From" (meaning glutin, etc); I always thought that WeightWatchers products should be in that section as being "free from flavour"!

Meanwhile, I tuck into such wonderful food as this: (note how the Hairy Dieters use proper calorie counts and not some made-up points). I recommend the three books in the Hairy Dieters series very much; half my meals are from those!

I am only two weeks into the program and lost 3.4 the first week. Going tonight to get weighted, but I don't think I lost much, if anything. I do like the program, but feel I can't get the amount of fiber that I use to, which has been a problem if you know what I mean, lol. As far as chocolate I eat the 87 percent kind to keep the points down.

I am having trouble with the recipe builder. I use uncle Bens brown rice boil in bag and it's now 5 smart points. What thevheck.

Reading the comments has been interesting. Last week was not so bad to keep to my limit of SP, but I gave up white flour and sugar and then my husband and I are doing a 'dry' month with no booze. I'm also trying to do intermittent fasting (8-9 hour window of eating) and my beloved dog died last week. That's a lot of factors to make a program work. I have had the spare piece of dark chocolate, but I have been dismayed with how much higher real dairy products are. I hate fake sugar and fat free dairy. Protein powder? *shudder* Plain greek yogurt is all over the map. 4-6 sp for a cup? I still need something to sweeten it, and honey is 4 sp for a tablespoon. 6 points for 1/4 c mixed nuts. Yikes. The protein options turn to lunch meat. The sodium is off the charts and it's very processed, so no thanks. I've decided to give it a month or two and if it's too hard to stick to, I'll have to find something else. Heck, at this point, Paleo is looking good because at least then I could have dates and figs. I also find their 2 sp snacks to be ridiculous if the goal is healthy eating. Look at the list of ingredients on the 2 sp chocolate caramel snacks (I've pasted it at the bottom). It's all chemicals and sugar derivatives. How is that healthy? Answer: it's not, but people will buy it because WW is hawking it and it's a bigger serving than a tiny square of dark chocolate that would be healthier. ingredients: "CHOCOLATE FLAVORED COATING (MALTITOL, FRACTIONATED PALM KERNEL OIL, POLYDEXTROSE, COCOA, NONFAT MILK, NATURAL FLAVOR, SOY LECITHIN, SALT, SUCRALOSE), OLIGOFRUCTOSE, SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE, WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE, MALTITOL SYRUP, CORN SYRUP, SUGAR, WATER, INVERT EVAPORATED CANE SYRUP, GLYCERINE, COCOA (PROCESSED WITH ALKALI), MALTODEXTRIN, NONFAT MILK, NATURAL FLAVOR, COCOA BUTTER, UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE, FRUCTOSE, SOYBEAN OIL, SOY LECITHIN, SALT, BUTTER (CREAM, SALT, ANNATTO ADDED FOR COLOR), SODIUM CITRATE, CREAM, CARRAGEENAN.

I have been involved in WW points+ for a time, and felt comfortable. When I tracked I had good success. The new program seems very extreme, confusing and the web sight is difficult to use. I have to tell you, I'm not a fan.

I seems not too user friendly...I think the app on my phone is awful. I can't use the bar code scanner at all. They really need to work on their app.

This plan is nothing like Atkins. I keep hearing this over and over, so evidently the people spouting off about this have never tried the Atkins diet. Atkins doesn't allow fruit or carbs of any sort. Even vegetables are limited. There is no emphasis on low fat, in fact you can consume as much fat as you like. The only similarity is the emphasis placed on eating plenty of protein. Thank you for letting me get this off of my chest! I happen to like the new program. It was tricky in the beginning because of all of the tech problems, but it is working for me. Points Plus was not. I was eating too much sugar and knew I needed to stop,but could not make myself change some bad habits I had gotten into. I do think the points for some of the "treat items" are a bit much, but that's ok as I shouldn't be eating them on a daily basis anyway. All in all I am pretty happy with the changes. It's hard, but worth it and getting easier every day.

Why can't we have both options? The Points Plus and Smart Points, then people can choose which is best for them?

It sure seems like lots of people are not liking the new program. I don't get it. I like it. I don't find it much different than the Simply Filling program, which I have been following for my maintenance since I lost my 94 pounds. I do not believe the new program is restrictive at all. It is guiding you to healthier choices. If you want a treat, you can still have it -- you get to decide whether it is worth it to you. The sugary things are going to be higher points now, sure, but if you want it, just fit it into your program. You can still go out to dinner. Someone mentioned not being able to go out to dinner and she is maintaining her weight. Really? Very few people like change, but if you give this a chance, I think you will like it. If you are on the losing part of the program, you probably will lose weight much faster if you try to limit your high-point snacks to only a few times a week.

Feels like learning a new program and it is really a challenge to find new ways to eat that are satisfying. I have noticed that the meeting leaders have had better training and technology provided for presentation. Makes meetings much more motivating. ETools that I subscribe to online from WW have also been upgraded and much more useful.

I did ww for years and lost 90 lbs. Got married and pregnant and gained most of it back... now I'm back to the program and honestly think it is good. I'm a sugar addict so it should "cost" me more. It should be a greater sacrifice in order for me to feel the "pain" if I pick sugar over something good for me. I've been able to get through multiple weeks without being starving and reduced my constant snacking to three meals and one snack. I hate it when they changed when I was in the middle of the program before but change can be good... and sometimes we need a start over to get back to basics anyways. Rambling now, so in conclusion I'm OK with the new program so far and think it is a good fit for me. Signed, a sugar addict trying to lose it all again!

I am a little confused by the second comment by the lifetime member that you shared. She says something along the lines of "now they tell me how many points I can have." Maintenance works the same way on smart points as it did on points plus. They will still tell you your daily points target for weight loss, as they always did, but as a maintaince member, you can still add up to 7 pts every day in order to maintain. How many of the 7 extra you use is entirely up to to based on what works for you personally. It's literally the exact same thing as before.

As far as the plan itself, I too am a lifetime member. Admittedly, my eating habits had changed over the years since joining Weight Watchers, so not much has changed for me in terms of what I eat...including still fitting in my treats. I kind of compare the change to impulse buying when something is on sale. How many times have you bought something at a store just cause it was on sale and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up? You may know you don't need it, but it's a deal! On Points Plus, lots of things were "on sale" but now on Smart Points, they are back to full price. It doesn't mean we can't have them, but it does mean we are going to stop and think about choice a little bit. Also, while things high in sugar and sat fat went up, things that are high in protein went down. It's about balance, if you incorporate more healthy proteins in to your diet, you will still have room to fit in your chocolate and other treats of choice. I feel like a lot of our stresses about the plan are more mental than anything else. We hear change so we assume it is drastic and bad and psych ourselves out. I will fully admit, as a sweet eater, when I heard of the changes I immediately went on the defensive: "why would they do this?!...They are taking desserts away!!" I can honestly say since switching to smart points, I still have my dessert every day. I love food, I still make fun recipes, many the same as I made on points plus. We are so focused on what went up, that sometimes we turn a blind eye to the many things that went down, which allows us to have balance and still fit in treats.

I was gaining weight on Smartpoints, so I quit. I had been a lifetime member for 15+ years.

I feel WW should allow members to choose which plan fits their lifestyle the best. Obviously they all work! Why shove the SP plan down our throats. Absolutely not happy with WW! I feel like bringing Ophra in the picture is a marketing ploy!!!

To the people who feel like the new plan is like a diet, I believe you couldn't be more wrong. The only way to achieve lifelong health is by maintaining truly healthy habits. The old system let you get away with eating sugar crap all day, as long as you were within points. I am astonished at how much greek yogurt I can have, and chicken, salad, etc. I think the new system is awesome

And those complaining about whole wheat pasta being the same amount of points as white pasta, that's accurate. Pasta is really bad for you, whether white or whole wheat (they have the same glycemic index) . It spikes your blood sugar and makes you feel hungry sooner. There might be a valid argument about whole GRAINS but the concept of 100% whole wheat is nutritionally void in comparison to white.

North Americans must quit the sugar addictions in order to end the obesity and chronic illness, and for some, that's going to mean prying the bread and pasta from their cold, (fat) dead bodies.

Is it hard for me on the new plan? A little. I'm using more weekly points. But when I compare macronutrients in My Fitness Pal, I am eating less sugar and more protein!! And I feel better. Weigh in this week will be the big deciding factor.

In my opinion, the new program is terrible. WW is now like every other diet out there. I lost 24 pounds last year on Points Plus and NEVER felt deprived or discouraged. Smart Points leaves me hungry, feeling deprived, and discouraged every day because I am going over my daily points. I will be cancelling my membership today.

Love, love, love it!!!! I am able to lose weight on this plan. I struggled on points plus and finally completely gave up. Gained 50 pounds from goal and finally I feel I can do this. I see all the complaints about sweets being too many points but the daily points when up also. I have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks and feel so excited about it. I did have treats and chocolate and they were worth the points I spent on them. I hope it gets better for those that seem to be totally against it.

Also, sugary fake-health foods like fat-free flavoured yogurt is now worth 11 points!! But if you have fat-free greek yogurt, it's 1-2 points depending on serving size. 3/4 cup of greek yogurt is only 2 points and has 14 grams of protein! That fatfree flavoured stuff is full of sugar and has negligible protein, won't keep you full. Smart Points for the win.

I really appreciate JP's well thought out comments.

I understand some have been able to get to a comfortable long term place with SP, unfortunately I was not. I do not plan on skipping retirement cake for the rest of my life, I prefer to integrate treats into my diet plan so that the loss phase and maintenance look very similar. WW under PP taught us to seek out permanent, live-able changes in eating. I couldn't get there with SP.

Part of my heartache with the transition is the snark and unhealthy language that came out. If folks are food-shaming others over using weekly SPs for a slice of pizza, what kind of harsh self talk is going on? One member asked me if someone put a gun to my head (yes really) or if a dr gave me an ultimatum if I could avoid sugar forever. This is not reality for me (yes I understand some need to watch sugar intake). I find it unhealthy that individuals are taking such extreme views not only with themselves but the community. I had to leave the toxicity, so for me it was that push from the community as well as the plan itself.

I really don't understand it when someone says they are hungry on this plan. Vegetables and fruits are unlimited. Pair a little hummus with the vegetables and it holds me over until the next meal. I eat more now that I am not eating crap and I am losing. Don't give up.

To Kiara: Since you were so forward about letting all of us know how "wrong" we are, I'm going to come right out and let you know how I feel about what you had to say. Most of what you had to say is absolute nonsense. I am sooooooooooooo glad there is not someone like you with such extreme and unbending opinions in my Weight Watcher's meeting!!!! I know I wouldn't be there long if I had to listen to what you had to say often. I thought many of your remarks were offensive and cruel. I hope I do have something sweet occasionally in my hopefully not fat and not dead hand. I'm not saying we should live on sugar, pasta and bread but we also should not deprive ourselves all the time unless that is how you want to live. Most of us don't care to live like that. By the way, whole grain is ALWAYS better than the white flour!! Since you seem to have it all down as to what we all need to do to be healthy perhaps you may want to spend some time instead working on being a tad less judgmental of others. Best wishes to you in your endeavors. To everyone else who has commented on this thread: I have enjoyed reading your comments regarding the SP program. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. It is always helps to hear what others are feeling when they aren't judgmental, just like in meetings. Keep well and best wishes to everyone.

I am shocked at how so many people hate the new WW smart point plan. Give up cake for the rest of your life? It doesn't say that in the plan. Wow! And some people are hungry on the new plan? Wow again! You can have fruit and veggies whenever you are hungry -- counts as no points. But really if you are seriously hungry, you need to eat more protein -- it will keep you satisfied longer and with the new smart points, lean protein won't cost you very many points. Let's face it, if you want to lose weight, you do need to be on a diet. WW is trying to teach you the healthy way to eat forever. When you lose your weight, you will be able to add more points until you know where your point level is for maintaining -- then you can add a bit more of the treats. I have lost weight on all the WW programs, my most recent loss of 94 pounds was on Points Plus. But I've been following the Simply Filling plan for maintaining for the last two years, which is eating the healthy foods, not many processed foods, not too many treats -- but, believe me, I do have my treats. I love the idea of this new program -- it is really how we all should be eating always.

I loved Becky's comments - I didn't mean to sound food-shaming at all! And oh my goodness, don't get me wrong I AM CRAVING PASTA AND PIZZA, and there is no shame in eating those things in moderation. I think the new program directs us towards less sugar and processed food, but allows for the treats. Let the record show I am having cake this weekend, and have a glass of wine almost every day! Everything is tracked and there's a place for it all. It's a struggle for me to have less sugar. I am with you all in the battle, and definitely think we should be doing what's best for each of us. People need a big wake up call when it comes to sugar, and I'm sure we can all do better focusing on the perks of unlimited fruits and veggies rather than how the sugar-laden yogurt is double points. I'm grateful to the new plan for revitalizing my commitment to less sugar.

It WAS an adjustment to change to the new SP system. BUT the formula is to drive us to HEALTHIER choices. We must realize eating too much sugar is terrible for our health. You DO have the choice to occasionally have sweets but it will cost you the points, sometimes it's worth it! Don't give up. Change is hard and our appetites WANT what they WANT, BUT you can change. Hopefully this change will last and not just be a diet. We can always find a way to justify our sweet tooth, that's how we got the body we are trying to pare down! Give it more than a few weeks! If you are hungry- eat some fruit or veggie as a snack. This new system causes us to work a little more to figure out snacks that are with the parameters of the new point system and LEARN to make, honestly better choices!

I'm going to pipe in here again. The challenge some of us who do not eat meat is the ...just eat some protein...comment - well - yea - easier said than done since unless you want to eat massive amounts of tofu - which is not good. Many of the non-meat protein sources went up in points, and WW has been absolutely NOT helpful in working with us. That's what drove me away from a program I have been working with for over five years. I don't eat eat much in the way of sweets so that's not my gripe, but I could not make this new program work as a person who is primarily a vegetarian. Zero, zip, nada resources or support from corporate - and I contacted them more than once. They really didn't seem to care, and that was what did it more than anything.

I haven't heard anything good about the new program. I find it crazy that WW needs to come up with something new every year to get people to spend money on. I think the program before the points was the best one they had but they are all about making money so they keep changing things so you will buy points calculators and materials. I will use myfitnesspal as they don't cost me anything and are very helpful.

Janice, Chocolate of any type is 12 pts for 1-1/2 oz. on W.W. smart points. Of course I'm learning ways to have chocolate. Yesterday I made Merinques with Chocolate chips and used only 1/4 cup sugar and unsweetened cocoa. It was my first sugar in two months and they were devine!

We must learn to not judge other women on our path as we're all in different places !

I agree that the new program doesn't help those of us who don't eat a lot of meat. It seems that the new program is full of smoke and mirrors. I don't eat sugar, don't eat meat, don't drink, and I don't eat food that's not "clean". I'm not liking the latest changes at all. I don't think that corporate is helping those of us that are Life time members. They seem to focus only on those "paying" customers not those of us who have paid big buck for years now

I am going to get into the discussion again here, too. WW changes the program every year because science comes up with new studies on what is best for our bodies. If it was the same program as it was back in the '70s, nobody would be on it -- I know, I did it back then. And those of you who don't eat meat, I hear you. I am not a big meat eater. I do eat some meat, though -- just not my favorite thing to eat. I love beans, and beans are a big source of protein. Sure, they might cost more points than meat, but then we are given more points now in this new program. I just made up a couple batches of chili -- and I love the spicy black bean soup that at least used to be on the WW website -- haven't checked to see if it is there now. And there is fish, too -- maybe you don't do fish. Fish is very low in points. The thing is, if you want to make it work for you, you will find a way. It is easy to find excuses to make it not work. Oh, and you chocolate lovers -- full-size Hershey bars, special dark chocolate, come out to 10 smart points. They used to be 7. Since I'm maintaining these days, I used to have one every couple days -- now I'm trying to just have one once a week. Good luck to everyone giving it a try!

I joined WW last week just to find out more about the new program. It was tough learning that my relied on snacks cost more points but in my opinion the new program is so much healthier. Example; Sesame seed/honey snacks were 2 points before but now are 7. I lost 2.4 lbs so I'm just going to pay every week after I see if this can be kept up. Using Lindt 70& chocolate squares @ 1 pnt each for treats, more fruits & to be cleaner eating for sure. I do not trust WW as they seem to promote their own products too much.

To the person who said 1.5 ounces of any kind of chocolate is 12 points, the website says I can have 9 Hershey kisses for 10 points. Therefore, I can eat 3 kisses for 3SP and get my chocolate fix. Eating chocolate is not impossible if you truly want it. I choose to not eat it more than once a week but I could eat it every day if I wanted to.

Like most I was very leery of Smart Points. After I embraced it I have seen a big difference in my eating habits. I was going to starbucks at least once a day and when my favorite drink went up in value and decided it wasn't worth it. I haven't been to starbucks in a month. Best thing is I don't miss it and my wallet is happier. My sugar cravings are very minimal now and I love the! I'm Down nearly 70lbs and enjoying my journey!

Thanks for all the great info Lisa! I was thinking about rejoining WW to find out what the new plan is about. However, I think I will stick w/the PPlus program. Fortunately for me, the only real sweet I crave is dark chocolate or an occasional scoop of ice cream. I rarely purchase any WW treats unless I have a great coupon and then it might be a frozen treat that hopefully I'll get before the hubs. :-) The good thing is that WW continues to research weight loss and its scientific components vs. quick fix methods. That said, for some of us, the older model is the one that works best. I've been on program long enough to remember simply filling which was whole foods whole grains no processed items. Is that what the new model encompasses, or is it something different? Thanks again and good luck to all of us on our journeys!

I think the new system was not necessary and was only

brought on because of Oprah. It is too bad Oprah didn't join

quietly. Her flashing her wealth made WW look like the huge

corporation it is ......more for the money than the members.

I have been a WW Lifetime member for 6 years now. I lost 165 pounds on the various WW programs during the 18 months it took me to get to goal. I am NOT a fan of the new system thus far- I understand sugar is not "healthy" but the "price" you pay point wise for that little treat is too high and to me could lead to overeating when you deprive yourself of those treats now and again. Everything in moderation- I know some members that will skimp on their "healthy" food to get that little treat at the end of the day which is unhealthy and counterproductive. My jury is still out on the new SP system- I am trying it for now, but may revert to the Points Plus. I have actually gained weight on the new system.

People have know for ages that sugar is is not a new revelation..if people on WW want to eat sugar..then the way I see it they aren't concerned with how long it takes to reach their goal.. their prerogative....they are aware it will take longer.. to each their chocolate..or don't eat are in charge of you.

I agree with the majority of comments. Been on maintenance for years, lost my last 20 on PP. Started SP in Dec and have gained back 10 and am close to losing my lifetime status. My blood pressure has gone backup, back on meds and finding myself hungry all the time. This is a diet-almost identical to the South Beach craze of the 90's. High protein, vegis and nothing "white." Since starting this diet, like many have said before, I am hungry all the time. I eat a lot of fruit-too much- to make up for it. The standard WW line "you aren't here because you ate too much fruit" is not true for me. I am a vegetarian and there isn't a lot on this diet that works for me w/o going way over my total every day. The prepared foods are very high in sodium and artificial sweeteners. Very disappointing-will switch back to what worked for me-PP. Good luck to those who can stick with it. Depravation never worked for me-it won't for Oprah either-a few years from now she will be on to something else!

I love the new points system and I think it's geared to stear people to a healthier lifestyle. We have gotten into the habit of convenience foods. It's those foods that are so bad for us. It takes two seconds to grab a carrot or an apple. It may take a little longer to cook dinner but imagine how good you will feel with REAL food. I love the system have been on it for a month and have lost 10 lbs so far.

I have been on most of the WW programs and have gained weight back. Smart Points is by far the healthiest program and it makes sense. Processed foods are the #1 cause of obesity in our nation. I do my best to stay away, but have been indulging in Girl Scout cookies. I just track the points. There are so many options on the Internet -- some fabulous sites using Smart Points. I have tried a lot of recipes, including sweets. WW Smart Points is the BEST program EVER! I understand how some are finding it difficult changing from PointsPlus to Smart Points, but their names speak for themselves in my opinion. If you truly want to make a lifestyle change, then Smart Points will work for you!

I am following it and I am losing little by little despite being on a thyroid treatment. The problem is that it is not compatible with my phone, nor with a tablet I got right after subscribing and a tablet I bought myself. SO, I have lost money trying to keep the plan. I will have to quit soon and wait until everything works. As it is now, I have to spend plenty of time in front of the computer and sometimes you have to type letter by letter because the web page is not working properly. I wish I had known better before throwing my money.

If I had wanted to do south beach, I would have chosen south beach.....,,

My Mom and I joined almost 10 yrs ago, we both HATE the new program. We have been lifetime members now for over 8 yrs and we just stay the course of the old school program. The meetings were fun and a place to meet/encourage other members. We don't even go anymore. Switch it back!!!

I was such a big believer in Weight Watchers before the change to Smart Points. I had kept 100% of the weight off for 2 years because I tracked religiously and had flexibility to have a special meal now and then while staying within the boundaries of weekly points. I now feel like I'm 'cheating' eating exactly the same meal that was 'in bounds' using Point Plus because the Smart Points are more than double what it 'cost' before. The food hasn't changed but the way I think about it has AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY! Many of us became overweight because we had an unhealthy emotional relationship with food. The design of this new system has led me back into that 'good' food 'bad' food mentality. I gave this new program a committed try for 4 months but I'm just so over it. Instead of asking myself if a certain food is worth it, I'm now asking myself is WW worth it.

I LOVE the new program because once I hit my 40's the other WW program wasn't working anymore and probably because of the sugar. Like others have said WW doesn't encourage you to eat your fit pts it's just the opposite. One more thing, dieting isn't easy people! You can't eat everything and anything and lose weight not on any if your on WW and this new program isnt working for you stick to their previous program that was. I'm not sure what the big deal is. Everyone wants an easy solution.

Happier with the old WW program so I am staying on it. If I do the new one it wouldn't be long I would be off the diet. A little chocolate never hurt anyone! Right?

Lost weight thirty years ago on weight watchers and here I am again. Now down twenty with the new system. On any plan where the focus was only on calories, I would skip the healthy stuff in favor of sweets. Now with SP it's easy to eat that apple or orange instead. This is much healthier, and for this sugar addict, it's reduced my cravings a lot. I am hungry though I have to admit! But determined to get this weight off for good!

I can't compare SP to the old system. It's all I know. I see both good and bad with this system. The good thing is that the strict points gave me the push I needed to eat healthy. My typical diet was fast food, take out, and frozen family dinners like Stouffers lasagna. Now I make most dinners, rarely eat fast food, and rarely buy a stouffers dinner or frozen pizza. I have tried so many new foods and I am feeling so confident about learning cooking skills!!! I started Jan 21 and I've lost about 16 lbs. I average 2 lbs a week. For the negative side I do question whether or not the points are too restrictive. I go over my points by about 40 every week. I am afraid to give up artificial sweetners. I don't eat fit points. I don't excercise either. And I use all my weeklies. I don't know why I can go over my points by that much and lose weight. But ultimately I'm happy with the plan because I know how much I can eat and still lose. And the smart point system has pushed me toward healthy choices- to the point where I have completely transformed my life. 😀

I'm a lifetime member 10 yrs ago. When I was approaching 50 the old program wasn't working anymore for me. Now with the new program I'm down 15 lbs. less sugar and carbs more protein dont count activity pts, if it's not broke don't fix it but if it is give it a try IT WORKS!

I totally love the new programme ,it's much healthier ,the first two weeks I hated it ,wondered why I ever joined ,my withdrawal from my sweet things ( being a sweet tooth) was hard but now I would never go back or change a thing .

I lost 10 kgs in 15 weeks and a further 2.2 kgs on maintenance and had already lost 2kgs before I started on the old pro points ,so 14.2 all up,feeling great .

I have never felt deprived ,im nearly 60 yrs old and feeling the best I have in a long time .

I had a lot of success with the Weight Watchers Flex Points program from many years ago. I lost 35 pounds. I didn't stick with it and ended up slowly gaining the weight back. I missed the Points Plus Program completely but have recently joined the Smart Points program. Man, what a difference! I have IBS and am gluten free so I can't even eat that much anyway and definitely no wheat. If I did, I don't know what I'd do on this new program. All of my go to foods are now double or triple the points! You really get dinged for carbs, fat and sugar. Oatmeal used to be 2 points per cup, now it is 5. A few pieces of a chocolate bar is 9 points! I understand that it is much healthier to eat a reasonable amount of good fat like olive oil and to cut out sugar as much as possible, but this new Smart Points Program is much too restrictive. And the all the fruit you can eat? Hey, fruit has fructose in it which is ....sugar. I agree with someone else who wrote in that it feels punitive. I can't do this diet. Luckily I kept my old Flex Points material and will go with that program. It worked for me and I didn't feel deprived as to the choices of food I could eat.

There is not unlimited fruits on the Smart Points program nor any previous WW program. 3-5 servings per day of fruits/veggies and just because most are zero smart points doesn't mean you can eat huge portions. 1/2 cup for most fruit is a serving or a medium size apple or orange. Veggies are usually 1 cup serving.

I'm sticking to the Points Plus program! This new program isn't doable for me either! I think it should be an option not a must do!!! I'm verrrrry disappointed with Weight Watcher's in the way this was handled!

Thank you, Annemarie, for your info about the fruit/vegetable servings.

I stand corrected!


I am a lifetime WW member, lost 30 pounds on the ORIGINAL Points system many years ago. I have maintained all these years (going back for Points Plus at one point to lose a few), but finally have gained 10 pounds i cannot get rid of. I am NOT a fan of the Smart Points. I am hungry all the time and cannot see living the rest of my life with no sweets. Used to be WW was a system I bragged on and told everyone "this is a lifestyle change that you can live with the rest of your life." NOT ANY MORE!!! Nobody I know can stay on this diet forever like you could with the old one. I'm going back to Points Plus (which still wasn't as good as the original, but I don't have my paperwork anymore for that system). I only lost 2 pounds my first week back (on the original plan I lost 7; on points plus I lost 5 my first weeks back). I feel that I starved all week and lost 2 pounds of water. NOT HAPPY....

I agree with your assessment of the Smart POints Program It's not working for me. I went back to the way I ate on the original points system and I'm fine. Changes are not always good.

I have been on/off ww's for about 25 years and this new plan is the hardest one yet. It is to restrictive to the foods I do enjoy eating. I find myself saying over again that just cost to much and then I feel deprived although I'm still doing it this by far is not my favorite plan.

I really do not get all the people who are hating this programing, saying it is too restrictive. Come on, people - I thought you wanted to lose weight!!! This is, by far, the healtiest plan WW has ever had. The reason processed foods and candy and treats are high in points is because WW is trying to get you to stay away from them -- and well you should if you want to lose weight. Of course, you can have an occasional treat, but NOT EVERYDAY!! I have been on every program WW has had since the '70s. I have never had any problem losing weight on their programs. But I also never was able to maintain my weight until this last time. I lost the weight on Points Plus this last time -- 94 pounds. And I have not been maintaining my loss for three years -- and that is because this is the way I eat now, the Smart Points way. I can have occasional treats, but just occasional. This is how you have to eat for the rest of your life if you want to maintain your lower weight and if you want to be healthy -- WW is just trying to guide you in that direction. So many people fight it -- say they are hungry on this plan. I don't get that. You can always have some veggies, a few pieces of fruit -- no points in that. Lean protein is very low in points -- have a slice of turkey or tuna along with it. There is never a need to be hungry on this plan.

sorry -- typo. I meant to say I NOW have been able to maintain my loss for three years (I said NOT in the above post). Again, so sorry!!

I totally I agree Linda!! I love the program and I too have been on WW many times, through all the programs. Some people in my meetings were very resistant to the change but after working the program they loved it. Like you said, it's about losing weight. I'm not understanding how people can be hungry on it. I bulk everything up with tons of vegetables and enjoy a lot of fruit. Also, I am eating a lot more lean proteins, which fills me up more than empty calories dud. And, I do eat my treats EVERY DAY! I just look for lower smartpoint choices and work them into my plan. I've been losing consistently on the new program, I'm a fan!

I agree with you too Linda. This is the best program. I have been able to get back to goal and I do have a treat everyday, but I plan it. No I may not have a chocolate bar, but I have Greek yogurt with some cocoa powder, a bit of sweetener, and some chopped up fruit. I have a really good dessert, but not too many points. We shouldn't eat ice cream everyday, but if you want ice cream, have it. Just plan and account for it. Good luck to everyone on their journey. It doesn't matter what journey your on because you're doing it for you, not anyone else.

I wasn't losing with the new Smartpoints, I switched to simplyfilling and have lost 1 1/2 pounds a week . Simplyfilling is less thinking and I can make a variety of food . Overall I love WW my group meetings are the best

I have been on this for a month and a half...I said I think I am going to stop because nothing is happening and the customer service people threatened me big was crazy,it says first 2 months (1 free and the other a bonus) then there is a deal with a free fitbit, which was the junkiest one on the list the rest you had to pay a fortune for!! The weight loss...following it to a T....and even bought their food in the frozen food section(yuck) getting sick from the gluten and cheeses. HELP this is the worst feeling ever!!

I lost 68 pounds on the Points Plus program, but had to quit attending meetings because of a work schedule change. I know the on-line program is not for me, as I need to weigh in at weekly meetings in order to be successful. I managed to put on 20 lbs. in one year, mostly because of extended work hours and pure exhaustion. In order to preserve my sanity, I reduced my hours in 2016 and began attending WW meetings again in April. I did lose about 10 lbs. in 12 weeks, but then I broke out. The plan is way too restrictive. I felt I could eat only lean protein and non-starchy vegetables -no longer could I enjoy going out to eat once or twice per month, I could no longer have anything sweet, and excercise was just another chore, not enjoyable. I used to allow myself a daioly treat of a WW frozen treat at night or a WW bakery item when I was on the Points Plus program and was able to stop at that. Thanks to the Smart Points program, I have had unsatiable cravings for everything and anything sweet, fatty, or salty. I have gained back the weight I lost on the Smart Points program, but what I lost is a lot of money between meeting fees and supplies. Weight Watchers claims people are doing well and losing weight with Smart Points, but the question is, will they keep it off? I seriously doubt it.

I agree with your assessment of Smart Points It is not for me. I am not happy with the changes and regret that they changed the focus of such a successful program.

People go to Weight Watchers to lose weight; and the results are shown on the scale. Eating healthy is definitely part of losing, and I have always thought the WW plans encouraged healthy eating. If it's not about the scale, as WW now likes to proclaim, why are members expected to weigh in before each meeting??? Sorry WW, weight loss always has been and always will be about the scale.

Faith, yes weight loss is about the scale, but we get so focused on that number. Even when we do everything right, and it's up. WW wants us to look at non-scale victories too. The scale is just one number. I'm a vegetarian and I eat no meat. I still have treats. Just yesterday I ordered pizza for supper and had frozen yogurt. The key is planning. I don't feel deprived at all. Everyone is different though. I learned sugar really affects me and I have to limit my choices. But other people are different. I still have chocolate or some kind of dessert everyday. Good luck on your journey :)

Weight Watchers works - you need to follow the program. Sometimes we think we are following but we are not. This is an evidence based program.

That said, both psychological and physiological issues may be a problem - consult with a therapist, physician, and/or dietician as appropriate.

I'm never hungry and have been losing consistently- I've lost 30 of 90 lbs. My wife lost 110 lbs. We both became lifetime in the early 1990's on the exchange program. We both gained a lot more back. Life happens.

Bottom line: This is hard. That is why we have meetings. I'm an engineer, and i know that high tech gadgets sometimes fail. Write it down.

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