Where to Find Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

August 21, 2014   12 Comments

Many of my readers are following Weight Watchers and, hopefully, seeing results.

Weight Watchers Pinterest Board

I am a fan of Weight Watchers because of its emphasis on fruits and vegetables (most zero points) and the fact that it provides a community for its members.

A bunch of talented food bloggers love WW and create recipes to support the WW community. They have come together to create the Ultimate Weight Watchers Pinterest Board!

Not only do you get the latest from Snack Girl by following the board (because I am pinning my recipes with Points Plus numbers), but these talented ladies are pinning as well:

Follow the board here: Ultimate Weight Watchers Pinterest Board.

Do you have a favorite recipe blogger or cookbook authoer that has helped you get healthy? Please share.

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You've covered them all! Snack Girl, Skinnytaste, Slender Kitchen, and LaaLoosh are my favorites with recipes and healthy-eating information that I've found so practical and beneficial.

Thank you! As a teacher, I was searching for lunches! YOu just saved me a mountain of time! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

So nice of you to let everyone know where to find Weight Watchers recipes. I have your "Snack Girl to the Rescue" book and have just started reading it. I'm so glad I stumbled on your site about a year ago. You're so inspiring, funny and down to earth!

Lisa you are so kind and caring to bring us the very best info and receipes on getting your book

Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I am always looking for new, weight watcher friendly recipes.

Lisa, as always a great post! I'm in MA but in Boston, went to school in Amherst. wish I was closer as i'd love to have coffee with you (if you had time) LOL xoxo

Thanks so much for sharing this! I follow you and Gina from Skinny Taste, and have been for quite some time. I am adding the others to my list to follow and I am following the pinterest board you posted. I just re-joined WW 3 wks ago, your timing is spot on!

Thank you for this! =)

Thank you so much for posting this. I have really come to rely on your for reinvigorating my menus! I had fallen into a food rut and your recipes have been so helpful for me and my husband.

When I read the title of your blog in my blogger feed, I answered in my head "Snack Girl" .. lol. Good to know there are some other great blogs out there too and thanks for posting.


Thank you for putting this great list together! I've discovered some from other readers on your website and have found such great healthy recipes online. Thanks Lisa!

Thank you Lisa, for this and all your great recipes. You've re-inspired me!

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