Weight Watchers and Snack Girl: How Can I Help?

September 10, 2013   60 Comments

Snack Girl is aware that this website has become a resource for Weight Watchers members.

Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

I say, "Welcome", and "Please share the site" to these hard working people.

I receive many e-mails from Weight Watchers members who have started the program and have found Snack Girl to be helpful for maintaining it. Way to go! I think if you can make it work for you, WW is an excellent program for losing weight and getting healthier. I love the emphasis on eating fruit and vegetables.

What I don’t like about it is the emphasis on the scale. You are so much more than the number of pounds that you are this week. I know that people focus on the scale and their moods can be up or down depending on the reading. There are times when it can be counter-productive to weigh yourself every week.

BUT, here at Snack Girl, I want to support your efforts.

  • On every recipe below the title, I list the serving size, which we all know is incredibly important in weight loss.
  • At the bottom of each recipe is the nutrition facts that I calculate using Calorie Count’s Recipe Analyzer. The Points+ value is listed at the very end.

Points+ values are provided for information only, the recipes are developed by Snack Girl and are not endorsed, sponsored or approved by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

I find that if you divide calories by 50, you can usually guess the Points+ value. For example, 200 calories is 4 Points+, but I use a Points+ calculator to get the correct number.

Here are ALL the Weight Watchers friendly recipes on Snack Girl organized by Points+ values:

I am always curious to find out how it is going for WW members. Is it working for you? What are your challenges? How are you finding the program helpful?

Please share your experiences.

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As a recent WW member, and year-long veteran of Snack Girl, I just wanted to say how much of a resource this and your other posts have been. You've inspired me to include Points Plus values on my own blog. Thanks for the support and information!

I just want to say that I always wanted to join WW but I started loosing weight with the information I received at snack girl. So I want to say thank you for everything and keep up the good work!

Used to do WW. Now I do MFP, free and works better!

I decided that WW wasn't the right fit for me. I found I was eating too many processed foods with artificial sweeteners. I am carb-sensitive, so recently, I've been making efforts to eat whole, clean food options without calorie or counting. I may have given up WW, but I definitely look forward to my Snack Girl tips and recipes every day.

I do WW now and have for awhile. I love it. I need the accountability of paying for it and getting on that scale every week. I don't have to weigh in every week because I'm lifetime, but I do it to help me stay on track. WW is a business and they need something to measure by, which is why the scale is so important. But in my meeting, my leader doesn't concentrate on the scale number. She asks what we feel good about or what we struggle with. It's not always about the number (at least in my meeting).

To Sherri, who commented above, what is MFP? I have done WW in past with much success but looking for something different this time to get my body back after baby #3.

I tried WW in the past with no 55 years old and heart disease in the family I knew if I wanted to watch my kids graduate or get married I'd better get serious! This time around, WOW...50 lbs gone in 7 months by following the program. It has been six months since I hit goal and I'm still 5 lbs under goal. Now I am even training to be a leader! And Snack-girl has been a great help along that journey. Thank you!

Stuck with it religiously for 7 days and walked each day. 1 lb! Not quitting but discouraged!

I have been in Weight Watchers for 15 months, have lost 80 lbs. I am 62 years old. Just stick with it. I am close to goal, and will become a lifetime member. Snack girl just saved me from my egg white omelets by introducing me to baked oatmeal! Thanks, Snack Girl!

I did a google search and I think MFP is "My Fitness Pal".

I'm back to WW and on the program for just over 4 months. I complain and moan how long it is taking but I never could have lost the weight without it. Getting weighed is a big factor. I need the weekly goal and the accountability. At the same time I started a blog and a twitter account and that has been a lot of fun, at the very least a terrific distraction!

To Vickisutton above, a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. When people talk of huge weight loss in a very short amount of time, chances are, it is not a healthy way to lose weight, nor will it be maintainable in most cases. WW is a good program, my only issue with it is the point system, it just adds another unnecessary element. I lost my weight just counting calories and keeping a log everyday. I did it for so long that now I can figure out roughly how many calories I am eating without having to write it down every time. Weight loss needs to be a change of habit for a lifetime (as encouraged by Snack Girl), not just long enough to get to your goal weight.

I liked the prior WW program but points plus has done nothing for me. My doctor told me that WW isn't a long term program for life. That hurt my feelings at first but now I see he is correct. I try to eat clean 80% of the time and use or mfp to keep track of my food. I also drink a gallon of water and work out.

As a lifetime WW member, it is still a struggle to continue to eat right and maintain a healthy weight. As mentioned above, many WW leaders emphasize feeling good, being fit, etc., but as Kelly mentioned, they do have to have a measurement. (Although I would stay away from the WW products for the most part - stick with the "simply filling"/green diamond foods.) Snack Girl, your recipes & hints are daily motivation. (although I can get the WW etools free now, I still haven't logged on - your daily email is simple & great.) I think the thing is to keep on top of it & make adjustments if your weight starts drifting upwards. It is far easier to lose 5 or 10 pounds, than 50 or 100.

I am Lifetime WW and like the program, but Snack Girl has made me much more aware of healthy eating. I struggle with the scale, and agree that weekly weighing can be counter productive. I really appreciate Snack Girl website, and the commitment to continue to educate regarding processed food and ingredient lists. Thank you more than you know!

I did WW about 9 years ago. I lost 13 lbs in 3 months before getting pregnant. After that I have not had success but that is all me and nothing to do with WW. I now try to eat clean whole foods and keep my treats small.

I have wanted to join WW, but I just cannot justify spending the monthly fee on myself when I know my daughter or husband will need that money for something. I have been a very proud SG follower for nearly 2 years. You personally & even your readers have me taught me so much. Before Snack Girl came into my life I was a zombie walking down each aisle of the grocery store, falling for advertising gimmicks that promised whole grain or real fruit juice or no sugar added. But now because of you Snack Girl I am oh so aware of the ingredients in products & the games manufactures play to get our attention. You explain things so well and I am thankful for you. Maybe someday I will be able to talk myself into joining WW (I've wanted to for 3 yrs now) but I will ALWAYS follow Snack Girl. Thank you for being a wonderful voice and guide to be a healthy active mother & wife.

I LOVE my fitness pal! It's a great tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Snack Girl, I've been doing WW for 16 mos and have changed my lifestyle down 60 lbs. I refuse to say lost, cause that indicates a need to find again! I really love your website and use it daily. I've been aware of the quality of most store products, but you usually find new ones for me to watch out for. The one thing about WW I do not like, is their push to buy processed foods and artificial sugar subs. They have their own brand and are always giving out coupons for their items. When will people learn to get back to the basics, natural organic foods. I know it's expensive to do all organic, I can only afford a small amount but at least go for the whole food. Thank you for being here for US!!

Shelly, MFP is "My Fitness Pal" it's easy to use. I have down WW's and lost 25 lbs. notice the weigh creeping back on, so started again. The only problem I have with MFP is that it is calorie counting, and it seems that my points plus and calories are way off. Need to rethink my food!!

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