Is Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus Working For You?

August 15, 2012   178 Comments

It has been over a year and a half since WeightWatchers unveiled its new PointsPlus system. I have heard a lot of grumbling.

Does Weight Watchers PointsPlus Work?

And, I have been in WW meetings where people are energized and excited about their weight loss.

My mother, who was a fan of Momentum (the old WW plan), says she GAINED weight on the new PointsPlus and ended her online subscription. She found a new diet plan that worked for her.

Last year, Weight Watchers adjusted its PointsPlus program because so many people complained about losing weight too slowly. They dropped their recommended Points allotment by 10% (for example from 29 to 26 points).

I really liked the new program when it came out because of its emphasis on eating healthier as a means to lose weight - see: Why Did Weight Watchers Change Its Points Program?

But, a NY Times article states that:

...Weight Watchers has been following more than 12,000 members in Germany since the introduction of the new Points Plus program there. So far no differences in weight loss have been found between users of the new and old programs, said Ms. Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer of Weight Watchers.

What? Then, why change it? Oh dear.

Did they change it because it would force their members to buy a bunch of new stuff? I don’t like conspiracy theories very much so I would say no to that one.

They changed it because they wanted to incorporate the latest in weight management research. I’m sure they were hoping that the new plan would be better for their members.

When I went to meetings, I heard members say things like "It drives me crazy how my son keeps stealing my grapes and blueberries that I have purchased for my snacks." How great is that?

I guess time will tell whether their members will take off the weight they want to lose and keep it off.

How is it going for you? Please share.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new points plus system. I've done WW several times in the past, but never managed to lose more than 20 pounds before I gave up, and I rarely ate fruit because I would have rather eaten a cookie for the same amount of points. I started the new plan in January and have lost 74 pounds. I have 18 more to go and can't wait to become a life time member. The best part is that I eat so much more healthy now and I feel amazing!

I have been doing the programme also since January in Ireland, it's slightly different to the Points Plus programme but similarily it involves healthy eating, free point veggie and even Laughing Cow Light has zero points for us so it's a great option instead of butter or other spreads. I eat a lot more veggies, salads and fruit on this programme. Before if i was on the go and had I would grab a bar of chocolate / crisps for the same points as an apple / organge / banana. Now they are free i go straight to the fruit and veg and pick up something there!

I have lost 60 lbs on the new Weight Watchers Points System, so far it works for me! I am a fruit lover, so that been a great help :)

I have tried ww in the past with the points system and could not lose any weight. I was told by 2 doctors there is not enough calories eaten. I now count caloires and have had much success.

I've lost 45 lbs in 6 months! That's an avg of 2 lbs a week. Losing weight slowly is the healthiest way to do it. I love the new program (I did the old way years ago) because it encourages healthier eating habits. I didn't just want to lose the weight, I wanted to develop healthier eating habits and that's what I'm happiest about! Anyone looking for a quick fix is setting themselves up for failure.

Just remember....if you sort of do it, it sort of works. If you really do it, it really works! And that goes for either plan.

The way my leader explained it was, they wanted to encourage people to eat more fruits and veggies. If a granola bar was the same points as a large banana, most people would have reached for a granola bar. Now that bananas are free, people feel able to eat a banana without screwing up their daily points. So I love the new PP program, because it really does encourage me to eat more fruits and veggies, and I love that!

I like to calorie count, I can't get into weight watchers point system, it's all to confusing to me!

The only people I hear grumbling about the new program are people who don't follow it well enough to actually lose weight. These are the folks who grumble about any diet plan. I've lost 14 lbs in 12 weeks and love the new PP program. It definitely encourages you to eat more fruits and festivals. Space I felt with the old program, I didn't want to sacrifice my points for things like fruits and vegetables and that hurt me. I don't have that problem anymore!

I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member. I lost 170 pounds on the "old" program. I have really struggled to maintain my weight on the new program and the new Points Plus program. I have tried and tried to adjust my points, fat, carbs, and added more exercise, but I have managed to gain right at 10 pounds since the new program was put into affect. Fortunatley, I got about 18 pounds below my lifetime goal weight or I would have been in trouble by now. I like that the fruit is free, but you can still eat too much of it and fruit contains sugar and carbs. I am not happy with it at all, and am seeking an alternative to try and get this 10 pounds off. I am grateful the old program was there when I needed it, I would not have been able to lose the amount of weight I needed to on the new program I feel.

Fruits and vegetables. I don't recommend eating festivals. :)

I love the plus program. I have lost 42 pounds in a year and a quarter. Not a rapid weight loss but I don't feel deprived, I love the recipes they post and I am eating healthier than I have in many moons. It works!!!!!

I've always liked Weight Watchers for the same reason that you like Lisa. It give the dieter an opportunity to see what a real portion size actually is, as well as maintaining a heathy eating routine that includes a full rounded diet.

I've been on and off weight watchers about 1,000 times, and one of the main reasons I get discouraged is the slow rate of weight lose. But the reality is that the slower it takes you to get it off, the longer you'll keep it off. This I know, but it doesn't seem to matter to me when I have event to attend in 1 week and need to lose 10 pounds! Oh, if there was only a magic pill!

I don't like the new system at all- I am short and it is too much food. I ate healthy already so it just lets me eat more and lose less or gain! I like th old points much better- more similiar to counting calories.

I joined WW in late June of 2011 and within one year I lost 124 pounds. The program is wonderful and has worked great for me. I have learned how to eat healthy and make wise choices. I am on my last week of maintenance and then will become a lifetime member and I am very excited.

I LOVE Weight Watchers Point Plus Program. I love the meetings and my leader. As with any "program" YOU alone have to make choices. Yes, I could eat a bunch of crap on WW (not that they tell you to) and stay within my points. I would become very hungry and not lose much weight and probably drop out. I read all my WW material and listen to every meeting and I choose to make healthy choices! It is so much more than just dropping pounds. BTW, I have lost 74 lbs and I am one tiny pound away from goal! and I love Snack Girl!

I have been a WW member for a while now. I really liked the system before they dropped the points - it totally derailed me. I move a lot but I'm not good at recording my activity points so I always ended up in the hole for the week which was discouraging. I love the free fruit. I'm about 4 lbs away from goal but quit going (of course i keep paying!) so I do plan on going back in the fall. I'm setting my points back to the 29!!

Wait - I laughed out loud at that last story about the son stealing someone's grapes!! Bahaha! Unbelievable!

That's a great example of why I will never do WW... I want to be thin without still be obsessed with eating. I could be totally off here, but it doesn't seem to me that WW teaches you how to be naturally thin... It's all about disciplining, forcing yourself to not be fat.

I would rather learn how to eat like an Italian - to enjoy all things in moderation, never binging nor purging, and never needing to count calories to know if I'm satisfied or starving.

Freaking out about someone eating the grapes is not going to help you feel naturally, peacefully, thin!

I like the old ww points. I started ww in July 2010 and when the new wwplus started, I was derailed for several months. I dropped the online subscription and I am doing it by myself. I have lost 95 pounds but my weight loss has slowed down because I do not have that online connection I had before, and I still struggling with that last 20 pounds.

The one thing I don't like about the new system is being punished for high fiber. All high fiber foods that were one point are now 3 points and there is no way I can get my fiber for the day through fruits and veggies. Also, I am only losing about 1/2 lb to 1 lb per week. Yes, I am following the program and I exercise about 90 minutes EVERY day (walking and pilates). I kept track of the calories I ate for about a week. I was surprised how low, only 1000 to 1200 per day. This included using more than 26 points for the day. I liked the flexibility of the old plan better. I felt like I learned more at the meetings on the old program. An entire meeting on salads? I need more info to be successful. The good health guidelines are rarely discussed and what happened to the emphasis on drinking water? I will continue for now because I need the support I receive from the other WW members.

My husband and I have been VERY successful on the PP program. I think it really makes you think about portion size. (Apparently, this was one of our issues!) I agree, the weight is coming off slowly, but isn't that the 'correct' way, if you want it to stay off?

I Loved the older version of WW...tried WW Plus but unfortunately the "plus"in my case applied only to all the weight I gained!!! I followed it to a tee as I'm quite disciplined about this effort. I went from 135 to 151 before I said adios to the plus and returned to good ol' WW!! I know WW plus works for many so I'm not trying to discourage anyone but if it isn't working for you, just know that you're not alone!!

I lost about 20lbs on the old plan and that was perfect for me!! Thats all I really needed to loose. The new PPP does not work for me!! I feel that it encourages people to eat as many fruits and veggies as they want and still eat ALL their points. Its still input and output everyone. I eat healthy, to the point where I have become vegan, with the exception of 60% plus chocolate. If you have eating disorders or other food issuse it may not work. I loved the old program, I was able to eat my 2 fruits and veggies with humus and have a slad and still drink my wine on the weekends without feeling guilty. Now a bottle of white wine is 15 points as apposed to 10 on the old program. I guess a good way to discourage drinking. I have stopped using PPP and My Fitness Pal (calorie counting) and have just done my own thing. It has worked and I did loose 4-5 pounds, but for some unknown reason have gained it back again. Didnt change my diet, but did not workout for a couple of days and indulged on alcohol. Oh well, I will keep the staight and narrow and continue to educate myself.

I absolutely LOVE the newest WW PP..I've lost 105 pounds in the past year! My entire life has changed for the better thanks to WW-PP. I eat healthy and my family eats healthy!!!! I LOVE it and I LOVE being an on-line member of the WW Community. I don't have time to go to meetings and on-line website WORKS for me! I WILL be a life long member and I recommend WW to EVERYONE I meet.

It's been working for me. Down 63 lbs. in 10 1/2 months. It's going a little slower now than at first, but I know I need to move more than I have been!

I have lost 20 pounds on the Points Plus program, but I hate it. I find the meeting demoralizing (I don't go anymore, found a great support group instead). I like that it is a simple system, but any diet works if you stick with it (its not that diets don't work, its that diets don't last). I find I lost more and felt better when I ate less carbs, but ww doesn't discriminate between carbs (good or bad) and proteins. Also, I find myself using unhealthier options because they are less points (Splenda in stead of Agave or honey... if I won't let my dogs eat it, something is not right). For now, it is A system that is better than nothing (or better than my 8000 calorie a day regular life). I do like the extra weekly point allowance that is in place to keep members not feeling deprived (although I have only used it once).

I am a lifetime member from the old system, and haven't been thrilled with the new system. For me, the old way worked great! (So why mess up a good thing?) I am at my goal weight so I just maintain, but when I need to lose, I do it strictly for a couple of weeks. I can't ever seem to lose on the new system, so I still use my points slide and do the old way. I also have every point memorized for the old system too.

I think it depends on the person and thier commitment. I see a nutritionist and that works for me. Lots of my coworkers recently joined WW and they are having great success. They need those weekly meetings and stuff. Also fruit and veggies are so good for you they should be no points :)

I lost 35 lbs 18 months ago and have maintained it for a year. It is so much easier and satisfying than the old program. I starved on the old program. But I eat powerfoods and exercise has been a part of my life for 32 years now. You have to use common sense with the fruit. I love it.

I did the W.W. program from way back in the 70's and now am doing the new Point's Plus. I can not tell you how much BETTER I like the new program compared to the old!! It's wonderful to have the freedom to "choose" what to eat, and the free fruits and veggies are great! I have lost 30 pounds in 5 months. Not fast, but steady and I am not hungry!

I've tried various diets over the years and I was apprehensive about WW at first. It's essentially calorie counting, so why bother with WW, so I thought? Then some colleagues of mine mentioned it and I figured why not give it a shot?

I think the Points Plus program is a much better idea, because it encourages healthier foods, more produce in your diet (not a bad thing here in the US), and it emphasizes portion control (an issue of mine).

I don't like how WW in general focuses on calories rather than overall nutrition. I think I'd rather eat more natural, whole foods, rather than some fake diet foods. Granted, some food swaps are worth it, like Laughing Cow, like Almond Breeze. Others aren't, but that's just me.

I started WW Points plus in April of 2012, and have lost about 30 lbs, and kept an additional 10 lbs off.

It's not perfect, but I find it keeps you accountable of what you eat. You keep track of your money, why not keep track of your calorie intake? Aren't some items a "better bargain" or value with your money? Why not the same with food?

I started WW Online one month ago with a 10 pounds goal. I'm already down 8 pounds and the inches are starting to show :) I really didn't know how this could work, but I couldn't do it on my own. I absolutely love tracking my food and haven't missed a day. Even my husband has started eating healthier--that's a bonus! I just needed help losing some belly fat and inflamation and this has helped me. I will continue my online subscription because it keeps me accountable.

Everything depends on how much weight you need to lose. People who need to lose a lot of weight will lose a lot the first week. But those that need to lose 10-15 lbs will lose only a couple of lbs the first week if that. I am a lifetime member. I lost 40 lbs back in 1990. It was the OLD, OLD, program that concentrated on portion control. When I see the pounds creeping up,,,I just go back to measuring and eating right. As a lifetime member, I know what works for me, so I go back to that program which worked real well for me.............Barb

I actually work for WW and did during the transition to PointsPlus. As someone who pays a ton of attention to what we should be eating and the science behind it (even if I don't always follow them) I loved that WW had taken in the new science and adapted the program. However, I virtually stopped losing weight after the switch. I think it was mostly psychological because I'd done so well on the old program. I think new member probably do much better having never experienced another version. Currently I think the biggest problem with PP is how they have us explain the program to new members. It's not enough information and I think it leaves people very frustrated.

I have been a life time member of WW since 1989. I have had sucess with all the programs. First time I lost 43 lbs and then had some stuff happen in my life and gain it all back. I have been doing points plus and have lost 37 lbs and still continuing. I think WW is the best!!

I have never done WW before this summer, so this is all I know. I've lost 12 pounds in about 6 weeks. The best part about it is that it has changed my thinking. I am much more inclined to eat fruits and veggies because they're no points. When hunger strikes mid afternoon, I load up on grapes to make it thru until dinner. Thats significant because I used to eat junk food in the afternoon!!

It's working for me now (I'm going to meetings, measuring and tracking religiously) but it did not work when I was trying to do it on my own just using the online system. What I've found now is that I was overestimating portions, feeling too much flexibility because of the extra weekly points allowance. The emphasis on fruit is really good for me.

Lost weight and became a Lifetimer on the points plan. Loved it, was able to maintain my weight loss........then along came Points Plus :( I did not embrace the change! I had many recipes that had worked very well for me, that now had too many points. I decided to just get rid of every thing I had for the Points plan, go for the Points Plus. It does work, but it does work much slower!!!! And they need to provide a slider to show PP, for us that do not have a smart phone. Pam I agree, I do not enjoy the meetings as much. Our last ENTIRE meeting was about drinks. Not to many (Adult Drinks)Ha Ha have fiber in them.

I really like the new system and the fact that fibre is now taken into account. It makes me aware of all aspects of my food choices and encourages one to eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables. The one aspect that annoys me is that the only way to obtain a full list of the PointsPlus for each food is to spend extra money on either a specially programmed calculator or a larger book. However, I found online a couple of sites that have an online calculator, which apparently makes Weight Watchers very cross, but makes me very satisfied!

I used WW many years ago and did great with it. After losing 60 pounds last year on my own and coming to a stand still, I decided at the beginning of this year to give it a try again. I was VERY disappointed, and like your mother, ended up cancelling my subscription and going back to my old method of counting calories and exercise (imagine that! lol) with continued success.

MFP. My Fitness Pal. Free. Better.

I've never tried WW, but I was reading through everyone's success stories and just wanted to tell you all that you are incredible people and have inspired me this morning!

I never did the old program, so I can't compare. But I do like the WW program. It is flexible, and encourages healthy options and portion control. For me it will be a total lifestyle change, not just a temporary one. And although I'm the only one in my family actually doing WW, my family has benefited, too. My husband has lost about 25+lbs. (I lost just over 40 and met goal on Christmas Eve 2011, and then lifetime in early 2012). Change isn't always easy, especially when the progam is working. Even in the PointsPlus, then made changes from their original launch -- as it became PointsPlus2012. I'm still liking the progam, but I don't really attend meetings anymore. I found those weren't helping me -- just couldn't find the "right" meeting -- the right leader, people and time/place. But I still track everyting and use eTools religiously! Still a fan/supporter of the PP plan.

I've only just started (1 1/2 weeks) with the Point Plus program. So far, I've not felt deprived at all and even have had some difficulty using all the points on a couple of days. I did WW about 13 or so years ago and became miserable with it after a so tired of having a salad and 7 Triscuits for lunch EVERY day! My fingers are crossed for success on the "new" program, although I'm trying to be realistic about having some difficulties due to menopause. Thanks, Snack Girl! And thanks to all who took the time to comment! I feel much less alone.

It is great.I have lost over 10lbs using the online weight watchers.

For someone who is insulin resistant or diabetic, unlimited fruits can be a real problem. Even though the fiber in fruits and veggies is better for you than the fiber in whole grains, it doesn't counteract the carbs in sugary fruits like bananas.

My problem with the Points Plus program is NOT enough food. I am always hungry, frankly fruit and veggies just aren't enough when you're very active physically. I am grateful for the extra points activity gives you and the weekly extras but (like I said) I'm always hungry! However, it has reminded me about portion control. And variety. The program does not seem to have been designed for the less than 20lb to loose.

I've been on the program since March. I've lost 30 lbs. I think if one is not thrilled with the direction that they see at meetings....find another leader to help inspire you! In fact my leader has encouraged people to do this. My leader is very inspiring & supportive!! I still have a long way to my goal & I plan to stick with it. Another help for me is the support I have at home & with family.

Despite the very slow weight loss, I still love the diet. If anything I developed better eating habits.

I had zero experience with Weight Watchers before I joined last September, so I can't compare, but I quickly and easily lost 34 pounds and have maintained for almost six months. I love that fruit is "free" (in reality it's just factored into the daily calorie count but it definitely makes me more inclined to have a fruit snack than a 100-calorie pack of junk!) and I love how easy it is. I never deviated from the plan and I rarely ate my weekly points - that probably helped. But in the end, isn't it all just a mind game? It's a simplified way to reduce calories, and that's all. But yes, it worked VERY well for me and for a few of my friends.

Coming back to it as a lifetime member since 1989 and only about 12lbs to lose I am having a tough time making headway. I think it has a lot to do with the fruit for me so I am going with only two servings a day even though it is free. Then all the rest of the fruit/veggies comes from veggies. I am going to try that for a few weeks and see how it goes.

I started Points Plus, online-only, in January, and by the end of May lost 30 pounds. Now, I 'think' I'd like to lose 10 more, but I have maintained that weight since then -- so that's good. I think the PP has more 'accountability' for 'what' you eat than the old system -- I did WW once about 15 years ago, and at the time, I remember it seemed to me that if I ate half my daily 'points' in cheetos, it wouldn't matter. Now, in essence, I'm 'punished' if I eat a bag of cheetos! (Well, I can't eat as much the rest of the day, is what I mean!). It DID encourage me to eat more fruit -- and daily. It DID encourage me to track, track, track. it DID make me aware of how heinous, say, a restaurant meal can be. Aaaack! I am STILL 'on' it, but am now going to do a 60-day Michey's ladder thing, ultra-clean eating, AND give up hard alcohol (which I always found room for in WW), to give me that extra 'nudge' to finish up to my desired goal -- but I have also learned that tracking for the foreseeable future is where it's at for maintenance. I routinely ate more than my allotted points (26 allotted, usually ate 32-35!) but I also routinely earned 45-60 activity points a week (triathlon training!). I also thought the price was good -- and I have made many Snack Girl treats to go along with my program! Incidentally, made the corn fritters last week -- oh they were SO GOOD! Only problem is it was so easy to eat four or five of them. :)

Love PP. I liked the old program, too, but I ate a lot of carbs on it. The healthiest diet is one where you eat 5-7 servings of fruit/veg a day, and I was usually only eating 2 on the old program.

Kallah said we should be naturally thin and WW doesn't support that. Kallah, if I could be naturally thin then I wouldn't need WW. I will NEVER be naturally thin. The off button in my brain that says 'stop eating' is broken, so I have to have external help in stopping.

Research shows that a FOOD DIARY is the #1 best way to lose weight and keep it off long term, no matter what eating program you are on. WW emphasizes that. I am a life time member and I know if I am writing what I eat, even if I don't track the points, I will do well. As soon as I stop writing it down I am going to start gaining some weight soon after.

I personally like the old point system the best. Where my thin bagel counted as 1 pt and not 3.

I lost more weight on the old points than I am on the new points plus..

As someone who started with Weight Watchers 2 years and 115 lbs ago (My 2 year anniversary is tmrw wooo!) I have first hand experience with both versions of the program. I am a 100% supporter of the new Points Plus system. I have seen a huge difference in the way I feel. My weight loss stayed about the same pace, but my activity progress is amazing. After being on the new plan for a few months, my mile time got faster, my distance got longer, and my overall workouts just seemed better! I love that the new plan encourages more fruit and vegetable consumption. I am the first to admit on the old system if a banana was 2 points and a small candy bar was 2 points...the candy won...almost every time! The other major change for me was my blood work results. Now, I'm sure with the old plan I would have had good results in this dept. as well, but my results at my last physical were phenomenal. My doctor was thrilled and after reviewing the plan based on what I told her about it she said she wished all of her patients would use the plan because it was "good, old fashioned, healthy eating." So while I might be biased (I spent my ENTIRE life battling obesity) Weight Watchers has been a huge game changer in my life and taught me how to use food to fuel my body, how to indulge in moderation and how to eat the "unhealthier" choices in a way that keeps me healthy and happy =)

I love the new program. It is really easy to follow with the encouragement of eating fruits and veggies. I prefer it now and try to get more of these items at each meal. I am more full and I am not tempted to waste points on junk or empty calories. Plus, there is a hidden benefit to switching to more fruits and hubby and daughter are losing weight and becoming more healthy too! I have lost 45 pounds on the new program since January. I've steadily lost weight without hitting plateaus, too. I'm also encouraged to exercise more! That is new to the program too. WW always tried to work that into the program before, but now I have a personal Activity Points goal for the week, and that really motivates me to meet that expectation. It is worthwhile for those who actually stick to the program the way it is given. A lot of people (my mother included), tries to cheat the system and not follow the given "rules" and that just hurts her results. You can't cheat on a diet plan or lifestyle change and expect to lose. You have to stick to it to see the results you are hoping for. Don't blame the program when the User is at fault!

I like this Plan, especially mostly free fruits and veggies. But, I agree with Pam-they should have kept your water intake as JUST water. Toughies if your water is "boring" - throw a slice of citrus fruit in there! We should not be allowed to use diet soda as water.

I have lost 60 pounds on the points plus method. My insurance pays for a portion of my weight watcher's cost. Weight Watchers is the ONLY plan my insurance with contribute toward. They are the only plan according to my insurance company that can show documented results with not only losing weight but also maintaining that weight loss which we all know is the toughest part of weight loss, keeping it off. If someone is following the plan and still not losing weight, I think a trip to the doc is waranted. I have hypo thyroid disease and it is difficult for me to lose weight and this is working for me. Best wishes to everyone on their weight loss journey.

I lost weight on the old plan, but got derailed in transition to the PP+ program. I took a break and now am back, looking at it with fresh eyes...and losing weight! WW is not about being "naturally thin". It's about learning healthy habits and feeling better, having more energy, eating until you're satisfied...all of these things work together to help us lose weight w/out losing control.

I have a slow time loosing on the plan when I eat anything even when I stayed within the 28 point range. I found out that I cannot eat anything. I need to watch the carbs/starches closely. I found out I can only have a starch once a day and the points need to stay 20-23 inorder to loose. I am 63 and can only do exercises moderately so that may be why. However, it has taught me to reach for healthier foods and what proper portion sizes are. I still stick to it most of the time but must watch everything I eat and my weight loss is slow but the change in my eating habits is excellent. I have been overweight all my life and for the first time I am learning what proper protions are and making choices.

I just typed in a comment and it got lost when security failed. So this will be very short. I like Points Plus. I don't go to meetings. I've lost 6.5 lb. since around July 27. I lose better when I exercise. I love eating all the fruits and veggies for free and look healthier. I am a lifetime member. I need to lose around 45 lb.

I started WW 1-11 at my highest weight alittle over a year I lost 70 pounds. I had never done WW in the past. I did try calorie counting & some exercise, I gained more weight.

I happen to like fruits & vegetables so Points Plus is great for me. I have a more difficult time with the healthy oils and protein. I reached my goal weight in Feb. I still go to meetings and weigh in weekly. I' m quite happy with WW & Points Plus. I suggest the plan to my friends who are looking to loose weight.

I LOVE the PointsPlus program! I did WW in 2007 when it was still just points. I had success then, but I fell off the wagon and gained some weight back. I started WW again in February 2012 to lose weight for my wedding, and I've had no issues with PointsPlus at all!

Working for me, too....lost 26 lbs. since May!

I started WW online last August and have lost 65 pounds. This is the first time I have lost weight by changing my lifestyle/eating habits rather than using diet aids or severely restricting my calorie intake. I feel fortunate that I started the plan after the new pp program was underway and didn't have to make that adjustment. I had tried WW for a short period of time in the past, but gave up because the loss seemed too slow and attending meetings was not my thing. My perspective is different now. It is all about the journey. I've lost on average a pound per week, and that's fine now. I learn something each week with either a gain or loss. The online tools are fantastic for immediate feedback, and ease of tracking. As my point allotment decreased with my weight loss I found myself naturely moving toward more veggies and fruits to stay within my DP. I can't speak toward the old plan,but for myself the change in my perspective toward lifestyle change vs. losing the weight has helped tremendously this time.

Hang in there Anne. I am 62 and have had two knee replacements. I go to the YMCA with a buddy 5 mornings a week. After a 60 lb. loss I am doing better exercising. I have 50 lbs more to go. My weight loss has been slow but my thyroid doc says that is best, much more likely to keep it off!! Sounds like you have a great attitude and are heading in the right direction. I really struggle with portion control but keep working at it. I strive for 80/20 success rate and so far that is working for me. Hope your success continues!

I started WW's a little over a year ago and lost 102 lbs so far, 3 to get to goal. I love it, was on it about 20 years ago and it wasn't for me. But I love this program, you have to work it to lose. With websites like this one really helps. Keep up the great work!!!

I am a Lifetime Member and lost over 60lbs the first time around on the very OLD program MANY years ago. But then I chose to ignore the voices in my head that kept telling me to eat smart - and eventually most of the weight came back. I started back 13 months ago following the new WW plan and have lost 54lbs as of this month. I am back to my Lifetime goal (a little older now...ok, a LOT older now..haha and a little more realistic goal weight)...and AM THRILLED BEYOND WORDS about the new pp program. So much easier than years ago...because there are NO forbidden foods as long as you track what you eat. But as with anything in life...everything is NOT for everyone....this is MY lifestyle now and I'm sticking to it because we eat BETTER than ever!

I completely dislike the Points Plus system. I had so much success with the old system. This points plus program, even with my own points adjustment, is a waste of time for me. I've cancelled my subscription twice. Weight Watchers is a highly respected weight loss program, one that can be applied for a lifetime.....not anymore. So disappointing!

Maxine Daluz Griffin

I do not like the new system at all! It is true.....even though fruits and most veggies have zero points you still can eat too many. I ended up gaining weight with the new program because like others, I would choose fruit instead of a snack....because it was free. I wish they would change it back to the program just before this new one. I lost almost 30 pounds on that one!

I only lost the same 3 or 4 lbs on WW'S new program and then could not lose any more weight it was very frustrating. I started following Bob Harper's new book The Skinny Rules and then some friends found the free website MyFitnessPal which counts calories and I've lost 16 lbs in 2 months! So I guess it just depends on the person.

Although I was only on the new plan for about 2 weeks (then I found out I was pregnant!) I didn't like the fact that they didn't address what diabetics were supposed to do! I was diagnosed as type 2 right before I got pregnant. I could not eat unlimited fruit b/c of all the sugar and carbs. In my meetings, people talked about eating bananas all day. Not feasible for a diabetic. I am now doing a Atkins like diet.

I joined WW in September 2011, since then I have lost 31 lbs and am a Lifetime member now. WW worked for me and I would recommend it to everyone who is serious about losing weight.

I have lost on the old plan and like it but do not like the new one. My problem is they moved the meeting place without notifying members and the new place is impossible to find so I just quit. Am staying on the program but will miss the meetings. Hope no one else has had this problem.

I am new to WW so can't compare to the old program. I have been doing PP for about a month, and the weight loss is agonizingly slow - no more than 1/2 lb a week, plus I'm feeling hungry and cranky all the time! I would like to see the pounds going a little faster, for all the sacrifices I'm making. Yes, I'm following the plan, recording my points every day, etc, and I exercise daily. My friend suggested I was eating too much fruit, but one of my issues with the plan is that it is so vague about how much is too much, or how much is the right amount (of fruit). Trying to focus more on veggies now than fruits, and I'm not as hungry as I was. Loving jicima!

Question: So I went to a meeting last Nov. and got a calculator and booklet and all. The Points Plus program. I am a lifetime member (20 years ago). I did not go again until now. I've been using my calculator and booklet for three weeks but have not been back to a meeting. Am I to understand that it is changed since then? That Points Plus 2012 is different than Points Plus 2011? Does that mean I'd need a new calculator? Or can mine adusted?

I love the points plus program - and have lost 90 lbs on it so far!! (since April 2011) I eat way more veggies than I did before, and I limit myself to two servings of fruit per day. If I eat too much fruit, my loss is slower.

I love the PointsPlus program!! I lost my weight on the old point system but it was hard to maintain! The new program is fantastic and so much easier to maintain your weight! I think of the saying "If you kind of follow the program, it kind of works. If you REALLY follow the program, IT REALLY WORKS! Coming to the meetings is also helpful. Sometimes people that do the online program are not successful because they don't have the support and the accountability of the meetings then they blame your failure on the program. The new program gives everyone more flexiblilty, true some foods cost more pointsplus values but your daily target is higher too! You also have more Weekly PointsPlus Values to spend however you choose!! You certainly can get in your Good Health Guidelines with no trouble! The member materials give all the details. Members must read the materials to get the full benefit from the program! It is the best and easiest program to follow!

I've done both the old and the new WW system recently. I got guilted into doing it at work several years ago and wasn't into it, but got all the materials. In January I went on it again with my sister -- she did the PP and I did the old system for four months, then I switched to the new system because I wanted to eat healthier. I've lost 25 pounds slowly, but have kept it off and am still losing. Works for me!

I love WW! I started the program Feb 29, 2012 after having a baby in September, 2011. I had lost all the baby weight, but had so much further to go. In five months I have lost 43 lbs and I am thrilled! I still have almost 30 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight, but I am one happy momma.

It's working for me. Slowly, but working. 25 pounds lost since October.

I liked the old system better. I was able to lose about 30 pounds on it. When they switched to the new system, I didn't lose any more weight. In fact, I gained. I have always eaten fruits and veggies, so incorporating them into my diet has never been an issue for me. I recently started adding a point value to my fruits, where one cup equals one point to see if that would make my weight loss budge. It hasn't. I am considering cancelling my online subscription.

Fruit still has sugar and carbs in them, and for me, the carbs and sugars are going somewhere. I am probably going to look into another online program. I did Jenny Craig when I was a teenager, and managed to lose 80 pounds in one year. But, I don't want to do it now because it won't let me eat in the real world, and I don't want to eat prepackaged foods.

Not every body is created equal, and just because one program works for some people, it doesn't mean it works for everyone. I don't think it is fair to say that if you're not losing weight on the program, you aren't following it correctly (as someone said above). That just isn't true. You can enjoy your weight loss success without being insulting to others.

I never did the old points system, but did WW Online recently with the new points system and it took me 3 months to lose 6 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race? I have since switched to another online FREE program and totally over 6 months have lost 10 goal was 12 so I am happy to date.

I love the program! I have lost 111 lbs since May 19, 2011 largly in part to that program. I am not actually a member of WW, but found an app on my phone (points plus diary) that let me track everything and basically "pretend" I am part of it. It was the best $1.24 I have ever spent. Honestly, I would like to be a WW member online, I just can't afford it and instead use that and online resources for other ideas and support. I would say WW Points Plus system has worked for me though :) I have learned to eat much differently in order to stay within my points. I was never much of a veggie eater and now I work them in every day. It has helped me learn to finally read packaging labels and make much better choices. I'm healthier and feel better than I ever have. 58 lbs left to go by March...I can do this!

I lost 53 pounds on the old Weight Watchers, but actually gained on PointsPlus, even though I followed it meticulously. After a year on the new program and 19 pounds gained, I quit paying the monthly fee because it wasn't working for me anymore.

I have been in WW for nearly 2 years and love the new Points Plus.

I have had an unbelievable amount of stress in the past year (step daughter's wedding this past June), 4 lithotripsies for my kidneys, and gained back 17 of the 44 lbs I had lost.

It wasn't WW's fault, it was MINE...I was eating "out-of-control" again, not tracking and NOT making positive choices.

At one of our meetings someone made the genius comment, "if you only put in 1/4 of your effort into the program, you can expect 1/4 of the results...." It was something to that effect.

WW is the only Weight loss program that is universally embraced by doctors, why? because it "work" the program you will get results.

It is based on a healthy eating plan (notice I didn't say "diet") it isn't about deprivation. It is a way of life.

Work it and it will WORK for you! :)

I am a lifetime WW member who achieved goal the same week the new PP program launched. I don't know if it is 'change' itself - but I hate it. I have not been able to maintain, I knew the old program so well it was like an old friend. But this new friend and I have not hit it off! Still stuggling and 10 lbs up!

I'm a WW drop out, and count calories with My Fitness Pal. i love, love love MFP, it clicked with me right away and it's free and easy to use. I'm learning so much more about nutrition now. WW is out to make money.

I started with points plus but my mom did one of the previous versions of the plan. Her biggest complaint was that she was "charged" for eating the good stuff like fruit and veggies. I could see her point. I love having most fruits "free" and I do eat more fruits and veggies than I did pre WW because I get more food for my tummy and therefore stay fuller and thus more satisfied. After nearly 30 weeks, I've lost 27 pounds so I'm right around 1 pound per week. People want the quick fix and that's not what gets long term results for most people. It took time for me to gain it so it takes time for me to take it off. If I do the suggested 14 points of activity, eat my 26 points that I'm assigned (sometimes going up to 30-32), I lose at least 1 pound per week. I have been less strict over the summer and that's why my pounds/week amount is only 1. What WW gives me is the accountability and an easy way to track (phone app). For some reason, me paying money keeps me going to meetings and making this work. Whatever works!

I love the points plus system, I've lost 40 lb in 6 months !

I am never hungry and eat healthier than ever.

It's certainly worked for me.

I first joined weight watchers in 1978, and much has changed over the years. I have never been more than 40 pds overweight, and had success losing the weight with the old programs. The new program is very slow to work if at all, have extra ten poounds on and i cannot loose unless i count fruit as a point. I had a friend that used to say "its all about portion control". Measure out 1/2 cup of fruit, hmmmm.

People with a greater amount to loose will be successful, but overall the new program still needs to be adjusted to work for everyone.

I'm a fairly new lifetime member (down 54 lbs.) who lost weight on the new PPV and PPV 2012 programs. For me, the program worked, but I also had to know what worked FOR ME. After so many years of yoyo dieting I know that carbs (bread and pasta especially) have to be eaten with care. I limit myself to 1 banana a day. That kind of knowing myself. I told my leader once that I didn't think I was eating a healthy enough diet, even while working the program. She asked me if this was the way I planned to eat for the rest of my life. The answer was yes. I applaud everyone who eats a healthier diet than I do and I attempt to incorporate more healthy choices into my daily diet, but I know if I can't have my treats I'll never be able to keep working the plan. So, I think the new plan fits MY lifestyle quite well.

I lost 60 lbs under the "old" program and have lost 15 lbs under the new program. I got burned out on doing so much tracking, and since I was eating mainly power foods, decided to switch over to the Simply Filling plan (the old CORE plan) - I love how I look and feel - and have been able to maintain my weight loss.

I love the new system, however I find the online tools (at least in Canada) awful and once my 6 month trial is done I will not be re-upping rather using the free tools I already use instead of their own awful ones.

But, yes their new system is awesome. I am not weighing myself but using the measuring tape as my guide and sense May 6th I have lost 23 inches from my bust, waist and hips. My goal is to get to the measurements for a size six, currently I measure in at about a size 16/18, when I started I measured in at a size 16.

Article idea: vanity clothes sizing. My current measurements are (bust down) 42" 36.5" 42.5" but I wear size 12 in pants (10 if I am at walmart). but by my measurements I should wear a 16 or 18. It's silly.

I do not like it!! In fact I left WW and researched weight loss on my own. I have been low carbing it since Feburary and I have lost 70 pounds. My husband 90!!! It's a life style change that I have come to love....

I don't belong to WW (did when I was a kid when you checked off the boxes for food groups!), so I can't say for sure... But what I know from fruit and vegetables being "free", I think that's a great part! Why limit those things that are healthy and give you vitamins and minerals. Sure, we may easily eat a 500 calorie bag of chips, but who eats 500 calories worth of bananas in one sitting?

I love your example of kids stealing their parents' fruit! That's teachable. ;-)

So far, so good. I do like the "unlimited" vegetables. I add proteins and starches/carbs to veggie dishes and am very happy with the results. My doctor feels it will stop working after a time due to the veggies and fruits being free and suggested a calories in/calories out approach, but interestingly, he's the one that suggested WW to begin with. 50 pounds later, and I'm happy with it. I have another 50 to lose. If WW loses steam, I'll probably stick with the program. It is a guide for me, not a bible.

I'm new to WW, just started last month, 2 weeks after giving birth. I love it! I love that fruits and non-starch veggies are free. I've done some research to which fruits are better for weight loss (ex. apples are better than bananas. I'm doing quite well, and am having very slow, steady weight loss.

I have only about 7 to 10 lbs to lose. I don't think the Points Plus program works well for someone who does not have much to lose. I did better on the old program. Maybe that is just me.

I don't mind trying new things. I love the fact that fruit is 0 points and I am glad WW lowered the minimum points from 29 to 26. Also, I am not very tall, only 5'3" and am in my 60's. This seems to make the weight loss very, very slow even with exercise. As I said, I seemed to do better with the old plan.

I just started the new plan and have lost 4 pounds in a month. I like this plan better because most fruit and veggies are no points. I don't have too much weight to lose and I would rather lose it slowly eating in a comfortable manner.

I preferred the Core program. Adding all the bread and such to the Simply Filling technique is not clean eating to me. Why fix something that wasn't broken. Fruit is not a bad thing but women like to eat fruit, it has a lot of natural sugars and calories add up.

I reached goal after 7 months, losing 50 pounds, on the new WW+ program. I so enjoy it better than the momentum. Once giving up the junk food I don't even miss it! I go straight for the healthy stuff! Thanks WW

I started exercizing almost a year and a half ago because I wanted to lose a little weight and have a healthyer life style. I thought that I would lose lots of weight if I just started getting up in the morning and going for a run. When the weight wouldn't come off I decided to go to Weight Watchers to a little boost. In about 8 weeks I have lost about 22lbs. I did not know how much extra food I was eating! Weight Watchers taught me about portion control and making better choices. Now, instead of having two bowls of pasta I have a cup of pasta along with a side salad. I just needed to learn what healthy eating looked like. Weight Watchers helped me do that.

I LOVE the point plus system. I have lost 45 lbs in 6 mnths.. I walk for 1/2 hr 3 to 4 times a week and follow the points plus and I've gone from 300 lbs to 255 lbs at a health speed. I am doing something that I know I can keep doing for the rest of my life... love IT , love IT , love IT!

I love ww new plan. I dont ever have to be hungry. With the addition of free fruits and vegetables. With the old plan I would have to go to bed early because my points were all gone. Not anymore!!! Thank you WW's

I joined online in April 2012 and had only 20 pounds to lose, but needed to improve my eating as I tend to fall victim to the high carb eating style of my 2 young girls (not to mention the butter and sauces from holiday 2011!). I just can't eat like that, but do need 2 snacks during the day or I can just feel my blood sugar drop and that's not a good thing on the job. I also wanted to boost my workouts and seeing the activities I like to do as point values is helpful to me. I can think, well if I want to eat that extra 4 point snack, that's equal to a 4 point bike or elliptical workout. Anyway, I'm 6 pounds from my goal and I've hit a couple of plateaus and even gained then relost 4 pounds from a recent vacation, but it's been a relearning process for me. I enjoy finding new things to eat and cook and that's where sites like this one come in helpful.

I am so glad that I am not the only person totally stumped with the new WW points plus plan. Several years ago I lost 45 lbs on WW. Gradually I gained alot of it back. I cannot lose anything on the Points Plus plan (old or new). I have tried going over, under or hitting the 26 points exactly and nothing. I am so mad that I threw away all of my old WW stuff. I would love to go back to one of the old plans, where I did lose weight. I am very frustrated with it.

I have been struggling the last few months with the new points, I haven't had a great loss in quite a while and getting a little disappointed each week,I am a 6 year Breast Cancer survivor and I needed to learn how to eat better and healthier

I tried WW earlier this year and the tracking rove me nuts. Thought I could do it myself and ended up gaining the 8 pounds I had lost in 3 months back in a week! During these 3 months on WW, I did Zumba 5-6 days a week...and only lost those stinkin 8 pounds. THEN, I saw some pictures of myself at a family reunion two weeks ago and was embarassed. I thought about WW again, but knew the tracking was going to derail me. So I checked out a bunch of weight loss books form the library and one titled "The Eden Diet" sucked me in. It's premise is faith based (which is usually not my scene,) and has you ask yourself a few important questions, such as "If you were eating with God, would He approve of what you are doing to yourself? Eating alone or sneaking food keeps humans out of the loop, but not God." Or "eat to the Glory of God" which confused me for a few pages. But basically it means eat only when you are truly hungry, not bored or stressed. Figure out your triggers and ask God to help. He doesn't want you to be fat. So I rejoined WW and the new tracking apps are great for my phone, especially the scanner tool. (love it while shopping). I lost 2 pounds in my first week. I am cognizant of what I am eating more than ever. I am a foodie and a clothes horse and this "physique" just isn't doing it anymore. Finally some great inspirational quotes on Pinterest are keeping me going. My 3 cents. We shall see if I can keep this up till December and have lost the 50 pounds.

I was 271 when i started weight watchers 7 years ago. I lost 40 pounds but found it was too hard to keep up with it and gave up. Now, 7 years later, I have started back up in June, and have almost lost 30 pounds. I am now 219. It works if you really want it to and you are truly honest with yourself. I have weeks where I don't lose a lot or actually where I gained, but that was because I ate something I shouldn't have and it put me over my points. I don't really eat my plus points if I can avoid it, it seems that you lose more that way. I also exercise at Curves 3x a week.

I agree with the above comment about the healthy guidelines. I have not heard them mentioned, other than a leader saying to remember them and keep them in mind. I don't think this helped new members. I was a lifetime member untill they started the new program. I do think you eat more fruits and veggies on the new program, which is good. The problem is you don't track the fruit and veggies even if you go over the 5-8 servings. When I go over my points, I tend to eat fruit. So, this fruit counts for no points. Sometimes I will have 11-13 servings of fruit. Heck, if I'm gonna over eat, this is the best thing to have. I called weight watchers, and told them the new program is not working, because I eat to many fruits and veggies. I was told after say the 5-7 servings to count each fruit or veggie as one point. This way since I am tracking, it will put a limit on the fruits and veggies. They are not really free. So, I feel the new program is great but they should have you track points after a certain amount of fruits/veggies. This would make a perfect plan.

I starteed with the regular points and had to switch to the new program which I'm not as happy with, but I'm under goal and lifetime, I'm terrified to eat anymore because I have to face the scale every week and I call it brainwashing meetings, I think I have a eating problem now so I don't think it's the best diet to go on.

Don't remember who it was but someone said they eat 11-15 SERVINGS OF FRUIT PER DAY??? OMG! That is MAJOR sugar overload....

Regardless of fruit being "0" points you should check with your doctor...I had borderline sugar a year or so ago and was told to NEVER eat more than 2 fruits per day (FYI one half of a banana is considered 1 fruit for many nutritionists)...11-15 fruits per day is a little out of control....I would scale it down to no more than 4......remember sugar people!!

Yep...I am on the Filling Food plan...and I know fruit is zero POINTS BUT WATCH OUT!

I lost about 30 pounds on WW a few years ago before the switch. I was very comfortable with the old plan and had devised balanced meals that stayed within my target. After the change, I was always hungry and could not seem to adjust so I dropped it (I used the online plan). I have maintained my weight well in the interim because I now have a good idea of what I can eat that satisfies me without consuming too many calories. In short, I hate the new plan.

wow all these great comments about WW new program maybe I should go back and try it again. I am not very good at pre-preparing all my food and stuff... but wow.. lost of lbs lost. great job everyone.

I lost 40 pounds with the points plus program in about 5 months, and have kept it off for a year. I found it easy to follow and I continue to eat about the same way, though I don't count points any longer. It was easy to make this life style change, mostly due to the free fruits.

I love the new PP system! I definitely feel like I am succeeding - 13.5 lbs lost in 9 weeks! I am motivated to track my food and activity. I have also found that by eating "clean" (nothing processed) and planning ahead I am also meeting my goals. I spend 2 hours on Sunday prepping/preparing meals for the week ahead (breakfast, lunch & dinner), as well as preparing the next day's meals the night before which includes tracking.

I am a lifetime member, became one in 2001 after losing 30 lbs on the old program. I fine the new points plus is an adjustment, but it does work, just as everyone says, a little more slowly. I have lost just shy of a pound a week, but my clothes really fit differently and I fell so much better. I have started execising four times a week and that has made quite a difference. all in all, the program makes you accountable and drives your to healthier choices with points plus.

I have been a Weight Watchers lifetime member for 11 years. I really like the structure of the program. Counting calories didn't work for me but WW does, yet in essence, I am actually counting calories. I love the simply filling portion of the plan which is very much a healthy way of eating.

My cure for keeping the kids out of "my" fruit snacks is to eat frozen fruit. the kids never look in the freezer for anything except popsicles or ice cream, so I keep frozen grapes, pineapple, cherries, etc for my snacks. So freshing, too 'cause we've been in the 100's where I live the past month! Good luck to everyone in the WW goals!

WW really, really works when you have more than 15 pounds to about when you're down to the last 7-10...that's when things get tough for me. Right now, clothes are fitting 'almost' just right...but I know if I take off those last few pounds I'd be a lot happier with them. Aww, give me another 6 weeks and then I'll be even closer. LOL

May I ask a question of the people who responded? I'm thinking about trying Weight Watchers. I have about 75 lbs. to lose. Is there a difference between going to a center in person vs. doing the online program? Any advice you can share would be SO appreciated! I can be reached directly via email at I'm not trying to highjack the thread. :-)

@Gabby - replied via email, but for me, the meetings are the thing. Big time.

35 pounds in 10 months. It's been slow but steady. One more pound til goal then a lifetime member!!

I never used the original WW, and I'm technically a "healthy weight," but I wanted my clothes to fit better and I needed to get healthier, so I started the PointsPlus program.

On the program I think about what I eat. I eat a LOT more fruits and vegetables. I don't mindlessly snack. And I find the points really easy to track with my calculator and tracking tool. I always had good "numbers" when I did labwork, but they're even better now. Before I started, my cholesterol was 160. Now it's 140. I lost about 10 pounds and am looking to lose another 5-10.

As an aside - I noticed a few folks mentioning that on the WW pointsplus system, they aren't eating enough calories. My daily pointsplus allotment is the lowest possible--26 points, and I get 49 points over the week to spread around. So, basically, I'm the lowest number of points you could possibly be alloted. I am, by no means, eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day. I know I am eating at least 1400-1500 a day. It's because I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, which have no points value, but of course have calories. You can get a sufficient amount of calories on WW pointsplus so long as you eat enough (but of course, not too much) of the zero value, nutritious foods. I rarely find myself hungry or dissatisfied anymore.

Been on WW since January 2012, and I love it! I have lost 43 lbs and I feel great and don't feel that I "can't" have anything I believe it is all in moderation! Love my fruits and veggies and have decided to go semi vegetarian, no meat but fish.

I started the new WW pts plus program the end of April 2012. To date I've lost 30 lbs or so. I like the new program, although it took ma while to adjust as I had used the previous program (I am a yo-yo dieter...lose it and gain it because I dont follow through with the practices I learn!) I like that there are many foods with 0 pts. Even if the pts allowance is lower per day, I feel good that at the end of the day I can still have a 0 pt snack (fruits/veggies) and not go over my daily allowance. I plan to continue on this program and hopefully I can stick with it for life. Losing weight is always a good thing when one is overweight and that has many health benefits. Drinking lots of water is not a problem for me because that is about all I drink, other than tea occasionally or a diet soda (seldom). The support one receives from the meetings and from the online WW resources is a huge boost to help in this process.

I wish I loved the new program. I lost over 100 lbs. and made goal the week points plus rolled out. For awhile I was able to maintain, but over the last year, I have slowly gained weight while following the program. On the old plan, I ate every single point that I was "allowed". All my dailies, all my weeklies and all my activities and still consistently lost weight. On the new plan, there is no way I can eat all the points and still lose (or even maintain) my weight.

I think I would lose if I was only eating 26 points a day, but I really struggle with not using my weekly and activity points since that is what I was so used to doing.

With that said, I do think it is a very healthy plan and probably very good for new members. I'll keep on chugging along and hopefully, I'll be able to get off the 10 lbs. I put back on since the plan started.

Weight Watchers Points Plus gave me the help I needed after I had given up on myself. I figured I was doomed to be a lard-butt in size 16 clothes til the bitter end. I'm now a size 10 and WWPP has taught me I can do anything if I can believe in myself.

I lost weight on the old program and I struggled with the new program. I felt like I was following it to the T but I gained wt and could no longer afford to keep paying since I went over my Lifetime wt goal...I was disappointed. For some reason the new one does not work for me!

I love the WW PointsPlus program. I lost 28 pounds more than 20 years ago on an old plan and think this is the best plan yet, because of it's focus on healthy eating. Can I tell you how much I love the fact that my morning half of banana is 0PPV? I'm actually several pounds under the goal I set 2 decades ago!!

It's so much slower than older programs. I've quit twice but am trying again and doing a little better. But less than a pound (most often less than a half pound) is incredibly frustrating. My husband is doing well.

Lost 50 pounds since last October and still going, the system is the most balanced yet for me and the most rewarding when it comes to exercise and meeting my fitness goals...and I can still drink beer :)

I see I'm a little late to this, but better late than never, right? Any way, I've been on the program since Jan. 9 of this year and am really happy with PointsPlus. I did WW many, many years ago and had success then. That's why I tried it again after no success with other programs - hello NutriSystems! - or doing it on my own. I'm down almost 30 lbs., just about 1.4 lbs. away from my goal weight. Happy and healthy and satisfied!

I just joined 5 weeks ago. I have never been on WW before and I have lost 15 lbs! I do not find it difficult to follow, and like that I have to measure out portions ( I think I really never put much thought about portion control before) I also like the tracker....keeps me inline and no snacking or grazing!

I eat more fruit now than I used to. I also joined a gym and enjoy water aerobics, swimming and yoga. Exercising helps me make better choices through out the day.

People are starting to notice my weight loss and that really is motivating me to keep going. 15 down and 30 to go!!

I have lost 55 lbs since January with the Points Plus system. I have 25 lbs to go until I reach my goal. The system is very easy to follow and I like it allows you to eat all foods.

Just heard there changing the points plus program for the New Year, they will tell us about it in December, just wish they would leave it alone.


I lost 22 pounds on Points Plus and love the program. Probably because I love fruit (not so much with the vegetables!).

I have a question I hope someone can answer. I cannot not find the answer anywhere! Please Help!

On the old Points program, you could only use 4 fiber points no matter how much fiber was in the serving. I am assuming it is the same on the Points Plus. It doesn't say it changed so I have always limited it to 4. Everyone I have asked is doing something different. If there is 9 fiber grams and you put in 9 versus 4....that is a big point difference and I think some people are not losing weight because they are actually using a lot more points than they are counting..if anyone has the answer, I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

I love Weight Watchers because it allows you to eat real food. That being said I don't like the fact that they do not assign a point value to fruit and veggies as they all have calories. So I just look them up and count the points. I know that a lot of the people that I have talked to loved the "free" or "zero" point foods, however if you are eating an apple or banana on a daily basis, like I do, it comes out to roughly 21 points a week that are not being counted. So I just eat the fruit and count it.

I lost 3 stone on the old programme. I tried switching to the new one but it didn't work for me. And my head was screaming, "Of course it doesn't, there is TONNES of sugar in this fruit". Luckily I have the calculators and the books for the old one so I just switched back.

The thing about the old one was you could choose chocolate etc. in exchange for fruit and things. While it's 'healthier' to eat fruit, actually, for me, well I need the ability to build the bad things in for me to maintain. The new system didn't give me that.

Hey ho.

I joined WW last year. I cancelled my subscription. Reason being you had too much freedom to eat junk. As long as you counted it in your points it was ok. I need something more that limited my snacks. So I cancelled my membership and I am following my plan by a nutritionist at UAB College in Bham. I prefer a plan that does not allow cakes and candy. It was easy keeping up with the points but I felt this way and it was truly my opinion only. The candy and items they offered for sale at WW to me was a way to keep you losing slowly so you would continue to come to WW.. As soon as I left and got back on the plan where I did not have the freedom to eat junk my weight started falling off instead of 6 ounces here 5 ounces here at WW.. It would be a good way to lose weight if they did not have the freedom to eat junk. WE ALL SHOULD ELIMINATE THAT OUT OF OUR DIETS PERIOD.

So far so good. I like the new program . Free fruits and veggies have made it work for me! When I eat lots of those I lose my cravings for the 2 pointer package treats. I f I want something fattening I have the real deal (whipped cream on my mocha)and add it in my points. The big difference is I do that once in awhile , not everyday like I used too. In my search for free point food I rediscovered oranges. Kept in the fridge , cold yummy oranges , relives thirst, gives you fiber and they are free.

That kid who swiped the grapes and blueberries, did it because they are yummy. You have to find something that works for you. This one does and I'm ok with losing slowly . I want to get to goal weight having forgotten how I got fat in the first place. Healthy habits that I like. That is my goal and Ww helps a lot!

When I got really serious about keeping within my points allowed and started walking 30 minutes daily I began losing weight. Got rid of the snack bars and began eating apples, bananas and oranges. Lost 18 lbs in 6 months. Before the PP I ate very little fruit and lost very little weight.

I tried WW Points Plus, and immediately began gaining weight. I followed the program precisely, eating my daily points but never adding the weekly splurge points, because I felt no need for the extra food. Group leaders told me I must not eat fewer points than I was assigned, though I could tell that this was more than I needed.

After a few months, I gave up on it, because I Was continuing to gain. When I left Weight Watchers, I decided I was tired of my whole life revolving around tracking points and calories and feeling guilty for every bite I put in my mouth, so I decided to give myself a month or two break from dieting and just eat my usual more or less balanced diet. During that break, I lost all the weight I'd gained on WW. I believe the issue is that WW does not properly calibrate for people below about 5'6" in height, and that therefore, shorter folks are being assigned too many points.

I love the new points plus program and have lost almost 40 lbs in 7 months.........Did maintenance and happy to say I am now a LIFETIME member...I still go to meetings when I can, it helps me stay on track....Love this new lifestyle change....Love my teacher Sue too...great support from her and my friends I met there.....

I've been a WW client for over a decade and lost 55 pounds the first time I used it and 25 the second. I continue to eat using their principles. When I tried the new PointsPlus program, I followed the plan to the max and lost very, very little. Frustrated, I stopped and just starting eating whole foods and increased my intake of lean protein. I lost weight and trimmed ugly fat. I have used the Daniel Fast and the GM Diet Plan with great success and find it is easy to manage for short periods. WW seems to be trying to figure things out to be more competitive. At the end of the day, the first WW plan gave members more weight loss; adapt what worked with the science we have available now. A new program (360) after only releasing one 2 years ago . . . really? If they want loyalty and trust, WW will have to do better, owning their mistakes and giving members what they want (to lose weight safely more quickly). I do believe adding new products is a motivator for WW; they are a business. Obviously, they want to reface what they offer periodically. In the future, make sure that it is a good look, first.

I lost 34 lbs on the old WW plan. when it changed to points plus and I went from 18 pts to 29 pts, my weight began to rise. and no, contrary to some of the other's comments I read on why it didn't work, I did not change a thing except add more points. I continued to gain weight for a month, and no one who weighed me ever said a word. when I tried to get some explanation, all I got was how the program worked. but, something was not working for me. I became discouraged on paying a weekly fee to gain weight and no one who would sit down with me and say, hey, let's see why it is not working instead of telling me all the things I already knew which is why I lost 34 lbs. apparently, I was doing something right.

To Debra Medley:

Sorry to hear but it sounds like you just did not have a very good person in charge of your meetings. That is not my experience at all, quite the opposite. My lecturer is more than willing to go over every aspect of my diet on an individual basis after the meeting. Try a different meeting with a different lecturer if possible. I don't think your experience is typical. So sorry it wasn't better and yes of course they should have been willing to help you!

I am not happy with the new 360 program, it seems the members do all the work and not really learning anything because most members don't want to talk anyway so there's a big lull in the room.

I decided to try WW PP because I tore my stomach muscle and I was not able to go to the gym for a few months. I had very little mobility. So far I have been very dissapoinnted with WW PP. In fact I have gained weight on the plan. I am a person who follows the directions percisely. This has become very frustrating. I believe I will cancel my subscription and go back to counting calories.

I did the Points Plus program in the summer of 2011 and I lost over 15 pounds that summer alone.

I just started it up again (my mom is doing the new program, but I'm just going off of what I remember of PP) and I've already lost five pounds.

I love the points plus program!

Yesterday I joined the WW 360 program. I was a member of WW five years ago and lost over 20lbs on the program. I am confused with this new program because I find it that the website is not informative enough. I would like to know if I am able to attend meetings? Oh,I am an on line member. I would like to know what foods am I permitted to eat and the amount of water I need to drink. Should I follow the old program or is it obsolete at this point? I hope I have not wasted my money with the new program!

Just checking in on this thread as well (I've found two discussing P+ vs older plan/s).

I've lost/regained on Momentum twice; I liked Momentum; just stopped doing it. Gearing up to lose again and considering P+ (have the calculator) but not sure yet if I am going to do that, Momentum or calories. I always hit a brick wall with counting, tracking, weighing, measuring, matter what I do--also lost years ago eating from a list of foods (not WW) and as always, for me it remains a diet and never becomes a true lifestyle change. Still, better a diet than a continued weight gain so wanted to check in and see what folks are saying these days.

Hope everyone is doing OK, whatever they are doing!

I am a lifetime member and I hate the new 360. I will try to use the old points system. I also purchased a ww scale and I hate that too. It takes too long to figure it out. I would like to know what the difference is between the new 360 besides the extra food.

Diet didnt work. Followed the rules went to meetings. Medically I am fine. Some diets dont work for some people.

Cheryl, from what I've gleaned from the folks doing 360, nothing is different from Points Plus as far as the plan itself (how food is calculated points, fruit is free); 360 was more of a repackaging and apparently talks more about mindset/attitude, etc. I am not an online/meeting member, so I know there is stuff I haven't heard.

So many fancy scales out there now--I still use my WW from the early nineties. The bottom is a little dial like an old-timey weight scale, and the top looks like a soap dish. BUT IT WORKS!

i agree with Kallah, I went to go on aving an eating disorder, I realize not every leader will tell you to chew and spit out food to just get the taste but it got to me and had to see someone.

For those on WW unable to get enough fiber, I suggest making your own lacto-fermented veggies. Pickles can be made this way and turn out crisp and crunchy. Also, good for your gut is probiotic yogurt. Once your gut is trained, the foods you eat will digest better and help with digestive congestion.

Also, try making your pizza dough and breads at home. Fermenting the dough makes it more digestible and flavorful. Top with just some pizza sauce and veggies like kale, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and sprinkle with a hard cheese like parmesan, or a little Italian meat and you have a healthy lunch, dinner or snack with lots of fiber and protein.

Salads with lemon or a bit of olive oil and vinegar is also great for fiber. I add nuts, beans, tomatoes, mushroom, olives and banana peppers, all which have fiber. Sometimes this or soup are my dinner.

The key to losing weight, in my experience, is portion conrol and foods like eggs that get rid of belly fat. Also, having a protein with every snack and meal leaves me feeling more full for longer.

Pam is right about the water and drinking a lot of it removes the excess sugars in carbs from your system. It also is good for the digestive system. As a diabetic, this is how we sometimes need to lower our blood sugar.

On the diabetic diet, we can eat anything and everything. Starting the day with a high protein breakfast keeps us from being hungry most of the day.

I had lost 65 lbs on the points program. Since the points plus came out - I have gained about 17 lbs back - staying ON program. I am thoroughly frustrated.


Does everyone on the weight watcher's program eat 26 points? Or, is it different for everyone?

Thanks. Love your web site!

I am 67, size 4 and Jan 2 weight 149. Feb 2, I weight 141. Today Mar 2 I weighed 142. I hate this program. I did not cheat one but due to back did not walk on treadmill but 3x v 5x a week. According to charts, I am 17 lbs. overweight even at a size 4. Any suggestions?

I left W.W. before I wasn't losing and doing everything I could, including excercise, I'm 68 and I my doctor siad metabolism changes as we get older. I know watch what I eat and walk 3 times a week for 20 minutes and alot happier.

Thanks for your response. I went three months, spent a ton of money buying their WW points plus gizmos and didn't lose 1oz. They had me on 26 points daily. I'm 66 1/2, quit WW dropped the points to 18-21 and have been losing steadily. I walk on treadmill 5 times a week, too. I look alright, but I'm a slave to the numbers on the scale. ENJOY-CE a great day. Miss Joyce

Hi Miss Joyce,

Thanks for your response to my question. Wow...18-21 points isn't very much. Do you get hungry? How do keep from getting hungry? I'm your age and I have trouble because there's so much info out there that I get confused as to which road to weight loss to take. Keep on keepin' on ok.

We can keep in touch if you'd like.


Well, I need a dieting buddy for sure. My direct address is Thanks.

I am thrilled so far with the points plus program. My mom put all of us on it and at first I thought "Oh great another plan or program lets see how long this lasts." I actually eat more now than I did before the program I have 35pts and I have found I have trouble eating enough it almost seems like too many points. I eat more fruits and veggies and I feel so much better (free fruits and veggie have been a life saver). I've lost my first 11 pounds out of 95 and I'm so glad we started the program given all the flexability with it!

This moaning that fruit shouldnt be free because you will eat too much is a joke to me. If you eat mountains of anything it will add to weight gain. MODERATION! If you cannot learn what amount of fruit and veggies are an appropriate amount then I fear most diets will fail for you.

I've seen several comments where people aren't satisfied with the pp system because the fruit is free and they ate too much and gained weight. If you did so well and made it to lifetime, why would you find a new diet all together instead of just sticking to the old plan or,I don't know...not eat a bucket of fruit? I think it's the perfect plan. And it's very easy to follow. I'm new and I'm not schooled on the old points system but I know it's the very first plan. That I've lost 29 pounds in three months and don't have to add up my calories everytime I eat something.

I agree with a previous comment, I got to goal loosing a steady lb a week eating 29 points and 49 weekly, I tried and failed to stick to 26 points ( which turned it into a starvation diet) so I am also going back to 29 !!!

Meetings are all about technology now. Scan this scan

That. Here an app there an app everywhere an APP!

I just want to talk!!!! Communicate, remember that?

You go to a meeting and everyone is looking at their phone

For points yada, yada. I miss the good ole regular meetings.

Hi, I am also one that P+ doesn't work well for and actually causes weight gain as written. As for the poster who says if you can't count fruits and vegetable servings you can't lose weight, what if you *like* eating fruits and vegetables and putting a limit of 5 or about 2-3 cups of them makes you feel deprived? Just because you like eating more of them does not mean you can't pull back the reigns on other foods. For me, I feel more satisfied on a high fiber, high whole grain, high fruit and vegetable diet. I feel the most energetic and healthy as well. I am not sure why there is such a push for high protein diets, except that there is more marketability in meats and dairy and such than beans, nuts, bread, grains and fruits and vegetables.

I believe too many points are given on this plan unless you are very active in either workouts or lifestyle activity. Lots of lifestyle activity is harder if not impossible when you are close to 200 lbs overweight. We need a solid weight loss food plan and weight loss before a lot of activity is even possible. If you can't lose more than a lb a week at 300 lbs staying out of bed and doing things around the house, something is wrong with the program. You need good losses every week when you are very overweight for health and to stay motivated. No one wants it to take 5 or 6 years to lose 200 lbs when a different plan will help you lose it in 2. I agree with another poster as well. I don't like being penalized for eating fiber rich foods. It is very satisfying.

I guess certain programs work better mentally with different people. For me, free fruits and vegetables when my weight loss is already slow makes me want to limit them more than if I have to pay a point or two for a banana or apple. I never eat 100 calorie snacks or processed snacks period because they are too tempting for me.

I am struggling. I have been on WWplus for 6 months. I have lost 40 lbs but the past 3 1/2 weeks my scale has not moved. I dont think im doing anything different. I am at the minimum points daily of 26. I have not lost anything since the week after I went to 26 points. What are you supposed to when you are at the minimum daily points and still have 20 lbs to go??? PLEASE HELP.. IM READY TO GIVE UP ON MYSELF

If you are within the range for your height and sex you might have already hit your goal. However you probably need to do more exercise than before because you weigh less and you won't be burning as many calories ( or getting as many points). I didn't have any more time to exercised so started weight training. RUNNING INSTEAD OF WALKING ALSO WORKS. I JUST kept increasing my effort until the weight started coming off. Plus I started more clean eating - less processed food, vitamins, water, and limiting my free foods to a reasonable amount 3-5 per day. I only ate my 49 points when I got really hungry. And then the weight started coming off.

I will be interested to see what folks think of SmartPoints, which I understand was rolled out today.

(I'm on Momentum again, which is the one most familiar to me.)

The old WW became a way of life for me. I lost 30lbs with the intention of losing 10!!! I was completely derailed by this change. I believed I had finally figured out how to eat healthily and happily for the rest of my life. I am now in limbo, I cancelled my plan and searching for a plan that will help me remain at this weight that I worked one year to achieve and keep off for almost 3 years now. I am looking into Sparkpeople, it's a fee app and instead of counting points Im counting calories. Good luck to all.

Olga, can you go back to the plan that worked or did you toss all the info?

I learned the Momentum plan well enough to stick with it when they changed to P+ and since I was still a WW member then, I saved the info for P+ too in case I want to try it someday.

Also keeping the calculators, and there are ones out there for older plans. I found a Success calculator on ebay--hadn't even been opened and works great.

Switched to 123 Success for a bit of a change (it's similar to Momentum). I haven't been counting points for about 4 weeks now, and while there hasn't been a huge gain there's a lot more to lose so I need to get going.

I do believe they change it for the $$. In order to keep up people must use their tools to figure it out. I think that for anyone with a lot of weight to lose ANY diet or restriction will result in weight loss. I adhered to low carb for appx 14 yrs with no trouble, optimal health and maintained a size 6 (5'6, 58yo) and then got very sick after traveling out of country and could not feed myself and gained back some weight. Thought I would try WW and see what it was like, how it worked, etc. I did lose a few lbs but that was with NOT counting my exercise AND counting ea pc of fruit as 1pt. I took off 18lb, was already eating very little and couldn't get past that mark (I've exp stalls in my life and understand the concept). I stuck to the plan religiously, no cheating, substituting. I would loved to have rather had the info on the old WW system. PP just didn't cut it when I had 30lbs to lose. If I needed to lose 80, 100 or more.. then probably yes. But it was too generous to lose 30lbs without starving.

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