Weight Watchers Review: Does it Work?

April 19, 2017   86 Comments

This website has become a place for people to discuss Weight Watchers and whether it works for them – especially Smart Points.

Weight Watchers Review: Does it Work?

My post Weight Watchers 2017 has over 200 comments and growing because people want to share their experiences with the program and each other.

I have read all of them and there are reports of a loss of privacy at meetings.

Do you have to weigh yourself in front of everyone at meetings? A few commenters mentioned this and I can’t believe that WW would make that obligatory. Many of us, especially ones of us who are self conscious about how much we weigh, have trouble getting on a scale at the doctors office – forget a room full of people that we may or may not know. Is that true?

The Weight Watchers meeting near me closed – so I can’t test it for myself without driving for 45 minutes.

Another theme in the comments is that members feel that Weight Watchers went too far with Smart Points and cutting sugar. Many feel that the new plan is not doable because sugar is such a “no-no”. On the other hand, Weight Watchers is probably following the latest research that indicates that SUGAR IS THE PROBLEM.

No, I don’t like it but I do think that we eat way too much sugar and almost all of us could benefit from cutting down on how much we eat. The issue with a diet plan like WW is that most people would have a tough time going from the amount of sugar they are currently eating to the recommended amount (almost none) in one leap.

It might be best if there was a ramp on to the program to help with the low sugar transition.

Finally, I wonder if the emphasis on saturated fat is a good one. Obviously, we can’t eat bacon every day but it seems that the cut in sugar and saturated fat makes it really hard to have a treat on the diet.

What do you think? Please share how it is going and whether you are able to stay on plan?

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I find I have no more difficulty with Smart Points as compared to Points Plus. That may likely be because of the types of foods that I choose to eat and that there isn't a significant difference for me. Eating less sugar is a healthier lifestyle and that's what I aim for. I'm a lifetime member, at goal. When I track I find it easy to maintain but lose track quickly when I stop tracking. I then find myself eating foods that are higher in fat and sugar than when I pay attention to what I put in my mouth. It seems the busier I am in my life, the less I pay attention to my wholesome diet.

I am a Weight Watcher leader and I can assure you that every weigh in by members is very private!

Diets don't work. All of the science shows that almost everyone gains weight back after going on a diet. Dieting is incredibly unhealthy. Then -- your setpoint continues to go up and up and you get fatter and fatter. I recommend Intuitive Eating and HAES, it is the only thing that works.

Just like any other weight loss program. If you work the plan, the plan will work for you. I'm a lifetime member for 7 years now.

I started Weight Watchers for the first time about 9 months ago. I joined because of the new program as I knew I had a problem with sugar. I only had 20 lbs to loose and got goal in 5 months. Now I am teetering on whether or not to continue going as all I can think about is the scale and not going 2 lbs over and have to pay. It's driving me crazy. At the place where I go you get on the scale in front of everyone in line but no one can see your weight. She writes it in your book. Not said out loud.

I became a lifetime member 5 years ago. I learned 2 very important lessons from WW....Portion control and how to stop eating when I was satisfied, but not full. I no longer count points, but am now still within 5 lbs of my setpoint. I think the new WW is right on track with the sugar issue and hopefully helps break our addiction to sugar.

I think a ramp up to reduce sugars would have made it easier for me to stay on Smart Points. The drastic change felt too much like just another restrictive diet. Though I now make a big effort to reduce my sugars, I have switched back to PP using iTrackBites.

Sugar is addictive. Reading current information about this while on WW will help you understand it's role in sabotaging any weight loss. WW has got this one right!

I also am a 5 yr. WW lifetime member. Portion control and track. Our country has become a nation of sugarholics and trans fats addicts thanks to our food industry. Sugar is making us fat and VERY unhealthy. Look around you. It's time to go back into the kitchen and COOK real food. Make the time. Throw everything that comes in a box into the garbage. Yes, even the stuff that WW peddles. It's important to get yourself and especially your kids off the snack train.

I lost 25 pounds 2 years ago on points plus...eating healthy with planned treats...I gave myself a "by" one Christmas and fell off the wagon. I'm having a hard time with points plus with no sugar. Eventually, in diet mode I curvature way back on sugar naturally but it's a gradual thing. I now im totslly discouraged went back to points plus fake plan and but having a hard time getting back to tracking.

(I did the weight watchers online...I didn't do the meetings)

i laughed at your comment about not eating bacon everyday as I had just read this article. Many are now doing exactly that and losing weight! Weight watchers may actually be on to sugar and high fat actually works for weight loss!…

I admit that I did not like Smart Points when it was introduced, but sugar is very addictive for me, and this helps me keep that under control. I still have some sugar, but far less than I normally did. I focus more on fruits, vegetables and protein to keep me satisfied during the day. I stay away from as much processed food as possible, and I don't buy the WW boxed food either.

At our meeting, there is a separate room to weigh in. There are 2 people weighing at a time, but it is still private. I have never had to be in front of the whole room of people to weigh in.

I quickly lost 30 lbs on smartpoints and have maintained that loss for a year. I had and still have sugar issues. Would I have rather sat down with a fork and a carrot cake? Youbetcha. I no longer track points but keep a running list in my mind! I know what I can and when I can eat certain foods. I do treat myself on occasion. I weigh daily and get in my fruits & vegetables on most days. I was committed to losing the weight that had crept up over the years and I am committed to keeping it off. My last blood labs came back with fantastic numbers and I want to be around for a healthy long time!

I have done very well on ww at my meetings they do not tell anyone or let anyone see your weight that is your decision if you tell people . and if you do your research there is sweet that are low points out there . you may have to change your eating habit a little but that is with any way you choose to lose weight .what i like about ww is it is not a diet it is a live time change and you can eat anything just not as much .but you need to choose healthy and better choices to really lose weight .meaning is that bag of potato chips worth keeping pounds on or that baked potato better.

Appreciate reading comments posted....I joined online early February and have lost 15 lbs....another 10 is my goal. I like the online version a lot and find the "connect" feature inspiring when I feel not so motivated. I like the program and am using it as a ramp to further reduce my sugar intake. I am 65 so I've lived many years loving sugar but the literature is so damming that this is my way of endeavouring to be as healthy as I can. So I give WW Smart Points a thumbs up!

Up/Down....Up/Down..WW, Nutrisystems, Adkins, Southbeach,Diet Pill and on and on it goes....good for a while then over the whole diet thing - fall off the wagon, get back on. It is exhausting!! Reading Intuitive Eating...makes so much sense...

I am currently an online only member. Also have been a lifetime member working to get back to my perfect weight(a weight higher than WW goal is listed but approved by my physician).

The plan works. Tracking is a must including weighing and measuring of foods. I spent the week before Easter thinking I was doing ok and not measuring....significant weight gain. Back to being diligent this week.

I find no trouble fitting in treats. I do have less pastries because that is a gross waste of Smart Points. WW been in my eating life for probably 40 years..back when liver was required once a week!...I enjoy the program and I don't suffer at all except when I do not pay attention to myself.

Yes! Weight Watchers works!

I have been a member for 9 weeks and I have lost 14.6 pounds!

I have lost at least a pound every week! If i hadn't splurged on Easter candy I would have made it to 15 pounds this week😕 I love the new smartpoints as it really highlights the foods you should avoid by giving them high points values. I really feel that this will stick with me and help me avoid the sugary treats in the future. Nothing is off limits, if i really want a high point treat, i track it and make it work by eating fruits, vegetables, and turkey breast.

The meeting weigh ins are what really keep me motivated. I love having that paper with my loss to look at. We wait and line and then go up to weigh in behind a barrier wall. It's not in front of everyone, and they never announce your weight out loud. Sometimes you can tell by the people's reaction if they lost or gained, but you can certainly ask the employee to be discreet if your worried about privacy. I think the meetings are really helpful if your serious about losing weight. I never talk, and don't wear my name tag...I just listen! And it helps!

ALL WW sites should be uniform regarding weigh in. No one announces your weight. However,you know if someone is paying, that they are over goal weight. I find that embarrassing. Been a Lifetimer for 18 years. Recently, I'm over goal weight and I think twice before going to meeting to avoid the weigh in due to embarrassment. Why can't we be weighed in cubicles? The lines are so,long that we miss the meeting.

Lost 151 lbs using old Points program. Have kept 100 of it off for 13 years, including gaining/losing about 60 lbs with each of my pregnancies.

Have never been successful with smart points, probably because of the sugar. However, I don't beat myself up about it. I use iTrackBites for the old points system and continue to track using that method. I know I avoided diabetes and high blood pressure and other health problems by getting rid of the weight. I also know that my sugar intake on the old points program is a fraction of what it was before I started taking care of myself.

I measure health by being able to play with my kids, be free of medications, not shop in the plus size section. I also consider an occasional chocolate chip cookie or glass of wine one of life's pleasures.

I am a career Weight Watcher starting when I was about 18 years old and I am now 71. Last January 2016 I joined "again" with the new program because I felt they were finally addressing issues that the medical community has seen as problems for years while WW went on condoning sugar, etc. Long story short with normal exercise I lost 38 lbs in 4 months effortlessly and brought my weight down below 125 (a weight I hadn't seen even when I lied about my weight on my first driver's license). And, for the first time I have had no problem in "maintaining" my new weight which is a first (it is has been a year now). I have absolutely no problem cutting back on sugar, fat and junk. I loved WW Giant Latte Bars that used to be 2 pts on the PP program. When the points soared to 5 pts on the SP program you know you were eating junk!! WW then reduced the size of the bar, really reduced the size, to bring the points down. What does that tell you? If you get off the sugar kick you will feel so much better. The food companies are hiding the sugar in most everything you buy which does exactly what they want it to do - create an addiction. Eat more protein...stuff that sandwich with meat and veggies and enjoy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the new SP program. It is great. It is called healthy eating, a concept foreign to so many if you just look around you.

I have been lifetime for 4 years and attend a meeting every week and get weighed in each week. The weigh-ins are private. WW is not a diet but a way of life that helps teach mindfulness when it comes to what we put into our mouths. It is a lifetime program and not a hit-or-miss trend. It's hard and takes a commitment to oneself. Even when you have more than you intended, the next meal can reverse it. Keep going and don't quit.

I completely disagree. First of all, I've never seen anyone weighed in front of everyone--people always stand back and exact numbers are never discussed unless a member shares it. I do agree the Smart Points system is more challenging when someone is a sugar addict. BUT--if you do the program properly, you should use your daily points for healthy meals and good choices and use your "weekly" allotment for more of the treats. One DOES have to do research and find better/lower point options to get the biggest bang for their buck, but that just takes some effort--and many people want a quick fix and refuse to put any effort into the process.

I love the smartpoints!!! I have been on before several years ago and I am only doing online! I started Halloween and I have lost 36lbs! I do rotate between simply filling and smArtpoibts! It's like everything else in life you have to work at it, and when you do you will

See results!

I wonder how many of you that say smart points works for them had 100 plus pounds to lose? You cannot take someone who is so used to eating whatever they want and go basically cold turkey. Most things are a no-no because it will use too many points. I am now on Jenny craig which is very restrictive, but I get a sugar treat every day if I want it. I prefer the old points plus. I have been on many plans in the past that is a lot like smart points, they make it almost impossible to go out and eat, and a snack with sugar forget it.

Smart points probably works pretty good for people who have less weight to lose because they can lose most of their weight in 6 months or less.

I left weight watchers because of smart points, I felt if I am going to have to be restrictive, I might as well go all the way and not have to worry about preparing my food etc.

Weight Watchers is Not a diet but it Is a lifestyle change. I am a Lifetime member and have lost (and kept off) 70 lbs. I feel that WW made the right move by limiting sugar in daily intake. As a nation, we eat too much sugar and processed foods. Sure, it was a transition going from Points Plus to Smart Points but it is definitely doable and healthier. I continue to eat healthy, exercise and cut out some time for me to take a deep breath and practice gratefulness. I commit to myself so I can take care of others. If we don't take care of ourselves we will not have the energy to care for loved ones.

Weight Watchers in my opinion is great. I joined about 6 years ago lost about 20#s without feeling deprived. Decided I could do it on my own. Did fine for awhile but now I am 30#s heavier so I finally decided it was time to go back to what works. SP is a little bit different ftom PPs but definitely doable. I've lost almost 10#s in 3 weeks without feeling deprived. I do online only but remember from the past that no one knows your weight or how much you lost or gained. You wait in line to be weighed, weight is recorded in your book and handed back to you.


It's free and works GREAT!!!

I love SmartPoints. I can't say enough good about it. I understand that people find it restrictive. But it's about mindset. I fit in a treat almost every day and I order real pizza once a week or sometimes once every two weeks. You have to make your food worth it for you. If you don't like it, why are you eating it? If you want a piece of chocolate, measure it out and make it sure it is the chocolate you want, like your favorite kind of chocolate. The weekly points are there when you need it. I also find substitutes. I love cake and don't want to spend a lot of points on store bought cake (plus I would have leftovers). So I make chocolate cake in a mug or if I want pie, I make pie in a mug. I use fruit (banana, applesauce, etc.) to sweeten so I need little to no sugar.

So many people are scared to use their weekly points (I was at first), but now I use a lot of them. We seem so scared not to stay within our daily points, but real life happens and we can't beat ourselves up over it. In our minds (sometimes) we think if I eat those chips, I'm a failure. Eat your chips! But just measure them out. Don't feel guilty about what you eat. If you have a lot to lose and cutting out sugar is hard for your, especially cold turkey, start slow. It's not a race. You have to make the plan work for you as well as work the plan.

I lost 80 pounds on Momentum. Gained almost 40 lbs back on PointsPlus and lost it and more and got back to goal on SmartPoints.

The thing I love most about WW and SmartPoints right now though is the emphasis on mindset. I truly believe it's our mindset. We have to be in the right mind to do this. No one is perfect. You do your best. It's a lifestyle.

I've been to meetings in different cities and provinces in Canada and once in New York. I've never been weighed in in front of people. Only the receptionist or leader. There may not be cubicles, just a line, but sometimes WW is renting the space and have to take up and down in the one day. But it's still private. No one sees or knows unless you want them too. :)

I love Smartpoints, I've been a WW over many years. I was struggling to finish my weight loss and get to goal. When they rolled out SP, instead of being mad about the change, I embraced it. After all, whatever research shows that can help me lose weight, that is my goal after all. The change helped me get to my goal of 70 pounds lost. It's what you make of it. I have not suffered or missed out on anything, if it is worth it then I eat it! I do love the beyond the scale part of it also, it's much bigger than just the weight-loss plan

I lost over 50lbs using the Points and Points Plus programs...I found the perfect balance of healthy eating and *LIGHT* treats. Not candy bars or full fat ice creams, I'm talking about 90 calorie treats, light ice creams, etc. 4PP+ and under. Once they changed over to Smart Points, all of my light treats points values doubled and almost tripled...even with the change in the tracking system, the way the treats were calculated just overtook my daily points. So I actually avoided eating them all together and it just led to deprivation and then binging on BAD treats...I gained 20lbs on SP and I dropped off the program...I started iTrackBites and use the PP+ version of their program and I hope to get back on track.

I am on my 5th week on WW and so far I feel that it is a great way to jump start the journey to eating healthier. I encounter one problem but before that let me give you some background. In 2012 I began a weightloss journey because I had reached a weight of 210lbs and I was unhappy with my insecurities. I began eating healthier, incorporating veggies and fruits into a diet unlike I had ever had. I lost 55lbs and a few months later I got pregnant with my daughter. I was able to maintain my weight after pregnancy bu let myself go for the next two years. Right now I find myself 25lbs heavier and having tried the calories again I just couldn't do it. It was too strict for me now that I have a family.

I decided to join weight watchers seeing my sister has lost 30lbs within the last year. It was a great way to jump start my journey because I can eat fruit and veggies with 0pts but here's where I encounter my problem: now that I am on track and it isn't so hard to resist those temptations I had before I realize that I also have to watch my fruit and veggie intake where as WW has no limit. I can imagine it to be frustrating for someone not to see the number on the scale go down because one may over do it with fruits and veggies thinking they are still within points. My experience with calorie counting makes me very aware that too much of anything can make you gain weight because everything has calories.

As far as the sugar cut on smart points, well I don't have experience with their other programs but I love sweets and I haven't had a problem with the smart points system. There are plenty of desserts I can have and still remain within points. Plus that is what the weekly points are for too. You have the wiggle room to indulge but that doesn't mean I'm going to go have full fat ice cream on a daily basis right?

I have been to the past four meetings near me and yes we do get weighed in front of others but no one sees the number on the scale except the person taking down your weight. I don't even see my weight until it is jotted down on my tracking book. There is also a line others cannot pass while others are being weighed for privacy. I personally don't have a problem with it but I can understand how it may be uncomfortable for others. I have not been told that it is mandatory and I don't see how it would be because even though I have purchased WW plan with meetings i am not obligated to attend the meetings.

I'm not sure if I will stick with WW when my subscription ends quite yet. I have been counting points as well as counting calories to assure I set limits on fruits and veggies and I've had success with it so far. I think I can do without WW now but the jump start was nice to have.

WW does not make you weigh in front of a group of people. Our local meetings have you come in and weigh - you weight in line; your coach and you are the only two at the scale and numbers are never verbalized out loud. It's written down and nobody else hears what you have going on. Our coaches keep it as personal as you want it.

Yes I think WW works and limiting sugar is good. I have been a lifetime member since 1999 after losing 60 #. I stuggle each month on weigh in days like everyone else but always within my 2# limit. Things that I used to eat I no longer eat or at a minimum. It is a lifetime commitment and my eating habits have changed. It has been good for me but even after reaching goa,l going to the meetings is still important.

I lost 50 lbs my first 5 months on PointsPlus, then another 30, some of which I regained when my husband died last year. I track faithfully and stay within my daily SmartPoints, but I seem to be maintaining, not losing. I agree with reducing sugar and am adherent to the program, but I'm just not seeing the results. As for the scale, I don't step on them at the doctor's office and sure as heck am not going to do so at a WW office.

Sugar is the culprit!!!! Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and carbohydrates (these are sugar as well) are the foods that are giving you belly and abdominal bloat which leads to gain weight. Sugar just like nicotine (cigarettes) is very addictive. Any foods you put in your mouth is transformed (don't know if that is the right word) into sugar. Sugars, starches, artificial sweeteners, carbs breakdown very easily into glucose. Good fats take longer to break down into glucose. Your body burns glucose from sugars first and then the fats. In order to lose weight your body must burn fat not glucose. Sugar, simple carbs, starches are dense in our breads, pastries, pastas, etc. As great as those foods taste, we have to limit them. Eat a healthy bread only once a day. On the day you eat bread, you can't have pasta, pastries, potatoes, etc. Its moderation we must start to practice. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, MAINTAIN A CERTAIN WEIGHT, LIVE HEALTHY, AND FEEL ENERGIZED, YOU HAVE TO CUT SUGAR, INCREASE GOOD FAT, WATCH THE CALORIES, AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. I have learned quite a bit about nutrition by reading all types of topics on why the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is fat!

I have been on WW twice now. I am a lifetime member but over goal. I don't know the difference in the point system but I eat either cake or ice cream daily and just include it in my points. Sugar is not good but I feel I need it so I am not depriving myself. I have lost 14 lbs and still have 30 to go. It is working, slowly but that is because I eat what I want. It is a diet but it is also a way of life to help you with portion control and self control and learning that the scale is not everything. #NSV 's (non scale victories) are very important. Making healthier choices. WW is very flexible and when you stick with the plan it works. No one is going to lose weight eating a bunch of sugar and fat!

I joined WW (on-line) 2 weeks ago. Have lost 7.5 lbs. Now the hard part/slow down begins. However, I disagree about the sugar; you can have it but you must count it! It helps me to make healthier choices. It has been an eye opener to track my food intake. I was eating way, way too many calories, especially from Sugar. I like the plan so far. I typically save several points so I can have something sweet in the evening (ice cream, usually) (I am a lifetime member so this plan is new to me but it really is not that much different or difficult to follow)

I just wish my leader would not push things with artificial sweeteners. She loves Splenda. I would rather eat something low in sugar.

Yes! Weight watchers works!! I am a lifetime member who has lost 88 pounds and it took me 3 1/2 years. So I know I went slow but that is what works. It's a lifestyle not a diet!! I do not deprive myself of sugar but I try to pay attention to what I eat. An earlier comment says diets don't work and they are right but Weight watchers does because it is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Also, with the new program, Beyond the scale and that addresses all of you. I know that lack of sleep causes me to overeat. There are other trigger points that cause me to not eat correctly and WW has helped open my eyes to these issues. That is something that other plans do not address. Also, I have learned portion control.

Weigh ins are optional and private. If you are a monthly member, you can choose to check in but not weigh in. I have done that a lot when I had a bad week. The important thing is to learn to eat differently, try new recipes, new foods so that you are not always eating the same thing. Boredom can trigger overeating.

I have learned to eat fish, brussel sprouts, kale, asparagus, chick peas, etc. Things I had never eaten before. Now, I cook veggies differently so that I enjoy them. I find that to be important. Good luck to anyone struggling for answers. It is not easy and there is no easy fix but slow and steady works.

I used WW to lose over 80 pounds on the Points Plus program. I was a leader until the location was closed. I have kept off 75 of the 80 pounds by using the knowledge I gained 5 years ago. I don't count as close as I no longer go to weigh in and I can maintain my weight. I think any program that will teach you how to eat well, use portion control and increase your daily activity would work. A diet will NOT work, as you look for it to end. In that manner WW works as they publicize a life-style change. It takes change for it to work!!

Very disappointed that you called Weight Watchers a diet plan. The most important thing we learn at the meetings is that this is a way of life plan. I have been at my goal for almost 2 years now. I was not happy switching to the smart points plan. Felt no need now that I had met my goal but I ended up making the move and actually lost a few more pounds. The program is very doable. One very important thing I learned the hard way actually, is that once you meet your goal weight you must keep coming to the meetings weekly. Had reached goal years back but only came once a month for a weight in and then some of the weight slowly crept back on. They are free after you reach lifetime and they help keep you very accountable. Another important thing I have learned is that you still should track what you eat every day. Just another way to keep you accountable. I have tried many things like Jenny Craig and Diet Center. Sure I lost weight but there is no support for you once the weight loss is done. I can not say enough about Weight Watchers and am so glad to be a part of the plan.

I have been a WW member, but not currently active, since 2008. I did I make lifetime and stayed within that 2 pounds for a time but am not at this time. I was going to meetings up until November of last year. They took the close meeting away and the others are not convenient at this time. So although I don't track and discontinued my etools, since I am don't at goal and have to pay for it. I do agree that we need to cut down on sugar for sure but they did make it harder I believe by drastically cutting and changing the points values.

So I have decided that I can use the Loseit app and log my food and record my weight without going to meetings. It is an awesome app in my opinion and much better than the WW etools. It is a free app but I opted for the premium for $39 a year. Oh and you can get into some challengers with other members also on this app.

I don't think at this time I will be going back to meetings so I hope I can keep it up and not go over 5 lbs over my goal.

I joined WW in 2011 and lost about 20 lbs on the PP plan.

I've tried doing SP without success, I was butt hurt over the change in point values, not being able to have a daily treat without paying out the nose in points. I dislike the fact that Opera is now involved. I've totally fell off the wagon, and really hating myself now! While on the PP plan, I knew weight watchers would be something I would do for the rest of my life. I'm considering canceling my membership, I've stopped going to meetings because I don't do SP, so feel the support isn't there for those sticking with PP. I think WW should allow members to choose the plan they want to follow. As for the weigh in .. ours is done in a room, while others are lined up to be weighed. People can hear the leaders say .. You lost x amount or "you're up x pounds"! My first leader was amazing, she did little extra's that made the meetings so much fun. At the close of the meeting she would send us out the door saying "Have a great week, and I'll see less of you next week!" Several of the leaders since her have been PAINFULLY boring! One leader was like watching an infomercial!!!

I also am a lifetime member for many years and I did fall off the wagon. I tried all the latest programs and I love the new program. Sugar is no good for us and weight watchers is always keeping up with the latest nutritional & health information For those who don't like the new program there's no easy way to lose weight and be healthy you can't have your cake And eat it too and expect to be healthier and lose weight. If you follow the program the program works and eventually you will stop craving sugar.

I rejoined for the 100th time in Jan. I have lost 20 lbs, slow and steady. I'm not in a race to lose fast, I feel much better and I have no problem with cutting the sugar. In fact I think this program has finally worked for me. People in my meeting he lost 60,70 and more. We DO MOT GET WEIGHED IN FRONT OF THE GROUP. This program is doable.

I went back to WW as a Lifetime member. The local workers could not find where I had ever been a member of WW. The home office could not find that I was a member and Lifetime Member. Therefore, I left the meeting. Very disappointed in WW. Been friends for years!

I am only 5'1 and I think there is way too much food allowed- even if it is healthy food. Do any other "shorter" people feel like that? I like the idea of weight watchers and when I was younger (now I am 58) I had more success with it. I like tracking and weighing in - it keeps me accountable but I am having a hard time losing. Not sure what to do and I wish I could find a plan that worked for me.

I lost 40 pounds on Points Plus. I can't lose any on Smart points. I have actually gained back 20 of what I lost. I lost my focus for losing with the points change. I do agree Sugar is bad. But the transition was hard to do cold turkey. Not so bad for new comers who did do the old points. I have a friend at WW who is still using old points and it is working for her. She manually tracks. I use online, so it won't work. The program overall is better than paying for food. So I will keep trying.

Question for group: Is the "Snack Girl" hot chocolate recipe (1 Tablespoon sugar per serving) an allowed treat for Weight Watchers? I use these types of recipes to stay on track myself, and I don't have a nice, flat insulin-glucose balance due to my body type. If this recipe is not allowed, I'm not sure about the WW sugar plan. Admirable, but really hard!(am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist)

Fran Steidel on April 19, 2017 states "Our country has become a nation of sugarholics and trans fats addicts thanks to our food industry." Typical to blame someone else for our weight problems. Yes the food industry provides food, good and bad, but its the choices WE the CONSUMERS make that ultimately count. If eating fast food everyday is a choice I make, then I have to accept the weight that comes with it. Why blame McDonalds that I am gaining weight because I have made the choice to eat their food everyday. Fast food industry is in business too make money by selling food, not in business to keep me at my goal weight. Its common sense people, cigarettes cause cancer and other respiratory diseases, STOP SMOKING. Over consumption of fast food, SUGAR, over processed simple carbs and lack of physical exercise will make you gain weight, MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES. Its YOUR money, YOUR choice. Take control of your own life. Yes, WW helps me make the right choices, but at the same time it is ultimately my obligation to make the right choices, not WW nor the food industry. We are adults, and should not have our hands held by anyone when it comes to what we put in our mouths. Value your life so much that you pick health (cook for yourself) over convenience (fast food restaurant).

I think WW is spot on. As a lifetime member and former leader and receptionist for WW I think they use the most up to date nutrition information. That is why the program has had some significant changes in the last few years. I think the weigh ins are very private. The WW centers are designed for privacy. At the WW satellite sites, no one can see what is on the scale. It would be difficult to have cubicles at these sites because of storage and set up since they are located in churches and other businesses for member's convenience.

I do like WW and I have been a member since 1980 so I go way way back. I became a life time member and really you have to watch the rest of your life. Dieting is not magical. Portion Control and tracking and really being honest is where it is. Had a WW leader tell us years ago if you bite it you write it. I find I need to write it down. We no longer go to the meetings I am not happy with who WW has representing them now and that's my opinion but we still keep to it at home. So being a lifer I do watch but sometimes just splurge some but always return to the program.

Kimberly Buchholz: I think the keyword there is allowed. My leader (and I agree) always says that anything is allowed on Weight Watchers if you track it and count it. Could you drink Snack Girl's hot chocolate recipe 5 times a day? Yes. Should you? Probably not. I try to make sure the food I eat is worth it to me. If I'm going to spend the points on it, then I want to enjoy it. So if I want chocolate, I'll eat Lindor because it's my favorite. If I want pizza (real pizza, not flat bread pizza), I'll order it or make it myself. I may not eat pizza every day, but I have it often. It's worth it to me.

So if you want to drink a hot chocolate, drink it. Just track it. If it's worth it, eat it or drink. There's nothing that WW forbids you to eat.

I think people forget a lot of the time is that we're not perfect. So going over our dailies isn't the end of the world or the 'diet'.

I done WW three times, first time I wasn't very committed. The second time was PP and lost 50 lbs. and learned it is about portion control and being mindful about how many times I was eating. I was using a lot of Lean Cuisines and Steamfresh Vegetables, raw carrots, edamame, salads. Thought I had it figured out, but weigh sneaked back on. I hadn't learned how to cook healthier without packaged foods. I'm back again been 2 months and down 20 lbs. but much heavier now so 55 lbs more to go! I just cannot afford WW and love the online, so will try to glean as much as I can before membership runs out. I been trying to use the Fitness Pal app and get use to tracking there. Have a Fitbit tracker and Apple Watch for tracking. I do Pilates 3 times a week. I know it works if you snack healthier (yes no WW snacks either), more whole fruits, vegetables, better protein choices, less carbs, package foods with less chemical ingredients and paying attention to hunger and when satisfied. Must keep moving!

Lynn Kelly, I wish Snack Girl had a like button, lol. Well said.

Someone commented on WW being on to something by being able to eat bacon everyday, staying away from sugar and losing weight. I feel it only fair to point out, that was Dr. Robert Adkins research and program from as far back as the early 70s or even before. Sugar is the danger, not fat.

I loved points plus, & loved it. The SP would be okay if I NEVER had a treat, but I am a snacked. On the days I have a treat, it 200-250 calories takes up one third to one half of my total points, so I eat less calories, so I end of binging - & it's worse! I wish there was a way of it not being so extreme any time you do have an occasional sugar. There's got to be a better way!

I have been struggling with Smart Points since I joined last May. The most I have lost is 10 lbs; but half of that has returned. I am sure if I followed the plan exactly, I would lose. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so. One reason that I liked WW before is that they had adopted a culture where you could eat what you wanted, within reason, and still lose weight. I am very aware of the negative effects of sugar. But Smart Points has become a 'restrictive diet' in my eyes. How realistic is it that, for example, having an Almond Joy bar is going to be 11 points of your total day? Or a piece of chocolate cake is 25 points! Yet, I can eat a fairly large portion of unsweetened applesauce for zero points, even though the calories are not that much less than a candy bar ( I do not eat candy daily; just using candy to illustrate a point). The Points Plus' 'formula' seemed to be that every point was approx. 50 calories. I thought that was a very manageable program. and did lose more weight than on Smart Points.

Mary K: If you could eat an Almond Joy once in awhile on other programs (WW or not), why can't you eat it on SmartPoints? If you want it, eat it just track it. :)

We know sugar isn't good for us, but if I say I can't have chocolate or ice cream or whatever, I will binge and eat all the food. It's better to satisfy my craving and move on.

Plus everybody is different. Sugar really affects my weight. And I know other people have to watch salt intake. But if I don't have salt in my diet (I don't bloat), my blood pressure gets too low. So it's whatever we need to make the program work for us. :)

But, as long as you eat healthy most of the time. Track your food make healthy choices, those once in awhile treats are not going to make or break your program. :)

You have to be creative in your sweet snacks. One does need an Almond Joy a day...that never kept the Doctor away. Get on some websites for Weight Watcher recipes. I have found and/or created some delicious snacking ideas. Take a Jello SF chocolate pudding cup, make a small slit in the paper top and stick a Popsicle stick in it. Pop it in the freezer and voila a chocolate pop. Much cheaper and fewer points than WW items. I have an incredible recipe for zucchini brownies made with cocoa, egg substitute and applesauce. Not fat, no sugar, delicious and only 1 point.

Connie I would love that recipe! Maybe even try it with pumpkin. Cause I have that in my pantry.

Yes, share zucchini brownies recipe please☺

I'm not a sweets or sugar person so the penalty involved with those foods don't apply to me. That said, the daily points allotment, calorie-wise, is just too small to be sustainable long term. Yes there are weekly and FitPoints but -- and this is a quirk of mine, I admit -- I feel guilty using them. I have to use them because as a very active person I can't live on 30 points a day but I still feel like a failure, as if I should be satisfied with 30 points (and I'm not).

Each point is roughly 35 calories, sometimes less (for example, 1% milk has a calorie equivalent of 27.5 per point). Do the math. Even with free vegetables and fruit, that's a low calorie diet it sets me up to overconsume down the line.

I like MFP better. It's more neutral. It syncs with my Fitbit and tells me my calorie limit for the day. Since I'm active, I often get to eat over 1700 cals a day and still lose weight.

Seeing that number transformed into points would be very alarming to me. Yesterday I ate 1477 calories as per MFP. On WW it was 43 points. I felt so bad about that when WW did the tally. I felt like a failure. I felt like a glutton. I didn't feel bad at all with MFP's tally, which I entered prior to WW.

I've done WW on and off for the past 20 years. I am now 52 years old, 5'6" 176 lbs. and want to lose down to 160.

Andrea, It sounds like you have every reason to be proud that you are conscientious when using your Fitbit program. Each person has a different body, and it follows that each person will have individual needs for fueling that body.

I appreciate the comments about the nuts and bolts of the WW program. From being in various groups in the past, even though not WW, in my opinion it is good to follow what works for you--some things help, and others don't. Feel good about what seems appropriate for yourself. We have the space to be different!

The weekly points are part of the program and meant to be consumed!

No one should feel bad about using theses points. The program works best when you use your points!

Andrea, I totally agree with you. On Points Plus, each point was roughly 50 calories or so. I was hungry at times, but not like I am now doing the Smart Points. I understand that sugar is not good for you. But how realistic is it that everyone who needs to lose weight is going to easily adopt a higher protein, low sugar diet for a long period of time. No doubt, there are some people who can...and more power to them. I wish I could. But as I sit in the meetings week after week, I am seeing less and less of the people that were there when I started. I keep going to meetings so I can keep somewhat accountable for what I eat. In the past, I lost over 60 lbs. on the Atkins diet, so I am able to adhere to the more protein/less carbs eating plan....for awhile. But it just wasn't realistic for me over the long haul. On Easter, I had 3 chocolate marshmallow eggs for my candy allotment, which equaled almost half my points for the day! I may go back to doing a 'calorie diet' or the Points Plus, but continue to attend the meetings for support and camaraderie.

I've been on the Smartpoints WW for 6 months now and have lost 30 lbs. It's working for me and is very doable if you have the right mindset. I can understand how those that lost and were successful on the previous programs would be angry and resistant to change. I have been on WW years ago and hated the way they "changed" the program it seemed every couple of years. It always seemed like a ploy to sell new materials/books etc... I was successful with earlier versions of WW and I'm successful now. I still want to lose another 30 lbs. but am not in a race to lose it. Slow and steady losses-- about 1 lb per week give or take has been my average though I've about plateaued for the past 4 weeks.

Sugar issue- I LOVE sugar and that HAS BEEN the hardest issue regarding SmartPoints-- I also think it is the biggest POSITIVE change I've made for the good in my diet. I am NOT eating sugar mindlessly and try to reach for FRUIT instead to quell the sugar cravings. I also have 1-2 small pieces of dark chocolate a day. I buy pre-portioned ice cream (either the WW ice cream bars, or mini-ice cream sandwiches which generally account for around 4 points). You CAN work sugar into your diet, just in smaller portions. I think we all should be working toward that very goal. We don't HAVE to have big desserts every day...that is a habit that CAN be broken.

I recommend the WW program wholeheartedly-- I don't like the cost of it- I'm doing it online only as the meetings are ridiculously expensive and I never got anything from meetings anyway. I do much better online. I will HAVE to join meetings if I ever get close to Lifetime Status and I believe I have to lose at least 5 lbs in meetings- another gripe I have with WW.

Is WW perfect? No. Is WW a "diet"? No. It is simply a behavioral plan that helps you get in the mindset of better (lower points) v. not so good (higher points) foods and giving you a target to reach for daily.

Congratulations Jackie!! I love WW and I know it is not for everyone but it works great for me. I am on year 4 and I have lost 87 pounds. It was slow but it didn't come on overnight either. It is always a work in progress but with the right mindset, you can do anything.

LOL - I just posted on the other thread. I'm a WW Lifetimer having lost 40 lbs. in 2011 on Points Plus. I've gained it all back though and returned right before "the biggest change in 50 years" happened. When I saw a sign saying that I thought WW was doing away with points, which thrilled me. Then they introduced Smart Points and well it really wasn't a big change at all (they had just done that 5 years ago with Point Plus). I gave it a try but didn't like it and really lost very little weight. I want to be able to eat without worry over the point value of something. Points need to go away....Today I printed out the Simply Filling Food List and move on from there....I am never counting another point again!

WW works because it isn't a diet. It works because it changes your thinking about food and points you to the right things to eat - or atleast the right amount to eat. I've done WW in the past, but Smart Points is the only plan that has helped me because yes it limits the sugar and pushes portion control. Basically you can still eat sugar items but they count as more of your points that they did on past programs. I use my Weekly Points in addition to my Daily Points and have found myself to be very satisfied - not deprived at all - in fact there are days I probably eat more than before, but what I am eating is totally different. We go out to eat atleast twice a week. I eat real pizza. I love WW because I get to chose what I "spend" my points on - not what menu someone else says to eat. Over 1 lb per week average and still losing, so I say that is success! Love it.

That's ridiculous. You do not get weighed in front of a group! Your weight is totally private. Whomever told you that was not doing weight watchers. Weight watches isn't a diet, it teaches to eat right for a lifetime.

Weigh-ins are private. Only you and the Weight Watcher worker see it.

Weight Watchers needs to create an alternative program for diabetics. I love Weight Watchers I lost 75 lbs with them before, I am a diagnosed type 2 diabetic and the trackers and plans are not geared toward diabetics which makes it alot more work, and WW does not provide accurate information for all people. Many have diabetes so WW needs to step up their game.

I had a hysterectomy five years ago and have found it impossible to lose weight. This is my third attempt at WW since then, now I am combining it with Contrave but I don't think it is working to lose weight although I know I'm eating less. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone solved it? I'm 59.

I made LifeTime in 2012. I've had to return to WW 3 times since to get back to my goal weight.with each return (less weight to loose to goal each time) I learn about myself. WW is not a diet, but a way of living and eating in the "real world" it is a non deprivation way of life & there is never a "finish line". I have encouraged & changed so many people's lives when I introduced them to WW. As of now, I have gone up and down 5lbs above my goal weight and haven't been to a meeting in 3 months. BUT, I am always in WW mode & read Connect everyday. The program works if you want it to & if you learn that it is all about balance ( food & exercise), it becomes second nature to You. But first .... like everything else , it can only work for you if you want it bad enough .

I followed the plan extremely diligently for six weeks and lost one whole pound! So no, it's not working for me at all. I should set I successfully lost thirty pounds on the points program a number of years ago, after having a baby two years ago I have been totally stuck at my current weight. I tried the old plan and could not get my weight down, same with the new plan.

I think ww work nothing works without hard work.

I am a lifetime member since the 1980's. I am not at goal and struggling with smart points. I have lost 14 and I am stalled and no matter what I do can't drop the weight. I am a cancer survivor of spindle cell sarcoma cancer and have some other health problems my doctors say I may not lose weight. I have tried so hard and get discouraged. I am looking forward to the new changes in December. I am praying it will work for me. I am desperately trying to lose weight and have a healthy bmi.

WeightWatchers is the only plan that has worked for me. I have been doing WW since 2000. I have been lifetime for a while. When I reached goal I thought I could do it without the meetings, but I gained my weight back. After doing this four time I realized I needed meetings. I have been at goal four years. Weighing in has been very private at all the meetings I’ve been to. WW doesn’t restrict any food. If you follow the guidelines you get plenty of food but if you have a lot of sugar foods or high fat food your points add up fast. I love Weightwatchers and I recommend it to everyone I know 5at wants to lose weight.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm just starting on my fitness journey and I really want to make a change not only towards a better life quality but also for my family as well. I've heard alot about weight-watchers and have been reading through a fair bit of a review prior to committing. There were definitely two distinctive sides to it; some say it does help and another where it is of no use. Then, I am tear between as well this program review that I get to stumble upon which looks suitable for beginners like us that comes at a one-time price commitment. Though I am not certain of myself as well if it is as easy as it's saying it to be. I would definitely love to hear second opinions for an expert in this field and given that you are one, would you WW is a viable commitment to undertake? Thank you for the help.

I have been an active WW member for 5 years. I lost 86 pounds and I’m lifetime now. The program works but you have to work the program!! Losing weight was not as hard as maintaining and the support is good when you hit maintenance. Most programs end once you hit your goal and then over time the weight comes back on and brings friends. It is a process and you have to be patient and stick to it!! Good luck's 2019 and I'm (still) a Lifetime member, but am struggling. NOW, WW has done away with their Super Smoothie Shakes. Reason I was given was because "they" are doing away with artificial sweetners, artificial this, artificial that. (Doesn't the FDA approve such things?) OK: Now, we are admonishing sugar and fat, but offer no "substitute" for sugar? (No! Because by adding sugar back in, it blows the Smart Points!) Makes me, like many others, want to go back to Points Plus, where I lost 25# and could easily without guilt work in my "sweets" and still stay within my points; and yes, by successfully encorporating artificial sweetners in part. I'm getting very tired of "politically correct" food. I've had enough good training from Weight Watchers in the past programs to successfully manage and enjoy my food. (And, stay healthy.) By "staying healthy" do I have to give up every indulgance? And, by indulgance, I mean enjoying food on a regular eating regime. (Not by having my "piece" of cake once or twice a month, at the expense of not having something else.) Sorry....I don't mean to be a "Debby Downer" but I am fed up (pardon the pun). Anyone else feeling this way?


I get frustrated listening to people saying that WW had entirely cut sugar out of your diet. Stop whining is my comment to them. The WW program does allow you to eat sugar. You just have to make sure you budget the sweet stuff into your daily points or use your weeklies for your indulgent food. As a member of WW for 12 years and making goal and lifetime 2 times (this is my 3rd time, I have learned to do some research for myself

and finding out what works for me. I know that over consuming sugar will put weight on me, especially if I don't workout vigorously. It is a scientific fact that if you overconsume sugar or any other foods, you will gain weight. WW is not about restriction it's about moderation. Eat one donut, not the whole dozen. Track it and move on.

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