What is the Healthiest Food at McDonald’s?

April 4, 2019   11 Comments

What is the healthiest food at McDonald’s? Some would say there isn’t any.

What is the Healthiest Food at McDonald’s?

I am one that likes to face reality. McDonald’s feeds 68 million people per day which just amazes me. At some point, it may not be this week or even this month - you may be faced with some decisions at McDonald’s.

I have written extensively on this subject because I want to guide people to the healthier choices - check out McDonald’s fries and McDonald’s scary burger.

Since those posts, there has been a massive innovation that changes the healthy food game quite a bit.

That’s right people!! You order your food on a screen and then they bring it to you (if you are eating in). Or you can stand and wait for your TO GO order. How about that?

Now, this is really a game changer for those of us trying to eat the healthy choices. Why? Because they have included the calorie amounts on the food so you can know what you are ordering.

I kinda wish Chipotle would do the same thing because your burrito can be a huge range of calories depending on what you put on it. Also, touch screens are fun :)

Check this out:

Yes, now you can see that this burger is obviously not a good choice. How can you even put 1130 calories in a burger? Wowza.

You, the consumer, can choose what will work for you. Hankering for a burger? Go for one with half the calories of this one - for example - the Big Mac (540 calories).

Or how about the fries? The large fries page states very clearly that you will consume 510 calories versus the small at 230. Your finger can make the healthier choice.

But, anyone who has ever been to McDonald’s knows that they serve salads and now you can choose more wisely.

Not only can you see that the crispy chicken is more calories but after you choose the salad, you can examine the dressings - which also have calorie amounts!!

The calories for the salads do not include the dressings which are additional. Obviously, McDonald’s doesn’t know which dressing you will pick.

Other than the salads, there is the trusty McMuffin which they serve ALL DAY. I absolutely love this way of ordering because you can customize what you want to put on it.

Do you see how the Canadian bacon is 15 calories and the butter is 40? I am keeping the bacon and taking off the butter.

You can’t really go wrong with an egg on a whole grain English muffin for a snack. This is far better for you than the bacon cheese burger.

The power to make healthier choices at McDonald’s is now in your hands with online ordering and the calorie information and TWO concepts:

  • Salads are healthier than burgers (because of all the veggies in a salad).
  • Egg McMuffins are healthier than burgers (because eggs are nutritious and low in calories).

What do you think is the healthiest food at McDonald’s? What do you order when you go? Have you tried the touch screen?

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I’m not a McDonald’s person, never have been, but please be mindful of these public touchscreens. There have been numerous news stories about these lately where many types of bacteria - up to and including fecal matter - has been found on these touch screens. Carry and use your hand sanitizer!

I agree salads are better than burgers by a long shot! Back in my busy working days I had my share of McD’s salads when I forgot my lunch or found myself traveling when hunger stuck. And this new ordering is so much better for consumers. Regarding eggs, its illegal [per USDA] to claim eggs are nutritious. So check it out, for those looking to avoid CVD, diabetes and other top causes of death. Don't shoot the messenger. :(……

I have tried the touch screens and I think they’re fun too! But then I thought I heard a few weeks ago about what kind of germs are left on the screen. Ugh! Sounded so gross! When I do order sometimes I get one sausage/egg burrito. I do get salads a lot too. I try really hard to make good choices when at McDonald’s.

I find myself at McDonald’s often because they have a play area that my grandchildren love. I order the grilled chicken snack wrap I believe with The ranch dressing it’s 9 Smart points and with out the ranch dressing it is eight smart points. It is very good even the grandchildren love them

The fruit smoothies are a good choice for me, especially the berry. If you're non-dairy, you can ask for them without yogurt. Just make them your meal (or snack), NOT as a beverage with a burger and fries!

Back in the day, I loved nothing more than the Big Mac. I haven't had one in years. And now I only visit McDonald's for a drive-through breakfast on my way to work...maybe 4 or 5 times a year (on those days I oversleep and don't have time to fix breakfast at home.) Since they introduced it, I've always ordered an Egg White Delite McMuffin (and a fat-free milk.) But I discovered last week that they've discontinued the Egg White Delite! So sad! The Egg McMuffin is still a good choice. Reading your post, I realized I could ask them to hold the butter and save points! Yay! Also, I don't generally drink diet sodas any more. But occasionally I crave a McDonald's Diet Coke with lots of ice. They add extra carbonation, and I love that!

It seems unlikely that the Canadian bacon is only 15 calories. I wonder if that is a typo. This reference gives it 43 calories per 1 oz raw which is 0.8 oz cooked.…

The Canadian bacon I buy is 60 calories per serving. But a serving is 3 slices. So it is only 20 calories per slice.

Love this post! Often, I look online for the gluten free options at various chain restaurants--This post lets me see the "healthiness" of the foods too. (Have celiac; not gluten-free for calorie control.)Agree that salad with a protein is a nice choice. As an MS, RDN (same as R.D., dietitian)who reads a lot, I recommend steering away from low fat dressings if they show fairly high carbohydrates. Better to eat some fat than empty high fructose corn syrup calories, I think!

I love their oatmeal! I have never explored the nutritional content, but it's tasty, and possibly better for you than a burger! ;-)

To those that are commenting about the gross germs on the touch screens... I get it, they are probably loaded with germs and all kinds of other icky things (mucus, poop, etc.). But you do realize those same germs and probably much worse are found on money, debit machines, and door knobs! So yes use hand sanitizer and wash your hands before you eat.. regardless! #commonsense

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