Why I Bought an Apple Watch

July 5, 2018   11 Comments

My new watch was a big purchase for me. It takes a lot to get me to spend big money on electronics.

Why I Bought an Apple Watch

But, I do like to buy things that will help me become healthier and since I already own an iPhone – I decided to take a look at the Apple watch ($300).


There was a big article in our newspaper about how the watch had saved someone’s life see Teen’s Apple Watch may have Saved Her Life.

No, it didn’t perform mouth to mouth – it monitored her heart rate which was erratic. It actually buzzed her in church and told her to seek medical attention. She did and found out she was on the edge of kidney failure.

The Apple Watch has been approved by the FDA as a medical accessory (with a special watch band).

Before this article, I liked the idea of a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, as well as an extension of my phone on my arm but it didn’t fall into the category of a “must have”.

Every time I get a new gadget – I have to figure it out. It usually adds complications to my life (when do I charge it? How do I turn it on? What if I lose it?). This one is clearly one more thing but it does some amazing things that actually make my life easier.

  • It reminds me to stand up. I sit writing for hours at a time and it tells me – stand up once an hour if I haven’t already stood up!
  • It tracks my daily activity and lets me know when I am doing well and encourages me to do more exercise when I need to get moving.
  • It lets me know when I am stressed out.

I was watching my son’s final soccer game (he was in the finals) and it told me that my heart rate was high. I took some deep breaths and calmed down (he lost).

It also tells me how many laps I have swum in the pool and records my heart rate while exercising. Turns out that walking the dog is not exercise for me (bummer). My heart rate remains very low when walking Milo around the block so I have to walk faster if I want to hit my daily exercise goals.

The watch doesn’t let me cheat.

Finally, it tells me to breathe. I don’t know how often it does this but it reminds me to breathe for a minute and then walks me through some deep breathing. It is quite powerful when I am acting like a nut.

I know that there are a ton of different gadgets out there that will support you in your healthy goals. But, these gadgets have come a LONG way from simple step monitors. You can do all sorts of stuff include sharing your workouts with a friend, monitoring the quality of your sleep and answering the phone – all on your wrist.

Did I mention it also tells me what time it is? LOL

actually the time feature is helpful because it means that I look at my phone less!

This post was not sponsored by Apple (in case you are wondering). I really did buy it and love it.

Do you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit? What do you use it for? Do you find it helpful? Please share.

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I've had my Apple iWatch for a couple of years (series 2) and I wear it everyday. I love it. I bought it because it would track how many laps I swim and keep up with my exercise. The lap swimming was the main attraction over other sport watches, but it does so much more. One recommendation I have is to buy Apple Care. I haven't bought it for any other Apple products but, since this is easier to lose, etc., I did. When I had problems syncing it to actual laps, Apple quickly replaced it. Great product.

I have had mine since they first came out. I am not tethered to my phone as many people are. Usually did not realize I had a text until I put phone on charger. Now I get texts immediately. Best part is when following driving directions and you get the buzz on your wrist telling you when to turn. Only problem is the COngrats i get for meeting move goal while sitting and knitting for an hour or so.

The Apple store has free classes on using the watch and special one just about the activity rings. You are certain to learn something new. There are also classes on the phone, iPad, Macs, taking photos, etc. I highly recommend them - and they are all free!

I recently got an Apple Watch. It has been eye opening for me to see on the activity screen that if you walk a certain distance what that equates to for calories. We were on a trip where we did a lot of walking. Before I probably would have justified dessert at dinner with all the extra activity. I learned what it really equates to on the watch and not to overdo the “reward”.

Hi, sounds great, but thought I’d share that if you can’t afford an Apple Watch, there’s an app called Stand Up that reminds you to get up in at time increments you set up. It helped me a lot as I was recovering from cancer and had gotten used to sitting all the time!

I have a Garmin watch which does similarly it does not tell me that I am having a medical issue, but does give me heart rate which shows me that something is off. I do however have to look at it.

My (adult) son walked me into the Apple Store and said, “Buy this!”

I have some serious heart issues and I’ve also fallen a few times. So far I’ve only broken my shoulder. Once I’ve fallen it is difficult to stand back up.

The Apple Watch has an SOS feature that if I hold a button for 6 seconds it sends my GPS location to 911 along with my long list of medications. It also sends a text to my wife and son notifying them that I’ve activated the SOS and my location.

It is much better than the life alert buttons that many have, but requires you to be home around your receiver/transmitter.

I also like it for the functions you listed.

when you walk your dog do you click on the workout? if you do it as other open goal, it records it a lot better

Thanks for writing about the Apple Watch, Lisa, and to your readers for their responses. You all make a pretty good justification for the expense.

I'd LOVE the apple watch, but I'd have to have the one with its own data plan so it could play my music, etc., without my phone along....which it always is (along) now, because I run with my phone and Bluetooth to a little Polk speaker I wear, when I run alone. And the other reason I can't justify one is....I wear Garmin. Have for years. And my Garmin watch buzzes at me to Move!, counts my steps, monitors my heart rate, has the weather and gets texts/emails etc (although I can't respond)....when my phone is also with me. So I'm really in a 'can't justify' place!

Do you have to own an Apple Phone for the watch to work?

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