King Arthur Flour Winner

October 13, 2010   2 Comments

The winner of the 5 pound bag of White Whole Wheat Flour is ANNE!

King Arthur Flour Winner

I asked what she would do with the flour and she told us:

I would use it to make pizza crust for my husband's handmade pizzas. He makes both thin crust and deep dish pizzas so the extra protein and fiber would be a good thing.

Congratulations, Anne! Now, could you tell us how to convince our partners to make us pizzas? Sounds like a great guy :)

Check out: Bake Some Nutritious Treats to read about white whole wheat flour.

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Thanks! I can't take credit for the pizza making; he started cooking before we met so he would have food to eat that he liked. He likes pizza!

I know this is well after your posting, but we tried the King Arthur flour tonight in pizza crust and it was a success!! He didn't even have to add any extra water although I prepared him for that possibility. Next I think I'll try some cookies.

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