The Worst Food of 2015

December 30, 2015   12 Comments

I don’t like to be negative but sometimes looking at the “worst” is instructional.

The Worst Food of 2015

This year, a particular advertisement caught my eye as I was watching TV with my kids. A Colonel Sanders delivers a “Fill-up” to a family on Christmas as a gift.

I suppose the family looked like a car at a gas station as they needed a fill-up.

The meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken only costs $20 (amazing) and advertises itself as a meal for 4 people.

I went and bought a Fill-up for my family because I was curious if it could be made healthy. I ordered grilled chicken (yes, that is an option) and also some fried chicken because I hadn’t had it in a million years.

Some nutritional highlights:

  • One original recipe chicken breast has 1100 mg of sodium
  • A serving of coleslaw has 10 grams of sugar
  • An extra crispy chicken thigh has 20 grams of fat

The grilled chicken was much better in terms of overall calories and fat (9 grams of fat for the chicken thigh) but the sodium was still incredibly high.

This did not fill my family up because my children wouldn’t eat it. They HATED the coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and chicken (too salty) and only ate the biscuits. We cook most of our meals so my kids aren’t used to fast food and know what mashed potatoes are supposed to taste like. The coleslaw was too sweet and the gravy didn’t do anything to make the mashed potatoes more palatable.

I’m pretty sure I could roast a chicken with some potatoes and grab a bag of coleslaw mix and make this meal for less than $20 and my kids would eat it.

The problem is KFC is treating our families like vessels instead of people. We want food that tastes LIKE FOOD and is healthy for our children. This Fill-up fails in every respect. It is bad for you and tastes terrible.

I have not met a family who wouldn't love a meal that is economical and fairly healthy that they can pick up on their way home from work. I know that my quest to find such a thing at KFC is comical (what was I thinking?) but I had to try.

My advice is to pick up a rotisserie chicken, a bag of salad, some fruit to slice up and a loaf of bread at a grocery store instead of this insult of a meal.

What would you nominate as the worst food of 2015?

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Great review, Snack Girl, I'm glad your kids didn't eat that unhealthy meal, pbj is better than any fast food in my book. I can't think of a candidate for ''worst food'' for 2015 however, to ring in the new year, after viewing this trailer here's what I plan to watch tonight:

December 30, 9:00-11:00 PM, ET. PBS ''In Defense of Food'' sounds like it will be a fascinating 2 hours--wherever you are on the diet/food continuum.…

Happy New Year!! Keep up your much-appreciated work and stay healthy!

BarbL Thanks for the tip, I'll be watching the show tonight on PBS!

My Local Grocery (Albertsons') Halted Carrying

Low Sodium Canned Vegetables

Low Fat Beef Bologna

Low Sodium Delicattessan Chicken. '''Just' When You Think Things Are Getting Better..''.

I was pleased to see that you put the finger on KFC! A friend called recently advising me that she was coming over and bringing dinner. Right! Turned out to be KFC! It was all I could do to eat it, let alone digest it! It really didn't even TASTE like chicken! There oughta be a law!

Grace: totally delighted to steer anyone toward a valuable program! After going to & viewing a bunch of tonight's clips I'm psyched! Michael Pollan is so entertaining with his findings. It highlights so many ''worst'' foods it is hard to choose the absolute worst! LOL! Hope everyone can benefit :)

Love that you offer an easy, relatively affordable option for families to picking up a bucket. As an aside, I would add another worst food for 2015: Doritos Loaded. Yikes.

I actually eat the original chicken breast under my Weight Watcher Simply Filling plan. As long as the skin/crust is removed, its simply filling approved but the grilled chicken is not. Interesting, huh?

I live in NS CA and will watch PBS tonight.

Check out ALDI -- saw new sign up yesterday that all products with Aldi label will be healthy. I love their Fit & Active. Don't use meat products so no knowledge whether it is better to use.

Happy New Year!

If you are talking about Aldi supermarkets I had a PCA introduce me to one in Massachusetts. I found out after shopping there that fruit does not last long. Then the PCA started dissing quality of meat! I asked myself why introduce to this store ? Its been over 3 years since I shopped there. I won't purchase cauliflower at another supermarket cause it always seems to have specks of mold so I look over all my produce.

I agree that KFC is nasty! I hate the sides and I don't care for the chicken let alone how unhealthy it is! I will report a guilty pleasure is Popeye's fried chicken. I like the spiciness and I like the red beans and rice. Also totally unhealthy so I don't eat it but a few times a year but we all have to be bad sometimes, lol!

For those interested in the Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" PBS Program that aired Dec 30th, it is available to view on line until Jan 28th. I plan to watch it again with my family.

He highlighted some pretty good contenders for ''worst food'' award !

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