WW Snacks Review: Are These Worth the Hype?

April 20, 2020   15 Comments

WW snacks (Weight Watcher’s snacks) are packaged food made by WW. You can order them directly from the Weight Watcher’s website.

WW Snacks Review: Are These Worth the Hype?

I decided to give these a spin since I had been asked about them. My goal is to stay away from packages when I snack as much as possible (apple and peanut butter) BUT sometimes it is good to have a packaged snack.

These WW snacks are pretty pricey. The tortilla chips and other salty snacks cost me $4.95 per box and the mini bars were $7.95 per box.

For that kind of money, they better be sensational.

One thing you notice right away is that the snack food is in pouches or is individually wrapped. These aren’t great for the environment but they are perfect for those of us who have trouble with portion control.

I received five pouches with each of these savory snacks.

First up, WW Nacho Tortilla Chips!

Each pouch is two SmartPoints and has a reasonable amount of sodium. These aren’t nutritious BUT they do taste like Doritos and are half the calories.

I think these are delicious and I wish they cost less because they are a great option for those munchers out there.

WW Sea Salt Hummus Crisps:

Do you like salty cardboard? I don’t. When they made these did they taste them?

These hummus crisps are a fail.

I would replace these with Sea Salt Potato Popchips. They are light and crunchy (and they taste pretty good).

WW Barbecue Potato Crisps:

Umm, no. The flavor and texture of these is so weird. Salty, sweet? kinda crunchy? They just taste wrong.

Again, I would go with BBQ Popchips as an alternative or popcorn.

The sweet snack bars are 12 snacks per package. All of them are like little candy bars. I think the idea is that you can have a two point treat as each of the bars are two points on all of the plans - Green, Blue, and Purple.

This is the WW Chocolate Pretzel flavored snack bar:

You can’t really see how small these are. I should have used a quarter in the photo for scale. The snack bars are about 1 inch and a half long. I can eat them in two bites.

The chocolate pretzel is good. It is a bit like a Twix bar as it has a caramel texture. It is a bit of a chemistry experiment to get it to taste like a candy bar because there is only 1 gram of added sugar.

As far as a candy bar goes, I give this a 7/10.

This is the WW Chocolate Caramel flavored snack bar:

This bar is my favorite BUT it does have 4 grams of sugar alcohol added. If you have tummy troubles from sugar alcohol - these are not your bars.

I think these are an excellent replacement for a candy bar - 9/10.

This is the WW Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie snack bar:

Want a low calorie replacement for a Snickers Bar? Here you go! These also have 4 grams of sugar alcohol but they are pretty good - 9/10.

Alternatively, you could eat those Snicker Bar minis and save yourself some money.

This is the WW mint cookie crunch:

I believe they were going for a Thin mint plus a rice crispy treat kinda thing. This bar does not work.

If I wanted to save money - I would buy mini candy bars and Pop chips. They are far less expensive and pretty close to the WW snacks that I reviewed.

Have you tried any of the WW snacks? What did you think?

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Thank you for the review.

I have ordered a lot of different snacks and I have never been disappointed.

the snacks are good but too expensive

Way to expensive and I personally believe if you want to lose weight you need to cut these things out. Eat real food. If I'm craving chocolate I have a square of 85% dark chocolate with a date.

You forgot to mention that ALL WW Snacks were reformulated over a year ago. They NOW ALL HAVE NO Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial Colors, and NO Artificial Sweeteners. Products that didn't meet the criteria were not brought back. Don't think Snickers can say that. If that's important to you, they are a FAR better choice, and better ingredients cost more. These snacks are one of the tools that help me continue being successful on the plan!

I kinda like many of the snacks; the hummus chips are my favorite go to with a sandwich. They don’t taste like cardboard to me, but I do prefer things on the bland side, if you will. It’s really just personal preference. The only thing I don’t like, is the price. It costs too much for how little we are getting. But to save on points and to kill cravings, this stuff works for me.

Too expensive and obviously too carby, for people like me whose carb intake affects weight loss.

Thank you for reviewing these products. I happen to really like the BBQ chips, but find them too expensive. I will look into the BBQ Pop Chips. I remember trying the plain ones and really liking them. Trying to make better choices all around, with an occasional treat (hence the BBQ chips!). I can recall a WW Leader at a meeting talking about cutting the WW chocolate bars into three's and freezing them, etc., all to make the blasted thing last longer. Really? I am finding the whole WW thing getting really old. At the end of the day, I am with Sue on eating real food.

Someone just posted that ALL WW snacks are free of artificial sweeteners, in my book, alcohol sugars are very artificial. If you go with their protein bars, which taste like candy bars, sucralose is used. At least sucralose doesn't mess with the stomach like alcohol sugars.

If some of us have time being home during this pandemic, youtuber Brittany Jaroudy, has many whole food plant recipes for snacking, that may be of interest. A fav of mine is healthy 'peanut butter' chocolate coated eggs. All of her ideas are fast and easy. And nutritious.

I bought some of the little bars when they were on sale. They said nothing artificial. I should have read the ingredients. They are made with corn syrup. Yuck. Over priced and over processed. Need a candy bar replacement? Get built bars. 4× bigger, tasty, lots of protein, 3 points, and no corn syrup!

I only purchase a few of the WW snack products as they are very expensive and the servings are very small. I do like the WW BBQ chips, peanut butter protein stix, and chocolate peanut butter protein snack bar. I don't have a problem with Splenda, but do with most other artificial sweeteners. I generally do not like stevia sweetened products either.

I crunch up the tortilla chips for breading on salmon

I don’t quite understand your Sucralose comment. It does mess with a lot of people’s digestive systems. It causes cramping and diarrhea. I know as soon as I eat it. They ( various brands) sneak it into a lot of lower calorie items. I made and drank a Dole smoothie once and within 10 minutes I was sick.

Loved the old mint bars, and the old pretzel bars. Tortilla chips pretty good, but I only crave salty, crunchy, like chips, once in a blue moon. Haven't tried the new mint bars. For ice cream snacks, sure miss the old latte bars. But I couldn't just eat 1!!!! The new fudge bars are good, but watch for bogo sales!! They, at least, have some redeeming qualities, according to My Food Diary - they help with some nutrients, so if I'm going to have a non-sugar alcohol treat at night (sorry, I AM an ice cream freak - inherited the gene!!), this is a good one for me.

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