Let Your Fruit Flag Fly!

July 3, 2019   6 Comments

You know when it is hot and you don’t want to cook? This is the dessert for you!

American Fruit Flag

I focus each year on a patriotic dessert to share with friends. My red, white and blue strawberries were a hit and no one can resist my fruit skewers featuring strawberries and brownies!

I saw this “fruit flag” on Pinterest and I knew that it was perfect for Snack Girl.


  • I bought all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s (they are all in your supermarket right now). If you can’t find yogurt pretzels use marshmallows.
  • It is FAST. No slaving over a hot stove.
  • The ingredients are mostly healthy. How can you go wrong with berries?

I made this in a small rimmed cookie tray that I found at Target with one of my little white bowls.

When my kids saw this, they went nuts. Did they realize that they were munching on fruit? No! They saw it and declared it a dessert (which fruit can be but usually not for my kids who love ice cream). This is pretty much a perfect dessert for the toddler set as they grab a berry, run away, run back, grab a berry....repeat.

This time of year is so perfect for fruit platters (and this one doesn’t even need any slicing!). I did a veggie Christmas tree and I had to work with some out of season veggies. People did adore it but not as much as the decorated cookies.

All of these fruits and berries are in season and a deal at the grocery store. Yes, raspberries and blueberries are not inexpensive but you only need one small package to make the flag. You can make it (obviously) with only strawberries if you are short on dough.

Don't feel like you need to limit yourself to the American flag. You can make all sorts of fun shapes! Butterfly anyone?

Do you make fruit platters this time of year? What do you include?

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What a great idea! I'm always trying to think of ideas for a 4th of July family party. This looks like something healthy that will actually get eaten. Thanks!

This idea has true Snack Girl moxie. I love it. One small thing of each berry? How does that account for putting one on the tray, one in your mouth, repeat? Thank you for this pretty, fun, and nourishing idea, Lisa!

Only problem I see with this is that it will be gone too fast!! Bring refills :-)

Love this! I took your idea and made a small tray with halved strawberries and halved marshmallow, with a bowl of blueberries :) thanks for the inspiration!

Snack Girl, that desert looks like it is to die for! I just have to run to the store and get some fresh fruit. As I do not care for those types of pretzels - I like my pretzels 'naked' I will have to find something else white.

Like marshmallow cream?

Love this! I made it with banana slices (for the white) instead of pretzels. Soooooo yummy! It was gobbled up in no time. Thanks for the idea!

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