Amy’s Frozen Meals Reviews

November 5, 2016   33 Comments

It has been a long time since I last took a look at Amy’s frozen meals.

Amy’s Frozen Meals Reviews

Six years ago, I was on a frozen meal review kick and decided to look at a bunch of meals that were trying to be healthy. Amy’s frozen meals seemed healthier than a lot of the other choices. I took a look a look at Smart Ones as well.

I could be buying and eating this stuff for months if I checked out all of the meals that they offer. I chose the Southwestern Burrito, Thai Red Curry, and the Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano in an attempt to get a cross section of their food.

The first thing I will say is that I have no problem with any of the ingredients that Amy’s adds to their food. They use organic ingredients, no preservatives, and I can pronounce everything on the package.

First up, the burrito.

This has 9 SmartPts for anyone out there who is on Weight Watchers. I think that the nutritional information doesn’t have any red flags but I wish there was some vegetables added and less sodium.

This cost about $3 and for twice that I can got to Chipotle and get a much bigger burrito (that I can cut in half) and stuff with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and other fresh food. I found the texture like paste and the flavor was just okay.

The second meal I tried was one from the “Light & Lean” line. I noticed it is 8 ounces versus 10 ounces for the regular size. You can always make things lighter if you simply add 20% less food.

This is vegan and has 7 SmartPoints. I think 25% of your daily value of sodium is far too much for 8 ounces of food and I found this dish pretty terrible.

The pasta was gummy and it lacked vegetables. There were only a couple of measly stalks of broccoli. This cost me about $4.30 and I would never buy this again.

Finally, I tried the Thai Curry, which is both gluten and dairy free.

This meal was a whopping 16 SmartPoints and I believe it was because of the coconut milk. The saturated fat in coconut milk is thought to be different than the saturated fat in meat but Weight Watchers counts it the same.

This meal, again, was way too salty BUT it had a lot of vegetables and it tasted pretty good. I guess that is what happens when you add 23 grams of fat to a meal. It is about the same amount of fat as in 8 McDonald’s chicken McNuggets.

But, this is filled with vegetables not deep fried chicken and I think (except for the sodium) that this is a pretty good choice.

This meal makes me want to make my own red curry and see how well it freezes!

What do you think of Amy’s frozen meals? Please share.

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I love frozen meals! When done right they are as good as a fresh home-made meal. I fill my freezer with pints of home-made meals, bags of broiled meatballs, raw thai-turkey sliders, individual sandwich steaks, marinaras, chowders, seasoned breadcrumbs, various cheeses, pestos, blah blah blah. In so doing, no supermarket frozen meals entice me with their marketing pictures that always fail to please. I have tried a very few and never again, years ago even gave organic ones like Amy's a try - blech!. Whatever and whenever you cook, make your time count by making extra for the freezer and use those nutritious meals for kitchen-freedom! For a good example, yesterday I made a 2lb meatloaf for my weekend visiting son and squirreled away 2 mini loaves for the freezer. Extra time? less than 5 minutes. Lisa! I want to make that red curry too with brown rice (and freeze some); please share the outcome!

Agree with BarbL - making your own frozen food is the way to go! Recently we were beset with illness all though the house, and mom and dad were not spared. We shuffled through the grocery store one day looking for convenient pre made meals for both ourselves and kids as we were just not up to cooking. Among other things, we chose an Amy's veggie enchilada, which was pretty high in sodium but otherwise fairly tasty and a decent amount of veggies. We also chose Bell & Evans frozen chicken tenders, a rotisserie chicken, a pile of raw veggies from the salad bar and some pre-made soups from the "hot" bar. All in all, lots of sodium and pretty expensive - but in a pinch, an ok way to eat for a few days. I can't imagine doing it too often though.

Sodium is one of the things I look at and Amy's 'always' has too much!!

That's a really nice and honest review of the products, love your post :)

Sodium is one of the things i check before buying anything and Amy's is ALWAYS too high....i agree with you!! Great reviews

Can anyone explain why all frozen meals in general are so chock full of sodium? If the food is frozen then I would assume that such a high amount of sodium would not be necessary.

I keep trying different diet frozen meals but I have yet to find one that tastes good. Just make extra and freeze them yourself.

I rarely buy frozen dinners but I did see "Evol" brand Qunioa & Roasted Veggies at my local Grocery Outlet. The nutritional stats (…) looked pretty good so i decided to try it. I was very pleasantly is very good!!

@Carol, RD here. Processed foods usually rely on sugar, fat, and salt for flavor. Sugar has four calories per gram, fat has nine, but salt has none. Salt is an inexpensive flavor enhancer that does not add calories.

For those under 50 without health issues, a good rule of thumb is to limit sodium to 2400 mg daily. For instance, <600 mg per meal and <200 mg per snack.

Healthy Choice meals are moderate in sodium. Per FDA standards the word "healthy" on a label indicates no more than 600 mg per meal.

You should try the Sweet Earth brand of frozen meals. They are delicious, and a natural food brand.

I really like Amy's cheese enchiladas and have eaten quite a few over the past couple of years. I have also tried the macaroni and cheese and it is pretty good. However, today I tried the pad thai for the first time and it was awful. The vegetables were bitter and the sauce just tasted "off". I have had other pad thai dinners but have to say this was not good.

Awful awful. Red curry with vegetables will not buy again. Wanted some spicy there was none

Amy's Chinese Noodles & Veggies --DREADFUL !! I very rarely buy frozen ready meals as so often disappointed but this time as the BLURB emphasised the sauce--NB Its the sauce that makes the difference !!!!!WHERE WAS THE SAUCE ---DRY and Unappetising -THIS IS GROSS MISSREPRESENTATION AT ITS WORST and they should not get away with it .Fortunately I had served it with steamed sprouting broccoli otherwise I don't think we could have eaten it

AMY. DO YO ACTUALLY TASTE YOUR FINISHED PRODUCT ??I am 79 my husband 87 and we do not eat meat so have a lifetime experience of cooking tasty dishes .and thought this might be handy to have in the freezer when feeling too tired to cook .YUCK. NEVER AGAIN Will stick to my own frozen meals .What a waste of money !!!!

Please email customer service number. I have a huge complaint

I just had your vegetable lasagna and had to say that for not having meat is VERY good. I have also tried a couple others in a quest to eat healthier but also easier.4 minutes with a minute cool down is great.If you ever give out coupons please let me know. Signed BIG FAN

I like the new Amy's cheese ravioli and the line of snack bite products. Im trying to replace some of the typical freezer products like hot pockets and frozen meals and Amy's is surprisingly tasty. Way better than their mega corp competitors.

I have eaten my last Amy’s meal. They have gone downhill and use cheaper ingredients. When they first arrived they had real cheese and sauce. Now they’re dry and tasteless w/more salt. No thanks

I love Amy's. My favorite is Amy's Chinese Noodles and Veggies in Cashew Cream Sauce. I could eat it three times a day until I got tired of it. My son loves it too. I see someone else thought it was dreadful. This is a good example of differing tastes and preferences. You almost have to try something yourself to see if it appeals.


Cheese Enchilada ok but first thing you taste is salt. Your food quality is declining. I see more sauce and few vegetables. I’m looking for another brand.

This is the first time that I have tried Amy's frozen meals. I love the ones I have tried so far! They have very good seasoning and are very affordable through Walmart. Thank you!

Like everyone else I liked the idea of eating a healthy vegan meal. To my surprise and disgust,I found the leg bone of a rat in my Mexican casserole bowl. I dumped the rest of the meal along with all the Amy's frozen meals I had bought that day. (about $60.00 worth) Do not buy this product...Unless you like eating rat.

I contacted Amy's regarding the foreign object in the food. This is the response I received...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take all consumer feedback seriously. When we receive any consumer concern, we undergo a detailed investigation process. We checked our investigations and did not have any similar findings. Our quality and production records for this product do not indicate any problem related to the comment on that site.

The Consumer Relations Team

Omg! Amy's enchilada bowl with rice and beans is amazing. Every bite more delicious then the last. Satisfying and awesome. Thank you

I absolutely love Amy's 3 cheese kale bake pasta oh, wow. I haven't even looked at the nutrition but I eat these about once a week. I've tried their raviolis which I thought was good, and I've tried their enchiladas which are great. Other than that everything else they have sucks oh, believe me I've tried it all

I absolutely love amys meals, only certain ones tough, the cheese enchledias is my fav. I eat one with a small amount of gauc. yum and I love the cheese ravolia and Mexican bowls. I eat 3 or 4 every week, love, love them.those with salads and fruit ive lost 40 pounds since may 2019

I buy Amy’s frozen food meals all the time. I Literally probably buy 5 to 10 a week. Lately I have noticed that I bought one that was a Chinese dish with dumplings that had zero dumplings. The dumplings are the majority of the mill and they were not there. I got another one that was General Tso’s vegetarian tofu mixture or something like that. There was no tofu And veggie combination. I had no tofu in my dish it was just rice quinoa and veggies and sweet sauce. Amy’s used to be really good and I have bought Amy’s meals for a very long time. It seems like they are going downhill

Beware of their vegetable chicken pot pies. They contain chicken. I was put off by it to say the least.

I only buy Amy’s because it totally vegan. That said, I am picky and only buy the rice and black eyed peas bowl, the Mexican mixture ( not burritos ir enchiladas) as the others are too full of starches like excess rice or pastas etc . They are much more expensive than some internet ads show. costing up to 6-799 for those with more meat-like ingredients or 4.99 In Target. Over time, the portions have become noticeably smaller. But, there is none other availabe in mainstream grocery stored that has such trust-worthy ingredients so if you font eat pasta or extra rice, choices may be limited. PS. I believe the extra Salt in frozen dinners may be due to the fact that salt is a preservative and it is a long journey from the factory to the grocery freezer.

I had the dumpling bowl - it has way too much sodium! Many of Amy's foods have too much sodium. You can always use more salt at home.

What has happened to Amy's? I used to buy all of my dinners at Amy's section. They were delicious. Now they are dry, pasty, gummy, unappetizing, sometimes unchewable, often no taste at all. And everything sticks together into one unstirrable chunk of whatever. A good example is tonight's Vegetable Lasagna. It was a big, unstirrable hunk of whatever - all one solid chunk is the only way to describe it. Impossible to dip up a small bite. I am through with Amy's. Hazel

I always wonder why being able to pronounce the ingredients being a +. Have you seen the ingredients list of a Banana? LOL

I eat Amy's meals and I find most of them very enjoyable.There are some that could use some improvement, but, still overall, they are my favorite microwavable quick meal.I think their cheese ravioli is very tasty.There are several others I also enjoy but not gonna even try to name them all.It would take up too much space. Some of their meals aren't as good as they were in the beginning but they're still tasty.

Good Pesto Tortellini

with Correct Microwave Directions, and Good Taste.😋👍

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