High fiber, whole grain but then they added cheese

May 8, 2009   5 Comments

Popcorn is a high fiber, whole grain snack. Can you get any better than that? Popcorn is made from a vegetable (corn) and it tastes great. It tastes really great when you add lots of salt and powdered cheese.

Bagged popcorn

Why the yellow face? If you air pop 3 cups of popcorn, you will have 90 calories. If you use your stove top, you will have 100 calories for 2 cups (and it tastes delicious). Just adding powdered cheese and you get 160 calories. Do you really need the extra calories?

Also, the cost of a bag of popcorn is WAY MORE than if you just made a quarter cup of popcorn on your stove. So for more calories and more money, you get something that doesn't taste as good as homemade popcorn.

BUT, if I am stuck at a convenience store and am faced with choosing a healthy snack, I will choose the Smart Food (or bagged popcorn of any brand). At least I am getting my whole grain goodness, as compared with Twinkies or Fritos.

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How interesting - I can tell I don't get out much, I had not heard of these at all.

I may be wrong, but I was told that corn is technically a grain. Seems especially likely from the popcorn perspective, though personally, I've always counted corn kernels toward my seven daily servings. :)

i thought microwave popcorn has more calories because it has more butter but homemade is good because you see how much salt your're adding and butter too. I'm just saying

are you saying it is better to make your own popcorn then 94 per cent fat free microwave? how much popcorn do you add to make a bag?

I thought corn was a grain..

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