The Skinny on Light Beer

April 10, 2012   53 Comments

Guess what I did yesterday? BUUUUURRRRRPPPP.

Best Light Beer

Beer, sadly, is high in calories. It can range between 150-200 calories per 12 ounces and it really adds up if you have two of them. A regular beer can be FIVE Points+ - ouch!

Finding a way to enjoy beer and cut down on its empty calorie impact on your waist line is a priority for beer lovers. Many readers have asked which light beer I prefer but I haven't tried very many.

My husband, my friend Laura, and I tasted all of these light beers. Writing Snack Girl can be a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Our qualifications for this beer tasting are irrefutable. Laura is a house painter, Matt is Australian, and I have indulged in more beer than I care to remember (or can remember for that matter :).

and, yes, I am going to get in trouble for that Australian slur - they do also drink a lot of tea

The entries were:

Michelob Ultra
Bud Light
Miller 64
Coors Light
Corona Light

I chose these because the friendly guy at my local liquor store had tried ALL of them (imagine that!) and he thought they represented the best on the market.

Here are our scintillating reviews from worst to best:

Miller 64 (64 calories): Yuck and super yuck. This beer featured a chemical taste that reminded one of steamed sweat socks. None of us would drink this beer if it was the last beer on earth.

Bud Light (110 calories): This entry was described as nasty, awful, bland, and tasteless. There was a sweet aftertaste that Laura really hated.

Michelob Ultra (95 calories): Everyone thought that this beer was okay. First, it tasted like beer, hurray! Matt named it an inoffensive mild lager.

Coors Light (102 calories): Matt chose this as his favorite, as did the guy who sold it to me in the liquor store. It tastes like a regular beer and had more flavor than the Michelob Ultra. Honestly, I don't like regular Coors so it was hard to like this one.

Corona Light (99 calories): HURRAY! Both Laura and I liked this beer probably because we both have visited Mexico for vacations. It reminded us of sand, palm trees, and turquoise water. Put a little lime in this beer and you will forget it is light.

So, there was a split decision between Coors Light and Corona Light. I believe both beers are three Points+ for those Weight Watchers fans out there versus five Points+ for a regular beer.

Another beer lover friend of mine likes Sam Adams Light.

Please share your favorite light beers below.

For the teenagers who read this site, Snack Girl advocates waiting until the legal drinking age to indulge in alcoholic beverages.

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Hehehe. Those are my two favorite too. But, I am am going to just have one, I spend the points to have a good, fully leaded beer. It is when I have more than one that I need to find a way to save. :)

Thanks for the great review!

Sam Adams Light is my favorite light beer, but that's probably because it has more carbs than some of the other light beers.

I don't really drink light beer, if I'm going to indulge, I'm going to indulge.

i'd love to see a post on what "skinny" cocktails/liqueor you should order when out for the night

So glad I don't like beer! However I like margaritas which is way worse!! Eck!!

When drinking "out," I order rum and diet coke with lime. For home, there's a product called Zilch which makes pretty good guilt free margaritas....add some fresh lime.

I like Amstel Light (95 calories, 5g Carbs).

GREAT Post! I actually thought the bud light 55 was surprisingly good as well. MUCH better than the 64 calorie one.

I'm not a big beer drinker but when I do have one(with Pizza or Chinese food) I want it to be good and worth the calories. By leaps and bounds Amstel Light is the best.

I enjoy the Skinny Girl margaritas. 37.5 calories/1.5 oz. Of course, who can stop at 1.5 oz? Tastes like real lime and doesn't have that artificial taste that I despise. I add an extra squeeze from wedge of fresh lime for extra punch.

I agree with Karina! I would love to see the skinny on mixed drinks and liquor! I'm doing well on my eating habits... I don't want to let go of my weekend cocktails.

I love the Skinny Girl Sangria and the I Vana B Skinny margarita. I do have a hard time trying to figure out the points on alcohol though. I knowits just not fat, carbs, protein and fiber. Something about there not being fat in it so it doesnt come out right. Anyone know how to do it? I did readto substitute the alcohol for the fat number.

I think Corona Light with a lime is ok....I can be a bit of a beer snob and prefer dark beer which is always more calories or something not so good. If I had to have beer every day or fairly often, I think Corona would be the way to go. Instead, I indulge when I need a beer!

beer schmeer. I'm enamoured with your Australian husband! I could listen to that acccent 24/7.

When Summertime comes, there's nothing like a good cold beer. And ... any and all light beers are horrible.

I usually recommend: Do not drink your calories. However, when it comes to beer, do not go light.

Ken Leebow

Heineken Light is good & refreshing, but not always available. I drink Bud Select if at dive type bars as it's usually available but sometimes I just go with Coors Light

I generally don't care for light beer. However regular Michelob Light is decent(not Ultra). My friend keeps his in an old Coke machine set for

5 cents. He keeps a cup full of nickels on top :-)


p.s. St. Pauli Girl is pretty tasty.

Totally agree with Rachel on the Heineken Light...that is actually my favorite beer!

I too like darker beers over light in color ones. I don't like 'light' in calorie ones either. If I'm going to have a beer, I'd rather have one really good beer with all the calories and flavor beer is supposed to have.

As an aside, I just noticed your new picture! You look totally different in that one. Don't get me wrong - it's still a good picture, but it took me a minute to realize that was you (ok, maybe more like 2 seconds). I just hope you didn't change it 2-3 weeks ago and I'm just noticing now. :)

@Janet - you are very observant! That changed yesterday. I hear you on the beer - I just thought it would be fun to review a few of them - and now I have to try some more - Amstel Light - fun!

Enjoyed the beer review. I found a light beer while vacationing in Florida a few years ago, Yuengling Light. Now they sell it in Georgia, too!

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