You Don't Need Sugar For A Refreshing Summer Drink

May 16, 2011   18 Comments

It is FINALLY beginning to heat up here in the middle of nowhere and Snack Girl loves cold drinks when it is hot outside.

Cucumber Orange Water

Unfortunately, her favorites (beer, lemonade, beer and lemonade.....) are not so great for keeping off the pounds.

Last year, I wrote about "Cucumber Orange Water" and it was an instant hit! I decided to share it again because many of you might have missed it (the site has grown) and I thought it would be good to remind the others about it.

The concept is simple. You slice a cucumber and an orange and just let it steep in cold water. The taste? Refreshing and surprisingly you don't notice the lack of sugar.

The flavor of the orange and the cucumber are enough. Really.

Which brings me to Crystal Light - which is another way to add zero calories to water and have it taste like something. My problem with Crystal Light is the taste - and I tried the new one with Stevia (15 calories per serving - they sent me some to sample).

There is a BITTER finish and, to me, it tastes artificial. While I know Crystal Light is a great option for many who don't want to drink soda - I think that the "fresher" option is better.

As you continue on your healthy eating journey, you will find that fresh food tastes much better than processed food when you give it a chance.

The first time I experienced this orange cucumber water was at a spa (back when I had time and money). After you sat in the steam room, there was a table with pitchers of cold water with these slices in it.

Why it took me 4 years to attempt this on my own is a mystery. But, it is worth it. Get out your chopping board and make some YUMMY water.

A Snack Girl reader told me about a pitcher she uses that helps her infuse her water with flavor (see below). This sounds like a great gift idea for summer (for YOU of course :).

How do you make your water delicious?

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Cucumber Orange Water Recipe

1 orange
1/2 cucumber
6 cups water

Cut orange in half then thinly slice into half circles. Thinly slice 1/2 cucumber. Add cucumber and orange to a pitcher. Add 6 cups water to pitcher. Chill in refrigerator and drink within 2 days.

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I always like squeezing fresh lime into my water!

Will def try this! Know what you mean about Crystal Light aftertaste...I've noticed Walmart's brand doesn't have that...

There's a product out there that I love called True Lemon. They also have True Lime. They're little packets of all natural crystallized lemon/lime powder. No mess, super easy. Refreshing. You can even use them in cooking...

Sounds refreshing and looks pretty too!

I have a lucite pitcher with a tube in the middle with holes all up and down, so you can put anything in the tube, steep in cold water and have a whole pitcher of flavored water. I like strawberries and kiwi or apples and oranges!

I put a splash of lime concentrate and a splash of lemon concentrate into a water bottle for the day.....

I always like to add lemon to my water, but if I do it everyday it seems to kinda start detoxing me, I get a sweet taste in my mouth like maple syrup (i'm from Ontario) that doesn't stop until I stop adding the lemon. Weird.

I was also going to mention an infusion pitcher (with the lucite tube in the center) for making your own flavored water - I got mine for under $20 at amazon(dot)com.

I love cucumber water. I have also tried cubes of honeydew melon and strawberries. If you clean and freeze the berries you can use them like ice cubes and they seem to release more flavor. I still like the cucumbers best, though I'll be anxious to try adding the orange.

I've tried citrus slices in water before, and for some reason, it gives off a very bitter taste. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Love this! Just started making my own flavored water & I agree with you; completely refreshing.

I love having fruit in my water. I usually drink Lemon water and Cranberry water. I never tried an Cucumber with and Orange slice before. This sounds great! I will be sipping some this week. Thanks Snack Girl

I tried this the first time you posted and I fell in love with it. I have since started trying other things like strawberry, other citrus and am now a big fan of water. I have shared with all my friends and family and I think I have converted some soda drinkers over to more water which makes me happy. Keep up the good tips!!

oooo....I LOVE this! And the picture. Happy belated Mother's Day to me. Now if the temperature would only rise above 50 degrees. Maybe in June or July I'll remember why I live in Maine.

Yum! I can't wait to try this (when it stops raining in New England ha). Not sure if I can say this or not but this would probably make a good mixer - with only 1/2 shot, of course ;)

I agree that fresh food tastes better than any unnatural sugary snacks or drinks. Now I put lemon in water whenever I go to a restaurant, and this replaces the soda I used to consume before.

when i drank the new crystal light with stevia i had to use more than i would with the normal (one of the little packs gives me 2-3 drinks normally) and it was very, very tart!

I have always been a big fan of Crystal Light until a friend of mine told me about Mio. It's a liquid form of drink flavoring. I love it. It doesn't have that horrible after taste that Crystal Light does.

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