Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Beer

June 30, 2019   7 Comments

The best tasting non-alcoholic beer does taste like alcoholic beer. I know because I drink both types.

Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Beer

I got interested in non-alcoholic beer when I heard that German winter Olympians were drinking it as a sports drink. It turns out that there were studies that showed that non-alcoholic beer helped with recovery after a work-out.


That’s right people, non-alcoholic beer is a sports drink in Germany. They don’t drink Gatorade. I happen to hate Gatorade so I was happy with this development.

On top of the fact that is considered healthy – it is also lower in calories than regular beer. Alcohol adds calories! I have looked for the best light beer in the past and found only one good one.

But what about process of making non-alcoholic beer? Is this stuff filled with something else to take out the alcohol? It turns out that the brewers can simply stop the fermentation process before the yeast make alcohol. Easy, peasy.

So, it is all-natural and low calorie but what about tasty?

My trip to the liquor store led me to these non-alcoholic beers. I already know O’Doul’s - made by Anheuser-Busch - and I am not a fan. The flavor is unremarkable and there is a weird aftertaste – avoid!!

The ones above are what I found. Buckler is from Holland (like Heineken), Kaliber is made my the same brewers as Guinness (Ireland) and Clausthaler and Erdinger are from Germany.

Did these cost me any less than real beer? No, they cost about $6-$7 for 6. Oh well.

Kaliber (only 66 calories) had a bitter aftertaste and I didn’t think it tasted like beer. The flavor of Buckler was just boring. I wouldn’t drink it even with alcohol in it.

At any rate, these two are the clear winners.

The Clausthaler is DRY-HOPPED so it tasted hoppy! This same brewery makes a couple of different flavors of non-alcoholic beer and there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. If I poured this beer for you – you would think it is just an excellent beer. You wouldn’t know by the taste that it lacked alcohol.

The other winner is Erdinger. This is what it looks like when you pour it.

Umm, yes, it looks exactly like good wheat beer and it tastes exactly like a delicious wheat beer.

The Germans really have figured this out! I love this stuff much more than my light beers which are pretty flavorless.

The Erdinger is 82 calories and I believe 2 Freestyle SmartPts. The carbohydrates in the beer are due to the hops, yeast, and grains that made it. It even has a little bit of protein!

All of these beers have calorie amounts on them so you can assess the damage. I wish beer with alcohol included calorie amounts because there is quite a range (100-300 calories).

How can you lose? It tastes like delicious beer, it hydrates you, it is low in calorie and goes well with grilled foods. Thank you, Germany!

My analysis has led me to believe that the best non-alcoholic beers are German (but I bet that will change if other breweries see profit in this product).

What do you think is the best and tastiest non-alcoholic beers? Have you tried any?

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I know that the beer industry as a whole is very interested in non-alcoholic beer as more people choose an alcohol-free lifestyle. This was a huge topic of conversation at this years beer convention held in Germany.

Thank You so much for this review!

When we go out unfortunately mostly O'Doul's is offered. Bummer! I will ask for one of these.

Thanks very much for this post...I will look for this beer in my area of Florida. Not a drinker at all...(age and meds) but once in a while would enjoy a glass of beer with a slice of my pizza. Sounds like a good idea to ME!

You've piqued my interest, but I am seriously skeptical that a non-alcoholic beer can taste like the real thing. You didn't spell out where Clausthaler & Erdinger can be purchased. I am assuming in liquor stores? Are they regional or can they be found anywhere? Will update once I've been able to find and taste.

I am a teetotaler, but I love to bake beer bread. After your original post highly ranking the two German NA beers, I searched the world over for them. I discovered my only source was Amazon, where they are about $30. I then discovered that BECK’S NA is sold at my local Publix for $6.99, and it also is highly rated in many polls. BECK’S may be another option for those who have difficulty locating the German NA beers.

NA is definitely the wave of the future - whether you're a teetotaler, or just seeking a quiet(er) night, people love the idea of something low/non alcoholic.

That being said, far and away the industry leader here is Athletic Brewing -

All their beer is NA but they're making stylistically accurate beers that are unique and interesting. They're so popular, in fact, that they keep having to expand. Oh ya, and they're craft!

And because they're NA, you can order them to be shipped virtually anywhere.

Definitely check 'em out!

I have tried scores of non-alcoholic beers and you are missing 3 really good ones. O'Douls Amber (yes its non-alcoholic) tastes so much like a real beer that I have fooled several beer drinkers with it! Why? Its a bit more hoppy like a craft beer but not overly hoppy & has tons ov flavor. Busch non-alcoholic is also better than most of the brews you have listed. Why? Because Busch NA has tons more of a bubbly carbonation style than most N/A beers and that makes it taste much more like a real beer. If you have not tried these 2 N/A beers you are cheating yourself. IMHO, O'Douls Amber tastes up to 95% like a regular beer and Busch is in the 80-85% range. You should give them both a try.

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