The World is Ready for More Curves in Bikinis

February 11, 2015   22 Comments

Every year in February, Sports Illustrated prints an issue of women in bikinis because February is a slow sports month.

Curves in Bikinis

I’m sure they don’t make any money on this issue with scantily clad beach babes because Sports Illustrated readers are only into sports as the title of the magazine suggests.


Forbes reports since the swimsuit issue began in 1964, it is brought in over $1 billion dollars. In 2005, the swimsuit edition brought in $35 million dollars in ad revenue. This is before we start adding up the revenue from the videos or calendars.

This year there is a new addition to the advertising and it is causing some buzz. It seems my bikini post has started a trend.

Curvy women in bikinis!

I offered to model for SwimsuitsForAll but they had already hired Ashley Graham who had this to say about her appearance in the advertisement (in SI):

“I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt,” Graham said of her sexy ad. “The world is ready for more curves in bikinis. “Swimsuits For All” helps women feel confident and sexy in swimsuits and I am so thrilled to be a part of the #CurvesinBikinis campaign!”

Now we have equal opportunity objectification of women in the magazine! Hurray!

Actually, I like the ad. I think she looks healthy and normal though she does admit that they Photoshop out her cellulite.

I do think this is a step forward. It is a good thing to see different sizes and types of women in swimsuits – even if it is an advertisement vs. an actual feature in the SI swimsuit issue.

What do you think of the #CurvesinBikinis campaign? Does it make you want to wear a bikini?

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I think it crazy. I would never wear a binki even if I had the figure for it. Sell sells, which is ashamed like in some of the fast food commericals.

Need to open their Bibles and read them.
I love your site and great emails.
Thanks Debbie

There's a big difference between a curvy woman in a bikini and a fat woman in one. I live at the beach in Florida and you can't believe what we see! Ladies, please look in the mirror before you go out in that bikini!!

Love that SI did this layout in this year's swimsuit issue. My hubby loves and appreciates women of all sizes and since meeting me has more appreciation for women of curves. He's going to LOVE this issue because they showcase someone realistic. I love it because it is a sign of the times relating to what is normal and more healthy. Skinny does not equate to health in the same vein as Curves doe not equate to obesity. Way to go SI!

I think it's great! Some women may be bigger (or fat as another commenter suggested) and curvy, but if they feel comfortable in a bikini, that's amazing! Good for them! We need to stop this idea that there's only one perfect body type. Enough of body shaming because the effects of that are very damaging.

Why did they use such a skinny man? I like my men with some meat on their bones, too! :)

'dee' - love your comment; you're right; he needs some curves, too.

That said, I think the model's top is too skimpy for such a voluptuous chest. She would definitely be exposing everything if she tried to swim in waves!

I have seen the online previews of the SI swimsuit issue on Zite. Being an older male, I appreciate the form and curves of a woman's body and find it much more pleasing than the male form.

At my age, I have been around the block a few times and consider myself far from being a prude, however, some of the displays of the female body in this issue and mainstream publications are in my opinion overboard. I find it disturbing to see photos of ladies pulling their bikini bottoms and panties to barely cover what they have been blessed with. This enticement sends too many mixed messages to many hormone overloaded males and degrades women everywhere.

Before anyone decides to flame me, for what I have written I am a husband of the same spouse for 41 years and the proud father of two grown daughters.

I'm happy to see publications that are straying from the norm of Size 2 models. Women need to be confident and comfortable in their bodies no matter what shape or size they are. Body image is what it is all about. The idea of males wanting to see more in a teasingly manner is not good.

Thanks Lisa, I enjoy the forum and have become considerably healthier because of your blog and the suggestions offered over the past year plus.


I think she's beautiful! I also appreciate the fact that she admits to the photo shopping of the cellulite. I'm really over the over photo shopping in photography. to me that is just as bad as only using really skinny models when it comes to promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty that is not good for more sensitive women's body image,including myself. The day I realized all of the airbrushing and editing that goes into creating a photo to the point to where the model doesn't even look like the finished image,I felt a whole lot better about myself!

It made me feel good hearing from Michael and knowing all men do not feel a woman has to be skinny and show everything she's got. Both my daughter and I are overweight and have experienced ridicule in our lives. It pains me to know my beautiful, intelligent school teacher daughter has to experience this pain in her life.

We live in a sex crazed world, and although women of any size can flaunt their bodies in a bikini, I agree with Michael when he says, "This enticement sends too many mixed messages to many hormone overloaded males and degrades women everywhere." The Bible says that "Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart." We have our focus all wrong. While I think it is important to take care of our bodies and to age gracefully, I disagree with Graham when she says, "there is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt" :( May we be known for our acts of kindness and not because we know how to flaunt our God-given curves!!

As one of my favorite websites put it. Yay for Equal Opportunity Objectification! "Those models aren’t posed or displayed to look merely beautiful, or strong, or to show off their swimwear – they are posed and displayed to provide visual gratification to viewers. Let me be blunt here. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is the epitome of female objectification."

This magazine still tells women that their worth comes from their appearance. Their body is all they are. And tells men that women are objects to be looked at and lusted over. It's objectification. It's soft core porn.

I've always laughed at the SI "swimsuit" edition. Why not call it the sexy body edition, because most of the time you can't see the bathing suit anyway! That being said, they are definitely making strides, finally! Hopefully someday it will be filled with men and women of all races, some curvy, some not. That's when I'll start buying it.

She looks great! Photo shopping cellulite? I'm not mad at that. I'm glad to see the curvy in lingerie and swim wear is making a come back. I agree with Lynn about the bible and the body and would like to add that people need to not judge because that would be in violation of the 9th commandment. if you are modest fabulous, but if you want to flaunt it then that's fine too. I just hope that it is tastefully done ;-)

There are magazines out there objectifying men as well, but women just aren't stimulated as much visually like men are, but I'll be honest all bodies are beautiful whether covered or not and I am enjoying the beauty that is in this world.

I don't understand the praise for SI. This is an AD. So they allowed a company to PAY to put a plus-sized model in their mag? Let me know when SI actually puts their OWN plus (or even healthy-weight) size woman in their magazine.

"Thank you Andrea!" Very well stated! It was a PAID ad!

I'm in two minds about whether seeing lovely real women semi-naked in a magazine is a good thing (even if I like what I see!), but have you seen the male models they use in that campaign? Oops!


@Kathleen - I can tell that I angered you with this post and I want you to know that I did not intend to. I am trying to talk about body image and I thought this advertisement and its message were positive - but the problem is that it is still objectification of women.

I understand why you think this is trash.

Glad you posted this. I think the closer we get to representing a true diversity of bodies in our media, the better.

Ladies, let's stop passing judgment on "fat women wearing bikinis". If a woman feels comfortable in her body and wants to wear one, I feel that it's our job to support that. Just because you're okay with seeing "curvy" but you're not okay with seeing "fat" doesn't mean that should dictate anyone's actions.

Secondly, it should never be my problem if I wear a bikini and a man is "enticed". That is HIS problem and not mine. It's not my job to cater to his hormones.

Lastly, not everyone lives by the Bible. If you do, I respect that. But it doesn't dictate how I live or what I wear in public, and I don't want to hear about it.

I live in the real world and that my opinion and I am sticking to it no matter if the are fat or small and I have been both and am average now. God and the Bible is very real what u want to believe it or not.

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