How to Get What You Pay For

September 8, 2009   4 Comments

We take medicine to make us feel better when we get sick. We undergo all kind of treatments to get rid of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and we pay oodles of money for these treatments.


What if we could avoid these illnesses in the first place? Would you pay more for something if you knew it would prevent you from getting cancer?

Unfortunately, it is hard to quantify exactly how many blueberries you need to eat to prevent cancer. BUT, in a test tube, it has been proven that chemicals that exist naturally in blueberries inhibit cancer cell development.

Blueberries are low in calorie, taste delicious, and give your body the compounds it needs to help prevent cancer. What more can you ask for from a food?

What is missing from blueberries to make them perfect is the price. We all know that fresh blueberries are pretty expensive. They can cost over $3.50 a pint. Keep in mind that eating them can help you avoid the massive expense (not to mention the pain) of getting cancer and that price will seem like a bargain.

Add them to your breakfast cereal, or just put some in a container to take to work. Buy the frozen ones (they cost less but don't taste as good) and add them to your pancakes. If you are lucky enough to live near a blueberry farm, pick a bunch and freeze them.

Be sure to put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer and then put them in a plastic bag. Putting them in a plastic bag before you freeze them makes them clump together.

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They are also very easy to grow. Nothing better than taking your cereal bowl out plucking a few fresh berries in it! Or letting your kids graze on them. My 2yr old was so excited every morning to see if any were ready to eat!

as the wife of a blueberry farmer, I suggest getting a couple of plants. After a few years, they will produce tons of fruit and they taste amazing. You can pick up the plants for between $15-30 the small ones but you will see a huge return on your small investment. Also, these plants are pretty foliage during the spring and fall.

Our daughter used to eat these by the bucketload!

i've been attempting to each healthier lately (eating more fish, less starch ala potatoes, noodles, white bread, eating celery and trying to start on more veggies, and eating more fruits), and one of my faves is costco's big ol' bag of mixed berries (including blueberry, raspberry, marion berry? which just looks like blackberries to me). i was worried that frozen berries might not be at all healthy, but i'm glad to know that it's not. i have issues buying fruits mainly because sometimes i end get letting them rot due to unable to finish it all. anywayz, i like your blog, plenty of info on what to eat and what to avoid.

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