You Need A New Food Obsession

July 12, 2010   13 Comments

Do you ever find yourself driving around in search of the perfect food? The vision of this food haunts you and keeps you hunting for the experience of tasting it again.

Love Peaches

At 9 AM on Sunday at the Stop-N-Shop, I met a person DRIVEN to find the perfect peach. He approached me in the produce aisle as I reached for the $1 per pound peaches I was happily putting in my basket.

"Don't buy those", he said. "I have been to every store, Atkin's, Whole Foods, Big Y and the only decent peaches I have found are at Trader Joe's. $6 for 4 pounds."

Who has time to go to all those places looking for peaches?

There was a light in this man's eyes. Clearly, every year he searches out the best peach when they arrive in my small town. There are only 5 stores, so he goes and samples them all and finds the best!

So, what did I do? I put the peaches back, and drove my family to Trader Joe's and bought those peaches. Then, my family ate them.

My six year old put away 2 of them in 30 minutes. Showing some restraint, I ate 2 in a twelve hour period. A peach contains just 50 calories.

Alice Waters, restaurant owner and chef, famously put a peach on her menu as dessert at Chez Panisse. Just a peach! Can you imagine paying top dollar to eat at a fancy restaurant to get served a peach?

Well, sometimes, a pastry chef can't beat nature. A peach grown with love and picked at the right time is absolutely MIND BLOWING.

Thank you, stranger in Stop-N-Shop, for reminding me that I can find the time to find the perfect peach!

So, dear reader, get out there and find those amazing peaches! If you have a Trader Joes' near by, I bought the Georgia peaches and they are about the size of a softball. They are dreamy......

Do you have a food obsession you would like to share?

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I looooove peaches and look for the best ones every summer. I still remember with fondness some amazing peaches I got a grocery store back in 2003. Enormous, sweet and tangy, juicy. SO good. I'll have to swing by Trader Joe's tomorrow, I think, even though it's a few towns over!

Amie - This is the kind of devotion I admire! I would love to hear what you think of them. Lisa

Peaches and watermelon. I will smell the peaches and tap all of the watermelons until I find the perfect ones.

I agree I love peaches. I lived in central NJ for 1 year. That was the summer of the most delicious peaches I have ever eaten! Nothing like the taste of a freshly picked NJ peach I will never forget it!

I was at a World Cup party yesterday and there were 4 peaches on the table. They felt a little hard so I wasn't sure they were going to be tasty. I cut one open for my daughter and they turned out to be gorgeous. I ate more than she did! It's definitely time to buy these beauties!

However, I do get bummed when I buy them and they are crap! :)) Yum.

I do this with summer fruit every summer now. Peaches in particular. I search all over for the best ones. I ignore the grocery stores for the most part - they all suck - but I seek out local farmers and their produce. And when you find the good ones? So worth the trouble. I do the same wiht blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, pears...there is nothing like a perfectly ripe, sweet, delicious fruit. And then I declare THAT fruit as my favorite, until the next perfectly ripe, delicious fruit comes along!

I agree with Alta; the farmers market had the BEST produce!

i was just at trader joe's on sat and passed on the peaches...because they were hard, not soft. I like soft peaches/necterines/white peaches/fruits in that family. lol i guess I could just leave them out to ripen though. But they DID look amazing, so big and perfectly round... *salivates* darn it, i wish my trader joe's is closer.

I love peaches too but I rarely find one that tastes like the peach of my youth. Nowadays there are so many tasteless fruits. I've switched to mangoes because there are always sweet and juicy. Mmmm...

Peaches and so many other fruits are in season now. I live near Indiana where there are many blueberry and peach orchards. Made a trip there every summer when I was a kid to get the FRESH fruit...right from the tree. Your local farmer's market is really the best but Trader Joe's is great too! We canned them and froze them for later use! Now that's a treat in the winter when you can't see any for months! Enjoy all the fruits of the season. Research suggests eating many different kinds of fruits every day for plenty of antioxidants!

To your health,
Karen MacNab
Wellness Consultant

"Do I dare to eat a peach?" --T.S. Eliot

Sorry, I had to do it. Former English major haha. I haven't had a peach in a while but they're sounding pretty good right about now! I do however eat an apple a day. I don't know if they really keep the doctor away, but they're great with peanut butter.

I also love donut peaches. Super sweet and tasty this time of year.

After years of yucky grocery store peaches I have resolved to only eat fresh peaches in season and from a local grower. Mr. Stauffer knows me (and my baby) by name and he always lets me know when the peaches are perfect!

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