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October 30, 2014   30 Comments

Someone told me about this new product from Oscar Mayer and I thought they were joking.

Breakfast Lunchable Review

Noooo. They didn’t make a Lunchables for breakfast, did they? I mean isn’t the name, LUNCHables?

But, alas, this person was right. I know, dear readers, that you want me to be supportive and encouraging – but I do get angry at major food companies that aren’t paying attention to an obesity epidemic in CHILDREN.

In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents in the USA were overweight or obese. You may not think that food manufacturers are the problem but we all know they aren’t the solution.

We can vote with our dollars, so I ask you not to buy this. Why?

  • Frosting for breakfast (no, I am not kidding)
  • Trans fat (thought this was phased out of all foods)
  • 550 mg of sodium in pancakes version – wowza
  • 31 grams of sugar or 6 teaspoons in cinnamon bun version –(40 grams in a can of Coke)

Here is what it looks like inside. I didn’t use the black and white so you could see the food for what it is:

This is the polar opposite of eating the rainbow. I know how hard it is to make breakfast in the morning – I get it – but a bowl of Cheerios with milk and a banana is almost as fast as this – and it is so much better for you.

Here is the label for the cinnamon bun version:

They use “titanium dioxide” as a color in the frosting – a chemical usually found in sunscreen. Ummmm, are they expecting kids to rub this on themselves as well as the cinnamon bun?

They include a “choking warning” that states “DO NOT SERVE TO CHILDREN UNDER 3”.

My warning would be, “DO NOT SERVE TO CHILDREN, EVER”

Maybe this isn’t really for kids – but adults. Are adults eating these things?

I know there are a ton of important causes out there – but this one is near to my heart. We need to send companies a message by not buying their products when they create crap that is not only bad for our health – but bad for the planet. Look at the packaging on this product!

Please share with your friends and/or share your opinion below.

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Great post!! I am showing my kids today. Why? Because I would never buy them but their friends have they want to eat the same thing.

I just sent this to every teacher I work with at my elementary school asking them to share with students and more importantly, their parents.

Great post! I, too, thought Trans fats were banned! Now they're just calling it partially hydrogenated oil. All that sugar! Do they thint we're idiots? Are we?

I'm with you. I wouldn't even THINK of buying something like this.

They should be forced to post across front of package "CONTAINS TRANS FATS" or sugar added instead of what is not added. Anyone reading your blog also reads ingredients (I am guessing)but it is the people who don't that need the info more!

I love this post as well. It is shocking that food companies still don't get it and continue to produce high fat, high sugar products that they call "meals". Breakfast has to be the easiest meal to put together, as you said, a bowl of good cereal is quick and far better than any of these horrible offerings.

Thank you!! Your posts have really changed the way I look at food.

Last year, I chaperoned a field trip with my daughter's 3rd grade class. We were told to pack a lunch for our child - peanut free, etc. I packed a nice lunch with sandwich, apple slices, watermelon slices and a cookie. About every third child had a "Lunchable". I was so surprised. No wonder my kid asks for those things constantly. I happy to say I have never bought one, thanks to Snack Girl!! Keep the info coming!!

Wow, I haven't heard of these or seen these in the supermarket yet but thank you for sharing your HONEST opinion, it is refreshing!

That list of ingredients is downright scary! Not real food. Man, I feel sorry for kids and parents who are still eating and buying these for whatever reason. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree a great fast breakfast is unsweetened cereal and milk with fruit; cheerios, rice puffs, and my fav spoon-size shredded wheat, delicious with warmed milk on those cold mornings.

To help on school mornings, before I went to bed I would set the table, put out any cooking tools near the stove, cut up grapefruits, etc. Anything to speed the process.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONEST BOLDNESS ! If we love our children and we do, all parents should read labels because the usa will put almost anything in our " food " to make $$ !! Thus company should be ashamed. !! They are selling pure CRAP. !!!!

One has to wonder who at OM is sitting around a conference table and saying "let's make another awful product to fatten up our kids!". OMG. My grandson craves these too I think because other kids have them. Instead, I enlisted his help to make "our own" version, which he thought was swell, and I was happy to have him eat. IMHO, I think it is the individual packaging and small shapes that appeal to children, so I used some small canape cookie cutters to make shapes with Applegate meat & cheese (I ate the 'scraps' in my salad), a small pita which we cut into wedges, and some snack bags in which we put raisins and a few chocolate chips. I also cut up an apple into wedges. I bought a cute snap lid sandwich size box, and all our lunch parts fit in perfectly, along with a napkin. He prefers a small bottle of water with lunch, so it all went into a lunch sack we'd made together. He's happy and will eat his lunch, I'm happy he's eating his lunch and confident it is much better than a branded lunchable would ever be!

Snack Girl!! You sing my song! I can not even fathom buying something like this and feeding to my most precious gift , my child!!! We can not stop trying to EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE !!!!!!

Not the best way to start a morning, is it? Ugh! We do the cheerios thing - we pour some frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries and sliced banana into a covered cereal bowl, put it in the fridge overnight, and add cheerios and milk in the morning. Another alternative is Greek yogurt instead of milk and cereal. Either way, it's GOOD food, not additives.

It should be a crime to sell this as food.

Ugh. This is so disheartening. Lunchables are a rare "treat" in my family. My son likes the packaging, he's admitted that most of the time he would prefer real cheese and sliced chicken breast. (We do the cookie cutter thing too, Jeanne, so much fun!) These "breakfasts" will never happen. If he's going to eat that much sugar, he can have a donut that's at least lacking in all the sodium and preservatives.

My kids saw enough of their friends eating Lunchables at school that they started pestering me to buy them as well. They persisted enough that I eventually caved and said they could have it once per year (on their birthday, if they so choose). I like Jeanne's idea of making your own healthier version. I'll try to wow them that way instead. I can't stand that this stuff is passed off as "food".

Should they be called Breakables instead of Lunchables? :)

Love it. I was thinking of having salad for breakfast this morning. This cinches the deal. Thanks for inspiring me!

Jeanne had the best idea yet making your own that

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