Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 21

February 20, 2010   10 Comments

I put in the Tubbie because all the photos are looking the same. The cheeseburger is now like one that you would buy at a novelty store. It is like a rock.

Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 21

My hypothesis was that a cooked hamburger would rot - but now I believe it just dried out.

I could photograph it for 4 years and still have the same picture. What to do next? Any suggestions?

Here are the first 3 weeks of photographs:

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I'm surprised the bread didn't at least mold.

Dissect that thing! Maybe you'll find a surprise in there. If not, leave it splayed out for another week.

I was thinking... If food is cooked correctly there would be no live bacteria to make it rot.

Hockey, any one? But seriously (!), if it's powerful or evil enough not to rot, what the heck sort of damage is it doing inside of our bodies? Just imagine if we could harness the energy it must require to digest the thing!

Cut it in half and see what happens when part of the inside is exposed over the next few weeks.

You could use it as a paper weight.

holy crap, i missed looking at the cheeseburger last week. doesn't look like i missed much. One suggestion, could you shine a light on it next time? That way we can see the intricate details of the non-changing pseudo-food :)

Now you should show a home cooked, grass fed, organic meat burger for weeks at a time. What will happen to it? Rot or Not?

and to think McDonald's use be a favorite of mine 3 years ago! eewww yuck what was I (not) thinking)!

Do you think the awesome powers of the cheeseburger are at least transfered to us? Will we become immortal or at least as well preserved?!

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