Taking Off Pounds With A Wardrobe Change

June 6, 2013   33 Comments

Snack Girl joined a gym in December because her efforts to keep fit on her own were not working.

Cool Workout Clothes

Given a choice, I am much more interested in sitting and reading when I get a moment to myself. But, since I write this website, I read a lot about fitness and its effect on one’s overall health.

So, I got moving. I am excited to say that it is June and I have gone to the gym almost twice per week since December. Not only have I arrived there, I changed into gym clothes and did exercise classes. I know - incredible :)

Have I gotten results? Absolutely. I am stronger and I have more energy. You know those hard to open jars? I have stopped asking my husband for help. I have been known to offer to lift elderly folks' suitcases into the overhead compartment. Yes, I am different.

After attending my exercise class for months, I woke up to the fact that I was the only one in class with baggy sweatpants and a oversized t-shirt (with paint splattered on it). My over 40 year old compatriots were wearing neon colored tank tops, form fitting capris, and brightly colored shoes. They all looked so adorable!

My instructor, a gorgeous woman of 49 with a 6-pack, is the cutest of all. She comes in to the gym in all sorts of cool colors.

Finally, I broke down and asked someone where she purchased her shirt. It turns out EVERYONE shops at Marshall’s – a store I had never been in.

It took me another 2 months to find the time, but I went to Marshall’s last week and purchased new fitness shoes (in hot purple), 2 sets of capris (black and more purple), and a tank (orange and you guessed it – purple). I may have gone a little crazy with the purple.

Nothing, except the shoes, was over $10.

Yesterday, I went to class and my instructor said, “Great outfit! Did you lose a lot of weight?”


Do I feel physically comfortable in my new clothes? Yes. Do I feel emotionally comfortable in my new clothes? No. But, I do look different and less like I am hiding.

What was I hiding from? If I wear something baggy, I don’t have to notice the parts that jiggle. I looked around the class and no one else has a problem showing their jiggly parts – so I have decided to get over it.

We are all works in progress.

Do you have a wardrobe change story? Please share.

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YEAH FOR YOU! I have experienced the same. I've been do a wellness program for over a year and wearing (XL) baggie sweats and t shirts. This past week I finally asked for a Medium, thinking it would be skin tight. It wasn't!!!!!!!! It actually looked like a thin person...not me. Now when I pass all those mirrors in the locker room I stare at that person I don't recognize. (I've gotten rid of, not lost-cause lost things you want to find) 56#'s with WW since May 2012) I can't stop looking in mirrors. I know the feeling of adjusting to what I look like, but I'm still that same person inside. I love the new look I just have to connect to "ME"!

That's fantastic! There is no feeling in the world like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with fitting into cloths that you haven't been able to wear. A few weeks ago I unpacked my summer cloths. I tried on a shirt that my husband (go figure) had bought me two years ago. I had not worn it even once because it was too tight. Well, it fits perfectly now. I was so proud I wore it to work and went around smiling all morning. My husband thought I was coo-coo!

Love bright colors!!!! I am a Zumba Fitness instructor so I have quite a wardrobe of bright colors. Just makes you feel happy and ready to have fun!!! Anybody out there that hasn't tried Zumba, give it a try. It takes a few classes to learn some of the steps but it is a great cardio workout. I have been teaching 4 years and went from a size 12 to a size s

6 and have kept it off for almost 3 years. I turned 60 yesterday and no one can believe it!! I only do Zumba and Zumba Toning but in truth it is good to do some strength training, too. I just don't but I am toned.

That's great! Gotta love Marshall’s...Old Navy also has relatively inexpensive, high-quality active wear in fun colors.

Love the comments on this post. I lost nearly 100 pounds with WW, Zumba, and Wii Fit / Xbox EA Sports Active for Kinect and am now working to tone up and lose just a bit more. I found out that my body unfortunately makes some not-so-attractive sounds during my movements unless I wear those tight-fitting outfits. The up-side is it does make one feel much thinner.

Thanks for this! I totally wear baggy sweatpants and t-shirts to the gym all of the time. I need to spruce it up after this baby comes! I bought some cute stuff awhile ago but never had the confidence to wear it.

I had a friend who lost around 50 lbs and nobody noticed until she started wearing clothes in her new size. I wish more people understood that too big clothes make you look too big.

I did the same thing. As a matter of fact, when I made the wardrobe change it inspired me to start writing my own blog - that was my first entry.

I spin and I used to wear bike shorts beneath yoga pants until one day it was just too hot. So I wore the bike shorts and nothing horrible happened. Now I could not imagine wearing any additional layers.

Thanks for the Marshall's tip! I love walking into the gym in cute get ups I just can't afford a lot of them. I usually get stretch pants on sale at kohls or at Walmart and wear ribbed tanks. It's a great feeling looking good to go workout very motivating!

Over the past 18 months, I have lost over 50 pounds. I realized that I needed to adjust my self-image when my chiropractor said to me "It is really nice to see you in clothes that fit." I now buy things that aren't tight but fit - a departure from the baggy hides everything fallacy I had bought into.

I workout on a stepper with attached resistance bands,light weights,stretches and walk for exercise and I do it at home. Even though I don't workout with other people,I like to wear clothes that are form fitting rather than baggy,depending on the weather. I don't mind wearing short shorts or a tight fitting shirt(even when I'm around other people). I seem to be motivated seeing what my body really looks like instead of being buried under layers of clothes,even when I am by myself:)

Good job joining the gym! I go in the morning before work, so waking up is the hardest part. But after I go, I feel amazing!

For about a year I wore funky T-shirts or my college T-shirt with Target men's sweatpants. When I realized a strong wind could take me down in my sail-like pants, I realized I had to bite the bullet and buy "real" gym clothes. I still wear the T-shirts, but I got these yoga pants at Modells. They make you're legs and butt look AMAZING! And I'm bottom heavy.

It's funny what a wardrobe change could do.

To Bonnie:

After I also lost around 50lbs a few years ago, I didn't recognise myself either! I still felt like a fat, lazy person inside, even though I was running almost daily and then started at a gym to tighten up all that loose skin. I had been glued to my sofa doing little unnecessary movement for too long. (The impetus to at last become fit was turning 40 years old and beating some serious health issues.)

It took me a few years to get used to being 50lbs lighter and a 'skinny' person. It was hard to get rid of all those fat-hiding, loose clothes as I believed I was still that large person, so could still wear them!

Don't give up, keep on looking at yourself in every reflection and eventually you'll realise you're a fit person after all, inside and out. Just keep reminding yourself and it's OK.

I did eventually put on a few lbs and don't exercise as frantically as I did in the first year (no time), nor do i starve myself like in the beginning (hence the weight stabilisation at a slightly higher level), But I NEVER wear loose clothing any more.

The skinny-me clothes I finally took pleasure in buying and wearing still fit all right anyway.

I used to wear old, not tight leggings and large (XXXL), even! t-shirts to the gym. I finally thought all that loose skin would be better held in place with some lycra and succumbed to several shopping trips to gym-wear stores.

Best advice some fashionista once gave me was to always wear form-fitting clothes, if not tight clothes when appropriate as you will always look slimmer in the right, not-baggy clothes. DIdn't believe her at the time, but it's true.

Avoid the baggy unless you want to channel a bag lady!

Bright colours make us happy also.

You go, snack girl!

Everyone has wobbly bits! Good on you!

Thanks Silva,

I have been buying smaller clothes at thrift shops, cause things keep getting baggie. I'm 62 and can't believe it's me. I've been "big" since a young teen. So I'm very happy, but still the reflections always surprise me. I will look into some spandex gym clothes. I have a log of sagging skin and maybe everyone's suggestions will help with the toning. Thanks so much.

No doubt is a true journey you are in and all of us are in when we choose to have a healthier lifestyle. Love your story

Keep going!!! and smiling!!!

To my surprise, I just returned a blouse and a belt because they were TOO BIG!


Way to go Lisa! Though I am a little sad that you went shopping without me!

Snack Girl, Please post photos of your original exercise outfit and then the new and improved look!!!

I love standing in the front of the class. Why hide in the back of the class? I am a very plus size woman and I take classes with mostly fit people, it encourages me to work hard so the people in the back can understand that someone of size can work out and the people in the back are encouraged to work hard because they do not want to backslide into my plus size slot. I call it a win win! My suggestion is to try standing in different places in your work out and see how it feels. Great job on continuing your exercise journey!

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