This Yogurt Has More Grams of Sugar Per Ounce Than In Coca Cola

April 15, 2011   38 Comments

Recently, Snack Girl went to the yogurt aisle and tried Yoplait Greek yogurt and wrote this award winning review: Three Reasons To Avoid Yoplait Greek Yogurt .

Dannon Greek Yogurt Review

(actually there weren't any awards - I'm just glad no one showed up to break my knee caps)

And, that product did not give me a lot of confidence that The Danone Group could make decent Greek yogurt. The Danone Group also makes Dannon and I didn't even want to waste the $1 for this yogurt.

Here are the nutrition facts for the honey flavor Dannon Greek Yogurt:


A few questions Snack Girl must answer:

  • Is this real Greek Yogurt?

There is no "milk protein concentrate" which led me to conclude that Yoplait Greek was a fake - but there is some corn starch so maybe there were a few corners cut. So, I'm going to say - probably.

  • How about the sugar?

Sadly, this flavor has 21 GRAMS of sugar per serving. Yikes! A Coke has 42 grams of sugar per 12 ounces serving. Honey flavored Dannon Greek has 21 grams for a 5.3 ounce serving.

True story - my son got a hold of one of these by stealing it from the fridge. He ate it all and then demanded another one (I had purchased four to taste for the site). The tantrum he threw when he found out that one was his limit lifted the roof off the house for a full 10 seconds.

  • How does it taste?

It tastes like dessert. Seriously, it tastes delicious. My kid LOVED this because it reminded him of ice cream. Ice cream has about 24 grams of sugar for 4 ounces, which is more than Dannon Greek - but not much more.

I would say, go with Oikos if you have the dough because it is lower in sugar, organic, and it tastes good. But, if you are looking for a TREAT, this stuff is great.

For you Weight Watchers folks, this yogurt is 4 Points+

Have you tried Dannon Greek yogurt?

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How do you feel about the Dannon Greek 0% fat PLAIN yogurt? I only get the plain because of what you just wrote about - all the sugar!! All of the 'flavored' kinds are quite high in sugars, but the plain seems okay. I can put my own squirt of organic honey or some real fruit in it. But now I'm concerned that's it not REAL greek yogurt. I do get Oikos and/or Chobani when I can, depending on the prices. Just curious. Thanks!

Did you know Group Danone also owns Stonyfield and Brown Cow? Hard to believe they can make such great productsand such crappy ones at the same time!

I find that most yogurts - Greek or not - should be considered desserts with all the sugar added. My son asked for a yogurt the other evening in the store. It had cookie crumbs that you add to it. It also had about the same amount of sugar as a can of soda! We stick with Chobani, Fage, sometime Oikos and Stoneyfield yogurts.

Is that sugar from the natural honey, while coke is from high fructose sugars. I am not sure what the difference is as I am always trying to figure out which is better.

I stick with Chobani, I love it, so creamy and good, and with all that protein! Looks like there's a Greek yougurt craze going on now, with lots of cheap imitations.

The verbiage that I noticed was "Non-fat" and "0% Fat"... That's a "dead giveaway" that the item is loaded with sugar.

As Dr. David Katz stated so eloquently: "As a population, we cut dietary fat in a rather dysfunctional way, and we grew even fatter."

That yogurt is just one example of thousands.

Ken Leebow

@Shari - I think the plain with 6 grams of sugar is GREAT. Just add some jam or something if you need it a little sweeter. I doubt you would get up to 21 grams on your own

@Mooshu - honey is a much more natural sugar than HFCS - and I wasn't really drawing a fair comparison - but one that people could picture. BUT, there is sugar and honey in this product and it would be difficult to tell how much of the honey is in it versus sugar.

Buy the plain and then add your own honey.

I hope this is helpful.

Everyine is o the bandwagon to make a "Greek" yogurt, but we all know the ones that are great. I use FAGE, but I admit I never tried Oikos and I will pick one up to taste on my next grocery shopping adventure. Thanks for the dannon warning.

I love this stuff. I add oats and walnuts, but yeah, it's still high in sugar :( I better stick to making my own.

I want to scream to everyone—you deserve better than this!!!! Yogurt is an amazing food Nutrish+Delish. Get the best quality, real food you can afford & buy 1 less of something else you have too much of.

I'm a FAGE girl all the way. I have trouble finding yogurt without fake sugar when I travel! I do love the Trader Joe's Greek yogurt for a treat. Not sure of the sugar content.

You should never get no fat dairy, you need the fat so that your body can absorb the calcium.

Yes, but for some people the 0% fat is the only dairy product their system can handle (my Dad as an example). Don't worry, I'm getting the fat in other ways (nuts etc. mixed in)

Can anyone explain what is a good amount of sugar? I understand that the ingredient list on this yogurt is not impressive. Fage and Brown cow greek yogurt has quite a bit of sugar also, unless you eat the plain. If you eat plain though and add your own honey or jam, you are still eating the same amount of sugar or close to it. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks!

@Jessica 3 - so if you started with plain yogurt - 6 grams of sugar (lactose - not added sugar) and added - 1 TABLESPOON of Polaner jam (which is a lot) -you would be at 11 grams of sugar. Oikos has 11 grams of sugar per package.

I don't know if this yogurt is a local yogurt and you can't get it anywhere else, but in my store has this vanilla flavored yogurt (I wasn't paying attention to the carton and that it was plain!) and for a one cup serving, it had a whopping 39g of sugar! Plus, the yogurt was nonfat too with 220 calories! I still can't believe I bought it without looking at the nutrition facts...but if anyone wants to know the brand, it's Nancy's Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt, in a white&green&brown tub.

Love Chobani Greek yogurt. I get plain. Add my own berries or Lots of cinnamon and a packet or 2 of Truvia,

my favorite greek yogurt is this one

I add homemade jam or some fresh fruit (fresh diced figs are the best!) and some pecans or almonds or granola and it keeps me filled up and sometimes I take it for lunch....easy to assemble at work!

I prefer the mouth feel of the greek gods brand to chobani or fage......but I also prefer plain yogurt!

I love FAGE greek yougurt but at $2 it is a little expensive. An inexpensive brand is BROWN COW greek yogurt and it tastes amazing it is sooo creamy and delicious and it costs only $1. The sweetness comes natural evaporated cane juice and not from refined sugar oh and it has fruit on the bottom. So Good.

I just tried the Dannon Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt. The taste was great and the ingredients say: Cultured Grade A Non Fat Milk and active yogurt cultures. That's it. No added sugar, or anything. I put strawberries & granola in it and was yummy.

I tried the vanilla version. Worst yogurt I have ever had. You can't add cornstarch to yogurt and just because it is now thick, call it Greek yogurt. Floury mouth feel that left a chalky after taste. Fake vanilla flavor. YUCK!!!

A friend gave me some Plain Dannon Greek yogurt & I didn't like it at all. It seemed sour. about to throw it away. Is there some way to make it taste better. I like regular yogurts though!!

I first tried Oikos by Stoneyfield and have loved that for years. I only buy the plain or vanilla in larger tubs and have a few bites for dessert. My husband started getting Chobani singles because they are a good deal at Sam's Club. I know they have too much sugar, but are a great treat. Just tried Dannon vanilla, because they sold it by the pound for cheap and it tasted like wedding cake. That can't be healthy.

I'm sad to hear this as I was hoping that this could be a good non/fat protein alternative for me. I have tried oikos, chobani and fage and found them all too sour for my palette but the vanilla version of this is delicious and like a dessert. I guess now I know it's from all the sugar, but it's still a lot of good protein and dairy that I wouldn't normally be getting and is much cheaper than the other yogurts and when on a budget you have to do what you can.

I am confused, did you not expect yogurt with honey at the bottom not to have a high amount of sugar? It is pretty obvious. For anyone who cares, get their plain 0% fat, which has 9 grams of sugar per serving which isnt too bad. Throw a tablespoon or 2 of splenda in it to make it taste good.

You should try Siggi's yogurt. It is full of protein and VERY little sugar. It takes a few bites to get use to it, but I like the Orange Ginger flavor.

Dannon Greek Vanilla is wayyyy to sweet for me.

I was suspicious when I heard that Oikos was now going to be Dannon and my suspicions were justified. The "new" Oikos is NOT organic and has sugar and corn syrup and fructose instead of organic sugar. There is also 33% more sugar overall. And I'll bet Dannon does not commit 10% of their profits to the planet. The only way this could be worse is if they switch to artificial sweetener. Stay tuned.

I love this yogurt, strawberry or cherry. It is like ice cream, no argument. I have tried other yogurts and there hasn't been a one I haven't thrown out after one spoonful. Dannon is thick like cream cheese, everything else has been runny and kinda gross. So what's my alternative? Does anyone make a thicker yogurt?

I get the plain greek yogurts. The Yoplait plain fat-free contains 115 grams Sodium. Taste terrible - too salty. Not healthy.

Use plain yogurt and fresh fruit and raw nuts like walnut and hazelnut for healthy fats. Also take your Vitamin D3 with this as calcium absorption needs vitamin D as a catalyst and vitamin D needs fat to be absorbed.

Whether it's just "Canadian", Danone Greek Yogurt is packaged under the name "Oikos" which sounds (and is made to look) SO Greek. I absolutely hate that glob of honey on the bottom. I recently bought the blueberry on the bottom, and was as disappointed. Might as well add full-sugar jam. Ings are: Skim Milk, Cream, Active Bac Cultures, Blueberry Preparation!!? (SUGAR, Blueberries, CORN STARCH, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Nat Col, Flav) Won't likely be on my shopping list again.

I like Total Greek yogurt and Yeo Valley organic.

I love all of your articles on the Greek Yogurts - very informative! I don't understand why this particular one needs sugar when it already has the natural sweetener of Honey. Too much sugar for me. Chobani is my favorite anyway. Have you tried Chobani's Cinnamon Apple flavor? Devine!

I just RAN to my fridge to see if it's what I bought yesterday and sure enough, it is. I will have to go and try this hunt for Greek yogurt again. Thank you for all your informative articles!

What about Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt? The strawberry flavor has 6 grams of sugar. Of course it has sucralose, fructose and all that, but I was just wondering.

The Strawberry Greek Yogurt by Dannon..fantastic

I have tried other yogurts and there hasn't been a one I haven't thrown out after one spoonful. Dannon is thick like cream cheese, everything else has been runny and kinda gross. So what's my alternative? Does anyone make a thicker yogurt?

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