Need Some Intense Dark Twilight Delight?

January 20, 2011   15 Comments

Since this is a family blog, you KNOW I am talking about dark chocolate. Snack Girl was cruising through the candy aisle when she found these.

An Ounce of Dark Chocolate

Ghirardelli's "Intense Dark Twilight Delight" is only 55 calories per square! For me, it is a great way to get a taste of chocolate without inhaling a large serving (my downfall).

Not only does Ghirardelli promise intense delight, but they include "moments of timeless pleasure". Man, that sounds good :)

This chocolate come in bags of 12 and it cost $2 per bag (on sale) at my supermarket.

Why was I in the candy aisle? Well, Geneen Roth had inspired me to look for some high quality chocolate. In her book, "When You Eat At The Refrigerator Pull Up A Chair", she advocates carrying chocolate in your purse, backpack, or briefcase.

The reason? Well, let's say you are at the end of dinner and you are looking at the dessert menu. Then, you remember you have 55 calories of scrumptious chocolate in your bag.

You order coffee and eat your chocolate - saving you both money and inches on your butt.

There it is! Most of us have times of day when we crave a sweet. I have written about my desire for cookies at 3 PM and no amount of healthy snack writing or eating seems to sway me.

So, I get a little square of chocolate, and I enjoy it. My kids also like one square for dessert after dinner (how could I say no?).

Remember, dark chocolate contains a ton of antioxidants and flavonoids, the compounds implicated in helping us fight against cancer and heart disease.

Dark chocolate is GOOD for you in small quantities. The key is to figure out how to keep your quantities small.

Thanks, Ghirardelli!

Serving Size = 1 piece
55 calories, 5 g fat, 5 g carbohydrates, .7 g protein, 1 g fiber, 0 mg sodium, Points+ 2

What is your chocolate solution?



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Ghirardelli also makes 60% Cacao baking chips. It makes great snacking chocolate. I keep it in the freezer and when I want a little chocolate I grab a few chips. They are great.

YUMMY! Sometimes I think I could live on chocolate alone. I carry Dove Dark Chocolate around in my purse, glad to know it is a good idea. I'm headed to target today, I will have to check out these intense dark twilight delights!

I'm the same as Marcy! Nice to know I'm not the only one! The bag is $2.99 regular price and allows me to have a small handful of chips and get rid of my sweet tooth. Lasts me about two weeks. Cheapest chocolate fix ever!

The completely funny and ironic thing is that I just pulled one of these out to eat while checking my e-mail and then this post came out! They are yummy! I've also found that by eating the darker chocolates, I eat less and am still satisfied!

I also love the baking chips (5 calories each) but they're easy to eat too many of--I'll have to put them in the freezer to have only a few! Thanks.

Thank you for the good reminder here. :)

What supermarket do you shop at? I NEED some of this great stuff and have not yet seen this product! LOVE the idea of carrying it with me to stave off those awful urges. Thanks for adding the WW points plus info too -- helps all of us that overindulged during the holidays and are now having to pay the piper ;)


Another great place to buy really good chocolate inexpensively is Trader Joes. I like to get the organic 73% super dark- only 45 calories a piece, but won't work if you are someone who can't show restraint. You have to break a square off the bar as the squares aren't individually wrapped.

I think I've seen these at Costco. I'm going on Thursday, so I'll have to check! The downfall: it's a bag of dark bulk...and dark chocolate is my favorite chocolate...

I also stick acouple in the freezer...takes that much longer to eat

I buy these and keep them in the freezer. I eat a half of a square after lunch (I'm a stay-at-home mom) and the other half after dinner. When frozen, they are crunchy too, so they satisfy my sweets and crunch cravings at the same time!

Brilliant article. Ive just been researching the health benefits of dark chocolate and there endless...boost your mood, reduces stress... great for skin (all in moderation of course!!)

Love milk chocolate but its full of now onto the dark chocolate and i love these little snacks it stops you from eating too much and is just enough !!


I always have Ghiradelli in the freezer in the fridge and at the office. I prefer the 60% dark chocolate although the Intense w/Sea Salt is also a favorite. I'd love to get it for $2 or even $2.99 but I live in Illinois where everything costs more. The least I've ever paid is $3 although the Ghiradelli outlet has just opened up and I do stop in there for a case now and then. I also add about half a piece to my coffee instead of milk and sugar. I learned that from my Italian grandmother.

Chocolate that is 70% or higher is good for you

Love, love, love dark chocolate. I need just a taste daily to satisfy my chocolate urge and keep my calorie count low. I break a square in half.

I look forward to my 30-calorie indulgence each day.

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