A Great Tool For Getting Portion Sizes Under Control (Giveaway)

February 2, 2012   286 Comments

Back in December, I reviewed a fun plate that kids can use to help understand portions (see here: portion size plates. What about adults?

EatSmart Kitchen Scale

How about a less fun but incredibly helpful scale? As we move away from eating out and start cooking for ourselves, we need a way to size up our foods to determine how much we are eating.

How do you make it work for you? Well, let's say you want to have some cheese and crackers. Your crackers are packaged so you know they are about 20 calories each and then you look at your cheese. Unless it is pre-portioned, you have to guess how much a one ounce portion will be.

So, you cut off a slice and hope that you got it right. Cheese is a fairly high calorie food as is red meat, bacon, and cooked pasta. How much did you really eat? If you have a scale, then you know the EXACT amount.

The scale takes the guess work out of portion size and it TEACHES you over time to estimate how much you are eating. Some of us need this tool to get our eating under control.

If you snuck a scale into a restaurant, I bet you would be shocked at the portion sizes. I wonder what would happen if you started measuring your entree at Chili's?

This scale, the "EatSmart Precision Pro", is super easy to use. I've only had it a couple of weeks but on there are over 2000 positive reviews. It comes with a booklet that will help you calculate the number of calories in your measured serving of food.

I also use it for recipes when it calls for "one pound of potatoes". I just put a bowl on the scale, hit TARE, and then load it up. It has ounces, grams, pounds, and kilograms.

This is a great tool for making your own 100 calorie snack packs. Don't buy the prepackaged ones - use a scale!

EatSmart Products is giving away one EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale ($25 value) to a lucky reader. Comment below on how you control portion size to enter.

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This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What will I win?
An EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale ($25.00 retail value).

How do I enter?
Comment below on how you control portion size.

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Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The randomly chosen winner will be announced on February 9th, 2012. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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That scale would awesome and vital my portion control consist of measuring everything; literally washing my measuring utensil every second...well that's what it feels like. How do I measure my chicken breast? I guesstimate :/ Now that I have been counting calories, it would be nice to be accurate.

I always try to use cups or a scale to measure; it's really the most accurate way. No eyeballing here.

I eat already proportioned food.

Measure, measure, measure.

Spoons & cups are great, but scales really eliminate the guesswork! Precision is key to portion control!

I use measuring cups and spoons like they are going out of style! Portion control is so important !

I eyeball. I know it isn't the best way, but I am new to proportioning :/

I control my portion sizes by following WW Points Plus. I use a lot of measuring cups and spoons. It helps me to stay on plan but I know the scale would help me take my measurements to the next level. I have about 80 lbs to lose.

I measure all my food!

At the moment, I measure most portions by the cup or the spoonful; I cut hard cheeses into half-inch cubes; I guesstimate meat portions by the deck-of-cards method. It's all so frustratingly imprecise. I would LOVE to be able weigh out portions on an easy-to-use scale but that isn't in the budget right now.

I always try to measure my portion sizes but know that they are not always accurate. I would LOVE to win this scale!

I purchased some smaller "salad" size plates that I use instead of the larger dinner sized plates.

I use a WW version of a scale (but it's with the old points system) and try to use measuring spoons, etc... i even keep a set at work!

and I liked you on FB!

Unfortunately I eyeball -- and really could use a more precise way of measuring!

We measure everything! I had to buy more measuring cups and spoons. :-) A scale would be so helpful!

I use a smaller plate, measuring cups and spoons when I can.

A year or two ago, my wife and I bought a bunch of Oxo Pop (I think that's the name) containers into which we put our normal foods/ingredients. I also bought about eight sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons from the dollar store and I put the one-serving-size measuring cup (or measuring spoon) into each one. So into the oatmeal container went the one-serving 1/2 cup measuring cup, and so on.

I'm not sure how good or bad we were at estimating in the past, but I think one thing it has definitely helped was to rein in thoughts like, "I'll just have a few shelled pistachios" and seven bags of pistachios later, you're like, "ugh, that was way more than one serving." :P

In cases where the serving size is determined by ounces, I'd weigh the ounce(s) using an ancient scale we picked up at a garage sale to identify the right measuring cup/spoon to use to achieve that weight. (We had accumulated a bunch of protein-powder scoops over time, and not infrequently, they were right on the money for one-ounce measures.)

I can't speak for my wife (who I think would echo my sentiment), but I'm certainly glad that I ditched the guessing game.

I preportion my snacks in little snack bags perfect for my work lunch box and specifically portioned out. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

I would love to have this sleek scale in order to accurately portion out my food!

Measuring cups are a perfect tool for me to measure my portions. This scale would come in very handy for my family too! Thanks so much :)

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