Farm Fresh Avocados (Giveaway)

May 9, 2013   924 Comments

Snack Girl rarely does giveaways anymore because she can’t find products that she loves. Today is different.

Farm Fresh Avocados

Who doesn’t love hand-picked avocados shipped to your door? Farmer Ben from California Avocados sent me a beautiful box of avocados and I felt I had to share. Not with my neighbors or close friends, but with YOU.

These avocados are picked, packed, and shipped on the same day and they taste divine. Of course, you are going to pay a premium for such lovely fruit.

In my box, I received six and they ripened at about the same time. I stored some in the refrigerator until we were ready to eat them. They disappeared quickly.

To enter to win 15 avocados shipped to your door from California Avocados ($39.95 retail value) COMMENT below on how you serve avocados.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What will I win?
An “Orchard’s Bounty” gift box including 15 avocados from California Avocados ($39.95 retail value)

How do I enter?
Comment below on your favorite way to serve avocados.

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Like Snack-Girl on FaceBook. Comment on the FB page on how you serve avocados.
  2. Follow Snack-Girl on Twitter and Tweet this post (use the Tweet Button in the Share Box at the top of this post).
Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The randomly chosen winner will be announced on Thursday, May 16, 2013. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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I love avocados chopped up in salads. So creamy!

I love avocados scooped right out of the skin and into my mouth. Yum!!!

I love love love avocados on a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato & honey mustard...yum!

I love them no matter how prepared. I have grilled some on the grill along with tomatoes, onion, jalapeño and made "grilled" guacamole. Slice them on top of scrambled eggs. Yummy or just eat them with salt and pepper

I love ripe avocado spread on toast with a teeny bit of salt, so delicious.

Spread on some toast with tomatoes sliced on top. Yum!

I love avocados sliced thin on a BLT on rye toast. Yum!!!

I love homemade guacamole or slice over mixed greens

I love avocados diced and served over grilled chicken, red bell peppers, onions, and brown rice. Top with a dollop of light sour cream. So delicious.

I love avocados in my chocolate chip cookies in place of butter! Yummy!!

I love slicing avocado and onion with a little bit of lemon and salt soo good, and eatin pico de gallo tacos.

I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted…

I follow you on FB!!!

with tacos! (especially when my husband makes something from a Rick Bayless cookbook)

I love them on salads and sandwiches!

I like Avocado's on a sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce

And tomato on whole grain. Also make a mean guacamole with them. Use instead of mayo.

I chop them with a tomato some cucumber and or onion for crunch. Next I mix in a splash of lemon juice and as much hot sauce as I want that day. Add a tablespoon of Greek yogurt mix and eat. If you let it sit for awhile it gets even better. I eat it just like that but my son eats this on flat bread.

I love avocados on top of salads and tacos, as guac and on my eggs. Love them! :)

on a salad with some balsamic on them

On toast with a little salt!

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