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April 21, 2011   16 Comments

Why is this woman feeling so relaxed and looking so gorgeous? The secret, my friends, is simple.

Yoga and Female Sexuality

(no, she didn't just eat a Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae)

The secret is yoga and sex.

Now, before I go further, I want to say that this is not the usual Snack Girl territory. But, I felt I should write at least once on this topic.

Sex can be one of life's most fulfilling experiences. It is great exercise, calorie free, relaxing, and downright brilliant as long as it is ENJOYABLE.

(and it frequently isn't)

Why? Because, women in this country (USA) have lost their mojo. 26% of American women report a lack of sexual desire. ONE out of FOUR women are not in the mood.

So, I was reading my favorite scientific journal, The Journal of Sexual Medicine, and I found an article on yoga and female sexual functions (2009, Dhikav et. al.).

The first line:

"The topic of female sexuality has long been reduced to a low-priority research field."

Good point, Dr Vikas Dhikav! Where has all the sexual research money gone? I think we know the answer - to men. Yes, men, have a pill for sexual dysfunction. Women? (cue crickets)

No worries, because these researchers have done an excellent study on the effect of yoga on sex. Guess what ladies? We don't need pills!

The researchers surveyed 40 sexually active women between the ages of 22-55 years old before they went to yoga camp and then again after they finished yoga camp.

And, guess what? Twenty nine of the forty (72%) expressed an improvement in sexual satisfaction. ALL of the parameters measured: desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, emotional closeness, and pain (less of it) were improved.

The women in the study did one of hour of yoga per day for 12 weeks and good things happened like they got more flexible, built up their Kegels, reduced their stress levels, and got in touch with their bodies.

If you know about yoga, then you know there are various poses that you use as you move through your practice. The ones for the study were standard - child's pose, boat pose, cobra, mountain, etc. Nothing TOO crazy here.

How do you get yourself some yoga?

Right now, you are thinking when am I going to get an hour a day for yoga? Or you might be thinking, how am I going to afford yoga classes? (probably a lot less expensive than Viagra)

My suggestion is to find a yoga studio that you like and go try it out. But, if you don't have time, give yogaglo a try.

Yogaglo is FREE for the first 15 days so there is little risk - and you get unlimited streamed yoga classes to your computer. They have FIVE minute classes to start - don't tell me you don't have five free minutes!

After the 15 days, it costs $18 per month. You can be in any sort of shape to start. To get results, you will have to practice.

Also, there are plenty of yoga DVD's, applications, and books to help you find your mojo!

What do you think of using yoga to improve your sex life?

Snack Girl is an advocate for safe and responsible sex.

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I love it! As part of a recent spring cleanse, I did intro to yoga about 10 times. I definitely felt better after the class. I felt much more relaxed. Thanks, Snack Girl!

Thanks for the advice, I'm sure my hubby will be happy about me taking up yoga ;)

I think exercise in general increases sex drive. It makes you feel good about yourself and lets you feel sexy. No one wants to have sex when they feel bloated and fat (even if they're not).

Yoga is awesome :D

I bet a big part of it is that because yoga is all about connecting the mind and body, it likely increases confidence - and confidence might just be what 1 in 4 women need to feel sexual again.

Great post, Snack Girl! I'm just starting to realize the benefits of yoga - not just for the sex drive thing, but for overall well-being, strength, mood enhancement. It's great. Thanks for the link - gonna check it out!

Great article, Lisa. I have been doing Jazzercise for about 2.5 yrs, so I feel like I am reasonably in shape (reasonably flexible, in touch with body, etc.). I could use a bit more mojo though. Do you think yoga would do something Jazzercise hasn't? I've gotta say that my least favorite part of Jazzercise is when we do planks. I hope not all yoga is like planks. :P

Hey Shanna! I would say that Yoga has a quiet aspect that might relax you in a different way. I feel mentally refreshed after yoga - and happy - while after an aerobics workout - I feel good but maybe not as relaxed as yoga.

It is worth a try, no?

Great post! : )

I'm with you on this one. I was feeling a slump, in part due to an early onset menopause :( But I recently kicked up my yoga commitment, and feel like doing yoga more. I also feel like dancing more!... which makes me feel sexy too! Thanks for the post.

I've been thinking about trying yoga lately - more for relaxation. It'll be an added bonus if it helps me get my sexy back. :)

Nice thing to know! Just more reason to kick start my interest in yoga. I've already noticed just eating healthier has helped a lot, so I can't imagine what yoga could do. =)

I've never tried yoga, but after reading so many blogs- I am tempted- and here is another reason why!

Oh, so it's all hhmmm, I'm thinking the sex part sounds pretty good to me, too... And if we get to strike a few Warrior Poses in the process, burn a few calories, awaken after a good night's sleep with a greater desire to eat our vegetables, all the better!!

Thanks for keeping up the good work, Snack Girl--including such discussions about those Elephants in the room!

You go, Snack Girl!

Very interesting. I have talked to my doctor about the lack of sex drive but there isn't an easy answer. I wonder if doing yoga on the Wii counts. I do a few poses when I am working out on the Wii. The biggest problem is finding time to work out.

Good reward for a week of jobs well done. The sex, I mean. Or the yoga.

I have been performing the 10 particular yoga poses at least three times a week, spending a minute or so in each position and I am proud to say that I now have higher levels of arousal and desire, and better orgasms.

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