How Frani Lost Over 74 Pounds

September 9, 2011   27 Comments

Above is a photo of Frani now, she has lost over 74 pounds in 16 months and graciously submitted to an interview with Snack Girl.

Frani Lost 74 Pounds

I love stories about regular people who figure out how to make big changes. The work that Frani has done is inspiring to me and I learned a lot from her story.

Here is her before photo:


Snack Girl: What would you say is the biggest factor in your weight loss success?

Frani: I became a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member in 1989. I've never been back to goal since then although I've come close a few times by returning to the Weight Watchers plan (no other plan has been a big success for me and trust me, I've tried them all).

This time around I approached my weight loss journey as a lifestyle change, not a diet. This is just the way it is - forever - get over it and move on. It works if you work it. The other big factor is technology - having so many websites and blogs available, not to mention smart phone apps, to help with calculating and tracking is a huge help.

Snack Girl: When you didn't lose weight for a few weeks - how did you keep motivated?

Frani: Even after 16 months of losing weight I still have people tell me several times a week that they are proud of me, that I look great, or that I inspire them. Knowing that my successful journey can help others helps me too.

Also, surprisingly, I now crave exercise and even if I don't lose one week I know I was successful if I worked out that week. Finally, my biggest motivation is my husband (bald man in photo above) - his support and encouragement have been instrumental in keeping me on track.

Snack Girl: What foods and habits were the most difficult for you to give up and change?

Frani: I am so disciplined for breakfast, lunch and daytime snacks but once dinner is over I want to munch.

I've tried different ways of controlling this such as trying to limit foods after a certain time and treating myself with healthier foods like yogurt, fruit or baked chips (my red light food for sure).

I usually leave myself 2-3 Weight Watchers points plus at the end of the day so I stay within my daily points total and don't feel bad for the post-dinner snack.

Snack Girl: What advice would you give to your "70 pound heavier" self?

Frani: "Stop looking for a quick fix. You didn't gain all of this weight in 3 months and it won't come off that fast either."

It has taken me 16 months to lose 74.8 pounds and I have 4.6 pounds left to get to goal. I really believe that taking my time has enabled my body to adjust to the lower weight at a reasonable rate and I'm much more toned than I thought I would be.

Snack Girl: What is your favorite snack?

Frani: I've gone through phases over the last year and a half - low fat frozen yogurt, rice cakes with Laughing Cow cheese wedges, fruit once it became zero points plus on Weight Watchers last November, but my all time favorite snack is potato chips.

I used to buy the family size bag and could eat the whole thing in one sitting but now I only buy the individual bags of the baked chips. I'm happy to say I haven't felt the need to open more than one bag on any particular day - that's a big achievement for me.

I want to thank Snack Girl for the opportunity to share my story and to tell everyone out there who is struggling with their weight that it is possible to succeed if you are realistic about your goals and your plan to get there.

Snack Girl: Thank YOU, Frani! We are inspired by you and many others who are getting healthy.

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Good for you Frani! Best wishes for a happy & healthier future!

Way to go, Fran, and....Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Congrats Frani, you look great!

So she lost half her weight on WW Momentum (a prior version of WW) and half on the new WW Points Plus? She refers to "points" which is WW Momentum or WW Flex and then refers to "fruit became zero" which is Points Plus.

I wish she gave more information in that regard because there is a lot of info on the internet about people not losing on the new plan.

"This is just the way it is - forever - get over it and move on." - love it - so powerful!

Snack girl, what can I do to help loseweight when I can not walk or do anthing like that?

Thank you very much for your story it has made me see the light!! I feel I can do it this time on Weight Watchers!! I was thinking today of just giving up but know I feel motivated!!!!!!

@violettfem I have been on WW Points Plus and have lost 31 pounds since June 6th. It works !!!

I have said lifestyle change on tv interviews many times. No one seemed to care. It's a thought process not a diet. My daughter and I started the life style change in may / June. She at 11 learned at camp 45lbs to date. I at home with my trusty apps and brain of labels have lost 28lbs. Congratulations !!!!

Violettfem: I lost 48 pounds on the old WW points plan and the rest on the new WW points plus plan. I've wondered myself if my weight loss would have been different if the plan hadn't changed but regardless I've lost another 26+ pounds on the WW points plus plan so I know it works. While it is definitely coming off slower now it could just be because I am so close to goal.

I'm starting my second month on WW PointsPlus and absolutely love it! Much like Fran, when I decided to finally lose the weight I've been carrying around with me my entire adult life, I decided it was a lifestyle change - NOT a diet. I think that is the most important factor to note in Fran's story and it has been life-changing for me - even at week 5 of the plan. I'm down 11 lbs as of week 4 and feel fantastic. Rock on Fran, and thanks for the inspiration (which, I'm not gonna lie, made me tear up :)

I love to read stories of people that stick to diet and excercise to lose weight. I am a firm believer that this is the only way to lose it and keep it off. All of the diets out there with the food you have to buy or the shakes etc are a band aid and once you stop doing it it is too easy to gain the weight back because you haven't changed the way you eat. I preach this to friends constantly but they still keep going back to all of the different methods trying to get the one that will work! I'm not saying it's easy but you can eat a very good diet with fruits, veggies and protein and still have a treat in moderation and lose weight without feeling hungry. I also excercise three times a week. Good luck Frani - you're doing a great job!!

@violettfem: I have lost 44lbs on the new points plus program. I generally average 1.5-2lbs per week, except in the weeks where I get lazy and don't follow as closely as I should.

I love the new plan I find it much more managable than the previous points plan.

This is just what I needed to read. I've been doing WW and seem to be stuck even though I've recently begun walking. Frannie's comment about not putting it on overnight has been what I've kept reminding myself. Either that or the scale's broken!

Awesome story! Good job Frani!

And to think "I knew you when!" You're a powerful inspiration to many, Frani. I am so proud of you.

Fran you are an inspiration to all of us! 74 lbs or 7 lbs it all takes dedication and discipline. Thanks for sharing your tips. Keep up the good work!

Fran you inspired me and I'm down 36 pounds with WW Points Plus. "Get over it and move on," words of wisdom. Thanks Fran!

Frani!!!! This is fabulous and thank you for sharing your tips!!!! I have recently lost 50 pounds and still have a ways to go. But, you are so right about being realistic!!!! Not giving yourself over the top goals and loving that exercise!!! I know I crave it now too) Keep going girl and thank you for sharing!

Frani congratulation. Your word are inspiring ". . .a lifestyle change, not a diet." Great job! I wish you the best of success with all you decide to do. Thank you for sharing your story.

I have to share with everyone the biggest benefit of this interview. My younger brother (who is 43 and has already had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery) has joined Weight Watchers after reading this interview. He's already down 9 pounds this week. I am so proud of him! Thanks again Snack Girl for the opportunity to help others - I am forever in your debt.

@Fran~I am so glad your brother signed up!I would love for mine too after I lost 40lbs, but he has all kinds of excuses...I just want him to be healthy....

Hey Franni, congrats on your weight loss success. I know all the hard work and dedication you have put in to reaching this significant milestone as I have lost 93 lbs over 14 months.

Keep up the great work!

Fran - what an inspiration! You truly look marvelous. How do I get started?

Linda T - I am following the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I have tried tons of other programs and it is the only one that has really worked for me. Good luck.

Fran I am too a WW lifetimer and I fell off the train as my WW leader would say but she put it in a better perspective for us and said you fall off of 1 station but get right back on the train at the next station. Your story inspires me because I can relate it's not a diet it's a lifestyle and I'm going to make it this time too 👍💪🎉

Susan - Good for you! Take it one meal at a time and know that your journey may not be perfect (mine certainly wasn't) but keep moving towards your goal.

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