One Of Snack Girl’s Favorites: Fresh Salsa

August 1, 2013   16 Comments

Snack Girl is always looking for shortcuts. She lacks time.

Fresh Packaged Salsa

Time for making my own salsa would be luxurious. I also crave time to brush my hair.

Enough about me. The fact is there are plenty of fresh salsas in your grocery store’s refrigerated section that are tasty and made with nothing but ingredients you will recognize. I like these better than the jarred salsas because the consistency and flavor is closer to one I would make for myself.

See Wholly Salsa’s Ingredient list:

I bought this for $2.49 and I will use it in about 3 days. What do I do with it? Do you think I will eat it with chips? No, I am not suggesting you eat chips (would I do that?).

Here are 10 HEALTHIER ideas for fresh salsa:

1. Stir it in scrambled eggs.
2. Try it on or in a burger. See Salsa Burger
3. Mix it into brown rice and add black beans and cheese.
4. Add it to the top your baked potato.
5. Mix it into tuna salad.
6. Top off your taco or burrito.
7. Eat as a side dish for fish (don’t forget the lime).
8. Add it to your pizza.
9. Bake it in cornbread (mix it in the batter).
10. Use it as a flavoring agent for chicken noodle soup.

Fresh salsa is so versatile. Two tablespoons is a whopping 9 calories and it adds a ton of flavor.

What do you do with salsa? What is your favorite brand?

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I put salsa in my Tuna salad and mix it in my turkery burgers but never thought to do it in cornbread. I'm trying that very soon.

I eat it with cucumbers, like you would chips. It's great!

These fresh salsa ideas are fresh! Sometimes I forget just how versatile this condiment is. I'll be sticking this list to my fridge, thank you SG!

One Question--is ''Wholly Salsa'' available at Stop & Shop?

I like that Wholly Guacamole offers small containers. I often open a jar of salsa and then have to find ways to finish it (other than gorging on chips) and never do because I just get sick of trying to incorporate it in so many dishes. A small package of salsa, that's what I need. Ya know, the little things. ;-)

Try it as a salad dressing ... much better choice.

Nothing beats fresh salsa. My husband makes it with ingredients we grow + a few store bought and has gotten so good at it he can whip up a batch in about 15 min. Yes it's work, but when he does its easy for me hahaha. We are going to try canning it ourselves and see how it tastes after sitting. I can no longer stand it jarred from the store. It all tastes like tomato paste with too much salt.

Just last night I mixed tub of fresh salsa with a can of black beans, corn cut straight off the cob, avocado and more cilantro (you could add red onion too). It's a great option for lunch and/or you can use it as filler in your chicken enchiladas.

i'm not a huge fan of salsa, but i love Wholly Guacamole! i like to get the 100-calorie packs, it's the perfect amount!

Brown rice with black beans and salsa is one of my absolute favorite dishes! Add some diced avocado and it's extra special :-)

I like Pace... love it with eggs but use it in black bean soup as well ... this recipe uses 1/2 cup salsa.…

I add salsa to fresh cooked green beans.

I love fresh salsa, but it oven spoils before I finish it, so I usually opt for the jarred stuff. I like Pace and Tostitos Restaurant Style. I love salsa so many ways: on eggs, stirred into cottage cheese, as a salad dressing, on green beans as a WW 0 PointsPlus snack...

Hubby loves this brand and we often buy it. It has a little to much garlic for me but I enjoy fresh garlic more. This is a really great product though and it keeps fresh a long time in the little packets.

If you make your own pico de gallo, just be sure to seed the tomatoes and do not add salt. Chop them and add onion and cilantro. Put the leftovers in a sealed container and it will remain fresh for several days. Remember, remove the seeds and pulp and NO salt. Salt draws all the water out of the tomatoes and leaves it a watery mess allowing it to spoil faster. That is just our method and it works great for us. : )

I use it with veggies and a protein in the morning for breakfast.

Has anyone tried freezing the store bought type? I buy the HUGE container of it and on the rare occasion that I can't finish it before it starts to turn, I always wish I had frozen some when I opened it.

I add it to mashed avocado for a quick guacamole. Ole! =)

I use salsa and guac, and sometimes beans, on shredded lettuce for a go-to side dish. Goes great with beef, chicken, and eggs. Crunchy, flavorful, and low SP

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