A Great Choice For A Frozen Waffle

September 16, 2010   13 Comments

Breakfastpalooza continues here on Snack Girl with a question about frozen waffles.

A Great Choice For A Frozen Waffle

Clay e-mailed me her question:

We eat relatively healthily. However, my husband does most of the grocery shopping (yay for him!) and sometimes comes home with purchases that I'm less than thrilled about. Which means that my kids now get frozen pancakes and waffles for breakfast pretty often. Are there yummy, good options for these that you've seen?

First of all, way to go on giving up control of the grocery shopping. Everyone has to pitch in to make a family work and it is great to see chores being shared. Enough of the second shift!!

Clay, I checked out the "Natural Foods" frozen section of my grocery store and found Van's toaster waffles and pancakes.

Here is their ingredient list:


Yes, they keep banging you over the head with the fact that the pastries are organic - but what I like is the lack of preservatives. The cool thing about freezer items is that the manufacturers don't have to worry about shelf life (like the Pop-Tarts of the world).

The fiber is 6 grams per serving, sugar is 3 grams, and there is just 200 calories. For a packaged breakfast, these pretty much kill it.

Obviously, the best choice is to make your own pancakes or waffles. Earlier in the week I posted: A Grab And Go Breakfast With Staying Power

We don't always have time to cook our breakfast in the morning.

These toaster waffles are a great solution to have stashed in your freezer for your CRAZY mornings (you KNOW which ones I am talking about). Also, you can serve these as a snack with some Which Peanut Butter is Healthiest?, cream cheese, or other spread to make them more delicious.

They taste pretty good and they cost about $2.70 per 6 waffles. Which seems exorbitant when you compare them to making your own, but when compared to other packaged breakfast foods they aren't so bad.

Does anyone know of other good brands for frozen waffles or pancakes?

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Frozen waffles take very little time, effort and ingredients to make at home. I have a cheap waffle iron (a sunbeam) and I make a double batch on a Sunday morning, and then freeze them for use during the busy week. They snap in half easily, and toast nicely in the toaster. It really couldn't be easier. I save money and I know exactly what's in it - flour, sugar, eggs, milk, etc..

My son loves the same brand mini waffles (plain) how do you think these stack up?

I used to buy Kashi frozen waffles but have not seen them in about a year - they were amazing

LOVE Van's!!! The blueberry waffles are so amazing - I love them with raw agave instead of junky syrup.

Van's has some great gluten-free breakfast products, too!

Hi Lisa

Funny that you posted about a breakfast product today. I just did a post about a healthy English Muffin this morning.

Personally, I prefer to find breakfast products that are made without wheat flour and and soy products. The top company I have found is called Food for Life.They make amazing bread products made with all sprouted grain and no flour. I don't have any affiliation with them, I just love eating their food and sharing it with my audience. Check them out when you get the chance.

We should finally chat via Skype or phone soon. I would love to get to know you and your family a bit better. I am also looking forward to sending you my book next month. I know you will enjoy it.

Your Friend in Health



When I pulled out an Eggo Nutrigrain frozen whole wheat waffle for my son this morning, I thought "I wonder what Snack Girl would say about this?" Front of package said 6g whole grain, but looking on the back, this is 3g fiber (better than regular Eggo's but not great.) There were a bunch of ingredients in there that weren't as good as van's... maybe I will check these out. Thanks.

I found these at whole foods and they are good. I was very upset that Kashi isn't making their frozen waffles for a while (they said on their site that equipment is being updated)..they were the only brand I could find with whole grains and not enriched..Glad this is an option for me for now.

Maria is right - the Eggo Nutrigrain has 3 grams of fiber - but both the Vans and the Eggo have the same amount of sugar and protein. The second ingredient on the Eggo waffle is flour (and the first is whole wheat on the Van's).Therefore, we can guess that the Eggo has less whole grain than the Van's.

I love Vans Multigrain Waffles! They even have quinoa in them. My favorite is topping one multigrain waffle with an egg and baked zucchini, squash, and red onion. So delicious and filling!

Thanks for posting about these-I now have some in my freezer for our crazy mornings, and my picky younger daughter will just eat them up. We usually do healthier things, but sometimes you just don't have time.

"Ingredients: (That we are PROUD of)" I think that's funny :)

I saw these frozen waffles once, but didn't get them because I pretty much quit the frozen food except for frozen vegetables and fruit. Now...I just need to work on the cereal for breakfast...

van's wheat & gluten free waffles taste great but I can not get into there site to see if organic.... if it does not read organic on box, I just assume it is made with GMO products. Does anyone know??? thanks L


saw them on Eat This not That and spread a tsp of peanut butter. Yummy!

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