Grilled Summer Squash

July 16, 2018   12 Comments

Grilled summer squash is my go to squash recipe all summer long. Why? Check out this sign:

Grilled Summer Squash

This store is a short ride from my house – 99 CENTS A POUND. What can you get for that little? Not much, but right now you can buy all the zucchini and yellow summer squash you can fit in your bellies.

I LOVE summer.

You really have no excuses this time of year not to eat healthy. The produce is so fresh and inexpensive. I have the luxury of farm stands that I pass whenever I go anywhere stocked with veggies from that farm.

Also, there is a house near mine that leaves a box of veggies on the edge of the road with a FREE sign on it. I feel bad taking FREE food from someone who might need it so I wait until the end of the day before I grab the bounty. I should probably introduce myself at some point and thank the gardener for feeding my family.

I get my grill on with my grill basket (see below) and my kick-butt Weber Grill that I bought years ago and is still going strong. This was a brilliant purchase as the food that comes off of it rocks and my house isn’t heated up by using my oven or stove.

Grilling is a healthy way to cook most meats (especially when compared to deep frying). I always order “grilled” anything at a restaurant if I have a choice.

I can’t make enough of this type of dish during the summer as my family eats it up. The key to having left overs is to buy $3 worth of squash and cook it in two batches. You can use zucchini and summer squash (a mix of colors) or stick with your favorite.

Pour the food in the grill basket and let the heat of the grill take over. I only stir my veggies once!

You find that the squash gets a smoky flavor and a bit of char (not unlike meat) that is SO GOOD. Have I convinced you yet? Cheap, fast, easy, and delicious! Just do it. This is your moment. Before you know it, it will be September and you will have missed your chance.

Grilled Summer Squash Recipe

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Makes 12 side servings

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3 pounds summer squash
1 large red onion
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
ground black pepper and salt to taste
fresh parsley, optional


Heat a grill to high heat for ten minutes. Slice summer squash into 1-inch chunks. Peel and cut onion into quarters and place in bowl. Add summer squash, olive oil, and salt and pepper and mix with your hands dividing up the onion slices.

Place grill basket on grill and add ½ of summer squash mixture. Cook for 10 minutes on high – stirring once. Remove grilled summer squash and cook the second half in the same manner. Enjoy hot, cold, or room temperature with a garnish of parsley (optional).

Nutrition Facts

For one serving = 56 calories, 3.8 g fat, 0.6 g saturated fat, 5.6 g carbohydrates, 4.5 g sugar, 1.3 g protein, 1.4 g fiber, 31 mg sodium, 1 Freestyle SmartPts

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I, too am loving the influx of squash [zukes in my case from our garden]. We are a family of 5 big eaters. I had zucchini starring in 4 meals [in a row] last week and starting tomorrow will do again. I love zukes in various medleys over bow-tie pasta or half my plate of veggies and the other half a baked russet or homemade potato salad. Some combos include orange, yellow peppers, thick diag-sliced carrots--others omit peppers and use mushrooms, etc. I try to mix it up to get certain vegs stand out. This week I'll add corn and red peppers and serve with fiesta-style rice one day. When I tire of fresh squash and run low on new ideas I turn to the freezer and start making qts of chili with squash and summer squash soup. Squash soup is my version of chicken soup when you're sick. I use 3-4 large yellow or zucchini squash, carrots, vidalia onion, 1/2 cup chopped native tomatoes and 'No-chicken chicken broth', immersion-blend leaving a chunky texture before adding stelline pasta. It's so soothing and nice to have in January!

Nice recipes BarbL! Love the ideas! and thanks Lisa for your version of grilled summer squash. I cut the slices the 'long' way, spray with a little olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of Nature's Seasoning and grill the 'planks' right along side whatever meat I'm grilling - delish!

And when we grew zucchini - it would come in so fast and furious that we were one of the farmers you mentioned - with a box of it out by the road and the 'free' sign. All our neighbors ate well for a month or so. It was about all we could do to haul it out of the garden before it got too big...and we ate a LOT of zucchini then. We just buy it at the farm stands now - got to be too much work for us to keep up with the harvest and the weeding :) Enjoy the Summer produce!

On your angel food parfaits, there is no measurement of the angel food cake. One says, one slice and the other says a small cake. Is there a way to get the ounces of the angel food cake? Thanks, love your website and thanks for all the info you give us.

Sue G-my pleasure. I almost forgot, Lisa’s squash boats too, filled with flavored bread crumbs, scooped squash innards, fresh herbs and chopped tomatoes; and in August when zucchinis are huge, that’s when they create killer zucchini Tian.[slightly standing layered rounds of squash, potato, onion, tomatoes, garlicky-parm flavored bread crumbs, baked] . Many beautiful Tians are now on line for inspiration.… The more colors the merrier especially for a crowd. This time of year is fun and can be exhausting too unless you love to cook.

@Karen - I think that 2 ounces would be perfect. I didn't include a measurement because I think it is personal preference how much cake you want to use. I find that a very little bit of cake goes a long way here as angel food cake is just egg whites and sugar. Thanks for your question!

I love the yellow squash and zucchini too. Unfortunately, I have to wait a month or two to grill. The evening sun hits our backyard in summer and here in Texas it is just too hot (100 degrees and over) to be outside over a hot grill. This is the temp nearly everyday. So, I think this will work great under the broiler. Thanks Lisa!

I make this all the time! We have so much zucchini in the garden. One plant gives so dang much it’s dangerous. It explains the free sign! We should do it too but we live out in the country & we all have gardens.

Can I spread this on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven. If so at what temperature and for about how long. I enjoy making your recipes; I need low carb and sugar since I am diabetic. Looking forward to trying this.

@MaryLou - Sure! I would use 400 F for about 20 minutes. Thanks for your question!!

Do you leave the grill cover open or closed while grilling these? Trying them right now!

@Melissa - you keep the grill closed. Thanks for the question!

perfect recipe as I have just been given a glut of summer squash from a local gardener

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